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Your plain-English guide to Judaism Whether youre interested in the religion or the spirituality,the culture or the ethnic traditions, Judaism For Dummiesexplores . at them. We each grew up in very different times and very different places in America, but we both developed the same notion of what being. Jewish meant. Beginning with the question 'Who is a Jew?', this book proceeds to offer a lucid account of Judaism and the Jewish people. Written for. Jews and non-Jews alike, .

Judaism For Dummies Pdf

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Whether you're interested in the religion or the spirituality, the culture or the ethnic traditions, Judaism For Dummies explores the full spectrum of Judaism. Your plain-English guide to Judaism. Whether you're interested in the religion or the spirituality, the culture or the ethnic traditions, Judaism for Dummies. Editorial Reviews. sppn.info Review. Like the many other Dummies books, Judaism for Dummies organizes a wealth of material into an easy-reading format .


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Your plain-English guide to Judaism Whether you're interested in the religion or the spirituality, the culture or the ethnic traditions, Judaism For Dummies explores the full spectrum of Judaism, dipping into the mystical, meditative, and spiritual depth of the faith and the practice.

Updates to the "recent history" section with discussions of what has happened in the first decade of the twenty-first century including: About the Author Rabbi Ted Falcon PhD, one of the pioneers of contemporary Jewish and interfaith spirituality, is a writer, teacher, and spiritual counselor in private practice.

Permissions Request permission to reuse content from this site. Judaism and God 23 Chapter 3: A Never-Ending Torah: The Unfolding of a Tradition 33 Chapter 4: A Path of Blessing: Judaism as a Daily Practice 45 Chapter 5: Jewish Mysticism 69 Chapter 6: Ethical Challenges 89 Part II: From Womb to Tomb: In the Beginning: Birth and Bris Chapter 8: Coming of Age: Get Me to the Chuppah On Time: Weddings Chapter Stepping Through the Valley: Let My People Go: From Abraham to Exodus Chapter The Kings of Israel: The First Temple Chapter Bracketed by Exile: The Second Temple Chapter The Exiles Continue: The First Millennium Chapter A Taste of Paradise: What's Nu?

Welcome to Judaism ! Judaism is an online encyclopedia of Judaism, covering Jewish beliefs, people, places, things, language, scripture, holidays, practices and customs.

My goal is to make freely available a wide variety of basic, general information about Judaism, written from a traditional perspective in plain English. This web site has grown continually for more than 10 years and continues to be updated periodically.

The information in this site is written predominantly from the Orthodox viewpoint, because I believe that is a good starting point for any inquiry into Judaism.

As recently as years ago, this was the only Judaism, and it still is the only Judaism in many parts of the world.

Be aware, however, that many Jews do not follow all of the traditions described here, or do not follow them in the precise form described here. However, what I present here is the starting point, the traditions that are being changed or chosen.

On some pages, I have identified variations in practice or belief in other movements. Everything in this web site is free to use or distribute in any way, with three conditions: 1 if you use text, graphics or sound from this site, please credit this site; 2 do not redistribute this information for profit; 3 do not "mirror" this site or copy pages from this site for use on other web sites.

For further details, please see my copyright page. Where to Start There are over eighty web pages on this site, comprising over pages of text, a virtual book of information on Judaism.Got this from my parents for my birthday after finding out several years ago that we had Jewish ancestors.

The Holocaust: In the Holocaust , the most well-known act of modern-day atrocities, the Nazis murdered more than 6 million Jews. It is important to note that in Judaism the Law is not a way of salvation. After conquering the Babylonian Empire, Cyrus, the king of Persia, granted the Jews permission to return to their homeland and build a new temple.

Thus a Jew who claims to be an atheist or converts to another religion is still considered by traditional Judaism to be Jewish. Enabled X-Ray: Enabled Enhanced Typesetting: Paperback , pages. For example, Jews who have converted under duress may be permitted to return to Judaism "without any action on their part but their desire to rejoin the Jewish community" and "A proselyte who has become an apostate remains, nevertheless, a Jew".