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Online submission of Class X & XII forms by Private Candidates, Candidate who has passed the examination of the Board in .. b) Candidate appearing for Improvement of Performance (Class XII)/Upgrading of. Improvement Forms Apply Online: Re-print Online Application: Application Forms Class X: sppn.info Class XII: sppn.info Last Updated: November 2, by myCBSEguide CBSE has provided rules of improvement examination for class You may be thinking of the syllabus of improvement exam which is the main problem. .. CBSE online Tests · Download CBSE Papers in PDF · CBSE Free Videos · Get Homework.

Cbse Improvement Form Pdf

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CBSE has released CBSE improvement exams online application form for 12th. Fill the improvement form & know the rules for eligibility of JEE Main CBSE Improvement Exam Application Form Available for download at cbse. sppn.info The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). CBSE Improvement exam is to improve Class 12 scores by giving the exam the following year. Read-on for devang May 23, what is the Please see sppn.info · Reply.

You can appear for the five subjects. Hey Garima, I do not think that should be a problem. But I would recommend you contact with your college authority for the correct information. I got my Marksheet and Passing Cert. But i am unable to fill improvemnt form. Its showing Record not found..

Asad, as far as I know, you can give improvement exam if only you want to improve your score and that too in the following year. Since you have already taken compartment exam in the next year, you cannot take the improvement exam.

CBSE Improvement Exam, Procedure, Guidelines and FAQs

But please contact CBSE directly to confirm. As far as I know, improvement exams can be taken only once and that too in the next year. So is it acceptable to give address of my home or address of kota in the application. Ps — i wanna give my exam in kota and my previous exam center was in my home town.

I have given my 12 exams nd now I want to give improvement exams so can i fill this form independently without the interference of school. Hi Ankitt, Both your pass and improvement marksheets are valid.

The one with the higher marks will be considered. Please tell the procedure. I suggest you contact your school where you applied from. Sir do we have to post our mark sheet and online confirmation form to the reigonal office or do we have to personally visit the regional office for final confirmation for improvement exam?

So what would I do in future if asked for 12 marksheet? Or if I need to upload it? Need your help sir. In this case, whenever you submit your 12th marksheet, you need to submit both your pass and improvement marksheet. Thanks sir. But what if i need to upload a single 12th class marksheet?

As there will be only one space for uploading it. What should i need to do for correction? Sir, i have posted my all documents which they want to regional office. What to do now. How to check whether my application is ok and proceeding, or there is any problem with that? Will they notify us. Hey Sonam, improvement exam can be taken only in the year following the one you originally took your board exams in.

Pankaj, there is no improvement exam for practical exams. The marks will be carried forward from previous year. Sir, i want to improve my chemistry theory marks only and no give the practicals again! Apply as soon as possible.

From my oppinion may be last date is 31st december. Will he need to give compartment or previous year marks will be considered? Yes yogesh, they demands old marksheet, fee confirmation page and a confirmation page to be posted to the regional office for providing with ur admit card. Hi, The last date was 26th December, Hi Vimal, Since application processes are already over for this year, I would advice you to contact the CBSE officials to clarify your doubt.

Normally, during application, you can choose to appear only for those subjects you want to improve. Hi Pronay, It must be in some kind of chronological order so do not worry about it. But if you should have any worries, then do contact the CBSE officials to clarify about the same.

Year of passing is already mentioned in the original certificate.

Is old marksheet is also formally accepted for any recruitment or we can use the old marksheet for any official purpose like for apperariain bachelor degree exam. Yes, you have to provide both the marksheets everywhere. The best marks for the respective subjects will be considered. Your previous marks for English will be considered in this case.

You can only appear for improvement in the year succeeding your pass year. Hello sir, i want the my 12 class improvement admit card but the problem is i passed 12th on They approvel only that student who given the jee main enterance exam but i am an medical student so i preparing for neet on So what can i do?

Your practical marks will be the same as in your pass out certificate. You can only appear for improvement in your theory part.

Sir, I want to know that in how much time i will be receiving my IOP marksheet after the result is declared and also if there is any procedure to get it ASAP?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!!? If Arun failed in some subjects in class 12th CBSE Board Exams then he gives he compartment exams in July and passed in all the subject in which he has failed , but still his percentage is not sufficient for applying for a collage.

