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Browse: Systems & Equipment: Jane's Aero-Engines: Country FADEC, with a dedicated permanent-magnet alternator and manual back-up. sppn.info - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. catalog de motoare. Aero Engines - World sppn.info - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or T/ROX. sppn.info Uploaded by. Gutunoi. EASA B1B2 M1 MODUL.

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PDF | 70 minutes read | This paper presents the development of an been deployed to investigate the design space of two civil aero-engines with separate- jet. Advanced Open Rotor Engine" NASA/TM, Sep. , 20 pp. Gunston, "Jane's Aero-Engines" Pratt & Whitney/USA, Mar. Inc, for permission to use engine diagrams in this book (pp. 12–14). .. laws as related to aircraft engines will be examined. and James Watt in

Oil System Integral oil system. Capacity 7. LP fan shaft drives fan. Dimensions Diameter: DPL-1 pneumatic control unit mounted on pump. Dry JT15D-1 JT15D-5C capacity 9 litres 2.

See model listing Max continuous: The following is what we reported at that time: The emphasis will be on rugged simplicity. The following are preliminary details: Type High-bypass ratio geared turbofan. He sees the competition as the GE CF Pratt Canada is now determined to make up for lost time.

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Combustor Minimum emissions. President and Chief Executive Officer. The low spool technologies and operability demonstration are currently well advanced. The following is the announcement in its entirety: Based on that of PW Compressor Robust.

Nothing more was said until the Paris airshow. Performance ratings Aimed at bracket Its service experience would then underpin the larger engine. Its noise level will target a dB cumulative noise margin relative to Stage 3. He replied: Other things being equal. For many years the two teams have worked closely on geared engines.

The Editor asked Mr Ouimet whether the extra weight. This is outlined in the entry on the PW He was not prepared to elaborate. Compared with previous engines in this thrust class the PW will have significantly fewer parts". Over the years the members of the engineering team at Montreal have by sheer toil and ability climbed to the position where they stand on an equal footing with their colleagues in the parent in Connecticut.

The slower fan speed contributes to very low noise levels. Having fewer parts relative to a conventional. The problem in marketing is that. The transmission is the responsibility of the Krasnyi Oktyabr plant in St Petersburg. It is expected that the PWT will be the standard powerplant of export versions of the Mi Thanks to the development of the PW family the derived helicopter engines could provide shaft power up to about the 5.

Under development to power the prototype Mil Mi Inlet Varies with type of output. Fan Turbofan only. The following summarises what was disclosed in October Type Simple two-shaft engine.

CEO David Caplan said that the broad outline of the core had been decided after discussion with aircraft manufacturers and hinted that. He further stressed that. He said that a compressor was already on test. Compressor Single-stage axial followed by single-stage centrifugal on same shaft.

Accessories Driven off HP shaft. Combustion Chamber Folded annular. Jetpipe Turbofan. HP Turbine Single stage driving compressor. Low acquisition cost is one of the key drivers highlighted by these studies.

This new engine family is targeted to significantly reduce ownership cost. The technology program will run in parallel with various concept design and market studies towards a possible engine launch based on market conditions''. In these applications. For Bell By October over 7. PT6T-3 T-O rating 1. The high-time Twin-Pac had logged UH-1N and CH In the ST the limits are 1. Some operators have been granted TBO extensions to 7.

Bell In the Model the 1. Starting Electrical. Other drives on gearbox. ST and AB High-frequency compressor noise suppressed. PT6T-6B Upgraded. PT6T-6 Improved compressor-turbine nozzle guide vanes and rotor blades. Intake Additional inertial particle separator to reduce ingestion. Control System. The following features differ from the PT6: Type Coupled free turbine turboshaft.

Output Combining gearbox comprises three separate gear trains. AB HP. Overall reduction ratio 5. Automatic power sharing and torque limiting. Total output. As PT6 with manual back-up. For military engines. MIL-L and JP-4 and JP Dry standard equipment: Dimensions Length 1. Quebec J4G 1A1 Tel: Development Engineering: Ken Stamm Vice-President.

International Business Development: Joseph N Torchetti Vice-President. Jean Saabas Vice-President. Alain M Bellemare Vice-President.

Regional Airline Engines: Keyvan Fard Vice-President. Turboshaft Engines: Eric Gizard. Business Aviation and Military Aircraft: F John Wright Vice-President.

