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A CV, short form of curriculum vitae, is similar to a resume. It is a written summary of your academic qualifications, skill sets and previous work experience which. Basic Curriculum Vitae Example. Curriculum Vitae - Donald Sunter. P.O. Box · Polokwane · · · [email protected] Personal details. The full CV is only used when applying for academic positions in four-year Format can vary by field, so also seek disciplinary-specific advice from advisers.

Sample Cv Format Pdf

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If your curriculum vitae is in a different format but still provides all of the This sample was developed to incorporate a full range of professional activities. Create & Personalize your CV template within a few seconds and get your The CV templates generated by sppn.info will be available in a PDF format. CURRICULUM VITAE (Example Format). PERSONAL DATA: LAST NAME: (ALL CAPS) Name as it appears on your passport: First Name: Middle Name / Other.

Make sure the template you pick suits both your field of work and the company you are applying at.

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For more traditional companies and industries use a simple, professional template. For more modern companies a more colourful, expressive CV will give you the edge.

How do I use one of these templates? Are these templates downloadable?

Are these resume templates free? The Standard, Slate, and Monte templates can be shared and downloaded for free.

All other templates are available to Pro subscribers. How do I write a resume?

If you are looking for tips on writing your resume, you may want to check out our resume guide. There we discuss what to include in your CV, how to lay out the content, and how to write your CV so that it really makes an impact. Why are there photos on some templates?

Download CV Template

There are reasons to include a photo on your CV and reasons not to. We discuss this in detail in our guide to adding a cv photo.

In short, you should include a photo if you plan to host your CV online, are working to build your personal brand and increase your online visibility, or if you are in an industry that accepts photos. You should not include a photo if you work in a more conservative field and will be applying to the job in the traditional way.

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Please note that this advice only applies to American job seekers. In many parts of the world, a CV photo is not only recommended but required. Please check out our International CV Guide for more information. Get your VisualCV today.

Professional Training and Qualifications optional Completed preview: Tips: Any additional training qualifications you may hold, especially the ones that are relevant to the job, should be included in this section. Skills Completed preview: Tips: You should always include a Skills section on your CV because a prospective employer usually spends less than 30 seconds skimming through your CV.

CV Templates

Your amazing ballet skills will have zero impact on you performing your day-to-day duties as Business Analyst well, at least I hope so! Check out Skills for more information on this section.

Also mention any plus points about yourself such as volunteering, taking care of your health and always engaging in social activities. Check out Hobbies and Interests for more information on this section.

References Completed preview: Tips: Your references should be two people who know you well and have worked with you in one way or another and who can vouch for you to the prospective employer.

It should only contain relevant and positive information about you and your abilities Try to back up any claims on this statement with real-world examples where possible.

Check out Personal Statement Examples for more guidelines and examples. Try to include at least two achievements that you are particularly proud of and which are going to be an interest to the prospective employer. Keep the bullet points short and to the point e. Check out Achievement for more information on this section.

Education and qualifications Completed preview: Tips: If you are a student or recent graduate, then your education is probably your main selling point. Try to make this part as clear, compelling and comprehensive as possible.What to Include in a CV? Where would you like to be in 5 years time? Make sure to tailor your CV for each specific job opening or company and include only the information and experience that is relevant to this exact position.

Download CV template. Are these templates downloadable? What to Include in a CV?

Oana Vintila Career Counselor Novoresume's CV template bring some order into your professional history and moreover helps the recruiter help you.