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Blood Angels Codex Epub

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Sons of the angel-winged Primarch Sanguinius, the Blood Angels are noble and magnificent, a proud Space Marine chapter with ten millennia of history. Warhammer 40 - Codex - Blood Angels 8th ed - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Warhammer 40 - Codex - Blood Angels 8th. >Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line >Codex Blood Angels PDF Expires Dec.

It is a complete and unabridged version in a full-colour, fixed-layout format, which can be conveniently viewed on your phone or tablet with quick-link contents allowing you to jump instantly to the section you want to read. Blood Angels contains a wealth of background and rules — the definitive book for Blood Angels collectors. Rules Everything you need to get a Blood Angels army primed for games of Warhammer 40, is in here: Get the very latest - news, promotions, hobby tips and more from Games Workshop.

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At least forty thousand wide-eyed take a mighty toll upon the xenos, in engulfing the war-torn worlds of the Baal youths are gathered in this way, and told some regions wreaking such carnage that System in empyric insanity. The Tyranids that any who survive the coming battle will purple ichor falls like storm rain across the are cut off from their fleet, while on surely prove their worthiness to join the defenders below.

Perhaps and thicker while Gargoyles and Harpies it is hours that pass, or days. Perhaps Of the remaining tribesmen little is said. Any Tyranids on towards mutual annihilation. Then, they kill will be fewer monstrosities On Baal and Baal Secundus, rippling at last, the stars emerge again, revealing to beset the Blood Angels and their tides of warrior organisms surge onto not a single bio-ship.

Their corpses pile Tyranid ground forces reel in confusion, up in hideous drifts, yet still they press a new fleet is revealed in their place. The The Battle Begins forwards, foot by foot. On Baal Prime the Indomitus Crusade has arrived, Roboute Unwilling to cede void supremacy to the situation is worse still, the Tyranids hurling Guilliman guided to Baal by the signal Tyranids without a fight, Commander overwhelming forces into battle.

With a word, he Dante orders his naval vessels to strike at Fall becomes a blood-drenched altar to unleashes his fury… the enemy and slow their advance. Across the gods of battle, its defenders massacred a hundred fronts, the red-armoured by an avalanche of chitinous bodies and Angels and Demigods void craft of the Blood Angels and their razored talons.

Gabriel Seth and his The salvation of Baal does not come successors strike at the fleshy Tyranid berserk Flesh Tearers lead the counter- quickly, or without cost. As Dante and lives are lost. Sanguinor has come. Led by this trio of the Ultramarines Primarch, he chooses angelic heroes, the Blood Angels hurl to keep his own counsel and leaves such back their attackers, driving the last of the things unspoken. Heretic Astartes over the cliffs of Felhaven into the darkness below. Baal and Baal Secundus are cleansed of Tyranids before a month is out.

Their Prime no such martial efforts are required. Strike Force Aphorael braves a perilous efforts are brought to a sudden, violent The moon has been utterly scoured of leap through the warp, safely reaching the halt by strike forces of Blood Angels, Flesh life, both Imperial and Tyranid. Though Pendrakh System. They come in answer Tearers and the Angels Sanguine. Their leads the fight to relieve the loyalists, and fall upon Ramenghal, annihilating gene-seed stocks are recalled, taking their orchestrating a masterful campaign of the daemonic pleasure cults that have rightful place beneath the rising arches rapid-strike warfare with Primaris Blood conquered its cities.

The Angels at its heart. Meanwhile, advance his research into a cure for the Commander Dante for his Chapter and forces of Intercessors, Tactical Squads, Flaw — Brother Corbulo makes it his their successors.

The ranks are further Hellblasters and Devastators deploy by business to accompany them into battle bolstered by a huge influx of Primaris Drop Pod and gunship to execute the wherever he can. Thus Corbulo is on Space Marines, unfrozen from the vaults of traitor leadership cadres wherever they hand during the final attack on the Alpha the Zar-Quaesitor or produced upon Baal are found.

Finally, Intercessors to pour inside. The Galaxy Screams Though victory is eventually secured, Even as rebuilding efforts continue on The Golden Host the violence unleashed by several of the Baal, scattered astropathic messages filter Elements of the Blood Angels and the Primaris brothers to achieve it is extreme, in from the void.

Some are little more than Carmine Blades join the crusade to reclaim with traitors torn limb from limb. No formless nightmares so twisted that they the Dhormet System from the grip of official censure is applied to the battle- are shorn of meaning. Others are the death the Black Legion.

While the Carmine brothers in question, but Corbulo seeks screams of worlds, violent enough to burn Blades Reiver Squads excel in the vicious audience with Dante shortly afterward.

