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sppn.infoOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE• 19SECRET OF THE PYRAMIDS BY RICHARD BRIGHTFIELDAn Edward Pack. You can continue your escape adventures in these books, coming soon: #2: TRAPPED lN THE SEA K]NGDOM. #3: TERROR ON KABRAN. #4: STAR SYSTEM. And continue your escape adventures in these books, .. You pick it up and hold it in your arms. Escapet' and Choose Your Own [email protected] series and.

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CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE • 2. WARNING!!!! Do not read this book straight through from begin- ning to end! These pages contain many different. Choose Your Own Adventure Zine Writing Workshop Pong Wolfgun Kelsheimer As a reader I sometimes find myself asking 'what if they chose another course of. With close to two hundred titles, Choose Your Own Adventure is by far the longest-running gamebook series. It grew out of Edward Packard's Adventures of You.

The sun dips below the horizon. You desperately need rest. You soon begin to feel the dull aches. Maybe in a few hours. It's getting hard to breathe. Maybe never. If you force yourself to keep walking. Maybe a search helicopter will arrive any moment.

You are very tired. If you huddle in your parka and try to conserve your strength. You nestle into its thick downy coat as it streaks through the darkness. All the while you feel completely safe. The brightness of the world around you is not the warm red light of the Underground Kingdom.

You're in Greenland! The village is the coastal settlement from which your party be- gan its trek across the ice fields to the Bottomless Crevasse. When you awake. You cling tightly to the angel bird. Go on to the next page. The barren landscape. As if it knows what you're thinking. A chill wind bites against your body. What is it like? What creatures might live there? What happened to Professor Bruckner?

Did he find Larsen and Sneed? Is Dr. Vivaldi still alive? It seems like another world when you wake up in a room with pale green walls and gleaming tile floors..

It was a terrible ordeal. Go on to page You hardly notice when the weak arctic sun reap- pears. Your legs feel like lead. Your head is swimming. What happened to Larsen and Sneed?

You feel as if you've lived through a nightmare. Your eyes are half shut. By morning your head has cleared. In a few weeks you'll be home—home for good. If you wander too far from the crevasse. Gunnar Larsen and Dr. You return home late one afternoon to find a man waiting at your front door.

Would you be willing to go back? Precau- tions would be taken so there would be no chance of its happening again.

Are you still studying the Bottomless Crevasse? From the National Research Institute in Washington. Pro- fessor. I don't think I could go back to the place where my friends died. We received faint radio signals from a point far beneath the earth's surface. Now will you come? I believe that one or more of the others must be alive some- where in the Underground Kingdom.

If you decide it would be too dangerous to go with Bruckner. The other will carry the Vertacraft. One of them will transport our party of scientists and technicians.

NASA has put two helicopters at my disposal. In one hand he holds an oblong instrument that emits an in- creasingly rapid clicking. It won't be long before the crevasse is completely sealed. Now we have proof! One day. In the months that follow you hear nothing further about the Bottomless Crevasse. I never want to get near the Bottomless Crevasse again. From then on. All Safe. You feel yourself growing numb.

You try to stand up. The search and rescue team almost reached you in time. You feel as if you are drifting through time and space. Ev- eryone spoke very highly of you. Then you feel nothing at all.

They were never able to locate Larsen and Sneed. A few days later a memorial service was held for the brave people who lost their lives exploring the Bottomless Crevasse. I'll go alone. You kick the icy ground. Ten minutes go by.

There won't be another chance. Hank Crouter. The moving glacier is rapidly closing the crevasse. Bruckner's assistant. A chilling wind bites through your parka. You all wait anxiously. Looking through the port. The professor climbs in beside you. Suddenly you are falling—faster and faster. Can't you slow us? You notice a red button on the control panel. You feel like a larva inside a cocoon. Next to it is a sign that reads: Even if you safely descend into the Bottomless Crevasse.

You wave at them. You grit your teeth and climb aboard. Has the Vertacraft gone out of control? He blinks and rubs his eyes. Along the way your guide. Vivaldi cross the Great River and start your trek to the Shining Mountains. Never have you felt so happy as you do right now—hiking through the Shining Mountains. But your Archpod guide grumbles and frets. The air seems lighter and brighter than in the valley of the Great River.