Therefore He wants to give the Improvement exam in succeeding year so that he could perform well and finally achieve the sufficient percentage. I have applied for all 5 subjects in cbse class 12 improvement exam. If i fail in any of the exam will the new certificate contain the better mark or the original mark for that particular subject? Previous marks will be considered only for admission procedures or the new certificate will contain the previous marks so that I have to submit only one certificate?

You will have to submit both the marksheets — pass and improvement. The best marks of the two will be considered. I passed in in all subjects but i given the improvement of economics in march and i fail in the exam is their any chances to give the paper again????? CBSE usually releases the improvement forms in its official website in the second half of the year.

The exam will be held in the next academic year. If a student fails than can he give the fresh exam next yr in all subject including computer science. Sir , i want to know that if the new result sheet given to us will worth same as that of the original first result , i mean will any university keep it into consideration?

Hey Aditya, You can appear for improvement only in the next academic year and that too if you clear your compartment. Please reply for this sir. You will have to pass first in all subjects before you can appear for improvement. Sir, I passed CBSE 12th board examination in , and appeared for the improvement examination in and paased it too with better marks. Now, I have completed my graduation.

Since I want to go with the marks that I got in the improvement exam for which I appeared in , What should I enter as my passing year, should it be or ? My original passing year. Passing year of improvement exam. Sir please reply for this. Sir, I want to appear for business studies improvement exam. When will i have to appear for the improvement and when should I apply for improvement? Is there any criteria for minimum marks? I would appreciate your reply.

And another question, Rather than wasting time waiting for my updated marksheet I would like to get a job in a BPO maybe can i do that? Please tell ASAP. Improvement exam can only be taken in the following year. Please read the above article. All the details are given there on the procedure, where to apply, how to apply, etc. Hi Rajender, Previous marks will be considered. Anyone that is higher will always be considered.

Hey Abhay, You will receive your improvement marksheet but if your previous marksheet has higher scores you can use that to submit your scores. And in case I got better marks in physic and math but poor marks in chemistry then which no. Will be on my final result?? You will have to submit both marksheets, pass and improvement. Namaste Sir, Sir if I apply to give improvement then how will improvement examination will be conducted?


What will be the date of improvement examination? Am I right? I hope you will understand what I want to say. Please give me information in detail sir please. Hi, I am asking below questions for my cousin. He failed in Chemistry in and same result in compartment. Unaware he filled improvement forms of all subjects and he got his admit card from CBSE, question is how? Now, he is done with his half exams already.

What best do you suggest now for him, does he needs to goto school and spend again an year to pass his 12th? He went there in patparganj head office and they only asked him to fill the improvement forms even knowing he has failed in Chemistry compartment exam.

Please contact the head office.

You can find their contact details in their website. Since he failed in his compartment, he has to appear for the board exams again, either as a regular student or private. Sorry, but you are no longer eligible to appear for improvement since you missed the last chance in March Hey Yash, the improvement marksheet will contain those two subjects for which you have taken the exam. As for the other subjects, you will have to provide your previous marksheet.

Kunal, you can either join a course or you can drop a year to give the CBSE imrovement exam the following year , whichever you are comfortable with. Also if you lagged in just one subject , there is an option which allows you to give one exam the same year to improve your score. Scored less batch Can i give the exam to improve marks. Or where can i find the details about the option you have said above Thanks in advance.

Navii, Since you passed in you can only give the improvement exam in and Sir If I have filled form of improvement exams in all five subjects and appeared for three exams, will the new marsksheet contain marks of all subjects? Your improvement marksheet will contain only the marks of the papers you appeared for improvement. Ji thanx but r u really sure,, I think u know jac counselling,, plzz last time asking, only for jac counselling this works or not,, thnx for taking time.

So sir, i want to know that when will the application form for improvement exam be released means in which month and also the date and result of the improvement exam? The exam will be held in the following year only along with the usual 12th boards. Will NIT and IIT accept a student who would not secures 75 percent in original exam and got above 75 in improvement exam. Hey saurabh, it is not necessary to give improvement exam in all the subjects.

And yes, if you get less in a particular subject in the improvement exam, then your previous year marks will be considered. Hey Shashank, you will have to consider the best marks for the respective subjects to calculate the average. And so, you will have to provide both the mark sheets.