Three hundred noble heroes plunged headlong into the xenos tide, and though many brave warriors fell, it was the greenskins who at last knew defeat. Dante is truly a legend, days, yet he faced them unbowed. He never expected to see a for his deeds span many long centuries.

He is thought by many to Primarch returned, yet he knelt before Roboute Guilliman with be the oldest living Space Marine. Even Captain Lysander of the thankful hearts. When Guilliman named Dante as his regent of Imperial Fists, who was lost in the eddies and tides of the warp for the Imperium Nihilus, the Lord of Baal felt the hand of fate land a thousand years, cannot recall a time when Dante did not reign heavy upon his shoulder. With the fury of the Great Rift unleashed, supreme over the Blood Angels.

He of Terra at their backs, and will have to fight like never before. It is said amongst the Blood Angels that Commander Dante and vengeful host. There are former worlds of the Imperium — now has never stood taller, even as he does so in the face of such terrible lost to the darkness of the void or the ravages of the foe — that adversity. The Regent of the Imperium Nihilus has sworn to purge only Dante remembers. He alone of all living warriors survives to his dark new realm of the taint of Chaos, even should it take mourn and avenge them.

After all, it is amidst the darkest night that such golden angels shine the brightest. These magnificently crafted artefacts encapsulate the storied history of the Blood Angels.

They also render Dante So long now has Dante lived that his exploits have passed into all the more deadly in combat. It is now impossible to say how many Ork heads Dante cleaved at the Liberation of Canau, for the tally grows greater The Axe Mortalis was crafted by the famed Chapter each time the story is recounted.

Did he Heresy. Deeply affected by the death of Sanguinius and really face the Night Lord warband of Ghuul Askhol alone, killing the betrayal of the Traitor Legions, he sought to fashion a each of his thirteen would-be assassins single-handed and without weapon that could slay the debased warlords of the Heretic the benefits of his armour or weapons?

Only Dante himself can say Astartes like the dogs they were. The result of his labours with certainty.

Yet he speaks not on such events, no matter how was the Axe Mortalis, a weapon that crackles with barely much the exaggerated nature of such tales must rankle with his suppressed killing power, and can scythe through even the warrior pride.

The Imperium needs heroes — needs hope — in these thickest ceramite and plasteel like a sharp knife through dark times, and the Commander of the Blood Angels keeps his silk. Perfectly balanced and said to bear the death curse of peace so he may do his part to prevent Mankind from losing heart. Sanguinius upon its skull-wrought haft, the Axe Mortalis became the ritual weapon of the Blood Angels Chapter Yet for all his success, or perhaps because of it, Dante has grown Master and has reaped countless heretic lives.

He has lived far longer than he should, and the burden of centuries grows ever weightier. Only one Dante also wears the Death Mask of Sanguinius, a grim thing prevents Dante succumbing to ennui. For many generations paralysed or put to flight by its hollow, accusing stare.

When believes otherwise. He has always known that one day the defence Dante screams a battle cry, so too does the helm he wears, of the Emperor would rest in his hands, and he would have to be while its glower of hatred for traitors and heretics becomes ready for that greatest of duties.

Blood Angels that perhaps that time has come. After all, so dire are the circumstances in which the Sanguinor appears that few behold his glory and survive to speak of it.

Most famous of all, and most readily recounted, is the legend of the assault upon the Night Lords Battle Barge Terrorclaw. Twelve battle-brothers were ordered to strike at the Terrorclaw , to slay its master as penance for unrecorded transgressions.

Pausing only to grant his blessing to the sergeant in command of the sortie, he cut a bloody path across the Terrorclaw , blazing through the vessel like the wrath of Sanguinius. Though the quest was ultimately a success and the captain of the Terrorclaw slain, only the sergeant survived and returned to Baal.

The Sanguinor did therefore not accomplish the quest for his battle-brothers, but through his might and wrath he did render the impossible possible. The Inquisition in particular worry that the Sanguinor is some form of psychic construct, or even an empyric manifestation of some darker sort.

If this is so then his existence proves the Blood Angels to be just as flawed spiritually as they are physically. Yet for all the suspicions the Sanguinor might provoke in outsiders, to his battle-brothers he is an honoured part of their heritage, no more needing of query than the Primarch who once led them. So it was that the Sanguinary Guard survived where their Primarch did not, for Azkaellon made certain that their legacy was maintained, not just in the Blood Angels, but in every successor Chapter that arose from the dissolution of the mighty Blood Angels Legion.

Most often the Sanguinary Guard will fight with the weapons traditional to their position — wrist-mounted Angelus boltguns that leave both hands free for the wielding of crackling encarmine blades — but they will occasionally vary their armaments as the situation dictates.

