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privately by Aleister Crowley in , has long been out of print and is now [ This preface appeared in the first edition of Revised and is believed. THE FOLLOWING is an attempt to systematise alike the data of mysticism and the results of comparative religion. The sceptic will applaud our labours. Full text of "Collected PDF's by Aleister Crowley". See other formats. 3ZZC a* LIBER vel Prolegomena Symbolica ad Systemam Sceptico-Mystige Vle.

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Liber (revised) (pdf) - Holy Order Golden Dawn. Pages · · KB · Downloads ·English. by Aleister Crowley · Preview Download. Sepher Sephiroth (revised). By Allan Bennett and Aleister Crowley Revised by Ian Rons. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. This numerical. Author: Crowley, Aleister, Link: PDF at sppn.info Stable link here : sppn.info?key=olbp

At any rate, I have found this work to be one of the most useful resources on esoteric subjects I ha Sorry about the German edition -- for some weird reason this site doesn't list the English-language edition of Crowley's Qaballistic reference work.

At any rate, I have found this work to be one of the most useful resources on esoteric subjects I have ever run across. Book 1 discusses Gematria, a powerful tool for analyzing language and harnessing it for Magickal ritual. Book 3 is a Qaballistic dictionary indexed by the numbers and various Hebrew words and phrases associated with each one in terms of the sum of the values of the Hebrew letters in each not all the larger indexing numbers are listed, however, and of those that are given, many are without corresponding Hebrew associations , along with a display of the Hebrew alphabet and the numerical value or values of each of its letters some Hebrew letters have more than one value, depending on where they fall in a word.

In addition, Israel Regardie's introduction provides fascinating insights on Qaballah as well as a discussion of the history of this work and of Crowlety himself. In Book 1 of this work, Crowley discusses the definition of Qaballah: a set of distinct numbers in bijective correspondence with a set of distinct alphanumeric symbols. He doesn't phrase it quite that way, but that's the meaning of what he says there.

He also says that which numbers are used as the indexing set for those symbols can be whatever you wish them to be, as long as you are consistent. Depending on the numbers and symbols, it may not be traditional Qaballah, and would be regarded among Qaballistis as a theological abomination, but for purposes of mathematical analysis, those conditions fulfill the definition of Qaballah. The symbols could include, e. The first two of those sets of 93 elements and a building component blank, hydrogen reflect the 93 current of the New Aeon of Horus.

To accommodate them on the Tree of Life, additional vertical planes of Left and Right Pillars each at right angles to the traditional, original plane and with one another can be added, each containing six new Sephiroth, in a process continuing indefinitely, producing Trees of Life of 3, 4, 5,. The Spirit of the Mighty Waters. The Child of the Great Transformers. The Lord of the Gate of Death. The Lord of the Gates of Matter.

The Child of the Forces of Time. The Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty. The Daughter of the Firmament. The Dweller between the Waters. The Ruler of Flux and Reflux. The Child of the Sons of the Mighty. The Lord of the Fire of the World. The Spirit of the Primal Fire.

The Great One of the Night of Time. Sign of Osiris Risen ': The Human Body. Legendary Orders of Being. Water Nymphs, Sirens. Mermaids if. I, the Star. This also is sec on this verse, he observes: This 1 , 1 1 m in 1 out Tarot attributions sublimely, perfectly, [lawlessly symmetrical.

The [act of its so doing is a most com incina proof of the superhuman W isdom of the author of this Book to those who have laboured for years, in vain, to elucidate the problems of the Tarot. The tables from are based on the old Golden Dawn attributions; to work with the reversed attributions, lines 15 and 28 should be exchanged on all columns based on the Zodiac or Tarot i.

LINE 1. N rrns fyran sp'nr str-ip sp'nr ait? The Profuse Giver. The Primordial Point. The White Head.

The Hidden Light. The Hidden Wonder.

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Inscrutable Height. Long of Nose. Long of Face.

The Ancient of Days. Ancient of Ancient Ones. Holy Ancient One. The Simple Light. B King. DIN Adam. P The Son. Spare Angels. LINE 9. LINE LINE 2. LINE 3. Binah has these additional titles: SDK The dark sterile mother.


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Gates of Death. Also- Inferior Mother— The Daughter. The Queen. The Bride. The Virgin. The Monistic and Nihilistic conceptions are convertible. All language on this subject is necessarily feeble and hiero- glyphic.

It is to name that which by definition COL. The Zodiacal Gods are as for the Sephira, which corresponds to the Planet ruling. Apparently, in the numeration of Azbogah, line 12, only the AZ count. But monotheism is not true for the normal consciousness, but only for that of the adept.

