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Angelopolis by Danielle Trussoni - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online for free. An exquisite return to the "breathtakingly imaginative". Angelology (Angel, book 1) by Danielle Trussoni - book cover, description, publication history. Angelology. Author: Danielle Trussoni. St. Rose Convent, Hudson River Valley, Milton, New York. December 23, , A.M.. Evangeline woke before the.

Angelology Danielle Trussoni Pdf

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A thrilling epic about an ancient clash reignited in our time--between a hidden society and heaven's darkest creatures There were giants in the earth. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Trussoni's complex and intricately plotted novel code or Gift Card · Share. Kindle App Ad. Look inside this book. Angelology: A Novel (Angelology Series Book 1) by [Trussoni, Danielle ]. Angelology book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Abandoned as a Child on the steps of St Rose Convent in New York. Eva.

I also have zero interest in any of the characters. NONE of them. I don't care about Evangeline, Verlaine, Grigori, the mystery that needs to be solved. Nothing has me at all thinking: Grigori and his family want something from the church.

The church is guarding all sorts of secrets about the angels. Verlaine is going to find out I'm not feeling it. Once I decided that I was definitely giving up, I skimmed through the book and I couldn't see anything that made me think I'd made the wrong decision in giving up.

So funny that this book sat on my shelf for five years before I decided to read it Ah well. Mas por outro lado, foi exaustivo demais.

De qualquer forma quero ler o livro seguinte e perceber como esta saga vai continuar. Ugh, i'll try to be nice. By God, I didn't even read all of it, the words can't keep my mind focus on the world building which was very weak btw.

All that descriptions on the desk, the wrinkled face, the feelings, the mundane little things. There's no difference between the characters. I didn't like all of them. I didn't care if they died or alive. How sad was that? Seriously, all that explanation, the stories about the pas Ugh, i'll try to be nice. Seriously, all that explanation, the stories about the past It was repetitive and confusing because it went round and round as if the author couldn't put the story together.

I didn't need all that gibberish words just to grasp what the author want to say. Goodness sake, I wasted my time on this book while it can be written in ish pages! Awesome scene. But other than that there's no other action scene in it. Everything else just ended blandly. Leave no taste in my mouth. And they have to find it before the enemy did.

And of course they all found it at the same day, like oh there's no need to divide it in different chapters to keep the novel more exciting with mysteries and to build the characters more stronger by it, but no the author didn't do that.

She went on and on about the legend and there were pages over pages about "research" and how important their job was, how crucial, and how dangerous. The Nephilims are dangerous inhuman creatures that don't have empathy. But they have desire for lust and greed.

They're not intelligence creature but they're able to manipulate humans with their beauty and whispers and therefore they're superior and powerful and rich. They work behind powerful human and controlling them. No, there's no magic involved. The book didnt mention how powerful this angels are but their beautiful wings and their super strength. So annoying. I wonder why GPU published this book. There are tons of good books out there and they decided to waste the precious papers on this piece of annoyance.

GPU is about to lose from its competitors if they keep disappointing their loyal readers like this. Tsk tsk Mar 20, Megan rated it did not like it Shelves: Ok, I got to page last night before I gave up. I was reading it during the commercials during Glee, with Beck's "Loser" stuck in my head thanks to the episode, and I just gave up. I can't believe the author could take so little happening and stretch it out to pages of tiny print.

I don't need every thought that goes through the character's mind. There is so much telling in this book, so many infodumps. The dialogue was in paragraphs. This could've been so good, too. Jun 13, Victoria rated it it was ok Recommends it for: My worst enemy.

The only reason I didn't give this book one star was because the concept was intriguing and it's clear the author did her research. But between the truly horrible writing and editorial neglect, this book was almost painful to read. The only reason I even finished it was to see if I could.

I don't even know where to begin with the myriad inconsistencies and sloppiness of this story, which could have been told in half the time if the writer had not gone to infuriating pains to describe in mind-numbi The only reason I didn't give this book one star was because the concept was intriguing and it's clear the author did her research.

