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Friday, June 21, 2019

A few days ago, Cheryl write me an email which contains about her Galaxy S3 was unabled to download PDF files from the browser. Ever since I did the most recent update on my s3 I can't download pdf or mp3 files . All it says is 'down load unsuccessful'. What can I do to. i own a galaxy s3 and i have a problem: i cannot download files from the example, is this restaurant where i order pizza, they have sppn.info me.

Samsung S3 Cannot Pdf

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is there an easier way to browse and access my pdf files? where do pdf files get saved to? i downloaded attachments from my email but cant. Solved: Cannot download the attached document PDF to my phone? Can you tell me why please?. hi my s3 wont download files from the Internet anymore, photos pdf's etc. it says ' starting download' Samsung kies is a great place to begin.

Did you made any changes on your phone before you were realized that you encountered this problem? Hi Kim Jae Seo, Thanks for coming. Did you still unable to download PDF through that browser?

How To Fix Slow Charging Problem On Android /Samsung Galaxy S3

Hello I have the same problem and I don't use an sd card I can download mp3 files and even pdf files with other Internet apps but not with the browser Hi Tosin Olanrewaju, Thanks for coming. Have you ever tried to download pdf files in another website? I've tried downloading them through three different browsers and it won't let me. I don't use an sd card and I have plenty of storage. Hi Franchesca Parras, Thanks for coming. Did you received alert while you failed to download?

I can't download any files when I'm using the mobile data. I can download using wifi. On mobile data everything seems to be working, except for the download. Not from Google play, not from any browser and not only pdf files, any kind of file wont download. I recently did a factory reset and restored it using Samsung Kies.

I tried unmounting my sd card, formatting it but nothing has worked so far. I have plenty of capacity in both device and micro sd card. I cleared the cache from my Internet browser and it still won't download files. What's up with that? Hi Mohamad El Jundi, Thanks for coming. Seems that you've been done the needed steps to fix the problem.

However, have you tried to use the SIM card in another phone to download something--if available--? If so, tap the row then tap Enable button to enable them. Once you finish, restart the phone then see whether it helps.

Ohh, you can also try to call your network provider to ask them whether there are some settings or configurations you need to do on your phone to allow you download using the mobile data.

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Well man, I tried everything. I thought it was a Google problem and waited for a while but still nothing. When I use my WiFi hotspot on my phone, other phones and laptops can download anything they want, even from Google play.

I, on the other hand only can download through Flash Fox, used to be able to using Samsung Apps only the ones downloadable through Samsung Apps and not Google Play , and sometimes Google Chrome couldn't before The SIM is fine and was working perfectly before the factory reset. I received a couple of errors including and when I was trying to download using Google Play and cleared the data of Downloads in the App Manager.

Hi Mohamad El Jundi, Thanks for getting back here. Have you ever tried to use another Google account on your phone?

Cannot download PDF files on my SAMSUNG GALAXY S? Can you tell me why please?

However, try to uninstall update of the Google Play Store through the Application manager. Also while you're in the Application manager, tap the Menu key then select Reset app preferences and then restart the phone.

Will you marry me? Brother, I love you.. I didn't uninstall updates on Google Play and I have never used any other Google account on my phone. I don't know what was blocking the download. Hell it's been hard man, it's been really hard. May the force be with you, never put the one ring on, and I swear by the old Gods and the new to serve you. Hi Brother, Thanks to let me know about it.

I'm more than happy to know that you finally be able to fix this annoying problem. Well, enjoy downloading anything with your precious Galaxy S3: Omg can we have a double wedding I have been searching and trying to figure out how to get my phone to work I have done everything with SD cards the only thing that works is just what you said about resetting my app manager and reset my phone thank you so much. Hi Dj Hood, Thanks for coming and let me know that you can find something useful here: Hi Mohamed Abdirahman, Thanks for coming.

I'll write the complete steps for you. Here they are: On any screen, swipe down the top of the screen to open up the notifications panel and then tap the Settings icon cogwheel icon at the top of the screen to enter the settings menu. Tap "More" tab. Tap "Application manager". In the Downloaded tab, tap the Menu key and then select "Reset app preferences". If needed, you can restart your phone.

In some cases, the problem will go away by restarting the phone after you did reset app preferences. Hi Barry, Thanks for coming. I'm so happy to know that you can find something useful here: Thank you so much I cant download frim whole world wide web i cant download anything from play store to savefrom.

Please check my reply in the comment right above you, and then see whether that helps: Hi, Everytime I am on my browser and try downloading a picture or mp 3 file to my phone it says it's downloading at the bottom but it really isn't. I do not have an SD card either and I hace tried restarting my S3 to solve the issue but it keeps happening. Help please! Hi Cristalyne S, Thanks for coming. Try to take a look in the Application manager in the Settings menu. If you run Android 4. If you run below the Android 4.

Once you've done, try to download a picture through the Browser then see whether it works: I have the same problem, it says starting download I've tried what you said but still no luck. Hi Stu Morris, Thanks for coming. If you have check your SD card and it's not corrupted and have done all the suggestions here but with no luck, then you might be have to try an app called Download Blazer here's the link: Help you to download any files easily from the supported browser app including with the stock.

Just click the download link in the browser app and then select Download Blazer. Tap Save download to download that file. Hope this helps: Hi Stephanie Rico, Are you able to download other file types using the same method? Have you tried to clear cache and data of the Internet app? Hi Rehan, I had the same problem and after trying your suggestion, it finally works again! Thank you so much. Hi Bae Sun Young, Thanks for coming and let me know that one of the suggestions listed here has worked on you: You bet.

There's a slightly different version of the Android operating system software for just about every brand and model of smartphone and tablet, so it shouldn't be a surprise that each one has a different way to get into Safe Mode.

If you don't see your gadget on the list, try the instructions for whichever gadget is closest to the one you have. If none of these works, check your gadget's manual. Stock Android For stock Android gadgets, like the Nexus series of smartphones and tablets or the Google Play editions of smartphones, hold the power button until the power menu pops up. Tap and hold the Power Off option until it asks if you want to reboot in Safe Mode. If nothing happens after five seconds, tap and hold the Reboot option instead.

When the Safe Mode screen appears, hit OK. Your gadget will reboot into Safe Mode - you can tell because "Safe Mode" will show up in the lower left corner of the screen. When you're done in Safe Mode, reboot the phone again like normal.

Tap and hold the Power Off or Reboot option whichever worked last time and turn off rebooting into Safe Mode. Samsung On the newest Samsung gadgets i. Wait a few seconds and then turn the gadget back on. Then let go of the Volume Down button and wait for the gadget to finish starting. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. Please enter a title. You can not post a blank message. Please type your message and try again.

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Thanks Adobe Reader Team.To support Disasters Emergency Committee: Rehan 5 October at Hi I have a galaxy s5 and I can't download any pdf documents but I could download pictures and music.

For the LG Optimus, turn off the phone. Did you received alert while you failed to download? Rehan 23 October at