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Charlie dropped to her hands and knees. She was wedged behind a row of arcade games, cramped in the crawl space between the consoles and the wall. Download Five Nights at Freddy's: The Silver Eyes by Scott Cawthon PDF, Silver Eyes (Paperback) (Scott Cawthon) Fnaf Book, Science Fiction, Childhood. Five Nights at Freddy's has 9 entries in the series. Five Nights at Freddy's ( Series). Book 1. Scott Cawthon Author Kira Breed-Wrisley Author ().

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as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. The new Scott Cawthon e Kira Breed-Wrisley - Five Nights at Freddy's the Silver Eyes. Download Read Five Nights at Freddy s: The Twisted Ones | PDF books PDF Free Download Here. Five Nights at Freddy's: The Silver Eyes pdf download, Five Nights at Freddy's: The Silver Eyes audiobook download, Five Nights at Freddy's.

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Following the ceremony to honor Michael, John tells Charlie that he remembers seeing a person in a yellow Freddy Fazbear costume on the day of Michael's death, suspecting that this stranger was the murderer. That night, Charlie and her friends return to the restaurant, further accompanied by friends Marla, Lamar, and Marla's younger half-brother Jason, who was only one at the time of Michael's murder.

While playing an impulsive game of hide-and-seek with John, Charlie encounters one of the animatronics, Foxy the Pirate, who she was terrified of as a child. Trying to recall details of her childhood, Charlie remembers that Henry used to own another restaurant in New Harmony , named Fredbear's Family Diner. Charlie and John drive to New Harmony, where Charlie recalls the day her twin brother, Sammy, was kidnapped by someone wearing a Spring Bonnie costume.

This led to her parents divorcing and leaving the original restaurant. Charlie suspects Sammy's abduction and Michael's murder are connected. Later, the teenagers return to Freddy's once again, accompanied by the mall's lone security guard Dave. However, Dave unexpectedly retrieves a Spring Bonnie costume and kidnaps Carlton, witnessed by Jason. The group flee, informing Carlton's father, police chief Clay Burke, who suspects it is just another of his son's pranks.

A policeman, Dunn, is sent to investigate but is murdered by Dave in the Spring Bonnie suit. Meanwhile, John and Charlie research Fredbear's history, discovering a newspaper article on Sammy's kidnapping. A photograph depicts Dave, who is identified as William Afton, co-owner of both restaurants. Separate scenes with Clay reveal that Afton was the primary suspect in the murders, but no direct evidence could be found against him.

It would mean really. Charlie said nothing. People were incomprehensible. Maybe that was what this scholarship was. They were. I guess. How could they not have secretly hoped he might come home. Charlie took a bite of her toast. John laughed at the question. But I do actually.

Charlie remembered she had given him only two stars. They had all ordered from the breakfast menu. Before John could speak. Carlton looked nervously at Charlie. John flushed red. I actually had one published last year. The brightly colored food looked hopeful. She had barely eaten. She had practiced on the drive here. She felt exposed. She chided herself for the clumsy lie as she made her way to the door.

She walked to her car and sat on the hood. It might have been leased to someone. She took in breaths of the cool air as if it were water. You knew it would come up. Was it built over. No one knows what happened. She waved them over.

I was just surprised. Charlie smiled. But of course she had been wrong. I just—it sounds stupid. Then I come here. I knew it was going to come up. She took it and draped it over her shoulders. I never rode it again.

There was a brief. I think it was nachos. John laughed. Jessica wrinkled her nose. Jessica looked thoughtful for a moment then continued. Jessica in her prim little dresses. She had her own toys.

I just liked talking to him. Even the gum I used to stick under the tables. Recommended by six out of seven crazy people. I always thought he had an understanding look about him.

If anyone came up beside her she went instantly silent and still. I remember little things: Yeah right. I wanted to be stuck in there overnight so I could have the whole place to myself. You all picked on me back then. I remember the carousel. He grinned. But a lot of it is like pictures. I remember drawing on the placemats. It was ten years ago.

Freddy was brown. You live here. Carlton launched into another story and Charlie tried to turn her attention to him. Out of the corner of her eye she caught John looking at her. I meant brown. But somewhere in the depths of her recall. Of course he was. Why would I? Things are different. She felt as though she had spent the whole day weighted down by memory. She wanted to go. Charlie found herself nodding. I want to see. There were lamps in the parking lot that had never been used.

The building itself looked like an abandoned sanctuary.

The sky was a rich. She got out and surveyed their surroundings. She looked at Jessica in the passenger seat. Charlie shook her head slowly. Carlton held up his keychain. Charlie got out of the car.

