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Copies 1 - Canon imageRUNNER series Service Manual pages. Summary of Contents for Canon iR Series. Page 1 Service Manual iR// Series Feb 29 Service Manual iR// Series - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Service Manual Canon Ir - [FREE] SERVICE MANUAL CANON IR View and Download IR All in One Printer pdf manual download. Also for.

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Save this Book to Read canon ir service manual download ebooks guides PDF eBook at our Online Library. Get canon ir service. Canon Ir Service Manual. Canon iR SERIES Service Manual. Hide thumbs. Also See for iR SERIES. User manual - 98 pages Easy operation. - Download Canon Ir Service Manual, is popular ebook you need. You can View and Download Canon IR user manual online. IR

Note that functions that cannot be used depending on the model or options, are not displayed on the touch panel display. The keys which you should press are marked with a , as shown below. When multiple keys can be pressed on the touch panel display, all keys are marked. Select the keys which suit your needs. Place your originals press [Special Features].

Press this key for operation. For example, as soon as the machine has scanned the original that you want to copy, it can immediately scan the next person's original. You can also print from this machine, using a function other than the Copy function. In this machine, these operations take place in a complex way, so that not only copies, but also various kinds of prints may sometimes have to wait their turn before they can be printed.

To avoid confusion when reading this manual, the terms "scanning," "printing," and "copying," used throughout this manual are defined below. When making a copy, the process of scanning originals and printing copies may be described as separate functions. However, as we are constantly improving our products, if you need an exact specification, please contact Canon.

Contents Preface. Please read this manual thoroughly before operating the machine to familiarize yourself with its capabilities, and to make the most of its many functions.

After reading this manual, store it in a safe place for future reference. How To Use This Manual Symbols Used in This Manual The following symbols are used in this manual to explain procedures, restrictions, handling precautions, and instructions that should be observed for safety. To use the machine safely, always pay attention to these warnings.

CAUTION Indicates a caution concerning operations that may lead to injury to persons, or damage to property if not performed correctly. To use the machine safely, always pay attention to these cautions. Be sure to read these items carefully to operate the machine correctly, and avoid damage to the machine. NOTE Indicates a clarification of an operation, or contains additional explanations for a procedure. Reading these notes is highly recommended. AppleTalk is set to 'On'.

Energy consumption in the Sleep mode is low. Select [Distinguish Manually]. Energy consumption in the Sleep mode is high. If you select [Distinguish Manually]. Output Tray Designation You can designate the machine's output trays to be used for specific functions. The output trays indicated by Tray A. Select the functions for which to designate output Trays A. Prints from Remote Copy jobs are included in [Copy]. The optional Saddle Finisher-AD2 is attached. Setting the Printing Priority You can set the machine's printing priority.

A job that belongs to a function with a higher set priority is printed after the job currently being processed is complete. The output tray stops at the position it is in when printing finishes. If you select [1] for a function. The tray home position is not set. NOTE Priority printing does not take place until the current job is complete. If you want to use an output tray for only one function. Tray C moves closer to the output area. Tray Home Position [Tray B]: Tray B moves closer to the output area.

For instructions on using the Form Composition mode. It is not possible to scan an image form from the feeder. NOTE If the same printing priority has been specified for multiple functions. Press [Register]. NOTE Image forms can also be retrieved from a personal computer and stored in the machine. If you want to assign a name to the image form.

If you want to invert images. If you want to change the scan exposure. If you want to change the zoom ratio. If you want to select the image quality for scanning. Specifying Common Settings.

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NOTE For instructions on entering characters. If you want to change the name of the image form. NOTE The following two types of icons appear on the screen: NOTE To check the image of the stored form. Transparent Image.

NOTE The maximum number of user-defined text strings for watermarks and page numbers that can be registered is Press [Done]. If you press [Off]. This setting is useful if you always load the same paper size and type into the stack bypass.

Standard Paper for the Stack Bypass You can set the paper size and type that the stack bypass uses beforehand. Select the desired paper size. Standard Local Print Settings You can set the standard print settings for the machine. The Standard Local Print Settings are used in the following cases: Set whether to merge documents.

Set the number of copies from 1 to 9. Set whether to perform two-sided printing. Select the paper source. Set the type of collating. Set whether to erase a document from memory after it prints.

