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Movie Story: Eli spends wandering across North America. He maintains with himat all times, a sacred book. He has to fight all kinds of danger to. The Book of Eli BRRip p Dual Audio In Hindi English IMDb Rating: / 10 Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama Director: Albert Hughes. The Book of Eli () Dual Audio [Hindi-English] p BluRay ESubs Download Language: Hindi + English Quality: p BluRay Size: 1GB.

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The Book of Eli () p BluRay Amazing Movies, All Movies, O Livro de Eli, de Albert Hughes e Allen Hughes Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman. The Book of Eli was directed by twins, Albert and Allen Hughes. Their parents divorced when they were two years old, and they began making movies at age Eli (Denzel Washington) has been on a journey for 30 years, walking west across America after a cataclysmic war that turned the earth into a.

Since only the older people know how to read the bible, Carnegie realizes that he can use the bible as a tool against weak minded and desperate people.

Carnegie is not so different from the Pharisees and some of the medieval Popes in the church. Carnegie acts like he knows it all and he did, but just like the Pharisees in the bible Carnegie is really arrogant and wanted to look better and smarter than everyone. Carnegie has a friend Claudia who is blind. Claudia enjoys the benefit of relative and random luxury because of her relationship with Carnegie, but she is the voice that requests for him to be more caring.

Solara was sent to seduce Eli. She comes away deeply affected because Eli prays with her. She eventually attends Eli on his journey west. Claudia ends up being the only person Eli shares the bible, and explains why he believes it is important is restoring civilization.

Scene Analysis Edit In this scene we see the main character Eli with his companion Solara in what looks like an abandoned silo , sitting around a fire. Here we see Eli attempting to read a book that he has been carrying along west for thirty years. Solara really wants to know what the book is and why it is so important to Eli and her father. Eli puts the book down and starts saying some scriptures, here we realize that the book he has been carrying along for so long is a Bible.

Neither one of these characters have a status above each other in this scene Seeing Denzel Washington play Eli in the movie in a way brings the character more to life. It makes the audience respect the character more and in a small way relate to what he is going through a little more. Eli looks like a normal man, but he delivers a big punch. The backpack had a really rugged look to it making it look like it had gone through a lot. The coat he has on looks like a M51 military coat seen in many movies.

He also wears a pair of Nike High tops with his coat. Solara wears a plaid shirt with a hood attached to the shirt. She wears the shirt with a ratty fur lined vest, and a pair of Paige demin jeans and some green boots. One voice - The Book of Eli This scene takes place in the desert at an abandon silo at night around a campfire.

The land looks like a result to an aftermath of a nuclear war. Eli explains to Solara the entire story as to why he is headed West, he tells her that he heard a voice as clear as he is hearing her talk to him tell him that he had to take the book West. The voice told him that he would be safe and that nothing would bring harm to him. The lighting throughout the movie is low-key lighting. This is compromising a lighting pattern that has both dark and bright in the camera shot.

This is called the dark bright technique using strong contrast employed to agitate the audience. Lighting in films is manipulated to arouse what emotions must be felt on a particular scene and help build tension. The figure behavior of Eli is content, maintaining minimal moving throughout the film to stay undetected and hidden.

This is because he is protecting a book everyone wants to have.

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If you pay close attention throughout the movie you will notice that Eli is mostly framed upwards shots to show power. The director uses the low light key method.

The shots are taken from up close, but in the back there is darkness everywhere. The sound in this scene starts off diegetic. It starts off with us just hearing Eli telling his story to Solara, and the sound of the fire crackling in the back.

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As El is going on with his story you slowly here this glorified music creeping in as he is talking. The music builds up and becomes intensified as Eli adds more courage and believes in what he is telling Solara. At the end the Director puts non-diegetic music into the scene to embellish our understanding of his story and his passion. He was also somewhat of a fighter.

Later in the movie when Eli and Solara are at the old couples house he could hear the cars coming long before the others could. He also had a great sense of smell.

You can smell the road agents a mile off. One of the best scenes in the movie is the gunfight scene. During the fight at the beginning he could hear the fighters because they were cannibals.

Later it explains that cannibals shake because they have had too much human meat. The men he fought, all shook their weapon, and the guy with the chainsaw was obvious. There is a lot of other evidence throughout the movie. Go see the movie again. Edit The film opens in ash-filled woods.

A figure in an NBC combat suit lies in wait.

The Book of Eli ()

You see an arrow shoot into the cat, the cat gets killed instantly. Water is treasure. This wasteland Eli treks at an implacable pace. Set upon in an ambush, he kills all his attackers.

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He's got one of those knives that makes a snicker-snack noise all by itself, and is a one-man army. Why don't the bad guys just shoot at him? Later in the film, they try that. Washington and the Hughes brothers do a good job of establishing this man and his world, and at first, "The Book of Eli" seems destined to be solemn.

But then Eli arrives at a Western town ruled by Carnegie Gary Oldman , who, like all the local overloads in Westerns and gangster movies, sits behind a big desk flanked by a tall bald guy and, of course, a short scruffy one. How are these guys recruited? Wanted: Tall bald guy to stand behind town boss and be willing to sacrifice life.

All the water you can drink. In this town, desperate and starving people live in rusty cars and in the streets. We meet Carnegie's abused wife Claudia Jennifer Beals and her daughter Solara Mila Kunis , named, for some reason, after the cause of all the destruction. Carnegie hurts Claudia to control Solara. How he controls the fearsome bald guy is hard to say. The third act is recycled, but done well, out of many Westerns in which the hero and the girl hole up and are surrounded.

So many other movies are referenced that we almost miss it when their hideout house is perforated by bullets in " L. Confidential " style.

That allows countless beams of sunlight to shine in and function as a metaphor.

Advertisement Carnegie needs Eli because Eli has maybe the last remaining copy of a book that Eli believes will allow him to expand and rule many more towns.The cinematography is simply beautiful. Clear your history. Carnegie Mila Kunis The film opens in ash-filled woods.

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Whitta also places Eli squarely in the story. In the opening scene the sky is ominous and an eerie green with particles falling from the sky. Monthly archives May Not sure how much the church was involved with this project, but it seems as though it was funded almost entirely by the church.