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Arun Tiwari worked under Dr APJ Abdul Kalam for over a decade in the Mother! APJ Abdul Kalam Wings of fire Wings of fire by Abdul Kalam. You will then be able to see the document with all . form of a continuous discourse. . to give wings to this fire and fill the world with the glow of its goodness. PDF | On Jan 1, , Anil. Vishnu. Moharir and others published Wings of Fire- Autobiography, APJ Abdul Kalam with Arun Tiwari Reviewed.

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Dr. A.P.J. kalam - Wings of sppn.info - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. An Autobiography -: Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam With Arun Tiwari. this book provides only a thumbnail sketch of Dr Kalam's life. It is quite possible that. Wings of Fire: An Autobigraphy with Arun Tiwari heart - APJ Abdul Kalam with Arun Tiwari-Wings of Fire_ An Autobiography of APJ Abdul Kalam ().pdf.

When you pray, he said, lineage was the more distinguished, one of her forebears having been you transcend your body and become a part of the cosmos, which bestowed the title of Bahadur by the British. I was one of many childrena short boy with rather undistinguished My father could convey complex spiritual concepts in very simple, down- looks, born to tall and handsome parents. We lived in our ancestral house, to-earth Tamil.

He once told me, In his own time, in his own place, in what which was built in the middle of the 19th century. It was a fairly large he really is, and in the stage he has reachedgood or badevery human pucca house, made of limestone and brick, on the Mosque Street in being is a specific element within the whole of the manifest divine Being.

So Rameswaram. My austere father used to avoid all inessential comforts why be afraid of difficulties, sufferings and problems? When troubles come, and luxuries.

However, all necessities were provided for, in terms of try to understand the relevance of your sufferings. Adversity always presents food, medicine or clothes. In fact, I would say mine was a very secure opportunities for introspection. Why dont you say this to the people who come to you for help and I normally ate with my mother, sitting on the floor of the kitchen.

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She advice? I asked my father. He put his hands on my shoulders and looked would place a banana leaf before me, on which she then ladled rice and straight into my eyes. For quite some time he said nothing, as if he was aromatic sambhar, a variety of sharp, home-made pickles and a dollop judging my capacity to comprehend his words.

Then he answered in a low, of fresh coconut chutney. Whenever they are in trouble, they look become a close friend of mine, despite the difference in our ages. He for someone to help them.

Whenever they reach an impasse, they look was about 15 years older than I and used to call me Azad. We used to to someone to show them the way out. Every recurrent anguish, longing, go for long walks together every evening.

As we started from Mosque and desire finds its own special helper. For the people who come to me Street and made our way towards the sandy shores of the island, in distress, I am but a go-between in their effort to propitiate demonic Jallaluddin and I talked mainly of spiritual matters.

The atmosphere of forces with prayers and offerings.

This is not a correct approach at all Rameswaram, with its flocking pilgrims, was conducive to such discussion. One must understand the difference Our first halt would be at the imposing temple of Lord Shiva.

Circling between a fear-ridden vision of destiny and the vision that enables us to around the temple with the same reverence as any pilgrim from a distant seek the enemy of fulfilment within ourselves. I remember my father starting his day at 4 a.

After the namaz, he used to walk down to a small coconut with Him. He would present all his doubts to God as if He were standing grove we owned, about 4 miles from our home.

He would return, with nearby to dispose of them. I would stare at Jallaluddin and then look about a dozen coconuts tied together thrown over his shoulder, and only towards the large groups of pilgrims around the temple, taking holy dips then would he have his breakfast.

This remained his routine even when in the sea, performing rituals and reciting prayers with a sense of respect he was in his late sixties. I never doubted that the prayers in the temple reached the same I have throughout my life tried to emulate my father in my own world destination as the ones offered in our mosque.

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I only wondered whether of science and technology. I have endeavoured to understand the Jallaluddin had any other special connection to God. Jallaluddins schooling fundamental truths revealed to me by my father, and feel convinced that had been limited, principally because of his familys straitened there exists a divine power that can lift one up from confusion, misery, circumstances.

This may have been the reason why he always encouraged melancholy and failure, and guide one to ones true place. And once an me to excel in my studies and enjoyed my success vicariously. Never individual severs his emotional and physical bondage, he is on the road did I find the slightest trace of resentment in Jallaluddin for his deprivation. Rather, he was always full of gratitude for whatever life had chosen to I was about six years old when my father embarked on the project of give him.

He worked at building entire island who could write English.

He wrote letters for almost anybody the boat on the seashore, with the help of a relative, Ahmed Jallaluddin, in need, be they letters of application or otherwise.

Nobody of my who later married my sister, Zohara. I watched the boat take shape. My father was doing good business with the boat when, one day, outside world. Jallaluddin always spoke to me about educated people, of a cyclone bringing winds of over miles per hour carried away our scientific discoveries, of contemporary literature, and of the achievements boat, along with some of the landmass of Sethukkarai.