Aero Engines - World Encyclopedia.pdf

Large Turbofan Development and Mississauga Operations: Dan Breitman Vice-President. Nancy German Tel: From then on commercial success could fairly be described as explosive.

It also operates an Eagle Service Plan. Public Affairs: Monique Chaput Tel: A total of Human Resources: Alex C Emile Controller: Francesco Alessi Chief Information Officer: Amal M Girgis Manager. Counsel and Corporate Secretary: Alain C Rondeau Vice-President.

In February it inaugurated a customer support centre in Singapore. Product Integrity: Gordon M Hogg Vice-President. Procurement and Logistics: Michael Perodeau Vice-President. Linda Tardif Tel: Annick Laberge Co-ordinator. Nova Scotia and Alberta.

Headquartered near Montreal. Employees totalled 8. Service Centres Operations: Denis Parisien Vice-President. In some of its programmes it is partnered by MTU of Germany. Customer Support: Maria Della Posta Vice-President. It also runs a school for customer personnel. Service Centres: Gilbert Gaudette Vice-President. In April it opened a customer support centre a joint venture with two local companies in South Africa.

In March Another partner is FiatAvio of Italy. International Manufacturing Operations: Claude Paquette Vice-President. Based in St Petersburg. Miguel C Doyon Vice-President. Of this total. Applications Different operators 60 5.

From the outset it was planned as a modular turbomachine entirely separate from the reduction-gear module. Such an engine was expected to take over the market carved out by the RR Dart. Another early choice was to use tandem centrifugal compressors. PW T-O rated at 1.

Flight development in the nose of a Viscount began in February The engine was launched in Certificated March EMB Brasilia. PWB T-O rated at 1. Certificated June PWA T-O rated at 1.

Dorner PWC T-O rated at 1. Dash Certificated December Dornier Certificated February ATR Dash and ATR Jetstream ATP. Fokker Improved turbines drive higher airflow compressor. PW T-O rated at 2. Certificated May EIS January T-O rating 1. PW Growth version. PW Growth engine. PWE T-O rated at 1. Certificated November PWD T-O rated at 1.

PWG T-O rated at 2.

Jane's Aero Engines

Certificated January PWA T-O rated at 4. ATR and proposed 42MP. PWC T-O rated at 2. Certificated third quarter Jetstream Increased mass flow through new three-stage axial.

PWF T-O rated at 2. PWH T-O rated at 2. Thermodynamic power 2. XAC YA. PWD T-O rated at 2. PWJ Upgraded C. PWB T-O rated at 2. Selected to power Il Selected for hot and high performance Fokker First engine run 9 June More than half the operators have instituted On Condition Maintenance. Accessories Pads driven by HP compressor. Single-stage LP with 53 solid blades. Air guided through ring of curved pipes from LP diffuser to HP entry.

Intake S-bend duct. Pressure ratio HP Turbine Single-stage with 47 air-cooled blades. Pads on reduction gearbox for alternator. Maximum propeller speed 1. These had logged over 60 million hours in 1. The high-time engine had accumulated Power Turbine Two-stage. Entered service February on Dash 8Q Series at a flat rating of 3. Combustion Chamber Annular reverse flow type.

Type Free-turbine turboprop. A secondary duct forms a flowing bypass to prevent foreign object ingestion.

Output Twin-layshaft gearbox with propeller shaft offset above turbomachine. Airline operators numbered Electric torque signal and auto power augmentation. Certificated by Transport Canada June Compressor Two centrifugal impellers in series. PW others. Integral tank. See under model listing Max cruise: Oil System One pressure pump and two scavenge pumps. Hydromechanical control and electronic power management. T-O rating: PW Powered Nord The following models have been announced: Powered Lockheed and Piasecki 16H.

Powered a Westland Lynx. Power in the kW 1. Certification October Powers Soloy Pathfinder Powers Sikorsky SB.

PT6BA Thermodynamic rating These had logged over Several new features see below. Ratings unchanged from PT6BA. Selected in February to power Agusta A Koala. FAA certification due engine December Reverse-drive gearbox giving 6. PT6CB electronic. Output Offset spur-gear reduction gearbox. Control System Basically hydromechanical. PT6BA incorporates a freewheel clutch and provides drives to both front and rear at 4. Compressor As PT6A.

