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Monday, August 5, 2019

I want to sell Digital game codes. Sending it by email or by any other digital delivery method is not allowed and violates site policy." Keep in mind that although PayPal currently does not cover digital goods in their downloader protection program they soon will. Well keep in mind I still have the card with the exact digital code I sent him. I can stil . Off-site downloader submitted an unauthorized charge dispute to Paypal?. No one wants to download, and I don't even want to list the items yet for fear of . at the top of your listing that codes will be shipped through the mail but who knows.

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Solved: Alright, So I bought this steam game code, and It is showing up as invalid . Since you made a download of an item that is not allowed to be sold on site, nontangible goods to be sold on site, they let that listing through anyway. And with the protection if the downloaders key is bogus the site will get So even if the code works, you could literally open a claim with site. I never used site before, but I wanted some preorder codes for a game Just don't spend more than you're willing to lose and don't download off a.

Far too many bad apples in the basket, and I feel like you have no protection as a seller at all. Captain Chaos Member. Jan 9, 1, 0 UK. Just follow the rules set down by site and both the downloader and seller are protected. Moozo Member. Jul 9, 2, 0 0.

Was thinking of downloading the Gears of War deal that's on at Game at the moment and just selling the FIFA code but I think it's more risk than it's worth.

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Moozo said: May 13, 1, 0 It is probably best to sell them locally though. Apr 23, 3, 0 0. downloading and selling on site is fine. You just have to be smart about it. Look at their selling and downloading transaction history you can usually find out a lot about a downloader or seller right there. You're selling digital codes, if you're going to send it digitally better make sure your downloaders have some tenure like 50 ratings or more. Generally your chances decrease drastically of any type of mishap if it's an established site person.

EuropeOG Member. Dec 11, 18, 2 London abload. I mean, you could easily scam them so site has no way to protect the seller of a text code. I only ever sell things on site with proof of delivery because there are a small handful of pricks who would say they haven't received something. ShinUltramanJ Member.

Jan 21, 20, 2 Pennsylvania. The sad part is there's virtually no protection for the seller on site. But I do agree with others who stated not to list what you don't yet have in your hands.

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It's a very risky move. Did you send the email with a "read receipt" to show that it's been opened? Would site then be allowed to check the users gamer tag to see if the game was in their library? May 20, 3, 0 0. It is against site's rules to sell something you don't have. You should have waited before putting it up for sale.

Also, I'm guessing they've loosened up the rules on digital codes? A few years ago I had a Windows licence that I'd never used and figured I sell the code.

Did so and site removed the item claiming it had to be a physical item obviously it was a physical licence, but my listing just said I'd email the code and that digital codes are not permitted.

You often see items with words to the effect of 'because of site rules you'll be emailed code then posted it physically' - and obviously as you say regardless of site's rules, you have zero seller protection.

EuropeOG said: ShinUltramanJ said: Dec 25, 1, 0 Op - i posted the following in an off-topic thread about how to avoid site scams. I got scammed the same way by a user claiming someone else fraudulently used their site account to download something. I lost my goods and my money. This was a good five years ago and it seems as though nothing has changed. That incident stopped me using site. As a seller you seem to have no rights. Fuck site. User 2 who was hacked at , all positive.

I don't think it particularly matters. VyechnayaSlava Member. Jul 12, 0 0. Digitally Delivered Goods are not allowed on site for this very reason. Without tracking that shows delivery of an item, of course site can't protect you.

They can't verify of emails are sent that contain a working code, nor can they verify that the code itself wasn't bupkis. It's common sense. Not sure what you were expecting, OP. If you do sell a code on site, send it to the downloader physically tracked and NOT via email. Yeah but why didn't the seller send the code through site messaging? That goes to the listed email address to the person who owns the account. If the downloader says I didn't get the code it's documented.

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Something doesn't add up here. MooMilk Junior Member. Jan 11, 0 0. I still like site for used physical stuff. Mainly cause almost everyone takes a pic of what they are selling. Thank god digital cameras became so common.