The deeds of each Sanguinary Guard are recorded with reverent diligence and recounted at feast days and during sacred rites. Rokchewa to flight; the list goes on and on. To join the ranks of the Sanguinary Guard is to enter an esteemed brotherhood of heroes, to uphold the legacy of those who came before them and continue a legend ten thousand years old.

Yet the vision of a golden angel soaring into battle with a storied banner of the Blood Angels held high can inspire fervour beyond words in the warriors of the Imperium, and transform even the direst rout into glorious victory against the odds.

Yet Sanguinius foresaw from theirs when the day is darkest. Trained in the arts of surgery, the first that a shadow would fall upon they are equipped with the narthecium his sons, and that they would require As with the Apothecaries of other Chapters, and reductor common to all Apothecaries, safeguarding in both body and soul as the foremost concern of the Sanguinary and attend to the wounded under even the the millennia passed.

Once a Novitiate proves himself, vital to the spiritual guidance of the Blood As the injured Blood Angel is returned to he is then properly inducted into the Angels.

Though many of these ancient relics have been lost over the millennia, their shards are still incorporated within newly crafted vessels, and within the nartheciums of the Sanguinary Priests. Their effect upon Blood Angels battle-brothers is still electrifying, the might of their angel-winged Primarch echoing through the ages to fill them with glorious strength.

It is said that no fleeting insights distilled from his own. That the Blood the pillaging of aspirants from the Angels at its purest. He fought the search of a cure for the Red Thirst. This vessel is a key part of the induction mysteries of the Sanguinary Priests, but it is also a potent relic upon the field of battle. Blood Angels in the presence of the Red Grail find themselves reinvigorated, the physical and psychological aspects inherited from their Primarch enhanced in some unknowable way.

Each to wield their powers as a weapon of Imperial supremacy. He is, after all, still a more common amongst Blood Angels than most other Space Space Marine, and must stand on equal footing with his comrades Marine Chapters, and constant vigilance is required to ensure that in times of war.

Untrained human psykers to transform him from a mere battle-brother to a fully fledged are considered one of the greatest threats to the Imperium, and an weapon of psychic destruction.

When in full control of his mind unschooled psyker with all the hardiness, training and resolve of a and abilities, a Librarian can cause blood to boil in the veins of his Space Marine would surely be a thousand times deadlier. There are Librarians must undergo the most rigorous and exhaustive training few limits on what a Librarian can achieve once he has fixed upon a imaginable.

They endure harrowing tests of mental and physical goal, and less that the enemy can do to prevent his wrath. Blood Angels Librarians always stand somewhat apart from the rest of the Chapter. No bond of blood or battle can ever quite dispel the unease with which ordinary battle-brothers view their psychically gifted brethren, for how can a non-psyker ever be truly comfortable with a warrior who can perform such violent miracles?

Nor is there complete trust even within the ranks of the Librarians themselves, for they must keep watch over their fellows. Should one fall to the whispered madness of Chaos or the Black Rage he must be slain, swiftly and mercifully, before he wreaks untold harm upon the Chapter that he once loyally served.

The Blood Angels are no exception to this; thanks to the skill and artistry of their Chapter artificers, the psychic hoods and force weapons of their Librarius are amongst the most magnificent of their kind throughout the entire Imperium. Their psychic hoods take the form of high, arcing ceramite collars and fitted skullcaps inlaid with fine golden circuitry.

Clad in his psychic hood, a Blood Angels Librarian can stifle enemy psychic energies before they are gathered, rendering heretical witches powerless.

The force weapons wielded by Librarians are finely crafted swords, axes or other, more esoteric weapons, that are inlaid with complex psychic conduits. Yet the Black Rage cares not for the nobility of the soul, nor the deeds of the flesh.

Inducted into the Death Company, Calistarius took part in the final assault on the Ecclesorium during the retaking of Hades from the Orks, and was one of the many crushed when the building collapsed in a shower of debris.

For seven days and seven nights Calistarius lay entombed, his fevered mind teetering on the edge of madness and his broken body on the verge of death. Yet Calistarius did not succumb. Through sheer force of will he confronted the uncontrollable rage that burned through his mangled form. With supreme effort, Calistarius cast out the Black Rage and, in so doing, became something far more than he had been before.

At midnight on the seventh day he burst free from his rocky prison, reborn as Mephiston, Lord of Death. His resurrection did not go unwitnessed.


By this time Hades lay once more in the hands of the Imperium, but Orks still roamed the ruins. As Mephiston heaved ferrocrete boulders aside from his tomb, the sound of tortured stone drew the attention of one such band. Weaponless, and with his armour shredded and mangled, Mephiston must have seemed easy prey, but nothing could have been further from the truth.