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The parking lot was unpaved. Chapter Two Charlie pulled to a stop. Charlie holding up the light in a steady beam in front of them. The surfaces of the building were all the same smooth. Charlie shone the light on the ground. Charlie know how to change a tire. Carlton grabbed a granola bar. The place was massive. Almost by silent agreement. Charlie grabbed the flashlight. In the trunk. The building itself looked mostly finished. I knew there was construction. Charlie was surprised they were only now considering this.

The thought was a release and she took a deep breath. They kept going until they could see their cars again up ahead in the darkness. Carlton took it and took a moment to appreciate its weight. After a moment.

[PDF] Five Nights at Freddy s Book of Secrets: an unofficial fnaf guide (FNAF Strategy Guide 1)

Charlie turned back. Now someone had scrubbed it from the landscape. It was so paramount. She had known it would be. She hefted the flashlight.

Her arms were getting tired. I hoped there would at least be something familiar. It should have been up to her. Ever used it? Carlton reached the window first. Hang on! Without looking through to see how far the fall was.

The wide entrances were sealed with hammered metal doors. They climbed the hills slowly. She felt reckless.

She landed. Jessica looked over his shoulder. She looked up at her friends. Inside was an atrium. As they walked on. The ceiling rose up high above them.

Her voice rang out pure and clear. They walked the empty halls. Carlton swept up and took her arm. Some hallways were littered with piles of dusty concrete bricks and stacks of wood. Some parts of the mall had been almost finished. Jessica sang a brief. She suddenly felt out of place. In the distance. Charlie began to feel restless. I know. She imagined mannequins. Jessica waved a hand at him impatiently. They continued down the hallway.

John stopped suddenly. She looked in a store window across from her. He gestured back the way they had come. He put a finger to his lips. They had come. It was really more like an alley. Some things. Aunt Jen had warned her about coming back. Just be careful. Charlie thought now.

Charlie glanced around. Charlie was not sure what to hope for. Something was dripping from uncovered pipes overhead. One wall was made of the same concrete as the outside of the building. Is that why you kept paying for it. They made their way down what appeared to be a makeshift hallway. They were already too deep inside the massive store to get out in time and there seemed to be nowhere to hide.

A mouse scuttled by. There was a break in the wall beside a rig of scaffolding. Heavy wooden shelves of cleaning equipment stood against the wall. The bobbing light came closer. She had an overblown aversion to getting in trouble.

They crouched down behind one of the wooden shelving units. After a few minutes her legs started to feel numb under her.

Charlie doused the light. He was gone. Charlie was suddenly acutely aware of her body. They all moved slowly out of their crouched positions. Charlie took shallow breaths.

Freddy Files

He shone his light in a long beam down the hallway. They waited another few minutes. It was just a night guard. Carlton made a strangled sound.

I prefer Ocean Breeze. Suddenly she could make out a thin figure leaning in from the great room outside. Charlie thought. Charlie looked down at Jessica who was still hunched over. Charlie shone the flashlight up and down the hallway. Carlton shook one foot vigorously until he could stand on it.

The wall behind it looked different. Jessica looked up. Carlton smells like feet. It looked as though it had not been opened in years. John was behind her. John and Jessica pressed against one side in a unified effort. Jessica stepped back. It was metal and rusting. It was immensely heavy. She slipped around the others and tried to squeeze her fingers into the hole where the doorknob once was. The hinges were on the other side.

John and Charlie pulled on it together. Charlie handed the flashlight back to John. There was only a hole where the handle had been.

Look at it. She shone the light ahead of them. They took turns pulling on it. Eventually the hallway opened up into a larger expanse: It seemed to take forever to traverse the hall. The big flashlight light bounced off a thousand little things. It was just as they remembered it. It looked as though the room had been abandoned in the middle of the lunch hour: It held for a long moment.

The tables were still in place. The whole restaurant gave off a sense of abandonment—no one was coming back. They walked in cautiously.

Ahead of them was a dark hallway. The door opened only about a foot wide. Charlie looked nervously over her shoulder. She held out her hand for the flashlight. She started forward and the others followed. Behind her the others were motionless: But as the moments passed. Charlie walked toward the eyes in a straight line. There they were. It was them. There was Bonnie. As Charlie walked.

Before her stood three animatronic animals: An illogical panic pulsed through her. Eyes stared back from the dark.

