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See sppn.info for an electronic form of this text To Sherlock Holmes she is always the seized with a keen desire to see Holmes again, and. See sppn.info˜chrender/Sherlock Holmes for an electronic form of this text and additional information about it. This text comes from the collection's. DOWNLOAD Jan 14, ebook novel sherlock holmes bahasa indonesia pdf DOWNLOAD NOVEL berbahasa Download ebook novel sherlock holmes.

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y name's Dr Watson, and I'm a good friend of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes. Two days after. Christmas last year I went to his house - B Baker. Street. Buat kalian yang suka dengan novel fiktif detektif swasta sherlock holmes, silakan download disini. Novel Sherlock Holmes Bahasa Indonesia. Translating Analysis A Story Of Sherlock Holmes “A Scandal In Bohemia” by Sir The data used the classic novel entitled “A Scandal of Bohemia” by Sir Arthur Conan . Link: sppn.info

Holmes traces the owner of the goose, but soon determines that he was not the thief by offering him a replacement goose. The detective continues his search, first to an inn and then a dealer in Covent Garden. The dealer refuses to provide Holmes with information about the source of the goose, but Holmes observes another man trying to find the same information, and confronts him. The man, the head attendant at the hotel, confesses to his crime.

Holmes allows him to remain free, arguing that prison could make him a hardened criminal later. During a late-night investigation of the bedroom, Holmes and Watson discover a dummy bell-pull near a ventilator.

Kanon Sherlock Holmes

As they lie in wait a whistle sounds, then a snake appears through the ventilator. Holmes attacks the snake with his riding crop; it retreats to the next room, where it attacks and kills Stoner's stepfather. Hatherley had been hired for 50 guineas to repair a machine he was told compressed Fuller's earth into bricks. Hatherley was told to keep the job confidential, and was transported to the job in a carriage with frosted glass, to keep the location secret.

He was shown the press, but on closer inspection discovered a "crust of metallic deposit" on the press, and he suspected it was not being used for compressing earth. He confronted his employer, who attacked him, and during his escape his thumb is chopped off. Holmes deduces that the press is being used to produce counterfeit coins, and works out its location.

However, when they arrive, the house is on fire, and the criminals have escaped.

Simon's new American bride, Hatty Doran, has disappeared almost immediately after the wedding. The servants had prevented an old love interest of his from forcing her way into the wedding breakfast, Hatty had been seen in whispered conversation with her maid, and Inspector Lestrade arrives with the news that Hatty's wedding dress and ring have been found floating in the Serpentine.

Therefore it is necessary to adjust the culture of the term to the Target Language TL.

The intended culture is owned by source language and target language, because not at all words in SL text in case English have the same meaning in TL text Indonesia. There are two strategies commonly used in translating, the first is domestication and the second is foreignization. According to Nida , there are basic principles of translation, it means there is no translation in a target language can be the exact equivalent of the term in the source language.

That is involve: loss of information, addition of information, and skewing of information. Problem of study 1.

How does the basic principle of translation contained in the story? Does the novel translation use the domestication strategy? The English version was published in , meanwhile the Indonesian was published and the genre of this novel is mystery. This book is selected as a source of data because in this book there are interesting sentences to be discussed using the translation theory.

Data Collection The method followed in this study is library research because the data taken from the novel. The analysing is about the culture words in the novel that is not contained in the target language. Besides that, the qualitative method is also applied to this article.

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According to Walliman 72 , Qualitative data cannot be accurately measured and counted, and are generally expressed in words rather than numbers. It based on the information from the data through the following steps: 1. Listing the sentences both of SL and TL text in table which shows the meaning equations in different structures in SL text that does not exist in TL text and the sentences that would be analyzed signed with bold mark; 3.

Identifying the sentences that have been taken.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Data Analysis The article is analyzed by using theory of domestication. Domesticating method is an ethnocentric reduction foreign text to the target language culture values, bringing the author back home.

Venuti, In this analysis, there are some steps in data analysis technique to follow: 1.

Classifying the theory of the method; 2. Kumpulan Kasus Seru Jilid 2. Kumpulan Kasus Seru Jilid 3.

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Petualangan SH 4. Memoar SH 5.

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Anjing Baskerville 6.THEORY What should be kept in mind when translating text is either an implied or written message should be well conveyed. Realising Holmes has solved the case, Turner confesses to the crime, revealing that McCarthy was blackmailing him due to Turner's criminal past.

The client is a vaguely creepy fellow named Colonel Lysander Stark, who's happy to pay top dollar for Hatherley's services if he's willing to keep a secret. After getting this envelope, Elias's bad behavior really becomes extreme: he seems alternately terrified and furious.

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Buku ini terbit pertama kali pada tanggal 7 Maret diterbitkan oleh Georges Newnes, Ltd. It has many original parts which are not found in the short stories but borrows many events from the canonical adventures, namely " A Scandal in Bohemia " and " The Adventure of the Final Problem ".

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