His gene-seed, dormant these many long years, had awakened and wrought further changes, granting exceptional strength and vigour. Moving with a speed the Orks could not match, Mephiston unleashed a flurry of attacks, every blow pulverising flesh and shattering bone. Five Orks died in as many seconds, and a dozen more swiftly followed.

The greenskins never stood a chance, but they were as stubborn as Mephiston was determined. His ruined armour slick with the blood of his foes, Mephiston began the long walk to the Imperial lines. Since that day, Mephiston has risen swiftly through the ranks of the Blood Angels and now holds the office of Chief Librarian. He is a figure of awe and reverence to most of his battle-brothers, who perceive him as a saviour in these times of woe. Others are not so accepting, for they have difficulty recognising the Calistarius of old in Mephiston.

Calistarius sought the company of his brothers both on and off the battlefield, yet Mephiston spends silent hours alone in thought, and his face, though noble beyond compare, somehow speaks of a soul still ill at ease.

Perhaps these changes were inevitable, given the trial of transformation. Yet there are whispers that Mephiston paid a dreadful price for his resurrection, that when he mastered the Black Rage something altogether more terrible took its place.

It is to be hoped that such rumours are baseless, mere carrion latching onto greatness, but Mephiston keeps his secrets close, and only time will reveal the truth. Only the tower guardians of the Blood Angels. They doing the most righteous of works can. No part of the fortress monastery is vouchsafe its creed and maintain an crozius is accompanied by a line from a as revered as the Reclusiam, adorned as eternal vigil for the onset of the Black Rage war-hymn or battle-prayer, rendering each it is with banners and relics of ages past, amongst their battle-brothers.

In war, the blow a heartfelt offering to Primarch and its sable stones steeped in history and Chaplains are fearsome battle-priests clad Emperor. Such strident and destructive grandeur. Here do the Chaplains conduct in forbidding jet-black armour crowned piety serves to embolden nearby battle- their ceremonies, the rites of Initiation, with skull-helms and death masks.

In earlier days, and demeanour is crafted to evoke a grim the Chapter. The Reclusiam nestles in the heart A small antechamber lies to the north of place is ever at the heart of the fighting, of a great spire that stands tall over the the Reclusiam, a sealed vault to which only the members of the Chapter Council have access. Herein are kept the Scrolls of Sanguinius, the sacred texts recorded by the Primarch during his long life, whose secrets are said to contain vital information regarding all the terrible times to come.

During the battle for Baal, when the bio-swarms of Hive Fleet Leviathan swirled like a bladed ocean around the Arx Angelicum, the Chaplains stood firm in defence of these ancient tomes. Without such relics of its past, the Blood Angels Chapter would be shorn of its soul, and lose the sense of purpose that the weight of millennia helps it to maintain. So it was that lives were given freely in defence of dusty scrolls, voluminous tomes and age- old artefacts, the Blood Angels dying gladly in order to preserve their past for the sake of their future.

There is no rank within the Chapter more greatly honoured, or more deeply loathed. Honoured, for the burden the Redeemer of the Lost bears, and for the essential duty he performs; loathed because that duty is stained forever with the blood of his battle-brothers.

This is without doubt an act of mercy, a gift to the accursed. It was long ago considered that these terrible duties were best borne by a single brother and, thus far at least, a single brother has been equal to the task at hand.

So does Astorath tread the stars, hacking apart those enemies who would prevent him from bestowing his gift of oblivion. However, the truth is entirely opposite.

No separation shadows of the Black Rage. Whether the victims are death having known one last great victory. Unlike the other warriors of the Death Company who spearheaded the planetstrike, Lemartes survived the initial landings and, seemingly unstoppable, carved a bloody path through the Ork defenders.

Only when the battle was won did the Chaplain finally collapse from his wounds. He was brought to the field apothecarium inside the now captured fortress, there to await the arrival of Astorath, Redeemer of the Lost, and receive the gift of final redemption. Such a thing was unheard of. Whilst members of the Death Company were often so deranged that Astorath had to best them in combat before he could take their lives, never before had one challenged him in so lucid a fashion.

Lemartes was unquestionably in the grip of the Black Rage, for all the physical signs So did Lemartes become the Guardian is no longer any calm before the storm. Yet his mind was not riven with of the Lost, and wielder of the ancient His life is one of constant battle, for he is insanity — through an act of incredible Blood Crozius. Several Company have never been so potent a Sanguinary Priests argued that this was force as they are under his guidance, Lemartes is surely living on borrowed time, but a temporary respite, and that Lemartes their modern glories eclipsing deeds of for even his formidable willpower cannot would succumb to the uttermost depths legend.