I also check the description to see what shape I'm ordering is in. Well, I don't get dvd's from site really cause a pic of that isn't nessesary. There's some good dvd deals on site. I used site to get my psp and I'm glad. If not I could have ended up with a crummy psp like the refurbished one I bought from gamestop online.

VyechnayaSlava said: I did send it through site Messenging PayPal doesn't give a shit, I showed the pictures of it and everything. The thing is, User 2 was mot definitely hacked so it's justice for him to get a refund anyway. I got lucky. Feb 13, 7, 0 0. There is no Seller Protection unless you ship something and have proof of it.

Alucrid Banned. May 30, 46, 0 0. Yeah but physically track doesn't mean someone still can't scam. As the could say the code was invalid. If site was smart they would have a system in place that holds the code and the transfers done at the time of sale. Most gift cards usually you can validate before using I don't know why this type of system is not in place.

Shai-Tan Member. Mar 16, 5, I got scammed by a seller which was top 10 results on google for years when searching for psn cards luckily it's finally gone now EDIT: Phatcorns Member.

Mar 16, 1, 0 Whenever I sell digital codes on site now I always send it to them physically as well. I've been cheated out of money pretty much every time I haven't. People will just do PayPal chargebacks and neither PayPal nor site care unless you've shipped a physical product. Cynar Member. Sep 18, 5, 0 0 Canada. MooMilk said: Jun 9, 2, 0 California.

Digital items aren't protected. I've sold codes before I basically shipped the code printed out with delivery confirmation. Wagram Member.

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Jul 11, 9, 0 0. So it's not safe for you to list anything similar for a few months until you drop off their radar. You'll want to reword that shipping blurb, it makes you sound like you are disgruntled and passing your troubles on to downloaders. If you are disgruntled that's fine but you don't want to let downloaders know because it turns them off.

As long as the codes are not from opened accounts I dont see how they could do much as you are not creating the accounts and then selling them are you? You just have the codes that people take into their account and use?

If that is the case I dont know what I would do other then list it as the game and put something in it that it is a non physical copy and the person will be mailed the code to put on their steam account.

Make sure you mention you are not selling accounts. That is what the sticker is I am betting. Make sure you get delivery confirmation on each item you sell. Other then that I dont know what to tell you.

You can still email codes if the downloader requests it but you can not advertise that option. Just like you can still accept check and money order but can not advertise that you do. There is no tracking requirement on site plenty of items sold here are shipped in an envelope with a stamp.

International shipping usually has no tracking. However since you are on the radar they might be looking for tracking, once you get a violation your account is flagged for three months. Here's how it works, you call site and they will apologize because they are trained to tell you what you want to hear and get you off the phone.

But even if you convinced that rep that you are right it will be another rep looking at your listings next time. You keep listing they keep apologizing and the violations pile up until you get banned. You might be ok now that you put at the top of your listing that codes will be shipped through the mail but who knows.

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Anything you do is risky for the next three months. Thank you both for your comments.

I have yet to physically deliver any keys, only through site's messaging service, and most of those users requested that they send it to me directly after payment. I do only send keys that the users can then activate on their own personal Steam or Origin accounts. I do not see "selling accounts" as attractive or safe as it could be. I'll leave that to those strange forums you can find around the internet.

Thank you for your experience in understand my situation. So as I understand, I don't have to send the item with a tracking number, just advertise that I will be sending them the key.

Should I advertise with it "mailing" or "sending" to "stay off the radar" after I have already been off it after three months? I will say that it is not a physical copy of the game, as mikeystoyz pointed out. I'd say in the listing that the item will be sent via first class mail and to contact me if you have any questions. FCM could mean a letter with a stamp or a tracked package.

In cases where the downloader looks fishy you may wish to use tracking because that will prevent him from claiming "item not received" and if he claims "significantly not as described" site will at least require him to send something back with tracking. Since downloaders can only get positive feedback you look at the feedback they leave for others.

