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Free download or read online ✅Black Magic bangla book from the category of Masud Rana Series. Portable Document Format (PDF) file size of Black Magic is . Koka Pondit by Asal Lojjatun Nesa (Bangla Black Magic Book) subimal · BANGLABOI · Kalo Jadu O tar Protikar Pdf - Bangla Black Magic Pdf - কালো যাদু ও তার. "Taking from the ancient books of the Kama Sutra and the Tao, "Sex and the Perfect Lover Sex and the Perfect Tantra and Kama Sutra Sex Positions.

Black Magic Book In Bengali Pdf

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Black magic bangla pdf. kalo jadu-compressed. Book name: Black magic (kalo jadu) writer: wahid bin abdus salam book size:4mb total page. Bengali Black Magic Pdf Black Magic For Beginners Pdf Asli Kala Jadu Pdf Asli Kala Jadu In Skeleton Book Discover Amazing Earth Magic Color Books Pdf. Koka pondith Black magic book book. Read 6 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. it's a very powerful black magic book,written by great.

Goniantor rated it it was amazing Nov 12, Ataullah Hadi rated it it was amazing Aug 30, Yaqoob Sagar rated it did not like it Dec 21, Md Shah rated it it was ok Jan 22, Aman Mandal rated it it was ok Apr 07, Domenic Moric rated it it was amazing Feb 24, Mohibur Rahman Daia rated it did not like it Dec 16, Fida Hussain rated it liked it Feb 09, Feb 07, Muskaan Alal added it.

Ali Hassan Meyo rated it it was amazing Oct 24, Hassan Khan rated it liked it Mar 30, Jeni rated it it was amazing Jan 22, Shivananda Biswas rated it really liked it Jan 17, Ghulam Murtaza rated it it was amazing Mar 04, Biki Basak rated it it was amazing Feb 08, Meer Mashooq rated it it was amazing Dec 20, Niaz rated it really liked it Apr 11, Ahmed Komail rated it it was amazing Jan 11, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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Trivia About Koka pondith Blac No person can control a thing when it is freely available to all. Sharing is a basic human impulse that binds people together. When we share knowledge, skills, experience, and wisdom, it costs us nothing but our time, and often leaves us richer than we were. I've also started my own site darkbooks. These are the best books on magic and esotericism, which I have and I read. They are all in pdf format.

All books can be downloaded free of charge, if you want to get them on CD you can order the entire collection of books on CD for a nominal fee.

This site is a non-profit venture. Revenue from CD is only used to help cover costs. These kinds of ghosts urges the late night fishermen or a lone person who carries fish with him to give them their fish by saying in a nasal tone - "Machh Diye Ja" meaning "give me the fish". If the person refuses to leave the fish for the Mechho Bhoot, it threatens to harm them.

Sometimes they steal fish from kitchens in village households or from the boats of fishermen.

Mamdo Bhoot: According to the beliefs of Bengali Hindu community, these are believed to be the ghosts of Muslims. Ghosts of such kind are believed to kill people by twisting their necks. Gechho Bhoot: It is a kind of ghost that lives in trees.

The word Gechho comes from the word Gaachh, which means tree in Bengali. This marsh light Will-o'-the-wisp often look like a flying, glowing orb of fire.

These confuse the fishermen to make them lose their bearings, and may even lead them to drown. Local communities in the region believe that these strange hovering marsh-lights are in fact ghost-lights representing the ghosts of fisherman who died fishing.

Sometimes they confuse the fishermen, and sometimes they help them avoid future dangers. Begho Bhoot are ghosts of the people who were killed or eaten by the tigers in Sundarbans , which is known to be the Royal Bengal Tiger Sanctuary of the Bengal region. The villagers living in the area believe in these kinds of ghosts. These entities are said to frighten people who enters the jungle in search of honey or woods, and try to bring them to face tigers.

Sometimes they do the mimicry of tigers to terrify the villagers. These are believed to be the spirit of those people who died by having their heads cut-off by train accident or by some other way. This kind of ghost always searches their missing heads, and pleads others to help them to find it. Sometimes they attack the humans and make them slaves to search for their lost heads.

