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3, Pathfinder RPG GameMastery Guide, Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Combat, and Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Equipment is your one-stop. are of their unique magical items! Ultimate Collection. More Ultimate Equipment is a PDF supplement to the Ultimate Equipment Guide, compiling even more of. FIRST PRINTING. Update — Release Date 05/19/ This document updates the first printing of Ultimate. Equipment to match the second printing. UPDATES.

Ultimate Equipment Pdf

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Ultimate Equipment · Pathfinder Roleplaying Game · Pathfinder System. Nickname. PDF Version. Version Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.) Product. Hi all. Been wondering what PF books to get in print and what to get in PDF. Already have the core rules but I'm wondering what Ultimate. This 50 page PDF follows the same format as the hugely popular Ultimate More Ultimate Equipment is available at sppn.info, at the.

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Killer Kobolds! Roleplaying in the Ice Age. A comprehensive guide to alchemical items provides an excellent addition to the collection. With all the playable equipment broken down into comprehensive categories, Ultimate Equipment delivers great ease of use for the readers.

A plethora of exotic materials to craft weapons and armor open new possibilities to even seasoned players. At the end of the book a diverse guide to treasure spices up dragon hordes and wealth players gain throughout the game by including valuable art, gems, and in-game collectables.

The book delivers to the readers exactly what it promises and in typical Paizo fashion, the art dazzles and impresses. However, unlike other Paizo products, the consistency of the art leaves the reader wanting. The chapter art opens each section beautifully and most of the in-chapter illustrations match, but others fall far short. Not only do many items remain un-illustrated, but they also miss the opportunity to greet the players with illustration of exotic and Eastern style weapons.


Instead, illustrations of long swords, war hammers, and several other fantasy staples appear leaving the players ever wandering what a kyokesu shoge and many others might look like. The stat-blocks for the items presented follow the same familiar layout, but include some minor updates to make them visually appealing.

Several never-before-seen items also make their print debut in Ultimate Equipment. Many of these RPG Superstar concepts make excellent additions to any game.

However, this remains the vast majority of original content in a book otherwise full of reprinted and slightly updated material.

Though to expect the bulk of the book as original content oversteps reason, the ratio felt too heavy in favor of the reprinted material. With materials to make weapons and armor stronger, elemental, or fragile the exotic materials portion allows players to customize on a new level. On the other side of the table, the exotic materials include rules for bronze age and stone age weapons to run a more primitive setting.

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The alchemical guide includes dozens of inexpensive items for players to craft or download. These items go far beyond the typical alchemist fires and acid, to include alchemical solutions as light sources, trap detectors, and more. The treasure guide takes the character wealth by level and treasure reward by CR tables and expands them into fantastic detail. Detailing works of art, tapestries, jewelry, ornaments, and much more makes creating a treasure horde easy, more realistic, and more detailed for the players.

If you seek an easily referenced collection of items and good source of player items and game mastery information, Ultimate Equipment conveys this very well. If you want a book of original content or a guided illustration to the some of the more exotic elements of items, keep your fingers crossed, because Paizo rarely leaves opportunities alone.

It has released a whole series of Ultimate books. It is a rather hefty book, with hundreds of entries for a GM and player alike to peruse.

In typical Paizo style, they present a stunning book of everything you can imagine to equip your character.

Arms and Armor, as the chapter title implies, describes a vast array of weapons and armor. It ranges from the mundane and previously published to the more exotic and never seen before at least in Pathfinder. From swords, bows, and axes to a variety of strange and exotics blades as well as firearms, this chapter has it all. Much of the Firearms were simply reprinted from Ultimate Combat. On the other hand, the section on Special Materials was very interesting.

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I could not tell you if this was previously published but I am sure some of it was. However, this presents a clear and organized list of various materials you could make weapons and armor with.

Your armor could be made from dragonhide, adamantine, angelskin or blood crystal. Or you can be a little more old-school and have stone weapons or bronze armor.


There is a good amount to choose from, if you have the gold.Included as well are handy rules references, convenient price lists, and extensive random treasure generation tables, all organized to help you find what you need, when you need it. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. Retrieved from " https: It divides items out into categories, each given its own chapter. Detailing works of art, tapestries, jewelry, ornaments, and much more makes creating a treasure horde easy, more realistic, and more detailed for the players.

Codex Rating: In conclusion, I tried to determine how useful this would be for those that already bought most or all of the previous products that this books covers.