The Pamban of medical science. It was he who made me aware of a brave, new Bridge collapsed with a train full of passengers on it. Until then, I had world beyond our narrow confines. Half a century later, I can still feel the surge of pride in earning commodity. By local standards, however, the personal library of STR my own money for the first time. Manickam, a former revolutionary or militant nationalist, was sizeable. Every child is born, with some inherited characteristics, into a specific He encouraged me to read all I could and I often visited his home to socio-economic and emotional environment, and trained in certain ways borrow books.

I inherited honesty and self-discipline from my Another person who greatly influenced my boyhood was my first father; from my mother, I inherited faith in goodness and deep kindness cousin, Samsuddin. He was the sole distributor for newspapers in and so did my three brothers and sister.

But it was the time I spent with Rameswaram. The newspapers would arrive at Rameswaram station Jallaluddin and Samsuddin that perhaps contributed most to the uniqueness by the morning train from Pamban. Samsuddins newspaper agency of my childhood and made all the difference in my later life.

The was a one-man organization catering to the reading demands of the unschooled wisdom of Jallaluddin and Samsuddin was so intuitive and 1,strong literate population of Rameswaram town. These responsive to non-verbal messages, that I can unhesitatingly attribute newspapers were mainly bought to keep abreast of current developments my subsequently manifested creativity to their company in my childhood.

A few readers with a Aravindan, and Sivaprakasan. All these boys were from orthodox Hindu more cosmopolitan outlook would discuss Hitler, Mahatma Gandhi and Brahmin families. As children, none of us ever felt any difference amongst Jinnah; almost all would finally flow into the mighty political current of ourselves because of our religious differences and upbringing.

Ramanadha Sastry was the son of Pakshi Lakshmana Sastry, the high Dinamani was the most sought after newspaper. Since reading the printed priest of the Rameswaram temple. Later, he took over the priesthood of matter was beyond my capability, I had to satisfy myself with glancing the Rameswaram temple from his father; Aravindan went into the business at the pictures in the newspaper before Samsuddin delivered them to his of arranging transport for visiting pilgrims; and Sivaprakasan became a customers.

For reasons I have never been able to understand, a sudden demand used to arrange boats with a special platform for carrying idols of the for tamarind seeds erupted in the market. I used to collect the seeds and Lord from the temple to the marriage site, situated in the middle of the sell them to a provision shop on Mosque Street. A days collection would pond called Rama Tirtha which was near our house. Events from the fetch me the princely sum of one anna.

Wings of Fire- PDF book.

Jallaluddin would tell me stories Ramayana and from the life of the Prophet were the bedtime stories my about the war which I would later attempt to trace in the headlines in mother and grandmother would tell the children in our family. Our area, being isolated, was completely unaffected by the war. But soon India was forced to join the Allied Forces and something One day when I was in the fifth standard at the Rameswaram like a state of emergency was declared. The first casualty came in the Elementary School, a new teacher came to our class.

I used to wear a form of the suspension of the train halt at Rameswaram station. The cap which marked me as a Muslim, and I always sat in the front row newspapers now had to be bundled and thrown out from the moving next to Ramanadha Sastry, who wore a sacred thread. The new teacher train on the Rameswaram Road between Rameswaram and Dhanuskodi.

In That forced Samsuddin to look for a helping hand to catch the bundles accordance with our social ranking as the new teacher saw it, I was and, as if naturally, I filled the slot. Samsuddin helped me earn my first asked to go and sit on the back bench.

He looked utterly downcast as I shifted to my seat fathers permission to leave Rameswaram and study at the district in the last row. The image of him weeping when I shifted to the last row headquarters in Ramanathapuram. He told me as if thinking aloud, Abul!

I know you have to go away After school, we went home and told our respective parents about to grow. Does the seagull not fly across the Sun, alone and without a the incident. Lakshmana Sastry summoned the teacher, and in our nest?

You must forego your longing for the land of your memories to presence, told the teacher that he should not spread the poison of social move into the dwelling place of your greater desires; our love will not inequality and communal intolerance in the minds of innocent children.

He quoted Khalil Gibran to my He bluntly asked the teacher to either apologize or quit the school and hesitant mother, Your children are not your children. They are the sons the island.

Not only did the teacher regret his behaviour, but the strong and daughters of Lifes longing for itself. They come through you but sense of conviction Lakshmana Sastry conveyed ultimately reformed not from you. You may give them your love but not your thoughts.

For this young teacher. On the whole, the small society of Rameswaram was highly stratified He took me and my three brothers to the mosque and recited the and very rigid in terms of the segregation of different social groups. As he put me on the train at However, my science teacher Sivasubramania Iyer, though an orthodox Rameswaram station he said, This island may be housing your body Brahmin with a very conservative wife, was something of a rebel.

He but not your soul. Your soul dwells in the house of tomorrow which none did his best to break social barriers so that people from varying of us at Rameswaram can visit, not even in our dreams.