Changing the Language Shown on the Touch Panel Display You can select the language displayed on the touch panel display. If you do not want to change the display language. If you press [Display Shortcut Key]. To be able to enter all characters. The touch panel display screen returns to its default colors. The colors of the touch panel display screen are reversed i. The Reversed Display mode reverses the light and dark areas on the touch panel display.

Reversing the Contrast of the Touch Panel Display You can reverse the contrast on the touch panel display for better viewing. If you find it hard to read what is being shown on the touch panel display. It also ensures that output pages are always sorted even if you forget to specify a finishing mode.

Inserting a Job Separation Sheet between Print Jobs This mode enables you to insert blank pages before the first page of each print job from a selected paper drawer. Select [On] or [Off]. This is useful when you want to separate one print job from another when printing multiple jobs. Customizing Settings Select [On] or [Off]. You may have to make adjustments to the paper deck. If the feeder is not clean. For instructions on cleaning the feeder's scanning area.

Forcing to Output Excess Tab Paper You can set whether to force to output excess tab paper that was not used for a Copy or Print job that included tab taper. In addition. Limiting Functions If a problem frequently occurs when using the Finishing modes. For more information on copying or printing on tab paper.

Language Switch is turned 'Off'. NOTE Even if you change the time from The machine has entered the Sleep mode.

For instructions on setting the current date and time. Auto Sleep Time If the machine is idle for a certain period of time after the last print job or key operation is performed. Timer Settings You can make various timer related settings for the machine.

Timer Settings. Auto Clear Time If the machine is idle for a certain period of time after the last print job or key operation is performed. You can specify the amount of time that must elapse before the machine enters the Quiet mode in one minute increments. NOTE If '0' is selected.

While in the Quiet mode. Timer Settings This period of time is called the "Auto Clear Time. You can also press Clear to clear the incorrect values. Enter the time in hour notation as four digits including zeros without a space. Daily Timer Settings You can set the time that the machine automatically enters the Sleep mode each day of the week. Saddle Stitch Staple Repositioning You can reposition the stapler of the saddle stitcher unit after clearing a staple jam.

Adjusting the Machine This section describes how you can make fine adjustments to the settings of the machine. Saddle stitch staple repositioning works by feeding several sheets of paper into the saddle stitcher unit and stapling them together. If you are making an adjustment to either the X horizontal or Y vertical direction. Adjusting the Machine It is recommended that you clean and adjust the machine regularly.

Press [Start]. Select the paper size for which you want to adjust the saddle stitch position.

NOTE Some of the paper sizes displayed may not be available in certain countries. NOTE To enter values in millimeters. If you selected [C-Fold Placement Adjustment]. Adjusting Creep Displacement Correction This mode enables you to adjust the displacement of pages that occurs between the outermost and center page when the Booklet mode is set. You can adjust the relative contrast brightness of the hidden text and the background when using the Secure Watermark mode.

For more information on the Secure Watermark mode. Exposure Recalibration You can recalibrate the exposure adjustment scale if differences between the image on the original and the print occur. You can set the background pattern. The setting range for the Relative Contrast Value will differ. NOTE When changing the adjustment area on the sample print for the relative contrast. NOTE When adjusting the density of the characters latent image. NOTE It takes approximately 15 seconds to clean the feeder.

When cleaning is complete. Automatic Feeder Cleaning Customizing Settings If your originals have black streaks or appear dirty after scanning them through the feeder. NOTE To cancel feeder cleaning while it is in progress.

Make sure that you fan the sheets of paper well. Use plan LTR paper. The more even the contrast between the hidden text and the background is. It is recommended you make a copy of the original after adjusting the contrast to confirm that the secure watermark becomes visible as desired. If the images printed are light or distorted.

NOTE If you do not want to perform cleaning. Wire Cleaning If streaks appear on printed output. NOTE For more information. Press [Done] if you do not want to clean the original scanning area. Checking the Counter and Controller Version. MEAP counter. To check the version information of an application. You can also check the version of controller. Checking the Counter and Controller Version You can check the copy and print page counts.

You can also view a list of error messages. By displaying the Log. Press [Print Jobs] to confirm or edit print jobs on the Print Job screen. By displaying the status for each job type. Flashing red status bars indicate errors.