He leads his charges to ever greater keep the Black Rage at bay indefinitely. Refusing to the Blood Angels Death Company is never will holds firm. He is a symbol of hope to slay Lemartes, as some of the Sanguinary in vain.

For Lemartes, there Black Rage, perhaps others can do so too. Drawn from all ranks of the Blood Angels have never trod.

Chapter, they are united in their terminal ferocity, shrugging off wounds that would normally slay a battle-brother thrice over and Yet as with all such glories, a price must be paid — either on the reaping one last tally of slain foes before madness or death claims bloody ground of the battlefield, or in the fleeting calm of victory. Those few members of the Death Company that survive the battle perish shortly afterwards, either of their fearsome wounds or In order to keep the Black Rage in check, on the eve of battle the through the mercy of the Redeemer of the Lost, whose duty it is to Blood Angels bend their thoughts to prayer and to the sacrifice end their suffering.

It is better this way, for those who do survive of their Primarch so many centuries ago. Chaplains move from almost always fall victim to the Red Thirst, turning into creatures man to man, blessing each in turn and noting those amongst no better than wild beasts craving flesh and blood. The dread the brotherhood whose eyes may appear a little glazed, or whose Tower of Amareo on Baal echoes with the howls and roars of these speech is slurred or overly excited.

Some, almost all, luckless degenerates, locked away for their own safety and that of overcome this ancient intrusion into their minds. Much of their former battle-brothers. But for some the imprint of Sanguinius is too strong, the memories too loud and demanding.

As the Chaplains chant the moripatris — the mass of doom — the chosen ones collapse into the arms of their priests, and are taken away to form a special unit called the Death Company. The madness that overcomes these unfortunates is of a very specific sort. In the mind of each fallen brother, the millennia fall away and they find themselves embroiled in the last great battle of the Horus Heresy.

The warriors of the Death Company seek only one thing — death in battle — and they are sent forth to their final fight with great honour. Each brother is arrayed in black armour, blazoned with blood-red saltires to symbolise the wounds of Sanguinius during his last battle against Horus. Their ceramite plates are hung with scrolls that proclaim deeds performed and honours earned before the onset of madness. From the moment a battle-brother dons the sepulchral armour of the Death Company he is a dead man walking, lost forever to his Chapter, but to be remembered eternally in its histories.

Members of the Death Company fight with no thought for their own survival, and the furious willpower lent them by the Black Rage renders them nigh impervious to killing wounds. There are few enemies who can hope to stay the onset of such maddened warriors, let alone repel their assault.

Yet this freedom Astartes, the Blood Angels appoint a brings weighty burdens of its own. In spanning campaigns.

Each Captain can architect of some grand military strategy. Captains are thus the lives of the battle-brothers under his beings as the most superficial appraisal, entrusted with a level of autonomy for command.

Each Blood Angel lost to the tide of war is a terrible wound from which the Chapter must recover — if their lives are to be sacrificed on the altar of war, it cannot be for anything less than the most noble and deserving of causes. Typically, each Captain is served by two Lieutenants, who act as his right and left hands in whatever capacity he requires, from leading carefully selected forces against key strategic targets, to commanding secondary battlefronts or liaising with allied forces.

Many Chapters have found their own roles or warrior traditions that they apply to the Lieutenants within their ranks, and the Blood Angels are no exception. The first Lieutenant within a company is known as the Warden of the Blood, and is charged with assuming command of the company or strike force in which he fights, should its more senior officers lose themselves to the Red Thirst. Failure is the only unforgivable sin for the Sword of Sanguinius, while victory excuses any amount of savagery.

Other Space Marine Chapters viewed the Flesh Tearers as being but a single step from turning renegade, and the Inquisition sought to have the Chapter investigated. Even those Flesh Tearers fortunate enough to escape the Black Rage were gripped by a bloodthirsty recklessness that inevitably cost many lives whenever the Chapter went to war. Within two centuries, the Flesh Tearers would be no more, abandoned by their allies and betrayed by their own flesh.

Now, worlds that and headbutts, using every part of his boarding actions against enemy blockade once reviled the Flesh Tearers praise them anatomy as a weapon. He wields an enormous two- cannon shell landing in their midst. Tycho took command of the Blood Angels 3rd Company when his predecessor was slain during the Second War for Armageddon. Heartened by their successes, the 3rd Company pushed on, striking at the Ork supply lines from Armageddon Prime.