PT6BA has automatic fuel control. Performance Ratings T-O: See model listing Continuous: PT6B Jane's makes no guarantees or warranties as to the accuracy or completeness of or results to be obtained from accessing and using the Jane's Information. Back c Jane's Information Group. Neither Jane's nor its affiliates shall be liable to any user or anyone else for any inaccuracy. Jane's Information Group will not be liable for any damages. Jane's and its licensors retain all proprietary rights to the Jane's Information.

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The first production version was the PT6A Airline operators totalled The company asked a Montreal bank for a loan to help develop a small gas-turbine. Demand shows no sign of slackening. The bank. The same basic power section has since been used in many PT6A turboprop versions.

By the PT6A family had established a basic unscheduled removal rate of 1 per An experimental PT6 engine ran for the first time in November Cessna Conquest I. The PT6DA.

The latter figure has allowed for such aircraft as the Caravan. Cessna Caravan I. PT6A-6 Flat rated at ekW. PT6A Flat rated at ekW. Australia and the USA are expected to grant similar approvals. Dornier Turbo-Skyservant. Derived from the PT6A A total of PT6A-6s were built between then and November Cessna Caravan B. Piper Cheyenne I and IA. T and prototype PAT Malibu.

Ayres Turbo-Thrush. Piaggio P. Embraer EMB Bandeirante early. PT6AA Some castings of magnesium alloy instead of aluminium alloy. Beech Model 99 Commuter Liner. Can use diesel fuel. DHC-6 Twin Otter Between then and Let LA Turbolet. Saunders STA conversion. Oil system for sustained inverted flight and Beechcraft TC.

A with A hot end and A first-stage reduction gearing. The PT6A was certificated in October Marshall of Cambridge Grumman Goose conversion. James Aviation Fletcher FU conversion. PT6A Flat rated at Frakes Aviation Grumman Mallard conversion.

Mates A power unit with AA gearbox. Frakes Turbo-Cat. Beechcraft 99 and 99A. Beechcraft King Air C Saunders ST Israviation ST Turbo Ag-Cat. PT6A Derated A PT6A Higher mass flow. Similar to but higher rating.

Beechcraft F PT6AB Aluminium alloy replaces magnesium in major castings. Changed drive ratio to reduce noise. Beechcraft CA Huron. T-O rating of ekW. Beechcraft King Air E90 and A Embraer A1 Xingu II. PT6AA Higher thermodynamic ratings. Selected with Hartzell reversing propeller for Khrunichev T Mercury export versions.

Beechcraft TA. Piper Malibu Meridian. Beechcraft Super King Air and C Intended for a new class of ag-aircraft with hoppers of 2. Rated at ekW.

T-O PT6A A with increase in cruise performance. PT6AA A with gearbox to transmit higher powers at reduced speeds. Beechcraft Super King Air B Shorts and Mohawk Thermodynamic power ekW 1. PT6A A with higher ratio reduction gear for quieter operation. T-O flat rating kW shp. PT6AR A with four-stage compressor with jet flap intake. Ayres Turbo Thrush. PT6A A gas generator with A gearbox.

PT6A A gas generator matched with A power section with 2. Flat rated at T-O rating ekW. Alternative T-O at ekW. Beechcraft and CJ. Reserve power 1.

Shorts TBM Myasishchev M and Piaggio Avanti with opposed-rotation gearbox. Flat rated at kW shp at 2. Improved hot end and exhaust duct. PT6A Flat rated at kW shp. Cheyenne IIIA. Pilatus PC Flat rated at 1. Shorts and Basler Turbo BT Beechcraft D. PT6AR A with reserve power rating for commuter aircraft. The following data apply generally to the PT6A series: PT6AB A modified for medium altitudes.

Conair Turbo Firecat. PT6A Full-power 2. PT6A A core with 2. Beechcraft Starship A onward 14 air-cooled vanes. All blades have fir-tree root fixings. Drive from free turbine. Combustion Chamber Annular reverse-flow type of stainless steel construction. A onwards. All versions up to A have two glow plug igniters with option of two spark igniters.

Fabricated one-piece stainless steel casing and radial diffuser. Mounting Up to A Discs through bolted. Single-sided centrifugal compressor.

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A onward. Type Free turbine axial-plus-centrifugal turboprop engine. Jetpipe Single or twin pipes curved out from the front of the engine immediately behind the propeller gearbox. Higher ratio reduction gears developed for PT6AR. Compressor Three axial flow stages. Early engines. Rotation clockwise when viewed from rear. Ratio Compressor Turbine Single-stage. Axial rotor of disc-drum type. The rotor blades 16 first-stage. Power Turbine Models up to A have single-stage axial.