The status bars flash green when there are current jobs that are being processed. On the Print Job screen: On the System Monitor screen: For instructions on resolving errors. If [Fax] is selected. If [Receive] is selected. The example above shows the screen that is displayed when [Print] is selected. The log is organized according to the type of job. Checking Job Status.

The remaining amount of paper. This area displays recovery procedures for problems. The remaining amount of available system memory is displayed in percentage.

NOTE All displays are approximations of the actual amount of consumables remaining. The status of the device and the current job are displayed here.

Press this key to display only the jobs for the user that is currently logged on to the machine. NOTE If you are using a login service. NOTE For information on the displayed icons. Job Details You can check the details of copy and print jobs. Job Details. If you selected [Copy]. If you selected [Print]. NOTE The log can be printed only if 11" x 17". Priority Printing You can change the printing priority of a job.

Specifying the System Manager Settings. Users registered as a general user cannot change the System Settings. Users registered as an Administrator can change the System Settings by entering the correct System Manager ID and System Password or registering them in their user data in advance. Specifying the System Manager Settings Numbers 1 to 1. If you enter fewer than seven digits for either setting. If you enter a number that begins with zeros.

Department IDs and passwords for up to 1. With Department ID Management. This is called Department ID Management. If the Copy function is specified. Use Department ID Management to keep track of the copy. If the registered Department ID and password have been changed because information was updated or changed by the Device Information Delivery Settings mode.

Department ID Management is automatically activated. For instructions on setting a login service. Registering the Department ID. If you do not want to set a page limit restriction for a function. Set the page limits. Department ID Management Once a page limit is reached.

Press [OK]. Changing the Password and Page Limit You can change the password and page limit settings that you have registered. Department ID Management is set only for copying and printing operations from computers. Department ID Management is set for the selected function s.

You cannot store a password with only zeros as the number.

The page totals that belong to scan jobs without a Department ID left blank are the number of pages that have been scanned from computers that do not correspond with a registered Department ID. These scanned pages from computers are referred to as network scans with unknown IDs.

The page totals that belong to print jobs without a Department ID left blank are the number of prints from computers that do not correspond with a registered Department ID. Clearing Page Totals You can clear the page totals for all departments or for specific departments.

Press [Clear All Totals]. Press [On]. The machine does not accept network scan jobs from computers that do not correspond with a registered Department ID. The machine accepts network scan jobs from computers that do not correspond with a registered Department ID. Settings can be specified and the machine can be operated through the Remote UI.

Settings cannot be specified and the machine cannot be operated through the Remote UI. SSL is used to communicate. Remote UI SSL is not used to communicate. Enter the name and location of the machine.

Message board settings are made from the Remote UI. Clearing the Message Board The Message Board is a function used by the System Manager to display messages for users on the touch panel display. This section explains how to switch the machine online and offline to use the Network Scan function. By setting Auto Offline to 'On'. Auto Offline If the machine is connected to a network that is online.

Current Date and Time The standard time zones of the world are expressed globally in terms of the difference in hours up to 12 hours from GMT 0 hours. In some countries. Enter the current date month. A time zone is a region throughout which this time difference is the same. Enter the month and the day using four digits including zeros. The current date and time settings are used as standard timer settings for functions that require them.

The period in which this is applied is called "Daylight Saving Time. Current Date and Time Setting the current date and time is very important. Enter all four digits of the year. May 6 7: For more information on obtaining the license key. Access the system by entering the following URL: License Registration There is no limit to the number of license keys that can be registered in the machine.

License Registration You must register a license key to enable optional modes and functions. Each optional mode and function requires their own license key to be registered. Press to move the cursor to the desired position. Press to delete the last number entered. The font sizes of the copy set numbers are as follows: For instructions on using the Copy Set Numbering mode.

The date is not printed.

imageRUNNER /// Reference Guide

If you are using a login service other than Department ID Management. User-defined text is printed. Only the user name is printed. Date [On]: The date is printed. User-defined text is not printed. If you have registered characters in Register Characters for Page No. The Department ID is printed.

