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This book represents the drug game during the late 80's from the inner city streets of Philadelphia. The main characters, Gena and Quadir find themselves. True to the Game is considered a 'street classic' and for over twenty years has . True to the Game II (GCP, ) and True to the Game III (GCP, ) both. sppn.info: True to the Game (True to the Game trilogy, Book 1) True to the Game represents life on the streets, where it's true that there's no way out once you're in, and True to the Game IIPaperback True to the Game IIIPaperback.

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True to the Game book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. True to the Game is considered a 'street classic' and for over tw. The True to the Game book series by Teri Woods includes books True to the Game, True to the Game II, and True to the Game III. See the complete True to the . download a cheap copy of True to the Game book by Teri Woods. This book represents the drug game during the late 80's from the inner city streets of Philadelphia.

I couldnt believe the mind of Terri Woods its amazing! Book 3 was soo off the hook!

I flipped through this book so fast there had to be smoke coming from my pages! He's back! So Gena is on the run and everybody is after her loot! The 17 million is driving folks crazy! They are plotting and planing oh SNAP! They are plotting and planing on Gena. There is a sick , twisted killer on the loose and peoples I have to say if you have a weak stomach be prepared for some intense sexual scenes of rape. As a reader it took me to a place i did not want to go. View 1 comment.

Feb 28, Candace rated it it was ok Shelves: This book had much more action than book two, but there were so many questions that needed answers How did Red feel about Rasun's death? Did Quadir go back to Amelia to have her stitch him up? More importantly, how did Quadir explain to Gena about his daughter? Spare me!

Quadir is supposed to be on the lam because he's supposed to be dead, so why is Gena's entire family in attendance? Totally unrealistic and The Caribbean has extradition treaties with America, which includes the Bahamas. Nov 20, Samantha Boyd rated it it was amazing. The story line was very a great follow up to her True to the Game series and I was pleased with how the story began and unfolded.

Terri Woods takes what you think is the end, and crafts it as just the beginning of a wild ride. There are the Cops who want the money and they will do whatever it takes to get it Rik owes some big time bosses money and he knows that Gena is holding some cash since she offered to give him some. But an unexpected visit from someone she thought was dead will help and guide her through the troubling times This book was filled with adventure and it was not your average run of the mill, drug selling book.

Following her near death experience in the hotel with Jerrell, Gena is whisked away by an unknown savior and nursed back to health. Now awake, Gena is ready to meet the person behind it all In the third installment, the "True to the Game" trilogy comes to an end and answers the one question readers want to know - Is Quadir alive? Defined by no substance, no story and no characterization, this novel is like watching paint dry.

The few moments of action quickly dissipate. In large, "True to WHY? In large, "True to the Game III" focuses on explaining past situations and crooked cops in pain staking, drawn out detail. I can't help but play on the title and say this book was not "true to the game.

Reviewed by: Sep 21, K rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Okay what can I say? Quadir is a bitch for not telling Gena. Omg the way she had the crazy twin chasing after her.

Attacking all of her family and her friend. It was brutal. I was not expecting that. I did however expect him to be moving on. Which I didn't like. I can't lie. It made me mad. Idc how cool Amelia was or whatever. Happy they got back together and married. Great way to close the book. Can't wait to watch the movie. Mar 22, LaMaya rated it really liked it. True to the Game part 3, was a great book and I enjoyed how the author, Teri Woods, went about writing it. True to the Game part 3, was written from a different point view of a character and it retraced the same exact steps from the last book, and then continued it from this characters point of view.

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I think the author succeeded in this task because everything made sense. If you read the previous book, True To The Game 2, there were a lot of cliffhangers that made you wonder: Who is that? Who is True to the Game part 3, was a great book and I enjoyed how the author, Teri Woods, went about writing it. Who is in the car following Gena? So this book, True to the Game 3, was revealing who these people are and how did it get to the ending of True to the Game 2.

