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Both versions of the test include a writing section with two tasks. The organization of this book follows the criteria IELTS examiners use to score your writ- ing. This book offers a comprehensive guide for an individual who is preparing for the examination. It equips the student with the skills needed to get their desired. The -ing and infinitive forms of verbs are very common in English and can .. So I have to delay (13) .books and things until next week.

Ing Book For Ielts

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In part 1 of the Speaking test the examiner will introduce him or herself and ask general questions on familiar topics. The examiner will ask you to confirm your. When you book your IELTS test with the British Council, you'll gain access to a wide range of benefits and free preparation materials. Find out more here. Veja grátis o arquivo 5 Collins Speaking for IELTS Book enviado para a going for walks working on cars fishing sppn.info to music Unit 7 VocabuLary: Hobbies .

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And our 6 ………. But with limited opportunities 7 ……. Most at risk are elderly people, sufferers from heart conditions and smokers.


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It is often impossible 15 ………. The truth is that until we are all prepared to 18 ……. And a return to exclusive and expensive air travel is something nobody would 20 ………. The first one has been done as an example 0. I remembered 2 ………. I think 6 ……….. Everyone else seems very nice. As Monday was the first day it was devoted to administration, which involved 8 ………… lots of forms.

I got my student I. The course coordinator persuaded me 10 …………..

On Tuesday I managed 11 …………… a bank account and I deposited my student loan cheque. So I have to delay 13 …………. My first few lectures proved 14 ………….. Anyway, I promise 20 ……………. My friends had wanted to see it for ages because it's getting [61 reviews so they were really disappointed.

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Remember the correct definition may not be the first one in your dictionary, Note down any useful phrases, such as I just can't put it down and they write their own music. Employment and finances Exam tip: Be prepared to talk about your hobbies and how often you do them.

Search online or in language books for texts describing your pastimes. Note down and learn any useful words, phrases or collocations, and then practise talking about your hobbies with a fr iend.

Advanced Grammar for IELTS: Verb-ing forms and infinitives

Frequency 4 The phrases below express frequency. Put them in order from the most frequent to the least frequent. You can change some of the phrases above to make them true for you.

I sing karaoke every other Saturday. I go to the theatre about three times a year.

Using phrases, rather than just single words, to express frequency will impress the examiner. Instead of I occasionally play tennis , say I play tennis every now and again. Instead of I often take photos, try using this present continuous structure instead: I'm always tak ing photos.

Part 1 0 5 You are going to hear Part 1 questions that are typicaL of the exam. Listen to each question and give your answer. Record yourself.

Book an IELTS test

Remember, do not give answers that are too short: Notice that the candidate uses a range of language to express likes and dislikes, and a range of frequency phrases.

Part 2 6 Read this Part 2 question. Give yourself one minute to plan your answer, making notes if you wish, then record yourself answering it. By now, you should be finding it easier to speak for two minutes on a topic. Describe a hobby you enjoy. You should say: Now listen to the sample answer.

Present perfect 7 Read the rules and complete the example sentences.

We use the present perfect: Complete the gaps with the present perfect and for with a period of time, and since with a point in time. I love it here. She hasn't changed at all. Fill the gaps with already, ever and never. Have you? I've told you.

Don't borrow my clothes - you don 't look after them!This book is one of the best books to include in one's review of literature in a test construction project. Conclusion There are a lot of demands in modern life that place stress on a marriage and lead to divorce. Now you will turn these notes into sentences for the body of your essay.

How to practise

They are also used to make reduced adverbial clauses. The bicycle is a really nice ten-speed racing bicycle.

Task You live in a small apartment building. Use your outline your outline, you can write In as a guide to writing your essay. D Cars make it easier for people to manage their own schedules.

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