Kanabhulo: This is a ghost which hypnotises a person, and takes him to some unknown location. The victim, instead of going into his destination, goes to another place which is silent and eerie. After that the victim loses his sense. These types of ghosts strike at night. Lone travellers, or a person separated from his group becomes the victim of such ghosts. Dainee: Dainee means " Witch ".

Dainee is not actually soul or spirit, rather is a living being.

Black Magic by Kazi Anwar Hossain (Masud Rana - , )

Usually in villages of Bengal, old suspicious women who know mumbo-jumbo and other witchcrafts or black magic are considered as Dainee. It is believed that the Dainee kidnaps children, kills them and suck their blood to survive a hundred years. A benevolent Brahmadaitya saving a poor Brahmin man from a group of Bhoot ghosts , while the man was cutting a branch from the yonder banyan tree or Ashwattha tree.

An illustration by Warwick Goble Brahmodaittyo: These are one of the most popular kind of ghost in Bengal who are believed to be benevolent. It is believed to be the ghost of holy Brahmin. Usually, they appear wearing a traditional Dhoti Bengali dress for men and the holy thread on their body. They are very kind and helpful to human being as depicted in many Bengali stories, folk-lores and movies.

However, the scientific explanation is believed to be Sleep Paralysis. While a person is having sleep paralysis, he hallucinates in his REM sleep while the brain is functioning but the body is asleep.

This actually causes the person to completely unable to move or speak, and results in to hallucinate weird entities such as an old hag a witch-like demonic being. They are called by different names in different localities of Bengal.

Young women, who either committed suicide by drowning due to an unhappy marriage they might have been jilted by their lovers or abused and harassed by their much older husbands , or who were violently drowned against their will especially after becoming pregnant with unwanted children , must live out their designated time on earth and come back as such beings.

Her main purpose is, however, to lure young men and take them into the depths of said waterways where she would entangle their feet with her long hair and submerge them. Their hair is very long and always wet, and their eyes are with out any iris. Like many fairies, they sometimes do take human lovers.

Unfortunately, most of such unions end tragically for the human. As is usually the case, they extract a promise from her mortal lover and when such promise is broken, she reveals herself to be the supernatural creature she is, often taking the life of the human in the process. The concept of such supernatural beings is similar to that of Rusalka from Slavic mythology.

Nishi: The Nishi Night Spirit lures its victim to a secluded area by calling to the person with the voice of a loved one. So, it is unknown what happens to them.

Some tantrics are said to nurture and conjure the Nishi, in order to use them to harm someone out of spite or revenge. Bengali age old superstition suggests that Sleepwalking phenomenon is also caused by Nishi. According to folklore, the Nishi cannot call out more than twice, and so no one should answer a voice at night until being called at least three times. Gudro Bonga: Even though these as worshipped as demigods by the Santhal community an indigenous tribe in Bengal , many Santhal families are said to nurture and look after these small dwarf-like 2—3 feet tall creatures who look like small children.

The word Gudro means 'small' and Bonga means 'demigod' in Santhal language. Santhals believe that these beings are keepers of hidden treasures on earth and can make them rich. These beings are believed to steal newborn infants from people's houses. Gudro Bongas are believed to live in clans. They are similar to the concept of Dwarfs or Goblins.

They usually are short in height. It is a belief that they stay in somebody's house and they help the house-owner to make money. They are believed to bring luck. Rakkhosh : A demonic fierce-looking being with pointed fangs, sharp claw-like fingernails, and superhuman strength.

The stories of these creatures feature in the Hindu epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata. A lot of fairy-tale stories in Bengali folklore also speaks of this vicious demonic tribe which feeds on human. Bengali women traditionally put their children to sleep by narrating scary folk-tale stories of the Rakkhosh.

The threat punchline by a Rakkhosh in traditional Bengali folk-tales is this couplet: Hau, Mau, Cau, I Smell a Human". Khokkosh: These are dwarf-like malicious and grotesque monster, which is depicted as a smaller version of Rakkhosh.

The stories of Khokkosh is frequently found in traditional Bengali fairy-tales and folk-lores. Daittyo : They have human appearance, but of prodigious size and extraordinary strength. Same as Giants. They like darkness and traditionally depicted to haunt cremation grounds and graveyards. They have the power to assume different forms at will, and may also become invisible. Sometimes, they possess human beings and alter their thoughts, and the victims are afflicted with a variety of maladies and abnormalities like insanity.