You can print it off site and it is free. The downside is your shipping will be about 1. Not just 42 cents. Selling codes would be a high scam area because if you dont use tracking you will lose. I sent a wow code to someone express mail once because of the price. They signed for it and said they never got the code. I was saved because I had their signature and tracking. Figure the price you are willing to lose and then get tracking for more then that.

I sell wow cards with codes on them on occasion Warcraft. They are physical items and I still get tracking for them. I keep seeing a 12 year old downloading some 50 dollar card, having their parents see the sale and complain to site about them not doing downloading it. You might have the same issue. Steam is awesome and what you are doing is cool. I really hope you make something of it.

They do have awesome deals on occasion. Believe that, even us small time sellers get screwed with "physical" items Maybe I had extreme luck, maybe it was the way I was selling, not sure.

A few people were confused because they thought they had bought the physical game, but once it was explained they were complacent. It's hard to judge the risk of selling digital codes without doing it because every time someone posts about it it's always I got scammed.

No one comes to tell us about them not getting scammed. I took a second look and see you have sold way more expensive ones.

That seems very risky to me but having never sold a code I won't argue with what has worked for you. I'm wondering if you can deactivate the code if you got scammed. That would make scamming pointless and could be why you haven't had problems. Extreme luck is also possible. I have had mine flagged a few times, but usually if you lay low for a few days and then relist, your issues go away. I state this in my code listings:.

All codes will be sent to the email address payment is received from, or can be sent to a physical address if requested US residents only for this option. I am surprised you have not been scammed yet, but then again, I haven't been either. The problem with selling digital items is always that threat that they can say that they didnt receive it, and without the proof of shipping, you are not covered. If you cannot afford to lose the amount you are receiving for the item, you should not be selling it.

Even with my own disclaimer, I am kind of screwing myself, as site does not really allow communication outside of site messages. Luckily, as stated earlier, I have not had any issues with this method yet. Basically site is trying to help you help yourself so you dont get screwed over with a customer, but lets face it, especially with global customers, sending a letter with the code and such is just not a viable option. Keep doing what you have been doing.

If you have not had any issues yet, and are happy with how you run your business, and your customers seem happy, then there is no reason why you shouldnt continue. When I used to download Neocash on site, the main seller I bought from would send the code for the item immediately, and then about a week later, I would receive the physical card in the mail as confirmation. You could always do something like that if you wanted to. Time wouldn't really be an issue since they are getting what they paid for immediately, but also have the physical copy to show that it was actually sent out.

Best of luck to you and your business. Always do that. Send the code through mail with tracking. When I have done that it has always been ok. The other thing you can do on higher priced items is check their feedbacks. If they have a lot, that is a good sign. I have no problems sending someone a code that has over feedback.

That is just me. Just as there would be no way in heck I would send a code to someone with 1 feedback. They would get it in the mail. Once again, that is just me. One day you will run into a downloader who, for whatever reason, is not happy with their download. Trust you me, I know you are saying no, no, I don't need to do that, they don't understand but I do. I understand your frustration on the matter and I've found this thread to be very informative. I started selling digital goods Steam Keys just this month, and I hit my seller cap very quickly.

Having never gone over my initial cap of 10 before back when I sold physical items, I thought I ought to give site a call since I had many more keys.

Instead of raising my limit, though, they slapped on a selling restriction and I am no longer able to sell any keys, despite not having any complaints or requests for returns. I'm not angry, I understand the nature of their concern and the rep seems like an alright guy. We'll see where that goes, I guess, as I have had to offer proof of download which I luckily had! I don't mind the risk inherent in selling digital items on site because I can make up for a loss very easily, I understand that it is in the nature of the business.

I would like to look into possibly sending the keys physically as well as over site's messaging service, but I live in Canada which has frankly 'silly' shipping costs that would eat more heavily into my profits than the possibility of loss on sale. I suppose I should give these online letter services a look Skip to main content. Go to My site page. The site Community. Sign In Help Guidelines About. Additional Resources. Knowledge Base Get quick answers to important questions to get you selling faster and better!

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