Copy Set Numbering Options Job logs are not displayed. If [Off] is selected. Job logs are displayed. Setting System Monitor Screen Restrictions. Does not permit collection of job logs using management software. MEAP Settings An HTTP server is used. An HTTP server is not used. NOTE The information is printed as a report. Prints the system application's file. The application has been installed successfully.

The application is running. If License Status shows "Unnecessary" as its value. License Status: Unnecessary Maximum Memory Usage: Prints the upper license limit for each counter. Prints information regarding the MEAP function. The license is invalid. PortalService Items printed for each application are as follows: Prints the MEAP version.

The installed license has exceeded its user limit. The application is idle.

Prints the date and time the application was installed. Prints the name of the application. Prints the license status. An effective license has been installed. Prints the name of the application vendor. You do not need a license to run the application. Prints the application's version number. Prints the status of the application. Prints the current value for each counter. Active Installed on: Thu Apr 14 Canon Inc. Prints the expiration date of the license.

Prints the maximum amount of memory that can be used by each application. The Registered Service is printed only if there is data that corresponds to it. Prints the service registered on the MEAP framework from the application. This enables you to easily manage multiple machines at the same time.

Specifying Device Information Delivery Settings Registering device information in your machine enables you to set the machine to deliver the same device information to other machines that are connected to the same network.

Host The host machine delivers device information to client machines on the same network. Your machine is capable of both sending and receiving device information. The following device information can be delivered: Counter values. Information for inboxes set with Functions screen a password in the client machine is not excluding the overwritten. Counter values are also added and reset. Upon exporting. See "Restricting the Reception of Device Information.

Upon importing. NOTE Unique machine information. Do not turn the main power OFF until these operations are complete. Doing so may result in loss of data or damage to the data.

Register a destination. The destination machine is not connected to the network. The main power is turned OFF. If you press [Yes]. NOTE The maximum number of destinations you can register is Register as a destination? Specifying Device Information Delivery Settings NOTE If any of the following is true for the destination machine whose settings you want to confirm. Press [Print List]. Machines which are processing a send job. Machines importing or exporting data via the Remote UI.


You can also select which information to deliver. Setting Automatic Delivery You can set to automatically deliver device information at a specified time. Enter all four digits of the time including zeros.

You can store up to five different start times for each day of the week. The machine will deliver the selected device information. The machine will not deliver the selected device information. Select [Include] to deliver the network settings. Machines which are executing functions from the Additional Functions screen. The machine does not deliver the selected device information.

The machine delivers the selected device information. Setting Manual Delivery You can set to manually deliver device information. Restricting the Reception of Device Information System Manager Settings You can set whether to receive delivered device information from other model machines. Device information can be delivered from different machine models.

Specifying Device Information Delivery Settings. Delivery to the next selected machine will be canceled. Restoring Device Information You can restore device information to what it was before it was updated. This is useful when you have accidentally updated the device information.

NOTE You can return device information only to what it was at the time of the very last update. Operations on this machine cannot be performed until the update completes.

The machine is restricted. System Manager Settings 1 2 Details of each item are shown below. The machine is not restricted. Restricting the Type of Information That Is Updated You can restrict the type of device information that is received and updated.

Start time. NOTE To view the detailed information of a communication log. Auto Print [On]: The communication log is automatically printed when the number of send and receive transmissions reaches NOTE The communication log can be printed only if 11" x 17". If you want to print the list automatically at a specified time.

Service Manual iR// Series

The communication log is not printed automatically. Note that Canon will not be liable for any damages resulting from the loss of data. It is not normally necessary to use this mode.

It may take more than 30 minutes to initialize the hard disk. For information on the data that can be backed up. The item displayed for each login service is shown below: Setting to Receive Only Encrypted Secured Print Jobs You can set the machine to only receive encrypted secured print jobs from computers.

Specifying Encrypted Secured Printing Settings You can specify settings relating to encrypted secured printing. NOTE When the information is being displayed as asterisks. When registering confidential information. Setting the Display Method When Entering a Password You can set whether to display asterisks when entering confidential information. Select the type of secure watermark to embed Watermark. Press [Set] for the desired function.

Serial Number.Upon exporting. Rotate Collate. Flashing red status bars indicate errors. It will discuss primarily about the previously mentioned subject coupled with further information associated with it. NOTE You cannot register a paper type with the same name as a default paper type.