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Thursday, September 5, 2019

The issue we have is that now he has changed it back, but OCS is not updating his name from downloading the delta files for the address book. When you log on to Microsoft Office Communicator, you receive the following error message: Cannot Synchronize Address Book. When you. For all of our users on their Office Communicator client the following error message "Cannot synchronize with the corporate address book.

Address Book Office Communicator

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Apparently I didn't read your second edit the other day. So if the CRL is the issue, there's a couple of options you have - the best option is to. A very common scenario in OCS and R2 is that client computers do not get updates to the Address Book right away. I know that this. Force the Communicator R2 Address Book to instantly update on both x86 and x64 machines.

Right, so next it was off to reconfigure our internal Certificate Authority server with the correct CRL locations.

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On the Certificate Authority, we open up the MMC snap-in, right click the server name and select properties. You then want to configure some valid location underneath here and tick the box to ensure these are being included in the issued certificates.

For example in my case, I ensured that there were 3 additional entries not including the C: Windows one: Active Directory…..

Delta CRL Locations….. Once these have been applied to the OCS server OCS services do NOT need to be restarted , you clients just need to sign out and back in and all of your address book issues are fixed!

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The following registry key works for x64 systems:. Please make sure you back up your registry before making changes as making changes to the registry can be harmful to your system if not done properly.

Elan Shudnow:: Great info Elan. Ya, it was driving me mad why it wouldn't work. Thanks, and its really great to point everytime on the differences of x86 and x64 regarding communicator.

Most of these registry hacks were introduced far after RTM, and it seems the official GIGA-CHM will never include or its just in a huge delay a comprehensive list of all these finetunes.

I just forgot to say: Hi Mr. Elan, this is Jayden from Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore.

We are now doing our finaly year project and it is something like your OCS. Would it be possible to have youe contact as we have so much to ask you. And we want to ask your permission that can we follow something like your setup of OCS 07 R2? But maybe not so complex haha.. Would be my honor to have you in my msn.

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Thanks, but I have a problem with this question. This may be cause the proxy server setting in your web browser does not allow access to the addres book. Can you help me?

That error can be caused by several things. Make sure that Communicator is patched with the latest MSP. Hopefully this article will help a few of you better understand OCS.

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Sometime soon, I will post in depth install instructions for each component and server role. The idea of me writing this was to help others fundamentaly understand all of the OCS R2 moving parts before you begin installing servers.

There are many ways to deploy this type of environment and many variables that can change the design, such as virtualization and network architecture. I roughly allocated GB total to this project.

We are keeping 60 days worth of Archived data. The Internal NICs have no gateway defined. Microsoft recommends you must place these NICs are different VLANs, however we have locked down the servers and ports and ensured they are shielded by the external and local OS based Firewall.Execute an abserver.

Cookie Policy. Use Snooper. Time will pass and eventually everyone will get the update. In case it's at all helpful - the OCS build has been homed in a resource forest seperate from the forest hosting most user accounts.

Communicator Unable to download Address Book – Misconfigured external URL

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