No one spoke. His fur was a bright blue. He held a red bass guitar. There was a small merry-go-round barely visible in the distant corner. They belonged to the restaurant. She took one final step. In an instant. Charlie froze in place. His ears stuck up straight. The cupcake itself was somewhat disturbing. Carlton drew closer to the stage until his knees pressed against the rim of it. The only incongruity in his features was the color of his eyes. His mouth hung open and his eyes were partially closed.

He was the most genial-looking of the three. Standing between Bonnie and Chica was Freddy Fazbear himself. A robust. Chica the Chicken was more bulky. To the left of the stage was a small hallway. Half-hoping no one would notice where she had gone. She paused outside the closed door. The bottom drawer held toys and crayons. Charlie started down it silently. John went over to the small carousel. In one corner was a smaller filing cabinet. At the end of the short.

Most of the room was filled with his desk. Carlton pulled his hand back like he had touched something hot.

Five Nights at Freddy's Novel Map

Charlie glanced over to see where the others were—in the arcade. Yet now the painted figures seemed odd and lifeless to her. The office was personal. John made a face. Better this way. The consoles stood still and unlit like massive tombstones. He rubbed his hand over the top of a polished pony as though to scratch it behind the ear. She headed back into the main dining room and found John looking pensively at the merry-go-round. Charlie tried the door.

He eyed her with curiosity. He plucked a red party hat from the table. Her father called her Charlotte. The day she left Hurricane for good. John had hesitated. John was roaming through the dining room again amidst the tables. He could always get a rise out of her with that. Charlie followed as he bounded off toward it. Although the kitchen had been off limits to her friends.

She never asked why. Carlton was busy rocking a pinball machine back and forth trying to get a ball to come loose. In their cards and letters. John overheard someone calling her Charlotte one day when they were in kindergarten. The kitchen was still fully stocked with pots and pans.

Jessica and Carlton stumbled out of the arcade. As they entered. Charlie wanted to say again. A sign was strung across the front: The hallway was long and narrow.

At the same time. They stood still for a minute. There in front of them was a small stage. She headed toward it swiftly before anyone could answer. At last the passage opened out into a small room for private parties.

Jessica playfully gave him a punch in the shoulder. She stepped back cautiously. John reached out a hand to steady her as she righted herself. She waved her other hand in front of her face as dust fell from the cloth. As she thought about it her own breathing began to feel odd. She giggled nervously. Jessica dropped the curtain and leapt off the stage. It was almost like the hushed moment in a theater crowd. Charlie realized her hand hurt. Jessica turned her attention back to the curtain. She did not move.

As Jessica hesitated. They were all still. John and Charlie froze. A crash sounded from back the way they came. They squeezed back through the door one by one. Just as they were all back to their feet. The rest took off after her. Carlton came trotting in. They all took hold of the shelf.

Carlton and John leaning on it until it sealed. They hurriedly searched the walls and Charlie chased the light beam spiraling across the floor. You and Carlton sound exactly like you did when we were six. She felt as though something locked deep inside her had been disturbed. Charlie began to laugh. Now she pulled out a small notebook and pen. Jessica started reading Charlie the directions. She had not been looking forward to this.

Carlton gave a little wave over his shoulder. It was small and black with a long strap. She smiled at Jessica. After tonight. Charlie set her bags on the bed closest to the door. Jessica laughed. As children she remembered being slightly intimidated every time they got together to play. Any cute boys? Jessica flopped down on the bed. What an awful thing to ask. I splurged on the room with the view. She wondered if it was hard for her to make friends.

What are we. Jessica had already checked in so they went straight to their room. I mean how do you answer that? Charlie shrugged awkwardly. She had known most of the people in it since she moved in with Aunt Jen.

And he showed me his poems. He was so sweet to everyone. He was super artistic. I was so distracted I ended up with an A. She wanted to take Jessica seriously. She told Jessica as much. I would really come to know his soul. He wore all black all the time. You must have broken his heart!

I felt so bad. Charlie laughed. But now he takes statistics and economics and wears sweater vests. Jessica scooted forward on the bed to whisper. I want to get some sleep. The tiles were made of loose. They were just like us. I might change my mind. I love fashion.The world didnt look any different from one side of the sign to the other, but she felt a nervous anticipation as she passed it.

Carlton, do you ever see them? The world didnt look any different from one side of the sign to the other, but she felt a nervous anticipation as she passed it. She flipped from station to station, not really hearing what any of them were playing, and finally settled on an AM broadcast with a host who seemed to be yelling condescendingly at his audience.

Jessica stopped with a whisper, looking intently at the walls surrounding them. She was loath to share a room with Jessica, who now seemed like a stranger.

Charlie said nothing, but thought how could they not? He always seemed the most relatable.