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Convert PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, CAD and more. Edit PDF files quickly & accurately. Used by 90% of the Fortune Companies. Get your Free trial!. Try free Able2Extract Professional desktop PDF converter and editor for desktop. % Able2Extract PDF Converter – Convert PDF to Word, Excel and More!. Able2Extract latest version: Extract and convert PDFs in a few clicks. point of Able2Extract is that it's especially designed to extract to Microsoft Word and Excel .

Able To Extract Pdf To Word

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With sppn.info you can convert native and scanned PDF files to Word without limits. No email or registration is required. It is fully secure and anonymous. Able2Extract - Create & edit PDF, convert PDF to Excel, Word. Convert Any PDF (scanned or regular) to Word Online Immediately is a web- based tool and you need to have internet connection to be able to use it.

How to open a PDF in Word Very few users know that with Word , you don't need any special techniques or third party programs to convert a PDF into a Word document and edit its content. You simply open a PDF document like any other. Then choose the file location by clicking Browse and double-click on the file to open it.

When opening the first PDF file, you will see a message explaining that the resulting Word document might not look exactly as the original PDF file. Here is a list of basic document elements that may not be converted correctly: tables with cell spacing, page colors and borders, frames, tracked changes, footnotes and endnotes, PDF bookmarks, comments and tags, audio, video, PDF active elements and some other.

As you see, the list of limitations is pretty long. On the other hand, who can point out any software or PDF to Word online converter that impeccably handles all this stuff?

The whole page might show up as an image if your PDF contains mostly charts and other graphics. However, please be aware that many so-called "free online PDF to Word converters" are conditionally free, because they have a limit to the number of free conversions per a certain period and delays to convert another file.

Also, there is a massive difference in the quality of results.

And now, let me present you a few online services that specialize in PDF to Word conversions. But first, let's have a quick look at two PDF files we want to export to Word. A more complex PDF file with a few sophisticatedly formatted tables. This is actually a PDF invoice containing the downloader and seller details as well as information about the download items.

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The result is sent to you by email. Almost always their conversions are great, and so are the limitations of the free version, alas. The commercial Nitro Pro software for desktop is also available, you can download a day trial version using the above link. Result: Great at converting simple PDF documents that contain nothing more than text, basic tables or forms, not very good at rendering interactive forms and complex tables. Our first test PDF file EULA was exported flawlessly and very close to the original PDF format, the company's logo and other details were converted into the non-editable image header and footer of the Word document.

The conversion of second PDF was much poorer - the text and numbers were converted correctly, but the tables' formatting was mangled like in Adobe Acrobat's conversion. Since conversions are tied to an email, an easy way to get another five is to provide an alternative email address.

Able2Extract Professional 14

The file limit is 50 pages and under 5MB. It differs from many counterparts in the way that it won't ask for your email address but rather lets you download the output document from the web-site. After uploading and converting your PDF document, a preview window will show how the output Word document is going to look like.

Pay attention that the output Word file is neither. Naturally, after downloading the file to your computer, you can easily save it as Word Document. The second PDF was converted far worse, the tables' formatting was distorted even to a bigger extent than by Nitro. Limitations: Apart from the file limit of 5MB, none that I am aware of.

Zamzar - all in one free online converter Zamzar converter supports different file types, including PDF, various Microsoft Office formats, audio, video, e-books, documents, etc.

A really nice feature is that you can drag-and-drop files instead of browsing for them as well as upload a file from the web by specifying its URL. Another benefit is the ability to convert up to 10 files simultaneously even more with paid subscriptions.

The resulting file will be emailed to you as soon as the conversion is complete. One drawback is that each conversion is delivered separately, even if you have uploaded multiple files at a time. Result: Fairly good with simple PDF files.

Download Able2Extract Professional

When converting more complex documents, you may end up having poor text formatting and badly drawn forms and tables. Limitations: Compared to online PDF converters, it has a very generous file size limit - up to MB, which could be increased up to 2GB with paid subscriptions.

A paid account also gives you bulk conversions, a personal inbox and online storage, from 5 to GB, depending on which plan you choose. A list of commercial plans is available here. Files - free online file converter ConvertFiles is another universal online file converter that works with a wide range of file types from PDF and DOC to audio, video, archives, images and e-books.

Apart from uploading files from your computer, you can also convert a file from the internet by supplying its URL. Files has a couple of specialized online services that may also prove useful: OnlineOCR - optical character recognition service to convert scanned PDFs and images.

Additional observations: handles interactive forms much better than other free online converters, but isn't so accurate in rendering text formatting and layout, occasionally fails to correctly justify and position text inside multiple cells. Limitations: A huge file size limit of MB covers almost all needs, maybe except for the most enormous files.

The only drawback is that a PDF cannot be converted to the modern Word format. Of course, it's no biggie to save it as. It is designed as a cloud service to store, convert and merge your PDFs.

PDF to Word conversion in three easy steps

The output Word file. They also provide optional integration with Dropbox. Another unique feature is the ability to create workflows, which basically means chaining certain operations together, e. Result: Performed almost exactly the same as the previous ones. Limitations: As a non-registered guest, you can upload just 1 file under 2MB. A free account increases the max file size up to 5MB and gives you 50MB of online storage.

Able2Extract Details

An account also gives you the ability to upload 10 files at a time instead of just one. You can access your file from your home, the office or anywhere else. PDF Pro is on the cloud, so whenever you access the site, you're accessing the latest version of the software. No lengthy updates - or software downloads - required.

The main benefit of converting PDFs to Microsoft Word documents is the ability to edit the text directly within the file. This is especially helpful if you want to make significant changes to your PDF, as most people are comfortable and familiar with Microsoft Word.

If you're wondering how to convert PDF files to Word documents for free, it's important to note that quality of the resulting Word document is also important, not just the cost. While there are several free PDF to Word converters, the majority do not sufficiently maintain the original formatting and spacing of the file. Our converter tool delivers a result that looks like your original PDF file.

We created our PDF to Word free converter tool so you no longer need to waste time retyping files in Word. Within seconds you can change your PDF to a Docx and make the necessary edits. Not only is our PDF to Word converter free, online and available whenever you need it, we allow users to convert 2 additional files per month for free too.

So go ahead and convert PDF to Word for free. We think you will be happy with the results! Click to upload your PDF.

The file s you uploaded is greater than 2MB, this can take longer to upload. Please be patient.

Your files stay private. PDF to Word conversion in three easy steps.Custom PDF to Excel conversion allows you to manually designate the column and row structure of your data.

Encrypt and decrypt existing PDF documents with ease. View all case studies. The converted file will be ready to download directly on the website. The program first attempts to repair the zip structure of the file as in all likelihood this where corruption has occurred. Freeware 20 Jul 4.

You make a valid point. Save your custom PDF to Excel conversion as a template and eliminate the time spent on resetting the same conversion parameters for similarly formatted PDFs. PDF Forms.