It was on such a mission that Tycho and his company were ambushed. Through luck or sheer belligerence Tycho survived, but the after-effects of the terrible psychic onslaught had paralysed half of his face, freezing it forever in a rictus grin. This simple act seemed to grant Tycho a measure of peace and, for a time, he regained his old composure. For the remainder of the Armageddon campaign, the Blood Angels 3rd Company stood in the thick of the fighting, Tycho directing their efforts as he had in the early stages, though none could deny that an increased fervour stole over the Captain whenever he tasted the tang of Ork blood upon the air.

In the wake of that great campaign, it swiftly became apparent that all was not right with Tycho. No longer could he relax in the hallowed halls of the Chapter Fortress, for its beauty served only to remind him of his own mutilation. Finally, when Ghazghkull one war zone to the next, none of it changes the bleak returned to Armageddon and Tycho revisited the war that had seen truth that we are cursed. And when the black tide rises, him mutilated so many years before, his mind snapped.

Lost in the and drowns all that we are, does the legacy we leave depths of rage, the Captain took his place in the Death Company. Does it make At the head of a seething mass of raving, delusional battle-brothers, our sacrifice worthwhile, as we are told? Or is it all swept Tycho led the assault upon the breach at Hive Tempestora. Though away, rendered meaningless by the same bloody flood that his charge carried the day, and though the ferocity of his assault takes our sanity? The Company Command — known collectively as the Honour Guard — are seasoned warriors, hand-picked for their skill and tenacity in battle.

Such warriors in each company is fierce. The mantle of forefront of a bloody battle, or forming the must defend their banner at all costs. To Champion is typically claimed or defended lynchpin of an immovable defence line. Such a privileged Company Champions specialise in position is earned through exceptional neutralising dangerous enemy leaders. Over such a vast span of near-constant warfare, Company Veterans have learned the art of fighting with a vast array of weaponry in both ranged and close- quarters combat.

Some brothers lay down withering bombardments of plasma or melta fire, while others tend towards thrumming power swords and whirling chainblades, coupling them with hefty storm shields that allow them to shrug off the incoming fire of the foe.

They treasure their company banners with a near-religious intensity, and each standard is a beautiful masterwork woven from durasilk and chased with ur-gilt and theldrite threads.

Decorated with glimmering saltires and fashioned to depict mighty heroes, famous victories, or the angelic Primarch himself, these banners are precious beyond the worth of worlds and inspire those Blood Angels that witness them to ever greater acts of heroism.

From securing vital strategic sites to mechanised offensives, rescue operations and kill missions, there is no task they cannot turn their talents to. Guilliman fell Intercessor Squads stride purposefully into battle with their bolt in battle and was interred in stasis, and with no one to contradict rifles roaring. Enemy fire ricochets harmlessly from the crimson his orders Cawl continued his endless labours deep beneath the plates of their Mk X Tacticus armour.

With each expertly placed surface of the Red Planet. The seal of a Primarch was attached to shot the Intercessors fell another foe, exploding heads in gory his strange project, and opened every door that the acquisitive sprays, punching out chest cavities with detonating bolt-rounds Cawl desired. No technological arcana were beyond his reach, no and mercilessly exterminating those who would raise their blades secret of biologis lore forbidden to him.

For thousands of years against the Emperor of Mankind. In a matter of moments these Cawl laboured, refining and expanding endlessly, obsessively, warriors can shatter entire enemy infantry formations. In the wake of the Horus Heresy, the Crusade, that clarion call sounded at last.

Primaris battle-brothers Primarch of the Ultramarines entrusted arcane secrets of genetic were formed into Chapters of their own, and names such as the Knights of Thunder and the Rift Stalkers were soon inscribed in glory upon victory monuments across the Imperium.

Many others were drafted into existing Chapters, there to bolster the ranks and continue the proud warrior traditions of their new brothers.

Some Chapters gave these newcomers a cagey reception. Not so the Blood Angels. After the cleansing of Baal was complete, Commander Dante formally welcomed the Primaris battle-brothers and oversaw their integration into the ranks of the Blood Angels and their successors. The Intercessor Squads furnish the Blood Angels with a substantial strategic reserve upon which to draw. They are single-armament squads, uniformly equipped with one of several variants of the Cawl- pattern bolt rifle.

The standard bolt rifle boasts long range and sledgehammer stopping power; the auto bolt rifle exchanges a slight amount of range for a greater rate of fire, while the stalker bolt rifle is death to even well-armoured foes at extreme distances. When the fighting shifts to close quarters, the Intercessors are equally as lethal; with bolt pistols, frag and krak grenades they subject their enemies to vicious point-blank punishment.

