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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Ok boys, any success or failures to report with the Maliniak Method? Its god damnit, and we still haven't figured this **** out yet. Anyone. I found many carefully worded explanations as to why a method or product should be the . He calls the combination of the two exercises the “Maliniak Method”. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. LEON MALINIAK B.A., B.C.L., is a graduate of McGill University Law school with an undergraduate degree in psychology.

Maliniak Method Pdf

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Get on the FULL two step MALINIAK METHOD and download the correct VIOLET RAY device directly from US and do not waste your money with useless imitators. The Maliniak Method by Leon Maliniak PDF torrent download The Maliniak Method gratis fb2 descargar The Maliniak Method – Leon Maliniak. NET uses the following Maliniak Method book available for free PDF It is so easy to download Maliniak Method and hundreds of other files.

The conventional wisdom is that hair loss is caused by 5 Alpha-Reductase which converts ordinary testosterone into DHT dihydrotestosterone.

DHT gets into the follicles and puts them into a dormant state until they eventually stop producing hair. I was surprised to discover something about the anatomy of the scalp which I had never seen before even though I have been studying hair loss for thirty years.

It almost looks like a helmet and its shape matches exactly the worst cases of male pattern baldness. I did not invent the idea that this GALEA may be involved in hair loss, it's been debated for years and it is still being debated. Newly released scientific studies, which I refer to below, now suggest that there is also an "overproduction" of DHT when levels of OXYGEN are reduced, which is again consistent with my view about the role of the GALEA disrupting blood flow and which would explain this reduced oxygen level.

This "completes the circle" and suggests that the disrupted blood flow from the tight GALEA results in both an accumulation and overproduction of DHT in the follicles and it is now even more logical to conclude that it is all this extra DHT which then causes the hair loss and male pattern baldness only in those areas where this GALEA exists and nowhere else and only in those people whose GALEA is very stretched and tight.

The exact mechanism by which the DHT causes it's damage is not fully understood but there is still no doubt that it is the actual "killer" of follicles, as the conventional wisdom states.

What's never been properly explained until now is WHY the DHT does this in why it only happens in some people and not others. Every man has DHT, so why isn't every male bald?

It is not a laser comb. The device we use is based on an old established science which is still used today but for other purposes.

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I chose it because unlike other devices, it deeply vibrates the hair follicle. WhitePolarBear likes this. Jul 4, Messages: I know I shouldn't but I need to write this and I hope Leon won't get on his high horse for me writing this cuz i know he be Trolling To all my fellow suckers that bought the e-book and the Violet Ray and did all the massages and it still didn't quite work. I'm sorry for the hair that you may have lost.


You deserve at least this much after getting fkd. I realize that there is a very small percentage of people that got some benefit to the maliniak method, but trust me To really do this thing, you have to massage your head for 20 minutes a day and use HIS violet ray for at least 10 minutes a day.

This is very difficult to maintain. If you don't really want to perpetuate Leon's b. U guessed it, if you wanna stop your hairloss without all the systemic side effects get yourself some RU This works even better than finasteride as it competes for the same receptor as DHT very powerfully and it doesn't go systemic.

Whatever portion does is not enough to affect you unless u have skittles for testes or you adrenals r completely fd up.

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Seems like a proprietary version of minoxidil. No I'm not getting money from any company I just like DNCs stuff but other quality Brands of minoxidil splashed with either topical finasteride, or saw p will probably do wonders. Sorry for this Leon but I spent over bucks on a product that does not do what its supposed to. Whatever, the device is good for cosmetic stuff like skin issues even bleeding, but hairloss Anyways trust me or don't trust me do yourself a huge favour and , research these few products if you haven't heard of them yet and make your own decision.

Still safer than finasteride by far even though the FDA won't approve the official legality of the product and its still listed as a research chemical. Don't fall for the B. Armando Jose likes this. Jose, you make a coupla valid points about the massage technique as being preventative.

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There was a japanese study supposedly that proved scalp massage had an effect. Published last year in ncbi - https: Maliniak was saying in his e-book that it needs to be 10 minutes of uninterrupted scalp massage. I now understand what all the haters were saying about his b. His method is a method but definitely not the end all be all to hair loss.

Of course neither is RU or the other stuff that I mentioned, but at least the stuff that I mentioned will fixyourass properly with less room for error.

Its people!!! Believe me when I say I don't want to spend money on this stuff, but if you wanna keep what you have and your body has the tendency to get rid of hair, you gotta put in some effort.

Maliniak Method

Thank you for the study BadMucker. In it, they used to massage this apparatus https: Jk1 Established Member My Regimen. Apr 29, Messages: You must log in or sign up to post here. Show Ignored Content.

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No, create an account now. Yes, my password is:My theory is that this vibration does two things; firstly it "dislodges" the trapped DHT and secondly, it stimulates the hair growing machinery in the follicles to work normally again.

Never thought I would be back here but I just decided to check for the hell of it. Show Ignored Content.

Method that you are referring to Hey Elliot thanks for reposting, as well as everyone who had something to say good or bad. Meyer, Phys.

Metaphors are extremely common in language Lakoff and Johnson, This exercise would be useless if the blood does not contain the nutrients, hormones and enzymes required for proper hair growth. For our follicles to function properly they need an adequate blood supply.