If you try to reason with Dr. If you decide to push the Emergency-Reverse button. Slowly you climb out of the Vertacraft and open the other compartment.

The Vertacraft has come to rest. We have hundreds of miles to go. Then it seems as if the Vertacraft is slowing. Whatever made you think you could survive such a trip? Sipping cold lemonade from a plastic bottle. You feel for his pulse. The strain of the descent must have been too much for his heart.

But every minute. Can't we slow down? Professor Bruckner's face is ashen gray. Looking through a porthole.

We've got to get through the earth's mantle fast. You begin to sweat. Suddenly everything is still. Maybe he knows what he's doing. If you decide to hide in a cluster-leaf tree. If you decide to face the creatures. But is it wise to run like a frightened animal? Maybe things will go better for you if you bravely face the inhabitants of this world. The trees are short. In the distance you can see areas that glow like beds of hot coals.

Half human. Coming up the ravine are more than a dozen creatures. The ground is grayish pink clay with white outcroppings. It's the black hole at the center of the earth!

You turn sharply at the sound of chattering. You can feel its coolness. Nearby is a forest of trees with green trunks and white leaves. All the shades and colors seem reversed. Wherever you look. The sky is covered with what looks like reddish yellow clouds. They are carrying ropes and nets. Most amazing of all is the sight directly over- head—a disc almost the size of the sun. You climb a small hill to get a better view. It's as hot as you've ever known it.

Soon you reach a village of igloo-shaped struc- tures that look as if they're made of green clay. The underworld creatures form a circle around you. Occasion- ally they freeze. One of them barks an order. One of your captors leads you to the nearest one. Despite their small size. The Black Sun is drawing heat from your body. You don't have much choice. You smile and hold out your arms. Instantly you feel cooler. They motion for you to follow them.

They are too steep to climb. Suddenly you realize that it was through this tunnel that the Vertacraft trav- eled. The tunnel doesn't lead straight down. You leap as high as you can—twenty feet in the air! You must search for food and shel- ter. You feel sad and afraid of setting forth alone in a strange world. Your feet must be held to the ground by the gravity of the shell itself. You look around at the walls of the crater. The earth is like a hollowed-out pumpkin. Then you remember the rest of Bruckner's theory: There is a black hole at the center of the earth.

But you feel so light—as if you were walking on the moon—you might be able to jump out. So Professor Bruckner was right.

There is a tunnel nearby. You stand there a minute. Peering inside. But there is no choice. Pointing at you. Tor begins to argue with him.. The leader steps forward. If you follow the blue-furred Raka. Ket and Akim gesture as if you should obey. In the center is a small fountain. Tanga is delicious. The Rakas laugh as they try to pronounce the strange sound. Clear water bubbles forth and flows along a silver trough before disappearing underground.

The others join in. It's clear he wants you to come with him. But Tor shakes his head. If you refuse. Tor Raka. The floor is soft and spongy. Ket gives you a small pink fruit. A pair of bright blue lights is shining from within the dark- ness. The strange creatures pass by except for one straggler.

Series - Choose Your Own Adventure ()

Perhaps you needn't have been so cautious. The creature looked more like a frightened ani- mal than a fierce hunter. As you climb down from the tree. For a moment he looks right at you. Be- neath them are long.

Slowly the creatures close in on you. What are they? You have only a few seconds to live. When you reach the central agon the blue- furred Raka lets out a long. As you walk along the narrow footpaths. Inside an old white-headed Raka sits near the central fountain. For a long. A large black disc hangs from his neck. Poor Dr. She called herself Nera. Arton smiles.

She's alive? Finally he rises and steps closer. Now the Archpods build many boats. The Archpods plan to conquer Rakmara. The river spirits have swallowed her. For a long time the Rakas and Archpods have each had one hunting boat. They are not hunting boats. I am the High Raka of the village of Rakmara. And now the threat of war. My name is Arton. The blue-furred Raka glares at you and strides from the agon. He returns a few moments later with two other Rakas. You stop to rest beside its waters.

Helped by the light gravity. A Raka tries to rope you. They draw closer. In the soft reddish gray twilight you see the Great River just ahead. Like a football quarter- back. At last you reach the open coun- tryside.

