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Bibbo M., Wilbur D. Comprehensive Cytopathology. Part 1. Файл формата pdf; размером ,92 МБ. Добавлен пользователем Евгений Comprehensive Cytopathology. 4th Edition. Authors: Marluce Bibbo David Wilbur . eBook ISBN: eBook ISBN: Hardcover. beginnings of clinical cytopathology thus date to. .. Marluce Bibbo, of the third edition of Compre- hensive .. routine manual practice.

Bibbo Cytopathology Pdf

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Bibbo Marluce; Hoda, Rana S. M.D.. International Journal of Gynecological Pathology: January - Volume 17 - Issue 1 - ppg Book Reviews: PDF Only. The second edition of Bibbo's Comprehensive Cytopathology is now available. The first edition was a fine, modern text on cytology. However, it is always. The Journal of Clinical Cytology and Cytopathology . Continued – by Marluce Bibbo .. ceptable files and formats are: Word or PDF files, Excel.

The other reason was that CPS is usually associated with some loss of cells in the collecting device while LBC is likely to be more representative due to direct transfer of the entire collecting device for the preservation and homogenization of the sample during processing.

Our study showed more number of endocervical cells in LBC, which was in accordance with a study by Bergerone et al. However, in the study of Strander et al. LBC showed a clumping of neutrophils [Figure 1] a-d; this was said to be due to tendency of LBC preservative fluid to stick to the inflammatory exudate forming clumps.


Despite the cleaner background and reduced neutrophils, usually inflammation is not missed out in LBC because as noted by other authors, the neutrophils although reduced are clearly seen in LBC. The organisms inclusive of commensals and pathogenic species were better appreciated in CPS with a statistically significant difference. In the Sherwani et al. LBC techniques in organism detection rate accounts to 55 48 vs.

Bibbo M., Wilbur D. Comprehensive Cytopathology. Part 1

Obwegeser et al. In the study of Strander et al.

The present work is a short-term study of 2 months' duration, which is the reason for the limited number of epithelial abnormalities. This is one of the major limitations of our study.

4th Edition

Taniguchi et al. The scores were summed to arrive at a total cumulative score for a given case [Table 6]. Khan et al. The final tumor grade was assigned by adding the different scores obtained [Table 7].

Comprehensive Cytopathology

Fan et al. A low cytoprognostic score predicted a low to intermediate grade carcinoma and a high score predicted an intermediate to high-grade carcinoma.

But, research results showed that the most important histomorphological prognostic factors for breast carcinoma patients were histologic type and nuclear grade. These are independent prognostic indicators that can predict overall and metastasis-free survival for local and regionalized breast carcinoma.

Today, the value of breast carcinoma histological grading is well-established and assigning the tumor grade has prognostic implication which helps in guiding appropriate therapy. Elston's modified Bloom and Richardson MRB method to grade breast carcinoma scores tubule formation, cellular pleomorphism, and mitotic rate. Score varies from 3 to 9 and is summed up to assign one of the three histological grades [Table 8].

For neoadjuvant therapy, it can be utilized by estimating tumor diameter radiologically, tumor grade by cytology, and lymph node status by staging lymphadenectomy while the primary tumor is left in situ. Assessment of biological aggressiveness of the cancer without removing it would, therefore, be valuable. International consensus conferences on breast carcinoma have directed time and again to include prognostic factors in histopathology and cytology reports. Evaluation of cytological tumor grade is quick, easy to perform, and correlates well with tissue nuclear grade.

It is a fundamental cytologic parameter which should be included in the FNA report. FNA with cytoprognostic score can be used as a semi-quantitative alternative or additional tool in continuous monitoring of therapy effect during treatment. FNA can provide information about intrinsic features of the tumor as well as its prognosis. Considerable limitation of FNA is to differentiate between intraductal and invasive carcinoma, as a diagnosis of intraductal neoplasia requires the careful study of overall architecture and basement membrane integrity that only histopathology can provide.

Cytopathologists have investigated the potential of useful prognostic indicators on breast aspirates.

The various features taken into consideration are: Cellular morphology and arrangement, nuclear character, number of mitosis, and background. Hence, it was simplified by Fisher into three nuclear grades, with Grade 1 representing the highest level of differentiation and Grade 3 equivalent to anaplasia. Dabbs [19] used Fisher's modification in their study by grouping together of Grades 1 and 2 as "favorable nuclear grade," for they were prognostically similar and favorable , while Grade 3 as "unfavorable nuclear grade" with poorer prognosis.

The strengths of this system were: 1 Nuclear grade was the most powerful predictor of tumor aggressiveness, when combined with histologic tumor type and race of the patient.

Robinson et al. The only weakness was that the mitotic count was not considered.Further, MNGCs with dense cytoplasm have angular cytoplasm and irregular shapes, are larger and contain a higher number of nuclei.

Remember me on this computer. Our study showed more number of endocervical cells in LBC, which was in accordance with a study by Bergerone et al.

Thanks in advance for your time. Transfer material to a mL conical centrifuge tube and label with multiple patient identifiers. Disease of the Veins, 2nd Edition. Assessment of biological aggressiveness of the cancer without removing it would, therefore, be valuable.

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A total of patients were assessed by the two methods Each author has participated sufficiently in the work and takes public responsibility for appropriate portions of the content of this article.