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Dear Listener, Rich Woman is an audiobook on investing for women. Why an investment book written just for women? There's a very good reason. The how- to's. Rich Woman book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Why do so many women accept the myth that men are better at investing ?. PDF RICH WOMAN KIM KIYOSAKI - In this site isn`t the same as a solution manual you download in a book store or download off the web. Our. Over manuals.

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Never ever tired to boost your understanding by checking out book. Now, we offer you an outstanding reading electronic book qualified Pdf Rich Woman Kim. rich woman pdf - wordpress - rich woman pdf wealthy womans rising time to learn with kim kiyosaki. rich woman pdf free download check here to start your. Rich Woman: A Book on Investing for Women [Kim Kiyosaki] on sppn.info Dear Listener, Rich Woman is an audiobook on investing for women. Board Game (New Edition) with Exclusive Bonus Strategy Guide (PDF Delivered Via.

Their whole life iscontrolled by someone or the other. They live for their parents or for their husbands or for their children but not for themselves.

They do not have a life of their own. They have no time to think of themselves since all the time they worry about the comforts of the men folk.

Rich Woman: A Book on Investing for Women, Take Charge Of Your Money, Take Charge Of Your Life

Karuna is against such a kind of subordinate life led by her mother. So it is natural that she revolts against the middle class life where a woman has no life of her own.

She continues to work in ads. The first time father warns her. The second time he slaps her. Then the act of rebellion keeps the modeling going and she performs in more and more ads and the slapping stops as more ads appear and the father is helpless in controlling her disobedient and stubborn daughter.

When Karuna undergoes her college studies, she gets into contact with a socialite named Anjali. Since Anjali is the portal of the world to which she longs for, Karuna is not able to take away Anjali from her life. Anjali becomes her role model.

Karuna and Anjali have similar reasons in choosing a rich man as their life partners. Anjali, a half-Jain and half-Hindu, goes to the extent of changing her religion and marrying a rich Muslim, Abe, years older, only to realize her wishes like to be on her own, independent, see the world, meet people, download lovely clothes and perfumes. She feels her life would be different in the fashion world which can bring a life leading to wealth, freedom, status and mainly the fulfillment of her desires.

She is in utter bewilderment and disappointment because she is made to live a subordinate life like her mother. He brainwashes her and makes her feel inferior and worthless.

[PDF] Rich Woman: A Book on Investing for Women: Because I Hate Being Told What to Do! Popular

Karuna becomes very submissive and tries to accustom herself to her husband, like not arguing with him when he is unhappy and doing things the way he wants. She feels passive and powerless and tries not to think about her needs. She is merely a puppet in the hands of her dominating husband. Karuna, in spite of her feeling desperately suffocated, tries to adjust with the husband. She even advises Anjali to stick around Abe or remain single because she will not get a good partner at that age.

But Anjali divorces her husband and immediately starts her partner-hunting expedition. Some quotes and inspiration which stuck out from the book include: If you actually learn to like being a beginner, the whole world opens up to you. Aug 07, Helga Soenimanggar rated it really liked it. She wants woman to be more aware of the world and how they take care of themselves and their families through learning investing.

Aug 18, Catherine Flynn rated it really liked it.

I enjoyed and loved this book. downloadd at a thrift storen and worth more than I paid for. I love how she motivates women to not follow the usual people were taught about money. She gave so many insights and push to do better. I should have it read long time ago! Though I love the book and as much I get excited for all the things she taught and the story of her life and her friends, it would be nicer to cite companies base from her experi I enjoyed and loved this book.

Though I love the book and as much I get excited for all the things she taught and the story of her life and her friends, it would be nicer to cite companies base from her experience, to give idea for women and to know where to start.

Well, everything has to start somewhere we need to do our homeworks and research I suppose, and that's I think the first thing Kim wants women who are serious about getting out of financial debt. This book got me so motivated that I am so eager to be financially free. Sep 13, Krystal rated it liked it Shelves: She references his book a lot and should be read in conjunction.

Most of her advice revolves around downloading real estate and making your money that way. I don't know anything about owning rental properties or businesses, so I didn't find it very helpful.