We have learned to mix powders and call up the fire of the earth in a great blast of noise and heat" "You mean bombs?

If you tell him that you won't take part in a war. With brakpa and with your help. Will you go with our warriors to attack the Archpods? If you ride with us. The High Raka's voice grows stern and cold "If you are not with us. It is sleeping tide now. Vivaldi taught him English. How long have you been here? How many tides? Too tired to think about it. Then he leads you to the outskirts of the village and into his agon. You peer outside at the red-streaked sky.

Vivaldi said two of our tides equal one of your days. He brings you woven mats. You just might be able to untie it. Two Rakas are guarding their hunting boat. If you try to bluff the guards into thinking you have permission to use it. Nearby is a smaller boat. If you try to take the small boat and make a break for the other side.

The Archpods will not expect an attack when the river is low. Tomo re- places it with another. They live in the darkest. That is when we shall cross and destroy their boats.

But there seems to be no way to avoid it Before the sleeping tide has ended. You shudder to think that you are about to witness the beginning of a war. I must kill a Kota beast. You hadn't realized how little you've eaten.

I must first go on the Hunt of the Black Sun. Tomo gives you a bright pink tanga. They tear anything apart. If you dive overboard and swim for shore. If you stick it out in the war boat. You realize you might be able to swim to shore before the Rakas could turn around and catch you. It's risky.

You lie low on the raft. In the light gravity. You've always been able to run fast when you needed to. You quickly untie it. But the Great River lies just ahead. As you dart through the groves of duster-leaf trees.

Where will the river take you? What will be your fate? Two Raka guards seize you and march you out of the agon. The current soon takes you around a bend in the river and safely out of sight. But the moment you get outside. Now you have time to think. But the Rakas ignore you. One of them blindfolds you. Instantly the Rakas are upon you. How will they execute you? They seem to like ropes. As you march on. All is silent. Death seems certain. Then they march you along a winding.

Finally the Rakas stop. You feel your strength ebbing. Utter- ing angry cries. Soon you spot a good landing place. You walk up to the guards. You point in the direction you came from. You quickly get aboard and push off. They don't look very friendly.

If you continue in to shore. If you start back across the river. Like the first Rakas you met. You could be in for more trouble than you had with the Rakas. As you get closer. One of them unties a boat and motions for you to board it. As the current takes you around a bend. The guide begins a long, dull lecture. If you would like me to show you some of the lesser passageways, I would be glad to guide you.

If the narrow passageways are making you feel closed in, turn to page Inside is a very elaborate and jeweled costume—a ceremonial costume of ancient Egypt. The humming grows even louder now. You feel compelled to exchange your clothes for the long robe, the headdress, and the sandals in front of you.

You put them on. You want to stop yourself, but you can't. Bruce is sent under guard to work in the laboratory located in a vast complex under the pyramid. A few days later, Bruce manages to talk to you without the guards overhearing. We're trying to come up with a way to escape. You, Bruce, and the Russians— as well as Ptah and his top henchmen—mount a large ceremonial stand in front of the pyramid. As Ptah watches the barrel of the ray gun emerge from the top of the pyramid, Bruce slips something into your hand.

Technicians inside the pyramid throw the switches to activate the ray gun. A low whirring sound fills the air. It rises in pitch as it gets louder—louder and louder, and higher and higher. Soon it begins to hurt your ears. Your arms and legs become numb, and your vision starts to blur. Inspector Ahmed! I was afraid something like this might happen. You and the inspector run to the back entrance of the hotel, but the truck is gone. You manage to jump into the next cab in line.

Your cab weaves in and out of the heavy traffic, with its horn blaring constantly. Your driver just barely misses one car after another. However, he does manage to keep less than a block behind the other car.

The fast-moving traffic slows to a snail's pace once you get into an older section of the city. The cab you are following stops, and the strange man gets out. You hand your driver a couple of American bills, hoping they cover your fare. Fortunately, the driver seems more than pleased as you leave the cab.