I don't even know where to begin with the myriad inconsistencies and sloppiness of this story, which could have been told in half the time if the writer had not gone to infuriating pains to describe in mind-numbing how the a character lit a fire every time her room was cold, or how the blaze in the fireplace "generated heat through the room," as if a fire would lower the temperature. The author might want to note that if explorers are about to descend into a potentially dangerous situation in an underground cavern, the reader may rather read about the action instead of having it all stalled while she spends five paragraphs describing the rope ladder they climb down on.

There were too many instances like this to count. Would a secret society in hiding from killer angels really have personalized plates on their car? And if a contact who knew the whereabouts of an artifact said society was in a hurry to work to solve the puzzle they were given, rather than just telling them where it was?

Especially when the contact agreed that time was of the essence? And if a fire wiped out an entire convent in New York would there really be not a single news crew or helicopter to investigate? The dumber this book became, the more I was determined to see how awful it could become.

And it did not disappoint. The ending is so god-awful that I briefly considered throwing it away. I don't know anything about this author, but she either is under a lucky star or has some sort of contact in publishing because there is no way on heaven or earth that most people could have gotten this book published in such an obviously unedited form otherwise.

This was a serious squandering of a really cool idea. What a shame. Apr 16, Leah rated it it was ok Shelves: I gave this two stars because that indicates "it was okay". I have mixed feelings about it. The writer is an "outside-the-box" thinker and has a brilliant vocabulary. She created an entire society in this book, fascinating journals and interesting ancient religious artifacts in the story. The story takes place over two days, with a side story of a past event taking up a good chunk of the book.

The side story was interesting in and of itself and would have made a good book. The book depticts a wo I gave this two stars because that indicates "it was okay". This is a dark story with hope, where the dark characters are actually portrayed that way- versus the typical trend in stories that sympathize with dark characters vampires,magicians. The actual story of Angelology would have been better if she had given as much attention to the feelings of the characters as she did the details of the society and stories told within the book.

Le premesse parevano interessanti: I primi vorrebbero la supremazia totale sugli uomini, i secondi vorrebbero cortesemente impedirglielo. Peccato che l'unica cosa interessante di questo libro rimanga proprio questo. La premessa. La storia si divide in tre parti principali. L'inizio ci introduce Evangeline, la protagonista, suora cattolica del convento di St.

La seconda parte ci riporta indietro agli anni '40, dove riviviamo, grazie alle memorie di Celestine, gli avvenimenti di quegli anni che hanno coinvolto la suora, Gabrielle e lo stesso Percival. Tutto chiaro e lineare, vero? Peccato che l'autrice riesca da questo piano semplice a creare un marasma assoluto.

Mi spiego. Ci viene illustrato come i Nefilim siano creature che fondamentalmente reagiscono. Non sono capaci di approntare delle loro ricerche, si affidano alle ricerche degli Angelologi per carpire cosa possa essere utile a loro.

Ora gli Angelologi nelle loro ricerche scoprono dell'esistenza di questo oggetto magico, una lira, dai poteri immensi che in mano ai Nefilim potrebbe causare danni irreparabili.

Che fanno allora? Beh, ovvio: In pratica forniscono ai Nefilim l'unico modo con cui potrebbero impossessarsene visto che da soli loro non ci penserebbero nemmeno a recuperare tale oggetto.

Notare che questo si ripete per ben due volte a distanza di 55 anni l'una dall'altra. E notare anche che della lira gli Angelologi non sanno che farsene, visto che le loro opzioni al riguardo sono: Gli Angeli i veri angeli caduti intendo sono radioattivi. Visto il loro luccicare, questo fa molto centrale nucleare di Springfield, ma okay. Se un uomo li tocca, brucia.

Va benissimo. Evangeline scopre parte della sua storia risolvendo un mini rompicampo. Nel presente Evangeline ha ricevuto solo 12 tessere.

Capisce il trucco, rimette insieme e Ora immaginate di avere un puzzle con 14 tessere. Senza nemmeno accorgervi che manca qualcosa! Le ultime 50 pagine prevedono questa grande fuga, rincorsa, thriller and action movie. Poi, utilizzando solo una persona come esca e una come pedina sacrificabile, i "buoni" riescono a mettere in sacco i cattivoni di turno. Se non fosse per la decisione di Evangeline di consegnarsi per salvare sua nonna, i nostri potrebbero andarsene senza problemi.