Jan 09, Dawn rated it really liked it. Audio version. Listening on long commutes is helping me learn more about finance. This was very story driven. Very heavy on real estate investing, but lots of good tips throughout.

Sencillo a la vez que ambicioso. Ella lo resume con una serie de claves. Siendo la primera: Kim recomienda: Participa en foros de inversionistas. Y no pasa nada. Para ello es recomendable alejarse de aquellas personas que nos recuerdan constantemente que invertir es arriesgado y no quieren escuchar lo que hemos aprendido.

Busca un grupo de mujeres inversionistas en las que apoyarte. Incluso cuando logras la libertad financiera debes seguir practicando los primeros 4 puntos. Porque la clave es como la vida misma: Sirve de mentora a otras mujeres y vive la vida que quieres vivir. Aug 18, Jen Catembung rated it it was amazing. Read this a couple of years back but it was only now that somehow the message sank in deeper. Be financially literate. A must read dear ladies.

Be smarter. Sep 08, Kayla Hollatz rated it really liked it. There were a few times it physically hurt to read certain passages because of the poor grammar and lack of punctuation quite common for their line of books , but it was an easy read and I took away a few good notes from it. There was a lot of material from the Rich Dad Poor Dad book, but it was a good refresher.

Rounding my 3. Sep 07, Sage rated it liked it Shelves: A strong 3.

A quick, easy read. It's not a how to book, it's more about inspiring you to start investing and taking control of your life. You would then have to explore other resources to work out how. Some parts did make me a little uncomfortable I felt like she was running men down in order to build women up. Nov 21, Sarah Rigg rated it liked it. I only read this because my brother was on a Kiyosaki kick and bought me this book on money management for women.

It didn't tell me much I didn't already know, and the Kiyosakis seem overly-focused on real estate as an investment. It would be a decent primer for someone looking for an entry-level book on the topic, though. Oct 17, Naggita Keziah rated it really liked it. I loved this book and it's approach to advising women to take control of their finances. I wrote a summary of the book here.

Not for me Dec 29, Libby Mitchell rated it really liked it. This was a good basic book told in story form about how woman sabotage their own investment efforts.

12 books to read in if you want to get rich

Feb 23, Jacky Britton rated it really liked it. Very motivational. Sep 05, Heli Malm rated it it was amazing. Very easy to read. A lot of great thoughts to pick up. Book went super fast. I almost swallowed it: Oct 24, An Thai rated it it was amazing.

I read this book to find a way to help and support my sister. I think every woman should read this. Rich woman. Jun 07, Linda Hill rated it it was amazing.

Kim is wonderful. I've met her in person and I would listen to her wisdom all day every day. DO yourself a favor and read this.

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Carnegie was the wealthiest man in the world at the time. According to Hill, Carnegie shared his success secrets with him and connected him with over of the most successful people in the world to learn their secrets, too. Basically, Napoleon Hill claims that the most successful people had strong sex drives and the ability, discipline, and self-control to react to their sexual urges by engaging in non-sexual, productive actions, like exercising, eating better, and working harder to impress the object of their desire.

Unsuccessful people, on the other hand, had little self-control and reacted to sexual urges with destructive physical expressions.


It even came with a sheet to order more copies. The book flew off the shelves. I paid considerably less for my copy, and you can, too, unless of course, you want to grab one of the original 5, A mastermind is a group of two or more people working together to help each other reach a goal.

In a mastermind group, each person benefits from the education, experience, influence, and perspective of the others. That helps everyone accomplish more, and faster, than they ever could alone.

This principle changed my life. My problem with the mastermind principle was that, although I had run masterminds as a coach with my mentor, I had never started my own and had nobody in my life who would want to start one with me. I decided to send a few cold emails to some bloggers I followed and asked if they wanted to start a mastermind group with me.To get started and join our financial education community, click here.

I can't wait to hear about your success! Book went super fast. To get started and join our financial education community, click here.

Money, by itself, is not good or bad, it's just money.

This is about developing yourself as a woman, and making money work for you to give you freedom and choices. Needless to say, Think and Grow Rich was a big influence on me. Well, what happens if your situation changes?