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Thursday, April 11, 2019

The My Book Live Duo ships in maximum capacity mode, meaning that the twin 2TB drives are configured for spanning, or JBOD (Just a Bunch. At the beginning of this month Western Digital announced the My Book Live Duo, a two bay version of their popular My Book Live. When we. Western Digital's My Book Live Duo is the two-disk version of the company's My Book Live network storage solution. Western Digital calls these.

Western Digital My Book Live Duo

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WD's My Book Live Duo personal cloud storage provides dual-drive shared storage on your wireless home network. Share data with all your computers, stream. Western Digital's MyBook Live Duo is a good entry point into the world of NAS. The lack of active cooling is a concern, though — make sure that. WD My Book Live Duo (6 TB) overview and full product specs on CNET.

If you don't have an optical drive, don't worry, once the My Book Live is connected to the network it's easily found by both Macs and PCs. From there you can access the software folder to install the included software, or not, it's not required once you know the IP address of the device.

Having the software installed does make it easier to work with the drive though.

It took us under a minute to run through the search of the network for the drive and installation the WD Quick View software. From there it's time to configure the drive for backups, remote users and the like.

To allow mobile users to log in, you can setup activation codes on a per-user basis to work with the WD 2go Mobile Apps. The beauty of this method is the My Book Live broadcasts itself past the local network onto the internet without needing to forward ports or change any settings on your router.

It is still able to limit access though through use of the activation codes so only registered users can access the files served. One area added over the original My Book Live model is a drive configuration section inside the control panel area. This lets users change the drive mode between RAID1 mirrored and spanned configurations. In spanned mode you have double the capacity at 4TB, but have increased risk that half your data could go missing with a single drive failure. The mobile apps provided by Western Digital provide a rich content experience, with easy access to files no matter where you are as long as you have an internet connection.

When tested from an iPhone or iPad outside of the office, the devices were quick to connect to the My Book Live and were able to access files immediately. The Duo was happily serving up files with an average read speed of Switching to RAID1, we measured speeds of While not as fast as some of the bigger NAS units, it offers plenty of speed for moving media files around and providing backup space for home computers.

For users opting for more data protection, you can convert to RAID1 on the fly, and in our initial testing still retain the WD-supplied data on the drives from spanned mode.

WD My Book Live Duo NAS device

It is still highly recommended to make sure you have a backup of your data though before you go through this process. The Western Digital raised the bar with the My Book Live Duo, perfectly fitting the market segment of downloaders who want network accessible media, but don't want to go through the hassle of setting up an entire NAS.

By including RAID capabilities, the Live Duo can finally be included in the category of devices people can use backup files to and sleep safe knowing the system can handle a drive failure. The main draw though is the ability to serve up content behind a firewall to mobile devices anywhere in the world as long as they have internet access The My Book Live Duo brings a lot to the table, expanding on all of the great features of the original My Book Live, as well as increasing capacity or data redundancy through two drive bays.

The software is easy to setup, the web interface is designed beautifully and looks great, and the mobile apps available for both iOS and Andriod are very well made. Western Digital finally hit all marks with this network device, offering an all-in-one media serving package for home and mobile devices with RAID capabilities. With personal cloud being all the rage, the Duo delivers on all counts and expands on storage capabilities with RAID1.

It's dead simple to set up and use, and with the nicely designed mobile apps, users can easily access their media and files on a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Discuss This Review. You'll need to authenticate your phone or tablet with the Duo, and this can be done from the Remote Access section of the Settings menu, which gives you a code to enter in to your device. However, we could not get the app to work with our HTC Rhyme phone.

We received a message saying that the app was incompatible, despite the Rhyme running Android version 2. We faced the same problem with the My Book Live. It worked fine with the iPhone.

To transfer files over the Internet, you need to log in to WD 2go, click on your drive, and open your desired, shared folder in Windows Explorer. You might run into a few screens that warn you about expired security certificates while you do this, which you'll need to allow in order to use the site.

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Western Digital representatives tell us that it's an issue they are working on, but it's unknown when it will be fixed. You'll also need to make sure your computer is running Java. The WD 2go Web site.

Once you open a folder in Windows Explorer, the remote drive is mapped to your system and you can access it through My Computer as easily as a locally-connected drive. You are able to drag and drop files to and from the shared folder as long as you have the rights to do so. Creating shared folders and users on the drive is very easy to do; simply create the folder and place a check mark next to all the users that you want to access that folder if it is to be private.

Double-check to make sure write access is enabled in order to allow users to copy files onto the drive. Setting up shared folders on the Duo. We like the Duo because it's not necessary to know anything about networking to make files accessible over the Internet. There is no need to know about ports, firewalls and dynamic DNS services, the Duo basically does all the hard work for you.

The main downside is that files can take a long time to transfer over the Internet from the Duo to your remote location, depending on how fast your Internet upload speed is. There is no way to share links to files with friends over the Internet, so you'll still need to make use of services such as Dropbox or Trend Micro SafeSync , for example, to allow others to access your files.

Western Digital calls this a "personal cloud device", which means that it's your data, in your own "personal cloud", that you can access from anywhere if you choose. As mentioned though, it can be slow going for large files if your upload speed is not super-fast. Overall though, the Duo works well as a network attached storage NAS device on a local network and it's extremely simple to set up for remote access.

If you're a networking novice with aspirations of accessing your home data remotely, it's worth looking into.

Western Digital My Book Live Duo Review

But it's also worth looking into even if you just want an easy NAS solution to stream files to media players and share data with all your computers.Put the drive into RAID 1 mode if you want to make your data redundant and decrease the chances of losing it.

Also check our best rated NAS Drive reviews.

Brand name Western Digital Item Weight 2. Western Digital calls these drives "personal cloud storage" because they offer an easy way for users to access their own data which could be stored at home or in the office from anywhere on the Internet.

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Required hiring an Apple IT pro to get it working at all. I am awaiting a response from WD. FREE Shipping.

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