You can barely see through the thick crowd, but you do catch a glimpse of the man you are following. He is entering what looks like a cafe. You push your way over to the entrance. You return to the hotel in a cab and check Andrea's room. No sign of her. You leave the hotel not quite knowing what to do. At the corner a native woman, with a dark veil covering her head and face, except for the eyes, beckons from a doorway. You are surprised to see that her eyes are pale gray. You are even more surprised when you hear her voice.

The woman is Andrea in disguise! You have to run to keep up with her. She leads you through a labyrinth of teeming alleyways. Finally you reach a stone building with a heavy, carved door. You tell the inspector you will go with him on the raid. My personal bodyguard will escort you today, and tonight he will bring you to my home, where you will spend the night. Perhaps you would like to tour the Pyramids today.

As you do, a long, black Mercedes limousine pulls up. You try not to look down. Carefully you reach around with your foot for whatever footholds you can find sticking out from the building.

It is easier than you had expected. Finally you make it down to the street. You can still see the truck. It's only a block away, stuck in traffic. You push your way through the crowded street as fast as you can to catch up to it Out of breath, you reach the back of the truck. You jump on and struggle with the doors. They fly open suddenly, and you fall back onto the street, banging your knee.

Hopping painfully on one leg, you get up and pull yourself into the truck. You see a pyramid being built. Workers scurry about with ropes and long poles. But they do not carry the huge blocks of stone. The stones float through the air by themselves! A few of the workers carry devices which project a beam of light onto the blocks and cause them to rise in the air. Other workers toss ropes over the enormous floating blocks and lead them along, while the workers with the poles push the blocks gently into place.

We have infiltrated Ahmed's organization. They lead you down to a dungeon in the basement of the villa and chain you to an iron ring set in the stone wall. You realize that you're going to be a "guest" of the Assassins for a very long time. The End 21 "That looks as if it might be a kind of monorail," says Bruce. I've suspected for a long rime that something like this might exist It confirms a theory of mine that ancient Egyptian culture was given a big boost by a more advanced one. His hand sweeps over the complex control panel.

Of course, we don't know what dangers lie ahead. This time," Bruce says to you, "you definitely should stay behind to go for help—just in case we don't get back. If you stay behind, turn to page There is no answer. You throw open the door. Bruce is gone! The room is a mess. Sheets trail across the floor as if a struggle had taken place. In several places there are drops of blood.

The screen covering the window has been pushed in. There are more spots of blood on the windowsill and on the small ledge outside. You look down.

There is a fourstory drop to the street. You rush back into your room and throw on some clothes. Then back to the window. It is a bit lighter now. Dawn is just breaking. On the street you see two men, loading a large basket into the back of an old panel truck.

From this height—and in the still-dim light—you can't be sure, but something tells you that one of them is the stranger who gave you the note. You also have a strong suspicion that your uncle is in the basket. How did they get him down to the street? The ledge outside the window extends only a short distance on either side. There are no other windows nearby. But there are several small balconies on the second and third floors. There is also a drainpipe on one side of the ledge. Maybe you could slide down the drainpipe to the nearest balcony and then climb down to the street.

You're in a panic. What should you do? If you decide to risk climbing down the side of the building, turn to page If you decide to get the police, turn to page It is a large room. In the center are huge chunks of rock and other debris that must have fallen from the ceiling. At one end of the room is a door leading toanother chamber. As you approach the door it opens automatically. This startles all of you for a moment. Carefully you peer inside. You are hardly prepared for what you see.

The room is illuminated with some kind of strange light. The walls and ceiling are made of a plastic material with a honeycomb pattern, and they seem to glow with an inner luminescence. In the center, perched on a glistening metal rail, is some kind of futuristic device.

You are weary from the plane trip and the experiences of the day. You fall asleep instantly. Bruce is in the adjoining room.

At dawn, something startles you awake. You hear sounds of a struggle in Bruce's room. Quick as a cat, you spring out of bed and run to the door. Sit over here by the fountain," says a short man wearing a large turban overloaded with jewels and multicolored feathers.

I see that you two appear to have bumped your heads together. Most unfortunate. I'll see to it that my infirmary looks after your injuries. Strange—the triangle has the same design as the coin you tossed down the shaft, only much larger.

