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Njanappana can be considered as the Bhagavad Gita of Malayalees. This is a Darshanika kaavyam or philosophical poem expressed in the simplest Malayalam. NJANAPPANA - PDF - MALAYALAM. Posted by Jayakrishnan Omalloor On 0 comments. PDF FILE Download: sppn.info?9z9b3chzsacw9wd. Jnanappana is a devotional poem written by the 16th century Malayalam poet Poonthanam. Njanappana - Full Lyrics · Njanappana - Translation and Commentary - Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 · Njanappana and its importance · Vaikhari Digital Archive - Works of Poonthanam including Complete Jnanappana in Malayalam PDF.

Njanappana Malayalam Pdf

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Malayalam works of Poonthanam were more dear to him than the Sanskrit works of. Melpathur. Some people term it as the “Bhagavad Geetha of Malayalam”. Jnanappana is a devotional poem written by the 16th century Malayalam poet Poonthanam. Njanappana is a popular prayer dedicated to Sri Krishna, to the Guruvayurappan form of Krishna worshipped in Sri Krishna Temple in.

Njanappana Lyrics in Malayalam in pdf format

To get salvation easily, give your ears to this. This one who stands detached from everything, is the one who made the world! Three worlds are contained in this 'One', and compared to this, this world is nothing! When we think of these three, we can see that life is tied up by these, one using golden chain, the other using iron chain, and the mix of good and bad deeds uses a chain made of both gold and iron. Those who are in the way of Brahma also are tied up with their deeds.

Even the dik paalakas the Gods protecting the eight directions are bound at their own directions. We, with our silly deeds changes our form from one species to another, by entering the womb and coming out of it and thereby playing with our deeds. Those gone to the heaven by performing good deeds enjoys there till their credits of their good deeds expire. They take birth on earth, and if they die after many bad deeds, will be thrown to the dens. One life from heaven will take birth in this world as a Brahmin the best caste.

These lives going up and down like this earns all deeds from this earth; endless deeds! Then they come again to earth to earn more deeds. It is like , staying somewhere else with the money you got it from your home. The playground for all deeds is the place of birth which is earth. The Earth, the mother of the world gives everything they like to the devotees, to the ones yearning for liberation and to the good and successful ones.

She is the root nature of the Lord, visible to us. The incarnations of the supreme is happening, to protect her only. Because of this, Earth is the best among the fourteen worlds. Saints in the way of Vedas and the Vedas themselves tell this with great respect.

In the great ocean there are lakhs of islands wherein seven are the best. As the centre point of the lotus Earth stands aplace known as 'Bhoodharendra', which is divided in to nine parts. Among these nine, Bharatha country is the best part. Respected saints are telling this is the area of Karma. Even for those in Brahmaloka, the seed of Karma is to be sprouted from there.

It is not easy to destroy Karma and to take life to salvation, in the parts other than Bharathakhanda the country Bharata. We all should remember that this Bharatha is such an important a place.

Among all the four yugas, Kaliyuga is the best as it is very easy to attain salvation in the same. Thinking of this, those lives in the other thirteen worlds, those in the other six islands, those in the other eight khandas sectors and those in the other three yugas ,praises and respects the Bharathakhanda of Kaliyuga; as they are unable to attain salvation.

They think..

We salute every human and even Kali who took birth here at this time, o Krishna! Instead, we all should remember that this time is Kaliyuga, this place is Bharatha and we are all humans. You think well about whether the names of Hari are vanishing, whether the fear of den is decreasing, whether this is a life without a tongue or whether we do not have this destruction at all. He has to his credit many books in English, including the translations of many scriptures.

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His translation of Bhagavata Purana in four volumes has been highly acclaimed in intellectual and devotional circles. He was the president of Ramakrishna Math, Chennai from Swamiji was well known for his austere life and intuitive intellect. He was a prolific writer. Some of the books authored by him are listed below. He translated many Hindu classics into English from original Sanskrit.

The Bhagavad Gita emphasizes a path of devotion toward the personal God, Krishna.

It was first published in by Macmillan Publishers and is now available in nearly sixty languages and is primarily promoted and distributed by followers of ISKCON. The Truth is Brahma itself, and the good people believe in this.

Without knowing what is to be known from the knowledge, some pretends to be a scholar. It is just like an ass carries saffron without knowing the smell of it.

Thinking of Lord, one can see all these illusions are because of the desire. Life period is counted down and the desire is going up and up. Why to say this much about it? You should think about it today.

Why to waste time, all of you go to Vaikunda! We are together neither at the time of birth nor at that of death.


O why should we compete for nothing, in this meantime we saw each other? Having Purusharthha with us, why we are longing for wealth? Why should we consider other light during daylight? Is there any need of other children when Unnikkannan Lord Krishna in the form of a kid is playing in our mind?

We have got many friends, but are there not devotees of Lord Vishnu? Seeing the tricks of the Maya Illusion , life too plays its silly tricks and these are the prosperities in this world.

This world is our home, the master of the world, the Lord is the father for all of us and the Mother of the world is the mother for each living thing. This father and Mother are there to protect us always.

The food is their bhiksha to us and all we have to do is to have the same. We all should live carefully in this way, as much as we can, for the life period allotted to us. We should salute and praise , without any shame, each and every living things. Being His devotee, one should suffer all the harshness towards him. When one sees good people, he should bow down without shame. One should dance in devotion, like an insane. When world goes like this, difficulties will run away. Seeing the Brahma rising, the life rush towards it.

Let one be the low caste or the high caste in the way of Vedas ie Brahmin, if not born as dumb , utter once in any day ,just one among the innumerous names of the Lord-whether it be when you sit freely, or unknowingly in your dreams, or considering it as something else in fun, or even for somebody else.

Let one be in any place, if he utter this with his tongue, or if not,hear this with his ear one time in any day, his life has become fruitful and he will get salvation.

This is mentioned by the teacher Shridharaacharya a character in Hindu mythology , Badarayana Vyasa, author of Mahabharata , Geetha The holy bhagavat Gita and the Vedas. Chant happily His names to join happily in Brahma. This is required only if you have will for it.

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This is the greatness of His name. O Lord!Durga, this is an excellent work!! In the great ocean there are lakhs of islands wherein seven are the best. It is like , staying somewhere else with the money you got it from your home. Atleast in this confused world young ppl should be brought up with these examples!!!!

Madhusoodanan Nair V. The Truth is Brahma itself, and the good people believe in this.