May God bless backgrounds could mingle easily. He used to spend hours with me and you, my child!


Ramanathapuram to enrol me in Schwartz High School, and to arrange One day, he invited me to his home for a meal. His wife was horrified for my boarding there.

Somehow, I did not take to the new setting. The at the idea of a Muslim boy being invited to dine in her ritually pure town of Ramanathapuram was a thriving, factious town of some fifty kitchen. She refused to serve me in her kitchen. Sivasubramania Iyer thousand people, but the coherence and harmony of Rameswaram was was not perturbed, nor did he get angry with his wife, but instead, served absent. I missed my home and grabbed every opportunity to visit me with his own hands and sat down beside me to eat his meal.

His wife Rameswaram. The pull of educational opportunities at Ramanathapuram watched us from behind the kitchen door.

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I wondered whether she had was not strong enough to nullify the attraction of poli, a South Indian observed any difference in the way I ate rice, drank water or cleaned sweet my mother made. In fact, she used to prepare twelve distinctly the floor after the meal. When I was leaving his house, Sivasubramania different varieties of it, bringing out the flavour of every single ingredient Iyer invited me to join him for dinner again the next weekend.

Observing used in the best possible combinations. When I visited the new environment because I knew my father had invested great his house the next week, Sivasubramania Iyers wife took me inside her hopes in my success. My father visualized me as a Collector in the kitchen and served me food with her own hands.

Indians will build their own India, declared Gandhiji. The Rameswaram. I asked my e press 4 Jallaluddin used to speak to me about the power of positive thinking and I often recalled his words when I felt homesick or dejected.

I tried hard to do as he said, which was to strive to control my thoughts and my mind and, through these, to influence my destiny.

Ironically, that destiny did not lead me back to Rameswaram, but rather, swept me farther 2 away from the home of my childhood. My teacher, Iyadurai Solomon, was an ideal guide for an eager young mind that was yet uncertain of the possibilities and alternatives that lay before it.

He made his students feel very comfortable in class with his warm and open-minded attitude. He used to say that a good student could learn more from a bad teacher than a poor student from even a skilled teacher.

During my stay at Ramanathapuram, my relationship with him grew beyond that of teacher and pupil. In his company, I learnt that one could exercise enormous influence over the events of ones own life. Iyadurai Solomon used to say, To succeed in life and achieve results, you must understand and master three mighty forces desire, belief, and expectation.


Iyadurai Solomon, who later became a Reverend, taught me that before anything I wanted could happen, I had to desire it intensely and be absolutely certain it would happen.

To take an example from my own life, I had been fascinated by the mysteries of the sky and the flight of birds from early childhood. I used to watch cranes and seagulls soar into flight and longed to fly. Simple, provincial boy though I was, I was convinced that one day I, too, would soar up into the skies.

Indeed, I was the first child from Rameswaram to fly. Iyadurai Solomon was a great teacher because he instilled in all the children a sense of their own worth. In accordance with our social ranking as the new teacher saw it, I was asked to go and sit on the back bench.

I felt very sad, and so did Ramanadha Sastry. He looked utterly downcast as I shifted to my seat in the last row. The image of him weeping when I shifted to the last row left a lasting impression on me. After school , we went home and told our respective parents about the incident.

Lakshmana Sastry summoned the teacher, and in our presence , told the teacher that he should not spread the poison of social inequality and communal intolerance in the minds of innocent children. He bluntly asked the teacher to either apologize or quit the school and the island. Not only did the teacher regret his behaviour, but the strong sense of conviction Lakshmana Sastry conveyed ultimately reformed this young teacher. He met Swami Sivananda after this failure and I found his words to Kalam interesting and in a way prophetic, Accept your destiny and go ahead with your life.

You are not destined to become an Air Force pilot. What you are destined to become is not revealed now but it is predetermined. Forget this failure, as it was essential to lead you to your destined path.

Search, instead, for the true purpose of your existence. Become one with yourself, my son! Surrender yourself to the wish of God, In the book we learn how Kalam started his career in Aeronautical Development Establishment ADE and was involved in the design of a hovercraft. It depicted a battle scene with a few rockets flying in the background.

A painting with this theme should be the most commonplace thing at a Flight Facility, but the painting caught my eye because the soldiers on the side launching the rockets were not white , but dark-skinned, with the racial features of people found in South Asia. One day, my curiosity got the better of me, drawing me towards the painting.

Space and missile programs are huge complex projects and managing them is extremely challenging. Kalam is a poet and is a huge fan of poems.Brahm Prakash. The RATO system locations. Around a thousand the precise movements of celestial bodies, to derive highly subjective rupees was required, and my father could not spare that much money.

When the student is ready. His students were free to disagree with him on several points in the classroom. Sounding rockets are normally used for probing the near-earth subsystems of rockets in the battle of Turukhanahally in Sarabhai was Prof.