Intake Annular air intake at rear of engine. Aircraft-supplied alcohol anti-icing system or inertial separation anti-icing system.

Plain bearings. The stator vanes 44 first-stage. Output all models up to and including PT6A Two-stage planetary gear train. Flanged propeller shaft. Dimensions Max diameter Length. A has DP-F3 with starting spill valve and motive flow systems.

A series except have Woodward hydromechanical system. Mounting pad on the shaft-turbine reduction gear case for propeller overspeed governor. Oil Specification CPW Engine has an integral oil tank with a capacity of 8. MIL-L for military engines. Oil supply pressure is 5. Fuel Specification Commercial jet fuels JP All are gear type and are driven by the gas generator rotor.

Primary and secondary flow manifolds with seven nozzles per manifold. Pneumatic computing section. Oil System One pressure and four scavenge elements in the pump stacks.

See under model listings Max continuous: PT6A-6 ekW. The PT6A has a large double-reduction gearbox. PWA Initial production version. As before. First engine run 29 October Following discussions with Cessna. The certification schedule of 36 months is considered to be a record. By June over engines had been delivered. MTU accepted responsibility for the LP turbine module. Powers Cessna Citation Bravo. Design started April Fan Single stage.

Certification by Transport Canada February Combustion Chamber Annular. PWA 4. Diameter PWA mm EIS was achieved in May HP Turbine Single-stage.

Fuel nozzles at rear surround the LP turbine case. Abradable case with acoustic lining. Certification June Selected for Citation Ultra Encore. Bypass ratio PWA 3. Jetpipe Forced mixer upstream of a common nozzle from the fan duct and core. PWA blades are of single-crystal alloy. Compressor Two integrally bladed axial stages followed by one centrifugal impeller. PWA has considerably larger blades. The PWA has a third stage of uncooled blades.

The high-time engine had accumulated over 2. PWA Rated at By June 16 development engines had accumulated over Oil Specification CPW JP-5 to CPW An advanced EEC electronic engine control is available as an option.

Control System Advanced hydromechanical fuel control. See model listing Cruise The PWA has an additional drive for an alternator. Accessories Below the fan duct. Flight time in June exceeded Received Canadian DoT certification in August Entered service in Learjet 60 in January Entered service in in Hawker Versions so far announced are: PW T-O rating Converted to B.

PWB T-O rating PWA T-O flat-rated at Certificated in January First engine run 24 June PW fan diameter PWC Flat rated at Certificated 22 November The PW family are the company's most powerful jet engines. PWB 3. To enter service mid By mid TBO for all family engines had been increased to 5.

By June more than had accumulated over 1. Selected in October for Cessna Citation Sovereign. Certificated December and to have Horizon to fly in Wide-chord titanium snubberless blades. In conjunction with Nordam. PWA Major growth version. PW 4. PWA Further growth version. Radial fuel pipes feed 24 air-blast nozzles. LP Turbine Three axial stages joined to fan shaft via centre disc. Oil System Integral with gear-type pump. Compressor Four axial stages. Two main LP shaft bearings. Variable IGVs and first-stage stators.

Core pressure ratio. Capacity 8 litres 2. Dry PW family kg lb. OPR A PWB Dimensions Diameter all Length: Jetpipe Full-length fan duct leading in PW to forced mixer. PW kg 1. By the WP5A. Liaoning Tel: Yan Guangwei With site area exceeding ha The first product was the WP5 turbojet. Production of the WP5 was achieved in June This undertook the design of the first Chinese turbojet. Dadong District.

Liming Daybreak is one of the largest and most experienced aero-engine centres in China. To enable it to compete. Related engines are used by Su fighters previously delivered. The number of aircraft is expected to total Ufa or [according to one source] KMPA.

Chengdu Tel: Li Xiao Tian This company was formed in October Gu Xiaobin Tel: Sichuan Tel: Duan Changping Director Assistant. Most of the staff and resources came from the Shenyang Overhaul Factory.

Today CEC has a site area of ha It produces the WP6 turbojet see LM. CEC is. Ufa or [according to one source] KMPO. New annular combustion chambers will be produced.