As you step forward, a strong energy floods through you, and an intense light surrounds your body. You close your eyes but the light's brightness does not diminish. Suddenly you are caught up in a whirlwind and shot straight up through the pyramid. You look down and see the pyramid receding below you. The top of the pyramid has become a huge, glistening eye, shooting rays of light in all directions. Below it are bands of glowing color. As you concentrate on the eye, your body seems to dissolve.

You become the eye—all-seeing, all-knowing. Your mind expands to encompass the universe, to fill infinite space. All the mysteries of existence are now understandable. Your mind and body return to earth. Suddenly you know where Bruce is being held. With your new powers you contact him telepathically. Later the police are amazed when you are able to lead them directly to the hideout of the Assassins— where Bruce has been imprisoned—in one of the old quarters of Cairo.

From now on, you will find a whole new life of joy and dangers. The End 29 Quickly you wrap the pillow around the snake, dash to the closet, hurl the snake and pillow inside, and slam the closet door shut.

You stand for a full minute with your back against the door. Your heart is still pounding. You feel weak in the knees as you realize what you've just done. You wake your uncle and tell him about the snake. At least someone out there seems to think so.

We'd better get you back to the States before something worse happens. If you plead with Bruce to let you stay, turn to page 7.

Then we will get up from the table and move as quickly as we can out that door. Don't run unless they start shooting, then keep low. One, two, three, four, five. Somehow you make it through the exit and into the car. You look back to see armed figures running in your direction. The car roars away from the curb. Something smacks the car with terrific force. Turn to page 5. If you still want to go on the raid, turn to page If you've had enough of this terrorist business, and prefer to wait at the villa, turn to page The clerk sighs and mutters something about tourists.

Nevertheless, he directs the porter to carry your bag to a new room. If we are in danger, changing our room may throw our pursuer off, or at least show him we are on our guard. Your new "suite" consists of two small rooms with a connecting door. The first room is windowless; the second has a small window covered by a screen of very elaborate grillwork. Andrea's room is on the other side of the hotel, not far from your original room.

Bruce arrives a short time later.

Choose Your Own Adventure (Underground Kingdom).pdf

You tell him about the warning note and explain why you've changed rooms. Now I suggest that we go out on the town for the evening. You don't want to miss the Sahara Club and its famous belly dancers. A row of file cabinets lines one side of the room. Ahmed pulls out a folder, opens it on one of the few bare sections of his long desk, and spreads out a collection of photographs for you to study.

Somehow you are not surprised to see the man from the plane in one of the photos. You tell Ahmed the whole story. Through informers, I have discovered the secret desert headquarters of the Assassins. There is a strike force of paratroopers and a dozen helicopters waiting to attack.

We must act as soon as possible. I advise you not to go, but of course the decision is yours. If you decide that it is too dangerous, turn to page At one point he stops and feels along the wall. One of the stones in the wall slides back, and a small, very low door opens. The passageway is so low that you have to crawl on your hands and knees. You hear a click as the stone door behind you slides back into place. You hope Mohammed knows where he is going!

You and Mohammed crawl for quite a while.

Finally you come to a large square chamber. The walls are white with blue and gold hieroglyphs painted in neat rows around the room. In the exact center of the floor is a round hole. Here—drop this in the well and see if you can hear when it hits bottom. It is triangular with an elaborate design in the center. A tiny, just barely visible hieroglyphic inscription runs around the edge.

The coin shines as if made of gold. You throw the coin in and put your ear close to the well. For a full minute you hear nothing. Then you hear a strange humming—a high musical note that vibrates both in the well and inside your head. You turn to look at Mohammed, but he seems to have disappeared. Suddenly you feel as if you are losing your balance. You are falling into the well. You go back up to the room and unpack your small suitcase. You make a careful search. There is no sign that an intruder has been there, and you feel relieved.

Your room turns out to be a suite, with a bedroom, a sitting room, a small bathroom, and two tiny closets. The bedroom windows are covered with elaborately patterned grillwork. Andrea's room is on the same floor, down the hall. Bruce finally arrives and you show him the note. For a moment he looks alarmed. Then he smiles. Andrea goes to her room, Bruce retires to the bedroom, and you quickly fall asleep on the couch in the sitting room. There is a heavy smell of incense.