Okay, capo. Ferma al semaforo o in corsa poco importa. Ovviamente Angelology non sfugge alla regola. Solo che stavolta a fuggire sono in due: E riescono pure a portarsi dietro il tessssoro. Arsenio Lupin era un dilettante a confronto.

No, non sono proprio queste le parole, ma a senso ci siamo.

Ehi, era figo la prima volta in Star Wars. Ora provoca solo una risata sguaiata. No, meglio di no. Giusto una emo porta sul sequel. Non finisce nulla dopo l'ultima pagina di Angelology. Chiunque l'abbia detto o non ha mai letto Brown o non ha mai letto la Trussoni. Magari nel secondo caso ha saltato le prime pagine Una. La Trussoni non ha nulla di Brown e viceversa. Nelle prime pagine i dialoghi si contano sulle dita di una mano.

Diari, resoconti, pagine di diari, sermoni universitari la fanno da padrone. Forse sono stupide davvero, alla fine dei conti. Rimane quella premessa che ti fa andare avanti, quella convinzione che l'idea di fondo poteva dare avvio a una gran bella storia che ti fa continuare nella speranza, infin disillusa, di trovare un qualcosa di salvabile nelle acque torbide del testo.

Verlain pure. Feb 04, Mandi Schreiner rated it liked it. It has already been tipped to be a best seller by the media. Reading the back cover blurb I was really excited to get the chance to read this book before the release date.

It sounded like a great read and that was before I read the hype, by the way I believe the story has already been optioned as a movie. This is Danielle Trussoni's debut fiction novel, she already has a much acclaimed non-fiction novel under her belt. The story is told mainly by three characters. Evangeline is the main narrator of the story. Evangeline is a 23 year old nun who has lived in the St. Rose convent in upstate New York since the age of The narration is also told from the point of view of Verlaine, an academic whose area of expertise is the Rockefeller family.

He has been hired by a wealthy and influential family to conduct investigations on their behalf. The third point of view is Grigori Percivil. Grigori is a Nephilim an angel who has hired Verlaine to the answers he seeks. Early on in the story you come to realize that Grigori is sick, it transpires that he has a degenerative condition that is affecting his race and is slowly killing him. Due to this he needs the answers to his questions as soon as possible as time is running out.

Verlaine believes that the answers they seek are held in a correspondence he has discovered between the philanthropist Abigail Rockefeller and the late Mother Superior of the Convent, Mother Innocenta of St. Rose Convent. But there are two sides to every story, in this case it is the age old battle of good vs evil, and the information sought has the potential to turn the tide of this battle. If the information falls into the wrong hands it has the ability to change the world as we know it. The Nephilim are the bad guys and the Angelologists have striven for centuries to defeat them, and to keep the world from falling into the servitude of the Nephilim.

Unknown to Evangeline, she has a key part to play in this battle. Her mother and grandmother were both Angelologists. The fate of the world lies in her hands. The story is told in a variety of ways, through character narration, letters and journals and going back in time. At first I found the story hard to get into and I initially felt I didn't like it. But as I delved deeper into the story, I was sucked in and was hooked.

At times I was a little confused with the story details, although that could have been my fault rather than the story's fault. All in all I enjoyed the book and it is one I would recommend. Although I do feel that it may be a book that while destined to be a bestseller will either be loved or hated depending on each individual reader and will come down to one's own personal preference. I can honestly say that its the first non-romance book that I found myself wanting to put everything else off to read and I didn't want to put it down.

I was completely caught up in the story and have told everyone that will listen the bones of the story just enough to get their attention and want to read it as soon as they can! May 15, Yune rated it it was ok Shelves: There was a lot of buzz about this.

I wasn't all that thrilled about the angel aspect or the secret-history-revealed part that seemed to appeal to others, but I gave it a try.

What got me to keep reading was that the protagonist works in a library, and that's where she discovers the letter that eventually brings everything into the light. What can I say? But I had to overcome a slow opening where Evangeline the names were a little heavy-handed looks at herself in a mirror, and goes through her There was a lot of buzz about this. But I had to overcome a slow opening where Evangeline the names were a little heavy-handed looks at herself in a mirror, and goes through her slow convent life.

