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Hatter's Castle book. Read 95 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Hatter's Castle () is the first novel of author A. J. Cronin. T. Hatter's Castle () is the first novel of author A. J. Cronin. The story is set in , in the In the second part of the book, James Brodie's business as a hatter is destroyed. A rival company moves next door and attracts all his customers. Hatter's Castle [A J Cronin] on sppn.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers . A. J. Cronin's famous story is a soul-stirring novel of pride and greed, and its.

Hatters Castle Book

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Hatters Castle was written in but contains an essential truth which is just as relevant today. James Brodie dominates the book as he did his family and. In the magnificent narrative tradition of The Citadel, The Stars Look Down and Cronin's other classic novels, Hatter's Castle is a great book by a much-loved. C("70S C?3 +j Author Title This book should be returned on or before the date last marked below. HATTER'S CASTLE NOVELS BY A. J. CRONIN HATTER'S.

The Castle is the architecturally eclectic house Brodie lives in which he designed himself against all advice and is totally oppressive, ugly and comfortless. His colleagues in his town of Levenford in the Scottish Lowlands south of Glasgow snigger about the house behind his back. At home he is a tyrant, expecting his wife to wait on him hand and foot.

He is perpetually sneering at and belittling her and she in turn is desperate to please and desperately afraid of him. He has three children, an older, self-possessed daughter called Mary whom he has forced to leave school and has cut off from other young people, a rather weak son, Matthew, who is pampered by his mother and his favourite, very bright younger daughter, Nessie, who is rather fragile.

He is always ambitious for her and expects her to be top of her class. Then her mind was dazzled, and, as she lay with closed eyes in his embrace, she forgot everything, knew nothing, ceased to be herself, and was his.

Together they floated upwards as lightly as two moths and as soundlessly as the river. No dimension contained them, no tie of earth restrained the ecstasy of their flight. Denis asks Brodie if he can marry Mary but ambitious Brodie, horrified at the thought of her marrying an Irishman whose father is a publican even though Denis himself is making a successful career as a travelling salesman, threatens him physically.

In the ensuing fracas Denis gets the better of Brodie for which he is never forgiven. Mary manages to hide the pregnancy for seven months but then goes into early labour. He casts her out on a wild night and, coatless, she faces a nightmare journey in the dark, wind and rain before she finds shelter in a cattle byre where, by now almost unconscious, she gives birth. She is found by the old woman who owns the byre and the local, handsome, young doctor Renwick is summoned.

In true Victorian style, the baby dies, Mary gets pneumonia and, when recovered, runs off to London to become a servant.

On the same night as the baby was born, Denis loses his life in the Tay Bridge disaster. After two years, Matthew returns in disgrace having developed a taste for wine, women and partying and neglected his duties. He cadges and steals money from his mother; she collapses and becomes bed-ridden with cancer of the womb.

Brodie is starting to face business difficulties as a branch of a very dynamic and modern outfitters has opened next door to him and he is stubbornly refusing to make any improvements to his own shop.

Hatters Castle by A J Cronin

The main characters are James Brodie the hatter and tyrannical patriarch of the Brodie family , Mary Brodie James' elder daughter, also one of the central characters, appearing throughout the first and last section of the novel , Matthew Brodie James' only son and oldest child in the family who also plays a significant role in the novel , Nessie Brodie James' younger daughter and favourite, who remains one of the background characters until the end of the story , Mrs.

Brodie James' fragile wife who is never treated as anything more than a servant by her husband , Grandma Brodie James' mother who lives with the Brodie family , Dennis Foyle A young Irishman who has a relationship with Mary , Nancy James' mistress and Dr.


Renwick a character who becomes more involved in the Brodies' family life towards the end of the novel. The novel begins with some insight into the life of the Brodie household, where James Brodie seems to have everyone under his thumb.

The main event that triggers the events in the novel is Mary Brodie's relationship with her first love, Dennis. Early in the story, Mary, who has occasionally met Dennis at the library, is invited by him to go to the fair in the town. She sneaks out without her family's knowledge and not only goes to the fair, but later on that night kisses and eventually makes love to Dennis, which we later learn, results in pregnancy.

Cronin, Hatter's Castle

This event of her unwanted pregnancy is the main plot in the first third of the novel, titled "Section One". We realise that Mary is pregnant, and when she is six months pregnant she makes a plan with Dennis to elope.

Even though Mary was only seventeen, there would have been no legal problem with her marriage since the English law which, until , generally required people under twenty-one to have parental consent to marry, did not apply in Scotland.

But three days before Dennis is due to whisk Mary away, there is a massive storm, and she begins to go into labour. Brodie stumbles into Mary's room and begins to scream at the fact that her daughter is with child, and calls James himself to sort it out. After being kicked in the stomach repeatedly by her father and thrown out on her face into the pouring rain whilst in labour , she tries to reach safety.

Mary nearly drowns in a river before finding a barn where she gives birth to her premature child, which dies.

Dennis, who was, travelling on a train to rescue Mary, is killed when the train derails and plunges into the River Tay below, a retelling of the actual Tay Bridge disaster of In the second part of the book, James Brodie's business as a hatter is destroyed.

A rival company moves next door and attracts all his customers.

Part of this is due to Brodie's pride, as the customers are driven away by his delusions of superiority. As his profits decrease, so does the weekly salary, so Mamma is left to deal with making the most of what little they have left for the family. Her illness, cancer of the womb, and the chronic stress of living with James Brodie hasten her death. After her death, Brodie's mistress, Nancy, moves in.


Later she goes off abroad with Brodie's son Matt, and Brodie is left with only his younger daughter, Nessie, and his aged mother, Grandma Brodie. In the third part of the book, Brodie forces Nessie to study hard so as to win the "Latta", a valuable bursarship.

He wants this not so much to provide a good future for his daughter, as to show that she is better than his rival's son, who is also entered for it. Under his threats and the dreadful fear of failure, she labours on with it, making herself mentally and physically ill.

Nessie secretly writes to Mary asking her to come back, so she will have her company and comfort.By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. There were more bad things about this character that it's not practical for me to write down all it would take me till next week! The cover flap compares the writing of this first book of A. His best-known works are The Citadel and The Keys of the Kingdom , both of which were made into Oscar-nominated films.

Nessie obtains notice of the Latta result before her father sees it. Early in the story, Mary, who has occasionally met Dennis at the library, is invited by him to go to the fair in the town.