The Waxing Moon in 4; Waning in 5; Full in 6. XL — The elements, of whose nature the signs of the Zodiae partake, are shown by the symbol against them. On 45 erect the equilateral As , Join 19, 12, 13, 23, 78, 79, Let 6 be the point of intersection of 19, 57, On 78 erect an equilateral A with its apex away from 1. Produce 19 to 10, join , Daath is at the junction of Herschel — Silver flecked white.

XVI, Line They are methods of divination by A and V. Line The non-cherubic Zodiac signs are omitted, but follow their affinities. Things under file San which are called Solan i. The Eye of the Sun. Heliotrope stone. Auripigmentum 6. Hyacinth stone. Pyrophylus stone.

Yellow honey. Lignum aloes.

Sweet marjorai Spotted- wolf. Among insects — 1. Glow-worm Among fish — 1. Sea calf.

Among metals — 1. Star fish. The Gall of the Rukh. A of A Galbanum. Vof A Mastick. V of A Storax. A of A Olibanum. AofV Camphor. VofV Siamese Benzoin. V of V Indigo. A of V Oppoponax. A of V Assafotida. VofV Clover. V of V Storax. A of V Benzoin. A of A Lign-aloes. V of A Red-sanders. V of A Red Sandalwood. This attribution is the true key to the Yi King.

See Appendix I. Lines V Line I Line Raphael, Man, and West to v and PI. The final f is counted as , as are the final D's in Col. Line 9. Mosheh ben Maimon. Ishmael and the book Pliah prefer: And there are many other schemes. But these have many other attributions, and each is itself divisible: The signs of the Zodiac are variously given, and the Planets agree with the face: The hand: These, however, vary somewhat. Compare the classical four rivers of Hell. Edomite Kings and Dukes are taken e libro Maggid.

The true attribution is checked by the Fire- Worshippers Guebres in 5. Yet, of course, the Kether Hell may be considered as more awful than the Malkuth. They should, but do not. Pietro di Abano gives: The Names f the Hours. Hours of the day Hours of the 1. V Sachiel. And the first hour of the night is to be the thirteenth hour, form the first hour of the day. The Year 16 The Spring: The Summer: The Autumn: The Winter: The Name ol'lhc Sun and Moon in the Spring: The Sun.

The Moon. The Angels of the Summer: The Name of the Earth in the Summer: The Names of the Sua and Moon in the Summer: The Angels of the Autumn: Gualbaref The Head of the Sign of the Autumn: The Names oi the Sun and Moon in the Autumn: The Angels of the Winter: Amabael, Ctarari.

The Head of the Sign of the Winter: The Name of the Earth in the Winter: The Names of the Su and Moon in the Winter: By writing them in their order round a heptagon, and tracing the heptagram unicursally, the order of the days of the week is obtained. Hence they preside over the geomantic figures, whose nature indeed expresses their relation to man. Four living creatures adore him, the whole suggesting a pentagram by its shape. As Levi drew it. His other leg forms a cross with the suspending one.

His arms, clasped behind his head, form an upright A, and this radiates light. His mouth is resolutely closed. Between her feet a moon-shaped cauldron of silver smokes with perfume. With her left hand she pours golden waters over her head, which are lost in her long hair.


Her attitude suggests the Swastika. Above flashes a great star of seven rays. Below a fair youth rises from a sacrophagus in the attitude of the god Shu supporting the Firmament. On his left a fair woman, her arms giving the sign of Water — an inverted V on the breast. On his right a dark man giving the sign of Fire — an upright.


A on the forehead. At the corners of the card a Man, an Eagle, a Bull, and a Lion. I'ighl hand achanccd and raised, left hand lowered and thrown back. The hands grip each a ray of dazzling light.

A red scarf conceals the fact of maf genital organs and sugg. Such is the conventional hieroglyph. Planetary Attribution. Hindu Attribution. Yetziratic Attribution. Part of Key Scale S. V Prithivi. O n ss Khwan. The Trigrams should be considered as the symbols which combine these meanings, the Hexagrams as combinations of these, chosen according to circumstances.

The Hexagrams of the Yi King. Divination and Spiritual Meaning. O for Yoni. To advance good. Large, abundant, progress. In preparing th 1 11 lion I have included i the Prei 1 1 1 1 1 md appendix from the original edition, the following additional material from Revised: These were originally appended at the end of Table VI. Six were explanatory ol or supplementary to existing columns: The others have been appended to the end of the appropriate tabic.

While they are hence "out of sequence" I feel this is unlikely to cause confusion as these additional columns are rarely if ever directly referenced by number in other works. They are inserted into the appropriate columns in double s [[like this]]. Also added are: In order to keep the present work at a manageable size, 1 have not included: I have not attempted to preserve the original pagination of the tables of correspondence.

For ease of reading, columns are arranged from left to right across a single page. Obvious typos have been corrected; other questionable readings are noted below. Notes to Crowley 's Preface 1 S.

