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The March of Folly: From Troy to Vietnam. Home · The March of Atheism Explained: From Folly to Philosophy · Read more The Wisdom of Folly. Read more. Barbara Tuchman defines folly as "Pursuit of Policy Contrary to Self-Interest." In THE MARCH OF FOLLY, Tuchman examines 4 conflicts: The Trojan Horse, The Protestant Secession, The American Revolution, and The American War in Vietnam. Many individuals are guilty of folly (Tuchman. Editorial Reviews. Review. Among contemporary historians Barbara Tuchman stands supreme. --Times Admirers of her earlier works will find Barbara.

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THE MARCH OF FOLLY. BARBARA W. TUCHMAN. The most famous story of the Western world, the prototype of all tales of human conflict, the epic that belongs. The theme we explore in this paper is that uncontrolled growth and resulting environmental damage can be considered as an Environmental March of Folly. A march of folly. Neil MacDonald, CM, MD. Folly, as defined by Barbara Tuchman , is “the pursuit of policy contrary to the self-interest of the constituency or state.

And that is very very important too.

However, I think there is one more angle to be considered here. It is possible that these 'leaders' were in fact trapped in a competitive spiral - any leader who did not pursue these 'follies' would have been scorned and lost his job - precisely because those were widely held to be the correct things to do.

This sort of decision making is in fact quite common - leaders always follow the popular 'wisdom' and usually it turns out to be right. But there are times in history when this normal course of action fails.

There are times when the circumstances are too inter-dependent or too much at the edge-of-the-cliff that no-one, not even common-sense, could have anticipated the fall that was coming by taking the steps that should have been matter-of-course at any other point. These are the points when good practices suddenly seem like Follies. This is why we have to consider the possibility that these were not just 'follies' arising from the closeted and exclusive nature of these leaders, but from a confluence of pressures that left them little wiggle room - and most importantly, that this is more or less always the case with leaders - their decisions are not always their own.

So the March of Folly could well be as unstoppable as it sounds to those leaders as well, especially in the short term when history rushed in on them. This is not of course! It is however dangerous to assume the other extreme position - that if only 'common-sense' prevailed, much evil could have been avoided.

A march of folly.

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The march of folly : from Troy to Vietnam

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Cite Citation. Advertisement Continue reading the main story The first two seem to me gratuitous since it is hardly a case of folly to act without knowledge of the consequences when there is no alternative line of action to pursue. Charles Tilly.

By Barbara W. Notes Acknowledgments We thank Dr. Feb 12, Pages download. Given insistence on victory and refusal to confess truth, not likely. Join Reader Rewards and earn points when you download this book from your favorite retailer.