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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

download, sell, and save with the site app! Discover online shopping deals on your favorite brands and save money every time! Browse best-selling items in home. list items for sale. On-the-go shopping and selling are convenient and fun. Our mobile apps are free, and downloading one should only take a few minutes. Shop on the go with the site app. Explore offers on your favourite brands & save on your online shopping today. Love site? Then you'll love the site app!.

site Mobile - Go-shopping. The App

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Love site? Then you'll love the site app! Use your camera to search for items, scan barcodes for easy and fast listing, and manage your account on the go. The site mobile app is especially helpful at a garage sale to see how much you Shop, and Sell are featured at the top of the screen on mobile, just below the. site has announced updated apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows, and an update to the site mobile web experience.

Explorer for site

Scan your item's barcode to add product details that are in our catalog automatically. Finish a listing you started before, either on your mobile device or on your home computer. The site app is synchronized to the site website, making it easy to move between them when creating a listing. Use the Sell one like this feature to auto-fill some of your item details.

Currently, you can't list vehicles using the mobile apps. Provide tracking information to downloaders not yet available on our BlackBerry app and respond to questions right away.

The fees for selling on site are the same when using our mobile apps, and the same rules and policies apply. You can stay up-to-date on the status of your selling, bidding and watched item activity by turning on site notifications within the site app.

Here's how.

First, turn on iOS 8 notifications for the site app: Then, choose the notifications that you'd like to get: Still using iOS 7? Learn more about iOS 7 notifications at Apple Support. First, turn on Android OS notifications for the site app: Then, turn on the notifications in the site app: Windows Phone users can learn more about notifications at Windows Phone How-to.

Be sure you have the latest version of our app. Check the app store for updates. You won't lose any information. We store your site account activity on site. Make sure you're entering all your information correctly.

If your device uses autofill or autocorrect, it may automatically enter something that doesn't match your user ID or password.

Double-check what you enter when you sign in. If you use the PayPal Security Key for your password, make sure you add the security key numbers to the end of your password when you sign in. Have a question? We can help.

Contact us. Get help from other site members. Visit the Answer Centre to post a question. Watching items.

Getting alerts about items. Skip to main content. Browse help.


Finding items. downloading basics.

Selling basics. Paying for items. All about Feedback.

Getting started on site. A-Z index.

Searching for Things to download on site

Using site mobile apps Getting the site app for your device. downloading items from your mobile device. Selling items on site from your mobile device. For iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch: Tap the App Store icon. For Android: Tap the Android Market icon on your smartphone.

10 Apps That Changed How We Think About Shopping

For Windows 8: Open the Windows store icon on your device. For Windows Phone: Version 3.

In-store Pick-up: The service is further enhanced for iPhone users with new Passbook support, enabling a faster and easier in-store experience and quick access to key information like store location, directions, hours and order number.

Personalized Feed iPhone only: The iPhone app now places the most important content front and center on the home page with a preview of Feed — a personalized stream of items inspired by what users want, need and love.


Additional updates include: Interface enhancements that include larger images to truly showcase products iPhone only ; ability to search for sellers iPhone only ; selling enhancements that make relisting and pricing items easier; and the addition of reviews for catalog items providing users with the important information they need for their download decision.

Android 2. Android users now have access to new site active notifications — a one-tap, visual shortcut for making timely bid or download actions. Giving Works Support: Customers can donate to their favorite charities at checkout with Giving Works. Windows 8 Home Screen with Feed: A new home page gives users instant access to their Feed, daily deals and the most important actions right from the start.This is especially beneficial if you want to list an item for sale.

The AuctionBytes Blog has been giving a voice to online merchants since its launch in Or no more than 3 negative reviews.

How to Use site’s Mobile App

Of course, the general change in usage also plays a role, which puts the smartphone in the spotlight as mobile has become the primary device. It also has a GPS feature.

If you do complete a full listing on the mobile app, you may still want to go to your computer and buff up the look of the description. Most recently I made a download and the seller had a problem with verifying their email due to mistyping it.