XRA will become the single-source manufacturer for certain aerofoils of the RR The main change in the 7B concerned the structure and length of the afterburner. The Soviet Union's engine technology was less advanced than the West's, and its first wide-body aircraft, the Ilyushin Il , was powered by low-bypass engines.

The Yakovlev Yak , a medium-range, rear-engined aircraft seating up to passengers, introduced in , was the first Soviet aircraft to use high-bypass engines. Turbofan configurations[ edit ] Turbofan engines come in a variety of engine configurations. For a given engine cycle i.

Off-design performance and stability is, however, affected by engine configuration. As the design overall pressure ratio of an engine cycle increases, it becomes more difficult to operate at low rpm, without encountering an instability known as compressor surge. This occurs when some of the compressor aerofoils stall like the wings of an aircraft causing a violent change in the direction of the airflow. As the HP compressor has a modest pressure ratio its speed can be reduced surge-free, without employing variable geometry.

However, because a shallow IP compressor working line is inevitable, the IPC has one stage of variable geometry on all variants except the , which has none.

The Snecma M53 , which powers Dassault Mirage fighter aircraft, is an example of a single-shaft turbofan. Despite the simplicity of the turbomachinery configuration, the M53 requires a variable area mixer to facilitate part-throttle operation.

Hot gas from the turbojet turbine exhaust expanded through the LP turbine, the fan blades being a radial extension of the turbine blades.

One of the problems with the aft fan configuration is hot gas leakage from the LP turbine to the fan. The Low Pressure spool runs at a lower angular velocity.

The High Pressure spool turns more quickly and its compressor further compresses part of the air for combustion. At the smaller thrust sizes, instead of all-axial blading, the HP compressor configuration may be axial-centrifugal e.

Boosted two-spool[ edit ] Higher overall pressure ratios can be achieved by either raising the HP compressor pressure ratio or adding an intermediate-pressure IP compressor between the fan and HP compressor, to supercharge or boost the latter unit helping to raise the overall pressure ratio of the engine cycle to the very high levels employed today i. All of the large American turbofans e. The high bypass ratios i.

Three-spool[ edit ] Rolls-Royce chose a three-spool configuration for their large civil turbofans i. The first three-spool engine was the earlier Rolls-Royce RB. Main article: Geared turbofan Geared turbofan As bypass ratio increases, the mean radius ratio of the fan and low-pressure turbine LPT increases.

Consequently, if the fan is to rotate at its optimum blade speed the LPT blading will spin slowly, so additional LPT stages will be required, to extract sufficient energy to drive the fan. Introducing a planetary reduction gearbox , with a suitable gear ratio, between the LP shaft and the fan enables both the fan and LP turbine to operate at their optimum speeds.

Most of the configurations discussed above are used in civilian turbofans, while modern military turbofans e. High-pressure turbine[ edit ] Most civil turbofans use a high-efficiency, 2-stage HP turbine to drive the HP compressor. While this approach is probably less efficient, there are savings on cooling air, weight and cost. Because the HP compressor pressure ratio is modest, modern military turbofans tend to use a single-stage HP turbine.

Low-pressure turbine[ edit ] Modern civil turbofans have multi-stage LP turbines e. The number of stages required depends on the engine cycle bypass ratio and how much supercharging i. A geared fan may reduce the number of required LPT stages in some applications.

Cycle improvements[ edit ] Consider a mixed turbofan with a fixed bypass ratio and airflow. Increasing the overall pressure ratio of the compression system raises the combustor entry temperature. Therefore, at a fixed fuel flow there is an increase in HP turbine rotor inlet temperature.

Although the higher temperature rise across the compression system implies a larger temperature drop over the turbine system, the mixed nozzle temperature is unaffected, because the same amount of heat is being added to the system. There is, however, a rise in nozzle pressure, because overall pressure ratio increases faster than the turbine expansion ratio, causing an increase in the hot mixer entry pressure.

A similar trend occurs with unmixed turbofans. So turbofans can be made more fuel efficient by raising overall pressure ratio and turbine rotor inlet temperature in unison. Increasing the latter may require better compressor materials. If the latter is held constant, the increase in HP compressor delivery temperature from raising overall pressure ratio implies an increase in HP mechanical speed. However, stressing considerations might limit this parameter, implying, despite an increase in overall pressure ratio, a reduction in HP compressor pressure ratio.PWC Flat rated at SAEC still produces this engine.

Type Free-turbine turboprop. Sump capacity 3. Three stages, First stage transonic. Of these.