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sppn.info - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Documents Similar To sppn.info Barrister Parvateesam Novel Telugu. Uploaded . Telugu Novel of Chalam. Chalam Maidanam. Telugu Novel of Chalam. Chalam Maidanam. Published on Oct 20, Telugu Novel of. Topics Telugu Novels, Chalam Books. Collectionopensource. LanguageTelugu. Chalam Books. IdentifierChalam. Identifier-arkark://.

Maidanam Telugu Novel Pdf

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Chalam Books: ASKS: Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming: Internet Archive Enjoy. How do I download Telugu books in PDF as free? Views. The efforts of the writers in Telugu to restructure the male dominated world of background of Chalam that made him to pen the novel Maidanam. The. . Chalam wrote in his famous book as follows about his job: “I am a Stone,. Slave of. Telugu is a language spoken by more than ten crore( millions) people and the literary interest of the people was Rate this book మైదానం [Maidanam].

He gave a violent jolt to the complacence of the Telugu literary world, and by extension to the Telugu society itself, by writing one controversial novel after another. Rajeswari, a young, Woman too has a body; it should be given exercise.

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Rajeswari, a young, frustrated housewife. She narrates her story in the first person although it is not clear whom she addresses. It all starts with her thorough disillusionment with her tradition-bound, unfeeling, emotionally sterile lawyer-husband who is given to treating her as a piece of property, as one who fulfills his sexual and social needs.

Her deliverance comes in the form of Ameer, a client of her husband. Their very first meeting is an emotionally charged and sexually exciting experience.

మైదానం [Maidanam]

His looks pierce her clothes and caress her all over her body. This is a new experience for her. She has never known anything so exhilarating like that before. When finally Ameer embraces her, in the absence of her husband of course, she reacts with a cry of joy and after he is gone she kisses herself in the mirror and feels that Ameer has endowed divinity on her.

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