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Alternate Picking Improver Pdf

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You should move the pick just to hit the string, up and down, without a large movement. One useful exercise to internalize this movement is to down-stroke an open string, and suddenly mute it with the pick, that executes an up-stroke and stop on the string.

Then do the same in the opposite direction, play the open string with an up-stroke, and mute it with the down-stroke.

This train your right hand in keeping the crossing string action as small as possible. Record yourself and listen to This is a simple but invaluable tip given by Guthrie Govan : record yourself and then listen to the track carefully.

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Try to spot mistakes or imprecision. If what you hear is ok, then you can increase the speed of the metronome that you always use, right? While playing, you're not fully aware of the sounds you produce, as you have to care about frets, hands, picking and so forth.

Recording and listening is a great way to get an impartial feedback on your progress and performance.

Keep your hands with no tensions When speed increases, is naturally to be a little in tension. You should have your hands always relaxed, you should not feel a tension in tendons or muscles.


If this happens, decrease the speed just a bit and check if your hands are more relaxed. Play with the metronome Sometimes try to overshoot your target speed.

If you can play comfortably at bpm, and you want to practice for reaching bpm, try to play the exercise at bpm for a while. This pushes your hands to work harder.

Then decrease the speed near the target speed and see what happens.

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Often in this way speed is developed more quickly than increasing bpm without overshooting. Alternate Picking Exercise: conclusions and useful links I hope this set of picking exercise will give you something to practice on. As a final tip, I want to say to take your time: it's easy to be fascinated by those incredible shredders out there, but the key to get speed and precision on guitar is to start very slow, focusing on the present moment, one note at a time, and increasing bpm little by little.

Here are some useful links to help you further with alternate picking Online Drum Machine : this tool is useful to create rhytmic patterns on the fly and use them to practice your exercises Right-left hands coordination video : in this video, Kris Norris shows you how to execute the exercise For questions or comments, please drop a line in the section below.

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Very Effective Alternate Picking Exercises

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