But i have given that improvement exam from Private Institute, not from any school. And had only received new mark sheet but not any certificate of improvement exam. Now i got job in bank and soon there will be document verification. And some one told me that you get only one certificate for the first exam. Is it true?? Hii, I have filled four subject for improvement, and I have two roll numbers as a regular candidate and as a private candidate. Which roll number should I consider for filling entrance exam Paper?

Reply ASAP? Thank You Amit. Hlo sir,i want to know whether we have to fill the improvement exam from the same school from which we did our 12th? Under CBSE, students can directly appear for the exams without joining any school. These students are called private candidates. Sir, I have given improvement exams in for all the subjects, because it was a requirement for JEE, I scored better marks in some subjects while lesser in some.

So, can I take the best marks out of two marksheets for every subject and would they be considered valid? Sir, I got compartment in maths so after passing the compartment exam can I give improvement exam in 3 subjects. After improvement, you will always have to produce both marksheets.

My brother has passed 12 th exams in nd he want to appear for improvement exam. When it will be conduted? Sir, we want to ask you that when we go for improvment, can we graduate from the University the same year? After improvement, you will always have to produce both marksheets so that the better marks will be considered. Vivek, you will have to produce both pass and improvement marksheets. The best marks will be considered. You will have to produce both pass and improvement marksheets.

Sir, i wanted to know that can i take admission in colleges and also appear for improvement exam side by side? Also tell me that to be eligibe for jee main i have to give improvement in one subject or in all subject. Please keep an eye on the official website. Please Reply fast…….. Under CBSE, one can take exams without having to join any school. Such candidates are private candidates. Improvement exam forms usually come in the month of September-October.

Sir, I gave my boards this year i. So I just wanted to ask if IITs consider the results of improvement exams private or do I need to join a school again? And what is the procedure for improvement exams? I want to apply for bsc honours in statistics from DU but my best 4 percent is not upto the cutoff as of I want to improve in these subjects.

Please tell me am I eligible for admissions in DU in if I have secured good marks in both of subject in Improvement Exam?? If you have appeared in board exams this year, i. As for whether or not you will still be eligible to get admission in DU in your course of choice, please contact the official authorities for the correct information.

My college has accepted my marksheet and my classes will start from August. But still i want to improve my marks for future. So tell me whether I can give Improvement exam on july or not. Plz Plz answer me.. Sir, I have appeared for 12th exam this year and got just 33 marks in maths and is not satisfied and want to give improvement exam of maths and computer science , can it be given next year with regular boards exam students?

Sir, I want to know if any candidate appear in improvement exam in any subject and he scores less marks in improvement exam then which marks will be counted in mark sheet. Improvement exam is for increasing the marks and if you are not able to gain anything then your old marksheet will be considered valid. Then she appear in compartment july, in chemistry but again not succeed in exam and now she appear in march exam in biology subject and have clear the subject.

So my question is do I have to give all 5 exams again or I can give just one exam to meet the eligibility criteria for JEE. As my senior said that for JEE we have to give all 5 exams. Are the rules changed? Sir, my brother did not receive 12th CBSE improvement exam marks sheet as our address was changed.

Is the copy received through digi locker as good as the original and its colour print out will suffice? If not, please explain the process to get marks sheet? Hello Mayank. Relax… Because 80 will be considered as your final marks. Sir, i had compartment this year i. Can i give improvment in other subject in Please help me….

Hey since you appeared in improvement exam this year, it means you passed Class 12 exam last year. If you have got compartment in Chemistry in the improvement exam, your Chemistry marks from last year will be considered. My 12th result came in So if i will apply for re exam then which date will be mentioned on my result? Sir if i will give improvement exam so which date wll be mentioned on my result I passed out 12th in No, it is not mandatory to appear for practical exam, if the candidate is satisfied with his practical marks.

He can write theory improvement exam separately. Vagnish it is not mandatory to appear in practical exam while writing improvement exam for theory. As per CBSE instructions, student can appear in the improvement exam only in the succeeding year. After that it is not allowed. The online application can be filled only between No Harsh, Feel sorry to say that… If you have failed in any subject then you have to write compartment exam, not improvement exam.