I liked reading True to the Game because of the reality of the book. It wasn't a fake plot and it didn't have characters that were very, "Hollywood". Having the setting of the book taking place in Harlem, New York and in Philadelphia around the 's gave me the opportunity to picture what was happening because I live in Philadelphia and I knew a lot about the streets, and certain locations that took place in this book.

Now if you are a fan of one of the well known t.

I'd love to give a quote from somewhere in this book to prove what I am saying, but I don't want to give away anything that happens in True to The Game 3. Apr 08, Natikwa Goodwin rated it really liked it. This third and final book of the series True To The Game was very good. This book filled in all the gaps that the second one had left. I personally feel like the 2nd book and this one could have certainly been one. The ending of the second book left me with many questions that the first few chapters on the 3rd one had answered.

This entire thing was completely unbelievable, it was a one in a million ye This third and final book of the series True To The Game was very good.

This entire thing was completely unbelievable, it was a one in a million years situation.

It made me want to keep reading to see what else the author could possibly come up with the drag out the plot that had been set. This seems to have been a good tactic to keep me reading. This book was also interesting to read because it took place in the city that I live in, Philadelphia.

It was enthusing to read the names of the streets in Philadelphia that I have been on; it was easy for me to visualize. Overall, this book was a very good read as well as the first one.

The ending of the book caused a lot of confusion for me though, how did they explain to everyone else what had happened? The last chapter down to the last sentence left me with many questions.

But being as though this is the last book in the series, these questions must go unanswered. Customers who bought this item also bought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. True to the Game II.

Teri Woods. True to the Game III. The Streets Have No King. JaQuavis Coleman. Deadly Reigns: The First of a Trilogy. Customers who viewed this item also viewed.

The Coldest Winter Ever: A Novel. Sister Souljah. True to the Game. About the Author Teri Woods is a native of Philadelphia. Read more. Product details Series: Teri Woods Fable Paperback: Teri Woods Publishing June Language: English ISBN Tell the Publisher! I'd like to read this book on Kindle Don't have a Kindle? Share your thoughts with other customers.

Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention true to the game teri woods coldest winter terri woods winter ever must read b-more careful page turner story line gena and quadir game iii years ago really enjoyed ever read good book drug dealer edge of my seat quadir and gena best book part iii. Showing of reviews.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified download. Finally reaching the end of this trilogy is bittersweet.

While I'm ecstatic to finally know the fate of Quadir and Gena's love, as well as have some unanswered questions that built up within the first two books answered I'm sad to be at the end. The characters in this trilogy force you to invest in them from page one of book one. The entire series embodies everything that classics are made of, so it's kinda hard to say goodbye.

I'm aware that all good things must come to an end BUT that doesn't make it any easier to leave this book and move on to the my next read in cue. Gena, Quadir, Rik, Jerrell, Gah Git, The Twins, Gary, Viola, and so on will always and forever be memories of a true street lit classic that feels just like the first time each and every time I've read it.

My name is K Sherrie, And I recommend this read. My favorite book series. When part 2 of the movie comes out. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Little does Gena know that the man she has fallen in love with, so soon after Quadir's death, is his archrival, Jerrell Jackson. Unfortunately, Jerrell is determined to get his revenge against Quadir's crew and he'll start with Gena.

True to the Game III

Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. Published November 1st by Grand Central Publishing. More Details True to the Game 2. Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about True to the Game II , please sign up. Who is Lita? Is she Gena's daughter? Ta Lita was Ricks lady in the first book. She was killed when Qua was shot. See 1 question about True to the Game II…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews.

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More filters. Sort order. Dec 16, Shaleena rated it it was amazing. Reading this again for the second time. I was feeling the pain for Gena after Qua got killed. But I was happy that she found the money. I was mad with Gena because she was so blinded by wanting to be loved that she didn't do a background check on Jerrell. I read part 2 and 3 on yesterday and I was mad that she let him get so close so quickly. She knew that he didn't have as much as Qua but I still would have thought he would try to use me for my money.