With their exceptional strength and resilience they can easily shrug off the most punishing blows while snapping necks, tearing off limbs and pummelling their enemies into a gory paste. The sergeant will be aware of his overall beyond all doubt in every aspect of war. Those Blood Angels who mission goals, but the method through which those goals are to be aspire to serve in a Tactical Squad must demonstrate the necessary achieved is often left to his discretion, rather than enforced by the control over the rage within, and act according to the situation commander of the strike force.

Others do not yet have the combat experience to switch between close support and fire support roles as the situation requires. Most Tactical Marines carry a boltgun — the merciless weapon of death upon which the Imperium was founded. Missile launchers are most that their seniority and authority is second only to that of their usually selected, though more specialised weapons, such as heavy Company Captain and his Lieutenants.

It is not unusual for a bolters and lascannons, are also common. Therefore, weaponry on a particular area of the conflict. Should the commanding duties are not fixed, but rotated around the squad to ensure that the officers be slain or otherwise eliminated, control of the strike force various firearms skills remain sharp. Only a foolish enemy would As their name suggests, Tactical Squads are flexible and adaptable think this to their advantage, however — any shortfall in experience units that operate especially well alongside their Intercessor battle- a sergeant has in comparison to his fallen superiors is more brothers.

Where close support elements must push ahead, Tactical than made up for by the new-found determination to avenge his Squads can hold ground with dauntless determination. As such, fallen commanders. Their atmospheric dives allow enemy back and thins their numbers ready chant a final oath to the Emperor and them to attack at incredible speeds from for the killing blow.

Thrusters flare on their detritus falling from space until it too late. When like living missiles, and as the fires of capitalise upon this misconception by the enemy keeps their command elements atmospheric re-entry dance around them dropping amidst actual orbital debris. All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission of the publishers.

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Codex (Warhammer 40,)

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Of all the Space Marine Chapters, the Blood Angels are perhaps the Within this book you will find all the information you need to most noble and selfless.

Codex: Blood Angels

They are glorious, golden-haired heroes collect a Blood Angels army and field it on the tabletop. From the including Warlord Traits, Stratagems, Relics and psychic powers, as magnificent Sanguinary Guard to the hulking Blood Angels well as the matched play points costs which allow you to form your Dreadnoughts and the mighty heroes who rule the Chapter, each Blood Angels miniatures into a Battle-forged gaming army.

With a palette dominated by rich golds, bold reds and the black of pre- To play games with your army, you will need a copy of the emptive mourning, Blood Angels armies look striking upon the Warhammer 40, rules.

To find out more about Warhammer battlefield, while the clear system of iconography and heraldry that 40, or download the free core rules, visit games-workshop. No matter how fell and monstrous the foe, the Blood Angels face it with courage, nobility and honour. So do they shine like the brightest stars amidst the darkness and horror of battle.

So do they burn away the foulness of the alien, the filth of the mutant and the taint of the heretic with the righteous fires of their wrath. Yet for all their accomplishments, they suffer from a fatal flaw. The Blood Angels carry an inner darkness that they must strive constantly to resist; it is this struggle that defines them, as much in their most glorious moments of victory as in their darkest hours of despair.

The combat is well known. The Primarch, Sanguinius. It is a mark of shame to give in to this an inspiring leader, and his sons followed him curse in any but the direst of circumstances. Inspired Primarch. It is almost inevitable that this fate will eventually overtake every Blood Angel, its onset more a matter of when than if. In the face of this stark reality, each battle-brother seeks to know a glorious death in battle rather than face the slow For all their heroics, that conflict was to cost decline into bestial madness.

In that dreadful day, yet for the Blood Angels it grace and nobility within themselves, and all the long millennia of was the most tragic by far. Blood Angels and their successor Chapters. It One moment it will manifest itself in angelic tainted them with madness in the millennia miracles, the next in savage explosions of that followed, becoming a sorrowful secret bloodthirsty brutality. Blood Angels Librarians that undermined their every valorous deed. Yet the Blood Angels have remained Fleet Leviathan.

Its warrior organisms credit that these formidable psychic loyal for ten thousand years. They harbour numbered in the hundreds of billions. Its abilities remain under their control, no more intent toward heresy now than alien hunger was insatiable.

The lord of the Blood Angels, Commander Dante, recalled all those warriors he could Good intentions only go so far, however, Though they still stand proud, the Blood to fight for Baal. Reinforced by many of especially in a time as dark as this.

For all Angels are far from untouched by the their successor Chapters, the Blood Angels their nobility, the Blood Angels and their creeping degeneration that afflicts their determined to stand to the last in defence successors are Chapters in decline.

Each successors. The Chapter must work of their Chapter Planet and its moons. The year brings a deepening of the madness, a harder and harder to maintain its fighting battle that ensued was immense.