The reference is probablv to the Heptameron sen elementa magica, a i6"'-century Grimoire of planetary magick published with the Fourth Book of pseudo-Agrippa deriving in part from the Solomonic cycle and in part from the Liber Juratus or Sworn Book of Honorius, a medieval work on magick not to be confused with the early modern Grimoire of Honorius falselv attributed to the third Pope of that name.

Its attribution to Pietro d'Abano is genei. Spiritual and Demonic Magic and Yates, Giordano Bruno , and he is occasionally cited as an authority by Renaissance writers such as Ficino and Agrippa; the material specifically attributed to d'Abano in is from the Hephimeron, although the image- of the deeans mav be from his genuine works.

After swearing a long and tortuously phrased Oath of Secrecy, the Neophyte was issued a "Knowledge Lecture" which consisted of the names and symbols of the Elements, Planets and Signs along with the Hebrew Alphabet and the names of the Sephiroth in Hebrew. The first book. In cols. The second book, Thcurgia Goetia, describes 27 principal spirits and a very large number of subordinates of whom relatively few are named; of the 27, 16 are referred to the points of the compass and the other n are said to wander and have no fixed place.

They are said to be partly evil and party good, hence the apparent! It is possible that the Theurgia-Goetia was based on the Stegano-. The fourth book, Ars Almadel, is probably of medieval origin: The "fifth book of the Lemegeton", Ars Nova, is rather a kind of appendix which appears in one MS where it occupies one and ,1 hall' -ides c: The Ars Nova is sometimes confused with the Ars Notoria Notary Art attributed to Solomon, which latter rather appears to be a medieval magical derivative of classical ait of memory, based around the contemplation of images or nota; while repeating prayers.

II cap. XIX are tabulated the names of various Evil Spirits: Crowley later published a terse and incomplete abstract of this material as "A brief abstract of the symbolic representation of the Universe" in Equinox I See also Regardie ed. The Golden Dawn, vol. Unless Crowley is talking about the G.

These are identified by some with the Four Worlds. The numbers after the Qliphoth of the Sephiroth represent which of the seven "palaces" they are referred to: Transliterations are as given in Crowley's remarks on this column in Revised, although a few have been altered where they are not consistent with the Hebrew spelling. These represent G. Transliterations of Egyptian names have been left as in the first edition.

These differ from both modern transliterations and those employed by early 20 lh -century writers such as Budge. Line 1: Asar is better known by the Hellenized form Osiris; Asar-un-Nefer "Osiris the beautiful" was a particular epiphet or title of this god. Hadith in this line also iladit in line 0 is not a historical Egyptian deity but refers to the entity described in cap.

II of Tin Bonk of the Low: Heru- Ra-Ha is not a historical Egyptian deity but is mentioned in cap. Line 6: The confusion arose through a n i i nil i i 1 emasons of i nesis XLI, 45 and 50 where Joseph married " Asenath daughter of Poti-phera priest of On. Chomse also spelt Khons or Khensu.

In one legend cited by Budge, op. I, he is said to be the son of the cat goddess Bast who was also associated with the moon to complicate natters Bast ha-, solai aspects in some accounts. Lines 16, bis: Ameshel is Amset or Mestha , one of the Children of Hon! The Rekti goddesses and Merti goddesses both appear to have been specific titles or epiphets ol Isis and Nephthys. Pasht according to Budge, op.

I, is Pekh or Pekhit. Mau is onomatopoeic Egyptian lor 'cat' and appears to have been an epiphet of Ra. Ma is more usually spelt Maat or Ma'at. Lines 23, Auramoth and Thoum-aesh-neith were never Egyptian deities but were names constructed on Qabalistic principles by the Golden Dawn to refer to water and lire: Typhon was a monster in Greek myth, probably a personification of destructive forces of nature, who was identified with Set in late classical limes.

Add Selkel. I have no idea what Khephra is doing here.

and Other Qabalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley

Add Neith Net who is traditionally depicted with a bow and arrows. Khem is identified by Budge op. Ahephi is Hapi, one of the Children of Line Add Hequet Hekt. Kabeshunt is probably Qebhsennuf, one of the Children of Horus.

The most immediate source for the elemental attributions, though, is the Golden Dawn paper on "Enochian Chess" where the four pawns of each side are referred to these God-forms. It is not clear why Crowley omitted Tuamutef for Water: Coptic form of this name is cited in with the "Eagle Kerub" in a ritual in Eqitin. In a myth recounted by Budge op. They were also said to guard the Canopic Jars in which the internal organs of the deceased were preserved, and their G.