Things get shaken up: There's a powerful artifact hidden away somewhere that both sides race to find, and Evangeline is caught up in this conflict.

You know, Dan Brown type stuff.

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There are a handful of other points of view, and I'm not convinced that they give the story the intended depth instead of just being cumbersome. When I closed the back cover, I was rather meh about it all. Too much gravity to be a quick-paced thriller, too little meaningful exploration of the characters to be anything thoughtful. Sep 05, Darshan Elena rated it it was amazing. So well written, so beautifully researched and documented, so lovely in its narrative scope, Danielle Trussoni's Angelology is a spectacular summer read.

This novel is ideal for individuals interested in religious histories, art, and tradition, especially that associated with world Christian faith, and the struggle between good and evil on earth.

Most masterful in this book was its historical breadth and nuance: I learned so much even as I was whisked into a world where angels reside and bring a So well written, so beautifully researched and documented, so lovely in its narrative scope, Danielle Trussoni's Angelology is a spectacular summer read.

I learned so much even as I was whisked into a world where angels reside and bring about political, cultural, and social strife.

In fact, it made me long to revisit the churches I have seen in Germany and Mexico, those architectural gems borne of beauty and despair, not to mention colonialism, genocide, and resistance.

A pure delight, Angelology left me feeling somewhat bereft as it came to a close. I look forward to the author's next work, which I imagine will be as stunning and pleasurable as this one.

I hope it will have a better name; this one made me cringe for the first hundred pages. Aug 10, Bern rated it did not like it Recommends it for: I'd like to say "no one" but apparently this was a best seller at some point so I guess whatever. Holy Christ, but this was pedantic.

If not for the fact that I've blood-oathed myself into reading every single book on my TBR, this one would so have never made the cut. This is crap. The writing is pretentious and smells heavily of Thesaurus and is extremely uninspiring. The plot is basically a jumble of cliches that have no impact and ultimately does nothing with whatever potential it had. Oh, and also, this happened on page You wouldn't mind clarifying that a tad bit more, would you?

Anyway, I actually wasted 24 days of my life on this garbage, and I regret it intensely. The only reason why this doesn't get one star is because I actually quite took to the character of Gabrielle view spoiler [despite her demise being lamer than choking to death on a cucumber hide spoiler ].

I won this book through First Reads. I was never quite clear on where this story was going, and the ending seemed abrupt and to come out of nowhere. I liked it, but I just didn't think it fit with the rest of the book. There were really interesting passages throughout and bits of elegant writing, but I couldn't help but think of The Da Vinci Code which I never read and The Historian which I hated. Fans of those books will surely love Angelology.

As for me, I thought the characters were somew I won this book through First Reads. As for me, I thought the characters were somewhat flat and uninteresting. The angels never frightened me.

I never felt any suspense. Perhaps if the book were shorter it would have been more successful for me. It was pretty long for nothing really happening until the last pages. Jan 02, Susan rated it really liked it.

See a Problem?

I would definitely recommend this book. It read like non-fiction. Like the events were really happening or could happen. Isn't that the goal of any fiction author?

To make the story so believable that you find yourself googling names and events?

There were times when too many facts and names were thrown out. Times when I found myself skipping ahead to the action, but in the end, all those facts are what made the story so believable. Mar 10, Dorsi rated it really liked it Shelves: Windsor Availability: Michael Joseph Availability: Doubleday Canada Availability: Angelology Thorndike Thrillers Author s: Thorndike Press Availability: A Novel Angelology Series Author s: Viking Availability: Angelology Large Print Book Author s: Anchor Canada Availability: Penguin Books Availability: Jane Ciabattari.

Read An Excerpt. What do you get when an Iowa Writers' Workshop graduate and critically acclaimed memoirist trolls for the same readers who loved Dan Brown's search for the grail of best-sellerdom in The Da Vinci Code? In the case of Danielle Trussoni's Angelology, a spellbinding quest novel. Move over, vampires. Dark angels are on the horizon in Trussoni's hefty fiction debut. Leading the pack are the Nephilim — beautiful warmongering angel-human hybrids who have controlled human destiny since Noah's flood — and their soldier minions the Gibborim, who resemble a legion of towering Darth Vaders with wings.

