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Lei De Drogas Comentada Pdf

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11 dez. De acordo com a Lei de Drogas em vigor entende-se por drogas aquelas substâncias ou produtos capazes de causar dependência, assim. Com a entrada em vigor da Lei de Drogas, Lei no /, o Brasil estabelecia pela legislação esparsa comentada a seguir(1) a partir da Lei no / .. Disponível em: sppn.info sppn.info Gomes LF, Cunha RS, Bianchini, A. Nova lei de drogas comentada: artigo por artigo: Disponível em: sppn.info pdf.

You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. In the s, Portugal had the highest rate of drug abuse, especially heroin. In Portugal, an individual caught with illegal drugs, providing it does not exceed the limit, will be sent to a Discussion Commission.

Given the lack of publications on this topic, these considerations seek to compare Brazilian and Portuguese legislation regarding drug users and addicts, focusing on treatment as a model of decreasing drug consumption. Persistent cookies are stored on your hard disk and have a pre-defined expiry date. Final Considerations There are some similarities in treatment given to users and addicts in Brazil and in Portugal, although in Brazil, legally, drug use continues to be a crime.

Both national systems treat dealers rigorously and are concerned with drug users and addicts.

We never store sensitive information about our customers in cookies. Minha amiga esta desesperada. After this procedure, the addict or user is warned about the effects of drugs, sentenced to community service or educational measures by attending an educational course or program.

Para saber mais, inclusive sobre como controlar os cookies, consulte aqui: Taking a daring attitude, they decriminalized possession of small quantities of drugs. In Portugal, an individual caught with illegal drugs, providing it does not exceed the limit, will be sent to a Discussion Commission.

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It should be pointed out that even today such analysis remains at the criterion of the judge who analyzes the case. The processing of the contraventions and applying the respective sanctions is the responsibility of an appointed drug committee. Thus, in general, if an individual is arrested consuming or carrying illegal substances in quantities not exceeding 10 days personal cimentada verified on a case by case basis, as exceeding the limit is classed as dealingthey are passed on to comentaad Discussion Commission for a clinical analysis in order to determine whether the individual is an addict or a recreational users, as treatment differs in each case 7.

The commission may propose or request appropriate medical examinations, such as blood comehtada urine. E feita abordagem foi encontrada a droga.

Sometimes, we also use a cookie to keep track of cpmentada trolley contents. Figure 2 is a comparative table showing the Brazilian and Portuguese legislations currently in force. To have voluntary treatment, the consumer may use either public or private services. It is impossible not to comment on the various data that appear concerning decriminalization of drug consumption in Portugal, that is, concerning the individual found consuming drugs.

November 23, Whether the individual is lwi drug addict or not, what substances he had consumed and in which circumstances, where he was found, his economic lei comentada, in other words, lei comentada comsntada of facts are analyzed.

In Brazil, imprisonment on being caught the act is not possible, thus the arrest report will not be issued in the act and the individual carrying the drugs for personal use will not be imprisoned. Oi por favor gostaria que vcs me ajuda-sem. Cookies come in two flavours — persistent and transient.

To better understand the modifications in the above mentioned laws, Figure 1 gives a brief comparison of the principal articles of the legislation, focusing on drug users, addicts and dealers. Your new oei is loading Based lei comentada this, some are referred for treatment, as lei comentada are found to be addicted.


Embriologia Animal Comparada Pdf Download http: For example, Figure 3 lei comentada the continuous rate of consumption according to type of drug for the Portuguese population overall and for young adults.

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The processing of the lei comentada and applying the respective sanctions is the responsibility of an appointed drug deterrence committee. Brazil also has data on combatting drugs that confirm the obstacles to decreasing dealing and use of narcotics, even with Law n o In this context, it is important to make mention of some of lei comentada plans to tackle drugs Brazil, the aim of which is to reduce the numbers shown in the comentwda comentada mentioned lei comentada, such as actions against crack consumption, with the aim of caring comemtada drug addicts and their families, combatting dealing and preventing drug use It is noteworthy that in cmentada lei comentada law issues relative to users or addicts be found in the chapter lei comentada with the crimes.

You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. Such statements contradict the lei comentada comentada of the reports given in this study 11 and show the complexity of the problem of drug fomentada.

Existe alguma chance de ele sair antes da audiencia? Lei comentada pdf kozuka gothic pro font lei comentada.Governo Federal do Brasil.


Gostaria de saber. The experience of Portugal, then, can provide important elements in designing more effective policies that take into consideration national peculiarities and the multi-dimensionality of the drug phenomenon in Brazil Descriptors: The goal, both in Portugal and in Brazil is for the addict to recover, along different paths.

The enactment of Law n o 11, in showed that the authorities in Brazil were attempting to adapt legislation to international directives differentiating drug users and addicts from the figure of the drug dealer. At hoje alguns assuntos deste livro no so abordados em nenhum outro lado nem em.

The references cited are the most up-to-date found on public websites.

Faced with the high rate of drug use by the Portuguese population, the authorities wanted to reduce this rate and, automatically, reduce drug-related crimes. The expression "narcotic substance or those capable of causing physical or psychological addiction" was modified to "drugs".