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Friday, March 29, 2019

Hi, I need to embed in a PDF file created in the past (on a WinXP PC) the following fonts - ArialMT - Arial-BoldItalicMT - Times-Roman -. ArialMT Regular ArialMT Regular ArialMT ArialMT Fantazia Fonts and Sounds. When using a PDF as an eFORMz project input file you might see some oddities when viewing the data. Below is an example of the potential.

Arialmt Font Pdf

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After much prodding and searching, I have discovered that the problem is that the font used in the PDF is actually ArialMT (a multibyte font) not Arial (a singlebyte. what did you use for pdf creation and how do you have fonts being . There appears to be no ArialMT font in the windows font directory, but. Looking at the properties, I see that, though my CG Times is duly listed, Acrobat has ArialMT instead. Curiously, I do not see such a font.

If you have extremely long documents or a slow computer, you may want to lengthen this if you run into problems.

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Here's what happens. You will see a dialog that gives you the option to tweak or not tweak the document. You will want to tweak the document. The dialog also gives you the option to do a "Silent" or "Verbose" tweak. This allows you to set a number of options on how the PDF document is created and displayed.

More documentation on that in the included PDF file. The "Silent" option to tweak, runs the macro without visually displaying any options. I set the default options to those I prefer.

Note: I have slightly modified Dave Baze's macro and if there are any problems with it, it is probably my fault. The gsPDF. It runs the Ghostscript console program to convert that to a PDF file, deletes the temporary postscript file, and then opens the PDF document in your default document viewer. I'm not sure this is worth all the work but there it is.

I set this up for use at the office where we are still using WP 11 and I wanted the option to create bookmarks and hyperlinks in the PDF document. I have tried it at home in WP X5 and it seems to work okay. TrueType and PostScript are not the same.

Its hard to know, I can't tell which parts of the PostScript program you have sent are generated by yourselves, and which parts by this other application. In the case of your program, ArialMT is defined as a Type 42 font.

It then calls composefont using those two as arguments. So you are creating a type 0 font with TrueType descendant fonts.

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This is a simplification, in practice we still use type 0 fonts, but with CIDFont descendants Note that its debatable whether text in this font would be searchable in any event, as the character codes are not ASCII obviously, they are 2 bytes wide , and no GlyphName2Unicode data is present, which prevents us manufacturing a ToUnicode CMap for inclusion in the PDF file.

The rest of the PS is generated by our application. If I'm understanding things more clearly, then if in the part that our application generates we had something like this And then the next step, instead of using the ttftotype42 program's generated output, would be to get the sfnts data from the original TTF font with a CIDFont PS "wrapper" as the "embedded" font data i.

Is that correct; am I on the right track?

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I'm having trouble finding one and all I can seem to find are programs that do the same thing as the ttftotype42 program. Yes, that's the bits that turn a TrueType font into something a PostScript interpreter can handle, a Type 42 font. Yes, that's correct. Given that you have this level of control, is there a reason why you don't simply add the TrueType fonts to either FontMap, or cidfmap, and let Ghostscript load the TrueType fonts as type 42 or as CIDFonts?

I'm not aware of anything which does that, but it shouldn't be especially hard for someone who understands CIDFonts and TrueType fonts to do so. Our customers can be using any TTF fonts which they have acquired and use them with our software. I guess that's my next task or someone else at our company that knows fonts better than me.

Question: Does unsearchable also imply bitmapped; i. I also notice in the ttftotype42 program output there is a CharStrings "array" that refers to glyph names that's extracted from the TTF font although that's not a Unicode mapping.

So if our crafted CMap references to glyph names is not "sufficient" for GS to create the GlyphNames2Unicode table or it doesn't work that way , then I would imagine that it should not be that difficult to create and include a GlyphNames2Unicode table in the PS if I can figure out how to do that, too.To change the colour of text, select the text with the paint can cursor.

I thought you might also be able to it by changing all occurrences of ArialMT to Arial in content. Good wishes!

You'll modify gsPDF. It may just be a few occurrences ie the PDF is told that ArialMT is used in the document , or it may be many occurrences one for each time ArialMT text appears or even something else.