The forces for good are members of the ancient esoteric group of Angelologists, who have protected humankind from the Nephilim for centuries. The search in Angelology is for a mysterious and potentially dangerous lyre that lies at the bottom of Devil's Throat cavern in the Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria.

The lyre is connected with the fallen angels described in the book of Genesis, as well as in the Orpheus myth. Trussoni traces a lineage from A. Contemporary seekers for the lyre, on the side of good, are Sister Evangeline, a young nun at a Hudson River convent just north of New York City, and her French grandmother, Gabriella, a venerated Angelologist who was trained at the academy in Paris.

When Verlaine, a young scholar, discovers through his research that the philanthropist Abigail Rockefeller was a secret patron of the convent, he inadvertently opens the door to danger. The wealthy Grigori family of Nephilim, once allied with the Nazis and now based in an elegant apartment on the Upper East Side, learn of his find, putting the convent and, if the Angelologists are to be believed, the world, at risk.

Kalin Ruichev hide caption. Trussoni, whose earthbound memoir Falling Through the Earth took her into the tunnels in Vietnam where her volatile father had searched for Viet Cong guerrillas in , has worked out her fantasy scheme brilliantly. Her literary riddles resolve with the aesthetically pleasing precision of a well-oiled antique clock. She offers up intriguing characters, lyrical nature descriptions, hidden clues, secret codes, hidden manuscripts and treasure hunts, creating a sumptuous and surprising novel.

Naturally, a sequel, Angelopolis, is in the works, as is a movie. And there's a Web site for amateur Angelologists, complete with spooky music, a lesson plan and a link to a YouTube video of the Devil's Throat cavern. Given the seductive powers of her first venture, Trussoni could be dreaming up fallen angels for years to come. Percival Grigori tapped the tip of his cane as he waited for the elevator, a rhythm of sharp metallic clicks pounding out the seconds.

The oak-paneled lobby of his building — an exclusive prewar with views of Central Park — was so familiar that he hardly noticed it any longer.

The Grigori family had occupied the penthouse for over half a century. Once he might have registered the deference of the doorman, the opulent arrangement of orchids in the foyer, the polished ebony and mother-of-pearl elevator casement, the fire sending a spray of light and warmth across the marble floor. But Percival Grigori noticed nothing at all except the pain crackling through his joints, the popping of his knees with each step.

As the doors of the elevator slid open and he hobbled inside, he regarded his stooped image in the polished brass of the elevator car and looked quickly away. At the thirteenth floor, he stepped into a marble vestibule and unlocked the door to the Grigori apartment.

Instantly the soothing elements of his private life — part antique, part modern, part gleaming wood, part sparkling glass — filled his senses, relaxing the tension in his shoulders.

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He threw his keys onto a silk pillow at the bottom of a Chinese porcelain bowl, shrugged his heavy cashmere overcoat into the lap of an upholstered banister-back chair, and walked through the travertine gallery. Vast rooms opened before him — a sitting room, a library, a dining hall with a four-tiered Venetian chandelier suspended overhead.Danielle Trussoni's Angelology is a mess.

For many years now, the Angelologists and Nephilim alike have been searching for a hidden, fabled treasure from the Archangel Michael himself, which, if the Nephilim were to obtain it would be their instrument to unlimited power on earth and also cure their mysterious wasting disease. Within the forgotten archives of Sister Evangeline's convent lies the key to its location. The story revolves around Sister Evangeline, a young nun, who has been part of the Franciscan S When you read as much as I do, it is rare to come across a totally unique story.

Reading the back cover blurb I was really excited to get the chance to read this book before the release date. This would be their world soon. Jan 02, Susan rated it really liked it. The remnants of his wings were black with disease, the feathers withered, the bones atrophied. There were too many instances like this to count.

He unbuttoned his jacketa vintage yellow s polyester sport coat of questionable tasteand stepped close to the body.