The female version of Pishach is called "Pishachini", which is described to have a hideous and terrible appearance, however she sometimes appears in the devious disguise of a youthful, beautiful maiden to lure young men. She drains their blood, semen, and virility.

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She dwells and prowls in places associated with death and filth. They are similar to the western concept of ghouls. Betaal : Betaal are defined as spirits inhabiting cadavers and charnel grounds.

These evil spirits may use corpses as vehicles for movement as they no longer decay while so inhabited ; but a Betaal may also leave the corpse at will.

They are usually considered to be benevolent, and said to bestow fertility and wealth upon their devotees. There is a commonly used Bengali idiom - Jokkher Dhon literal meaning: Jokkho's Wealth which actually implies "protecting a beloved person" or "safeguarding precious wealth".

Jinns can be both benevolent or malevolent. Malevolent Jinns Demon can be really evil, and can cause haunting in human residences, empty houses, toilets, lakes, graveyards, morgues, hospitals, and in the wilderness. Some people are also believed to conjure Jinns, and use them to fulfil their evil purposes. Jinns are shape-shifters, and often take the form of a human or animal commonly snake, dog, cat, crow, or bull. Jinns are exorcised by pious people like Imam or Mawlana by reciting chapters from the Quran.

Jinns have the ability to predict future, can read people's thoughts, have extraordinary strength and powers; and a person possessed by a Jinn can also demonstrate such abilities. However, Jinns are dimwitted, foolhardy, aggressive, angry and deceives humans with their lies. The sweet salespeople in Bangladesh strongly affirm the idea that Jinns come to the sweet shops at late night in human form to download sweets.

Jinns live in clans, and every clan is headed by a King Jinn. The Tomb of Pari Bibi who was the daughter of Shaista Khan , Subahdar of Bengal, 17th century is one of the three major parts of this fort. It has been a legend for a long time that in the full moon night, Pari Bibi appear on the fort, singing and dancing. Another well-known haunting myth of Lalbagh Fort is the ghost of a man on his horse, who gets in and out of the fort at night.

They say this apparition actually goes for his prayers. Normally, prayer time starts around 5 am. However, when people see this ghost, they hear the call for prayer coming from the prayer room at around 3 am, which is absurd. When they rush to see what is happening inside the prayer room, they find it completely empty. In other rumours, there is a hidden passageway to Agra presently in India from this fort.

Black magic bangla pdf

Local legends say, whoever found this passageway and entered it, has never returned. However, the doorways that claimed to have connected to Agra had been sealed long ago by the British rulers after a mystical occurrence happened to an investigation team. The team was searching for the end of the hidden passageway with their dogs chained by the team members. First they sent their dogs to enter the dark passage but when they pulled their chain they saw the dogs disappeared.

China Ka Jadu in Urdu Book:

The British rulers also sent some elephants in this tunnel, but according to legend, none of them ever returned. People experienced two different kinds of female entities around the lake. One of them is a spirit of black shadowy woman, who attacked on people. Another is a spirit of a young woman who warned people of the dangers about the black shadowy female entity.

Black shadowy woman is reported to be seen mainly on the old side of the lake, sitting on the curve of two hills.Sukumar Ray : This acclaimed writer has written some humorous literary pieces e. The employee who put up that signboard has reported that on that night he had a nightmare where he saw an old witch with very long hair saying that he has taken away her food and that's why he has to pay for it.

Niaz rated it really liked it Apr 11, The British rulers also sent some elephants in this tunnel, but according to legend, none of them ever returned. In that cemetery is the grave of Sir W. Aliapur Village in Chuadanga : In every new-moon, from 12 to 3 am, a group of dogs circle around the Aliapur village.

May Learn how and when to remove this template message There are many kinds of ghosts and similar supernatural entities that frequently come up in Bengali culture , its folklores and form an important part in Bengali peoples' socio-cultural beliefs and superstitions. Wrestlers who practice daily on Mullick Ghat and Zanana bathing ghat in early morning hours 3 AM , see someone's hands above water as if they are seeking help.

There are some radio programs which feature recitation of horror stories written by acclaimed writers.

She has been seen dancing on the platforms and wandering along the tracks, and the sight has allegedly caused the death of a railway employee.