But here again this just a book and she did Reading this again for the second time. But here again this just a book and she didn't know who to trust. But she even said to herself that she couldn't she herself being him because she really didn't know him.

I don't know what she was thinking bout. Then offering Rik that money was stupid everybody knew Qudir was a millionair. She was spending too freely for me but all and all this was a great book.

Hardback Editions

And I will read this again!!! View all 3 comments. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Clearly this author is talented.

Heck, this trilogy is now going to be a movie. Yes, I am looking forward to seeing it. I want to see how they take this and make it into an entertaining tale for movie goers. I listened to this book on Audible.

Hands down the best thing about this book was Cary Hite's voice in my ear. He brings stories to life. As uninteresting as this story was for me, I still enjoyed him. Okay enough of Mr. There was not enough movement in this story to warrant breaking the Clearly this author is talented. There was not enough movement in this story to warrant breaking the story up into another installment. Throughout this entire edition, I kept saying two things -"I thought Gina was in mourning over Qua?

I highly doubt that before she found the money she "came up on" that a street savvy woman would have blown thru the money that Rick gave her to hold her over until she found a job or her next baller.

She took 20K and outfitted her grandmothers home in the projects, instead of using the things that she had in storage. Wouldn't all the activity of the new furniture, flooring, etc.

The Richard Allen projects were supposed to be a dangerous place. This just made no sense to me.

True To The Game Book Summary and Study Guide

Ra's and the dope boy round up story line made sense and went along with a hood tale. This kind of thing happens. I get it.

I could even understand Jarelle's story line in this edition again not out of character and made sense. Gina's parental history.

It was brought up and I'm hoping it will have some relevance in the last installment. It had none in this one. The moves made were not the moves of hood kings and queens. I'm not one and even I can tell common sense should have prevailed with characters like Gina. And I'll say it again, telling a reader someone is a certain type of person doesn't work unless the actions of the character reflect it.

I didn't feel that Gina was in mourning nor was she street savvy. All that being said, I am going to listen to the final installment next. Fingers crossed the story picks up Update: This story did not translate well to the big screen, but for what I believe is a first time effort, I commend the author for actually getting her story told in a new medium.

Hopefully, lessons learned will be reflected in her new endeavors. Mar 24, 4 shaqdaddy rated it it was amazing. For example, I may come across a homeless cocaine addict on the street begging for money, or row homes filled with friendly neighbors that greet you as you walk into your home. As I was reading this wonderful story, certain chapters had me reminiscing on my past in the summer because I could remember my Uncle and his friends walking to school in the morning, or catching a glimpse of what seems to be a bloody war but actually to girls fighting on a hot day after school.

That same incident occurred in the book, but I'm pretty sure that wasn't their Uncle. All three combinations lead up to an amazing story. First, I noticed how engaging this story was because once I've read one page something was pulling me to read another. If that's not enough proof for you then I guess when one of the characters get raped right in the middle of chapter two will and if not then I don't know what else will.

Or maybe when the baby of one of the top selling drug dealers get snatched from both of her parents while all of them were in the mist of their own home by someone she cheated with her husband on, and possibly could not be her husbands father but the kidnappers which was the mistress's husband friend at the time.

Such juicy details came along with such a wonderful shocking story. Furthermore, if you are looking to read a story that has a shocking climax or better yet suspense that will have you pulling your air out of your head until you know what actually is going on then this is the story for you.

Reading more into the book I noticed that this one particular girl fell in love with someone you thought was her soul mate. Surprisingly, Q also known as Quadir died because of the type of Drug related lifestyle he was living.I was a bit disappointed. When the characters were introduced, they weren't really given a good physical description and so I was left to use my imagination. She made it seeable. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

The lifestyle of the young men thinking they can do it for a few years to make quick money then get out is really messed up.