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The Guitar Amp Handbook: Understanding Tube Amplifiers and Getting Great Sounds [Dave Hunter] on sppn.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Enjoy the lowest prices and best selection of guitars at guitar center. Guitar amp handbook dave hunter pdf. Guitar Amplifier Handbook - Understanding Tube. Amplifiers and Getting Great Sounds (Softcover). Dave Hunter. Click here if your download doesn"t start.

The Guitar Amp Handbook Dave Hunter Pdf

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Also this excellent book on solid state guitar amps - even though http://www. sppn.info . I started out with the previously mentioned Dave Hunter book—The Guitar Amp Handbook—as well as. I just bought this book to fulfill some curiosities about the amp world and so far it looks to be an EXTREMELY informative reference. There are. by. Dave Hunter. · Rating details · ratings · 7 reviews. There's a huge amount of hype and mythology surrounding tube amplifiers in the guitar world.

His book looks really good too, although I haven't yet read it or indeed ordered a copy!

This site contains many of the really classic old valve texts for free download. Not one dial up though.

To be honest, you can probably find all the info you want in the above sites, however if you want to download some books: Valve amps, Morgan Jones. Great book with a load of info collated together that I haven't see anywhere else, although obviously hi-fi related.

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However, this book is not for beginners, and I tend to find the writing style quite grating, not least as he continually slags off most amps except those made in Canada! Tech info variable from the good, the bad and the risible.

A lot of advertorial for Groove Tubes.

Useful info clearly presented, although some technical errors. Fender schematics, although these can be found free online.

However, it is done through example, and by utilizing some well known and venerable amp designs. Yes, lots of pictures If you do not understand Pentode and Triode.. There are more comprehensive books out there, but I really feel that this one is easy to understand, and builds from the most basic designs, right up through a Soldano Decatone and more.

I own this, and still go back through it after having read through it Ditto on the next two books Next up, Gerald Weber. These are definitely more "in depth," and a bit more complex. These include the infamous?

All of this comes with a bit of forewarning: opinions abound. Strong opinions at times.

Gerald Weber has other books available, but I feel these two are the most essential as "primer" books.StringSkunk , Apr 9, October, Page Count: Yes, Aiken's tech info pages are here http: Return to Book Page. In that spirit, and in keeping with the "understanding amplifiers" theme, I offer: The Amp Garage predominantly Dumble and Trainwreck discussion Metro Amp seller of amp kits; this forum has a goldmine of amp info Vintage Amps Tons of vintage amp info, with a good selection of brand specific areas And, finally, for those interested in expanding beyond guitar amplifiers..

The Guitar Amp Handbook reveals many of the tips and tricks used by today's top designers and builders, and it debunks the hype used by the marketing departments at large manufacturers keen on selling specific amps that might not be right for particular players.

Imelda May and zenas like this. It builds on the popular original edition of the book, first published in The required Marshall counterpart, btw, is Dr.

I try to give explanations of how component changes can affect the amp's voice: