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IGNOU MEG Study Materials/Books – If you come to this page for download each collection of MEG (Master of Arts (English)) Study Material so. MEG British Poetry Download Study Material PDF. 01, Poetry and. IGNOU MA English Study Material, Ignou MEG Study Material free download pdf, IGNOU MA English Books pdf, ignou ma english books free.

Ignou Ma English Study Material Pdf

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IGNOU study material for MEG is available in both printed and PDF form. You can download the PDF from here — IGNOU MEG Study Material Hard copies are. IGNOU MA English (MEG) Study Material & Help Books provides the IGNOU MA English Books in the form of pdf files for its different courses. download IGNOU MA English books for first & second year courses. Also, download IGNOU MEG Books, free IGNOU MA English Study Material.

Sometimes the mistakes are so much silly that they lose essential marks. Therefore, students should check their assignments for grammatical mistakes and remove them in time. You can use online grammar checking tools such as Grammarly or Ginger Software.

Use referencing Though it is not compulsory. But using proper referencing adds twofold value to your assignment content. You could use Harvard Referencing system in your assignment as it is the most popular referencing system and commonly used in India.

Structure your assignment Structure your assignment using headings and subheadings, bullet and numbered points, short paras and sentences, diagrams, pictures, and use proper punctuations. This way you increase the quality and presentation of your assignment.

Try making it engaging Engagement is the key as it will ensure that the checker will read your assignment and give you high marks. You could use a tool such as Hemmingway App to increase the readability score of your assignment.

It also depends on how well you are able to interpret the factual questions and respond just right. You must know what it means when you are asked to interpret, compare, criticize, discuss, review, describe or enumerate something and respond just right. Fictional characters state social and political viewpoints.


Students study not only British literature but also literature of USA, Canada and Australia to get a broader view of life as well as language usage. Divide syllabus into separate modules The first a course syllabus comprise of British Poetry, British Drama, British Novels and aspects of English language.

The second year has literary criticism and theory as compulsory and one can pick fro other optional modules. For success in A Entrance Exam in English Literature it is advisable for students to go into details of each module and tackle one at a time.

MA First Year English Reference Books For IGNOU - Combo with MEG 1,MEG 2,MEG 3 & MEG 4

Literary theory and criticism This paper is for the second year and it is compulsory as well as the most important. Students should take pains to understand the concept of criticism and topics covered such as classical, romantic, new criticism, Marxist literature, feminist literature and deconstruction.

This is where a student is tested for his capabilities.Block-6 The Romantic Poets: I had applied in january admission for MEG What is the course fees.

Marxist Literature. Written by Sumit Sharma.

Block-3 The Metaphysical Poets: Block-8 Edward Morgan Forester: Ed from Lucknow university and ma English from ignou at the same time?