Horrific worsening of the curse within their blood. Among some successor Chapters this as frequently to the Black Rage as are Amidst the irradiated deserts of Baal, phenomenon is especially pronounced, veterans. Meanwhile, more battle-brothers the Blood Angels fortress monastery was for their gene-seed was harvested at a time than ever choose glorious death over besieged, beset by wave upon wave of when the Flaw had already become far ignominious madness, their reckless foes, while on Baal Prime and Secundus, advanced.

Tales abound of whole Chapters sacrifices leaving those who remain spread the fighting grew ever more desperate. It edging ever closer to the precipice as their of the Black Rage. Once the Chapter seemed that their end had come. Names such would lose perhaps a handful of battle- as the Knights of Blood or the Crimson brothers to this phenomenon in any given At that crucial juncture, the Great Rift split Swords have gone down in infamy, campaign. In recent years, it has not been wide and, when the warp storms passed, declared renegade by the Adeptus Terra unheard of for whole formations to plunge the Tyranid fleet was gone.

In its place or completely wiped out amid unwinnable into madness. A tide of the rapacious xenos known began.

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With it came hope unlooked for, of warpcraft, would seem to make them as Tyranids fell upon their home world of and the possibility that the Blood Angels prime candidates. There are those amongst Baal and its twin moons of Baal Prime and and their successors might yet be saved the Inquisition who are only too quick to Baal Secundus.

Though the endless abominations of Hive Fleet Leviathan rained from the skies and swept across the searing deserts, and though the xenos beasts tore down wall after wall, tower after tower, still the sons of Sanguinius stood strong, for they would never yield. This deific being crafted incredible warriors to help him conquer the galaxy.

Amongst these Legions were the Blood Angels, who from their earliest days fought staunchly in the service of Emperor and Primarch both. The risen Emperor Though the loss of the Primarchs was a bitter blow, the Emperor had united the warring factions of Terra, yet his vision did not end was not dismayed for long.

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They could not be recreated, but their with one world, or even with the solar system in which it lay. His genetic records remained, and from these the Emperor created goal was nothing less than the reunification of scattered Mankind, the mighty Space Marine Legions — the armies he had always to bring the sundered worlds and realms of Humanity under a intended his Primarchs to lead. It was at the head of these Legions single beneficent rule.

To do this, he would need a mighty army, an that the Emperor began his Great Crusade in earnest. Setting army unlike any the galaxy had ever seen, an army whose warriors out from Terra, the Emperor led the Space Marines on a glorious knew no other loyalty than to their Emperor, and whose bodies campaign that sought to restore Mankind to greatness.

No foe and minds were hardened to withstand unceasing war. Despots, aliens and Daemons all fell to the relentless advance of the Legions, The Emperor had long ago refined the techniques of genetic worlds previously enslaved and terrorised flocking willingly to the manipulation, and he set these skills to work once again, forging banner of the nascent Imperium.

Thus were born the Primarchs of the Space It was in the course of the Great Crusade that the lost Primarchs Marine Legions, incredible beings whose martial powers were to be were at last reunited with their Emperor, taking up their rightful second only to those of the Emperor himself.

So it was that the forces of the Emperor Primarchs was to be undone even before it had properly begun. New battlefronts opened up across the galaxy the galaxy by an unknown force. Throughout it all, The enemies of the Emperor came to fear the swift and crushing onset of the Blood Angels Legiones Astartes. When Horus and his allies rebelled, their Traitor Legions came to know that fear for themselves.

Yet for all the might of the Emperor, for every effort of Sanguinius Driven by fiery temperament, the Blood Angels swiftly earned a and the remaining loyalist Primarchs, the forces of Horus drove fearsome reputation as shock troops, which came to feed a rivalry all before them.

Yet, in truth, the assailed within his great palace on Terra. With only a comparative Blood Angels were never as berserk as the World Eaters, for the handful of loyal warriors at his side, he confronted the host of wise influence of Sanguinius tempered their bloodlust.

Even Horus, proud Warmaster of the Great Imperial Fists Legion, the valorous yet overmatched soldiers of the Crusade and Primarch of the Luna Wolves, sensed a purity of spirit Imperial Army and the grim Adeptus Custodes, the Blood Angels in Sanguinius that he could never match, a oneness with their held the walls of that final bastion.

Yet the war could not be won, or father that no other Primarch could ever hope to approach. Alas, his side.The enemy barely With their speed and their powerful fists full of killing thunder. Baal Prime and Baal Secundus. Read our Cookie Notice for more information, and to learn how to change your cookie settings Accept and Continue.

As Sanguinius grew his wings grew also, changing from vestigial things into mighty pinions that could bear him aloft upon the desert air. Drop Pods are crucial serving in the Blood Angels Armoury.