Possibly a G. Coptic spelling of Ashtoreth who according to Budge op. Coptic spelling of Aroueris. All this is derived from the famous speech in cap. Some minor errors have been corrected e. Line 12 read "Aupu — the Hips". The Planets are referred according to the attributions in Agrippa torn. II a x ; hence the duplication of left and right eye, i and nostril. Budge has "hands. Line 7: Not 'lynx' as it is sometimes misread; nor does it rhyme with "sphinx.

Line 8: Agrippa De occ. Crowley included most of these, omitting only Col. The Evangelists follow their traditional attribution to the Kerubim. Godwin gives the Apostles thus he does not state his source: See Magick in Theory and Practice for a discussion of some of these formulas.

Another set of attributions of magical formulae to the Tree of Life survives in one of Crowley's magical notebooks and may be studied in Magick: Line 0: Spelt D1K1D in Hebrew, it adds to 93 it may also contain a concealed yod, not pronounced or counted in the enumeration, which would explain the fourth dot in M.

M and the extra coloured band used to glyph the word in Pyramidos. In The Heart of the Master, section Aves Birds' , nine magical formula are given as the voices of various symbolic birds, apparently referred to the Sephiroth , thus: Aumgn one version has Aum 2 the Phcenix: AL 3 the Raven: AMEN 4 the Eagle: Su 5 the Hawk: AGLA 6 the Pelican: Abrahadabra 9 the Vulture: Mu Line Possibly ON ayin nun should also be referred here.

Tao Teh. Most of these refer to symbols appearing in Golden Dawn rituals. Possibly should read "Calvary Cross of 6, Solid" as the faces ol such will total 26 squares. Col LI. This arrangement differs slightly from the G. Complete G. These have been corrected as compositor's errors; 5? For each letter, 'upper case' and 'lower case' forms are shown; the degree of difference between these two forms varies between letters.

The two un-numbered columns are extracted in this instance from Appendix V to the 'Blue Brick' edition of Magick, in turn deriving from Crowley's magi il. The letter sou F. The repetition of one letter lines 9 and 10 appears to be deliberate. Table II the Elements Col. The numerical value of each of these spellings gives the number in Col.

LXV, which, rendered in Hebrew letters, gives the "secret name" in Col. The reading here is from Mathers' introduction to KabaUah Unveiled.

Various spellings of this horrendous name have appeared in the literature, and as mentioned in Crowley's notes on this column, the spelling given here can only be made to add to by counting the final S as rather than the more usual Liber D had annt? Table IV the Sephiroth Col. I have translated it into English as it appeared. Despite being headed "English of Palaces" this column was original!

This column originally printed in Latin. For what it's worth see Crowley's note on this column , here are the transliterations of the Hebrew names: Line 3. Isheth Zanunim Woman of Whoredom. Oadosh Oadcshim. Doubtless there is an Arcanum concealed here, possibly along the lines of "you can prove anything with Gematria if sou try hard enough. Ishtar, Astarte, etc. Only a hideous fudge to wit a mis-spelling the name as SHUN. Line 7. Appears in the apocryphal Book of Tobit. Sometimes also known by the Latinised form Asmodeus.

The name is possibly ; modification of Aeshma Deva, an evil spirit from Persian mythology. Line 8. Said to be the chief of the evil spirits in some late Jewish apocalyptic literature e. The sister of Tubal-Cain see Masonic symbolism: Rather than use planetary symbols to distinguish the Kings and Dukes as in the printed edition, I have split this column. Line 1. Ruaeh Elohim Cliaxxim. The first edition of had as a subtide a'T!

Liber Revised

These sets of attributions were extracted by the Golden Dawn from the first volume of Kabbala Denudata. The symbols in 7 and 8 apparently represent "hermaphroditic Brass. The numbers are an addition; each password adds to the "mystic number" of the Sephirah corresponding.

Vide Col. These are Golden Dawn titles.

The A. These are the Angels of the Shem ha-Mephorash or Divided Name of God, a full explanation of which would be beyond the scope of this footnote. On each row, the name on the left in question by day, the 01 Cols.

Table V the Zodiac Col.The references to Zoharic texts, etc. Take, for example, aleiser letter Daleth, and note all is correspondences. Again, some analogies may escape a superficial study. The Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty. So there's room for anything you wish there. Add Neith Net who is traditionally depicted with a bow and arrows. Many columns will seem to the majority of people to consist of mere lists of senseless words.

C — Our order of Angelic Choirs is from R. The principal sources of our tables have been the philosophers and traditional systems referred to above, as also, among many others, Pietri di Abano, 2 Lilly, Eliphaz Levi, Sir R.

The last attempts to tabulate knowledge are the Kabbala Denudata of Knorr von Rosenroth a work incomplete and, in some of its parts, prostituted to the service of dogmatic interpretation , the lost symbolism of the Vault in which Christian Rosenkreutz is said to have been buried, some of the work of Dr.