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Thursday, March 7, 2019

consider, if necessary, sending interim reports on any of the matters the Seventh Central Pay Commission with specified Terms of Reference. 7, Report of the Seventh Central Pay Commission, Download ( MB) application/pdf. 8, Resolution on Terms of Reference of 7th CPC, Download ( MB). PDF | 7th Pay Commission: Urban households are likely to absorb 64% of the increased amount which will come from the Seventh Pay.

7th Pay Commission Report Pdf

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7th CPC Report. 7th Central Pay Commission Report – Download pdf. MINISTRY OF FINANCE (Department of Expenditure). RESOLUTION. Home; Employee Corner; Seventh Central Pay Commission and T and MoF( DoE) regarding 7th CPC Allowances dated Oct , Download ( MB) pdf. 7th Pay Commission pay Matrix Table Pdf Download Here.

Download 6. Download 3.

7th Pay Commission Pay Scales

Recommendations of the 7th CPC-bunching of stages in the revised pay structure. Clarification regarding pay fixation under 7th CPC for the post of trainee appointed on compassionate grounds in the- 1S Scale.

Download 5. Implementation of Governments decision on the recommendations of the Seventh CPC Revision of pension of pre pensions or family pensioners, etc. Restoration of Full pension of absorbee pensioners in view of the order dated Implementation of recommendations of 7th CPC on revision of pension Pre Are there any issues with this provision?

7th Pay Commission – Latest News

There may be two issues. This overnight change did not provide a window for a person holding the notes on that day to exchange or deposit them.

Therefore, not only did the holder lose the monetary value of the notes but he was also deemed to have committed an offence. This implies that a person who had the notes did not have an opportunity to avoid committing an offence and attracting a penalty.

One may draw a comparison between holding an invalid currency note, and an expired cheque since both these instruments are meant to complete transactions. Currently, a cheque becomes invalid three months after being issued.

However, holding multiple expired cheques does not attract a penalty. Is it still possible to deposit old notes? The government has specified a grace period under the Bill to allow: i Indian residents who were outside India between November 9, to December 30, to deposit these notes till March 31, , and ii non-residents who were outside India during this period to deposit notes till June 30, The government may exempt any other class of people by issuing a notification.

In addition, RBI has permitted foreign tourists to exchange Rs 5, per week.

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Rank Pay affected all officers ranks from second lieutenant to brigadier in the army, and equivalent ranks in the Indian Air Force and the Indian Navy. The 'rank pay', which varied from to , was not an additional pay, but amount deducted from their pay grade.

This ended long established err Military Indian Police service equations. Police Officers, and officers from other AIS officers, with 14 years of service, who were formerly in the same pay grade as majors, with 14 years service, were equated to Brigadiers, on the basis of the new pay grades.

Maj General Satbir Singh an expert on Police- military rank structures and pay grades, called rank pay, "rarest of rare fraud, perjury and Injustice to the defence forces".

Similarly at the level of major "rank pay' had the effect of promoting civilian pay grades equal to major till the 3 CPC, to that of Colonels. After protracted legal struggle high court, despite many appeals, in a landmark decision declares the 'rank pay' concept illegal.

In its judgment the SC notes that the 'rank pay' was wrongly deducted from basic pay and ordered re-fixation of pay "with effect from" and not "as on" 1 January Ratnavel Pandian.

K Kaw, Indian Administrative Service.

The fifth had three members, but no military member. It took three years with a sanctioned staff , which ballooned to , to prepare the report. Part IX is the concluding part of the Report. It declared hike in salary of about 3. Further, it also insisted on pay revision at the state government level. The Fifth pay commission disturbed the financial situation of both the Central and the State Governments and led to a hue and cry after its implementation.

The state governments which paid about Rs Such tourists can only exchange old currency notes of up to Rs 5, per week till January 31, The apex positions in the government such as a cabinet secretary will bear a pay scale of Rs. But as soldiers in retired after 15 years service, at the age of , they got less than 30 percent of the pay as pension; [4] soldiers pension was thus decreased not by 20 percent but 40 percent from 70 to 30 percent.

Ratnavel Pandian. Government employees believe that help is on the way and soon.