A belly dancer sways in the center of the dance floor. You find a table off in a dim corner. You can't see the man you followed, but your eyes are still adjusting to the darkness. My uncle may be in grave danger. Suddenly a troop of desert warriors on camels appears from nowhere and comes charging toward you. Dark headcloths cover their faces except for their eyes. But instead of the old, long rifles you have seen them carrying in pictures, they all have modern submachine guns—and they are all pointed at you.

One of the warriors commands you to raise your hands and march toward the pyramids. A door opens in the base of one of the smaller pyramids, and you and Ahmed are forced into the vault inside. The door snaps shut behind you. You realize that the "floor" you're standing on is a conveyor belt that is rapidly carrying you toward a wall of flame at the other end of the vault. You try frantically to run back to the door, but the belt is too fast.

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You are both swept into the thermal chamber—a chamber that so concentrates the energy of the sun that any object entering it is instantly vaporized. The End 39 As you start to leave the platform, the approaching figure greets you. I greet you from the past" "For a while there I thought we were in the past," you say. This is a recording—a three-dimensional hologram. My image is programmed to respond to individual personalities such as yours. Even though you may feel my arm as solid—here, I will touch your hand—it is only an illusion.

It is too complex to explain, but your descendants will understand someday, just as you know that when you listen to a radio there are not little people in the box making the sounds. I taught them the rudiments of architecture, farming, mathematics, engineering, and medicine. That was five thousand years ago. But I am not sure I was wise to do it.

I will have to decide that when I find time to return. Your planet is in my study quadrant, but it is far out on the edge of the galaxy. At the bottom, a six-foot-square opening penetrates the side wall. A perfectly straight tunnel of the same dimensions goes into the rock—horizontal for a short way, then sloping sharply downward. The three of you enter it. A hand rope along the wall keeps you from slipping.

Your flashlight beams cut into the darkness ahead. Finally you come to a circular room about twelve feet in diameter, directly beneath the center of the pyramid.

Now there is a pattern of cracks over here and part of the floor has sunk. You hear a faint rustling and the sound of a door softly clicking shut. You snap on the small table lamp. Only inches away from your face is an asp, one of the deadliest snakes in the world.

You've got seconds before it strikes.

If you grab your pillow and try to clamp it down on the snake, turn to page If you back off slowly and call your uncle for help, turn to page These men are fanatics. They probably would have shot you down. They know that your uncle is working on a way to produce enormous amounts of energy.

They would like to steal this secret and use it for their own evil plans. A most peculiar man, your uncle, if you will pardon my saying so. I feel responsible for your uncle's disappearance.

I will do everything in my power to find him. Inspector Ahmed knocks on the door. No answer. The door is unlocked. You and Ahmed go in. No Andrea! Ahmed flies low over the sand, looking for a stone outcropping that might give you protection from the storm. Below you the sand is being driven across the desert in little whirlwinds. Ahmed shouts your approximate position into the radio, though it's doubtful anyone can hear over the noise of the storm. He grabs a piece of canvas from the back of the cockpit just as the two of you jump from the helicopter.

Seconds later a powerful gust picks the helicopter up and sends it tumbling along the ground like a fragile toy. Go on to page You are temporarily blinded. Your lungs fill with choking dust. Kneel, head to the ground, away from the wind. This sand will wear away our clothing in no time. Then it will start on our flesh. The roaring of the wind is still so loud that Ahmed must yell directly into your ear for you to hear what he is saying.

You are now choking almost to suffocation. Your arms and legs have lost their feeling. Now that they are gone, you wish you had insisted on going with them. It is lonely waiting by yourself. As you wait, you begin to hear some kind of humming.

At first the sound is very low. Then it gets louder and louder. It seems to come from a specific spot on the wall.

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You walk toward it. They were fitted together so carefully that not even the thinnest piece of paper can be slipped into the joints. Does anyone really know how they got those blocks there? A kind of fog drifts over the screen and then clears away.

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Maybe it was the wind, but the air seems very still. The Mystery of the Highland Crest I give you exactly one hour to make up your mind.

A hulk of a man appears. Scholastic Inc, 6 Feb. Inside is a very elaborate and jeweled costume—a ceremonial costume of ancient Egypt. Soon you stop rising and start falling. I had read the series for younger readers before and wanted to know what the "big kid" series was like.