You can read more about the compartment exam in the below link. Please help my cousin passed 12 th in will she now will be able to give the inprovment exams. Hello Vipul. I did not understood your question. However, I think your question is 1 of the 2 from below…. Please help my cousin passed? Then this is my answer — We understand your concern. But even if we want to.

Application procedure for CBSE improvement exam

We are helpless. Because we are not the official authorities we have nothing to do with CBSE board. OR Can my Cousin appear for the exam next year? My Answer — No, the Improvement Exams can only be given in the very next year after she has written the exam. Hi Shivani, It seems that you are in trouble. Sorry to hear that. First of all relax. You can only try doing things which are in your hand.

Then please do not feel bad. You need to move on. However, I am confident that it will work out. I am sure they will help you out. Toll free number for any help from cbse is Hello Sahil, For Improvement exam, only 1 chance in the succeeding year is permitted.

For Compartment exam, 3 chances will be given, Say that you have failed in the Annual Exam then you can appear for the compartment exam in If you failed again then you can appear in the Annual Exam and again if you failed then you can appear in the compartment exam of And that is the last of it, no more chances will be given if you failed to clear. I completed all process for improvement exam and also payed the fees but i forgot to send confitmatipn page to regional office am i eligible to give improvement exam??

Always the improvement marks will be considered. There is some improvement in some subjects but there is some reduction in marks too. Plese reply.. No Bokivi, The marks of the other two subjects will not be considered if you are not appearing for it. Only that subject exam marks will be considered in your final percentage which you are writing and that too only if the marks in the improvement exam is more than the previous one.

Hi Rohit, Do not worry!! As you have taken the improvement examination, you need not worry about the decrement in marks. Your higher marks will be taken into consideration while filling the percentage. Hey TEM, can you kindly elaborate your question.

So that we will know regarding which statement you are talking about. Unfortunately, you can appear for the improvement exam only once.

Embibe is India's leading AI Based tech-company with a keen focus on improving learning outcomes, using personalised data analytics, for students across all level of ability and access. Share this on WhatsApp. KVPY Scholarship Want to score better in your CBSE exams? Quora kajal jain. Samsul Hoque Barbhuiya. Rajendra kumar. I was got ft in physics in Dharawat Embibe. Himanshu Shekhar. While applying for exams, you can choose to send in your mark sheet with higher marks.

Anmol bhatia. Shuaib Ahamed. Nisha Singh Kuntal. Aditya Pratap Soni. Arpan kumar saxena. Rajat Gupta. Sir, what do you mean by statement of marks, can you please elaborate?? Thank you. Abhishek Maheshwari. Priyaansh Makhija. One can go for improvement exams and side by side also for higher studies? Abhay Kumar. Does every college accept the improved marks? Thank you in advance , i hope someone addresses my questions as soon as possible. Siddharth Choudhary. Himanshu Jha. Sir the link shows that the last date is over, is it actually over, or the link is of last year?

Shreyasi Sarkar.

Alok Rohilla. Jenson Raju. Sir last year i appeared as a private candidate ,can i improve my marks in Shankar Bose. Hi Shankar, Ideally you should appear in only that exam in which you want your score improved. Varun Punera. How to apply for Compartment second time? Hi Aniket, The form is not uploaded on the site yet. Just give it for the subject you want an improvement in. Sudhanshu Tewari. Pritam Das.

Kindly contact the CBSE officials at the earliest and raise the issue. Anukriti Debnath. Yes the previous no. Raushan Raichand. Kindly immediate the CBSE officials at the earliest. Shashank Jacob. Manish Shukla. Hi Manish, Kindly read the instructions on the website. Shubham Mehra. Sir, I want to change the examination center.

What is the procedure? Plz tell ASAP. Pratyush Gour. Best wishes. Plz tell what I should do now??? Rishabh Jain. Admit card will be released by cbse where center will be given. School uniform is not mandatory as you can wear simple outfits but there some guidelines by cbse please check on examhelplogger. Dear I was student of 12th in c.

She is intelligent student basically. She scored 10 out of 10 in 10th std, Also she was first mark in her class on 11th too. She scored more than 75 percentage to appear JEE. My humble request is, as I am not familiar with education system, and living in remote area, we need help from your side. I ask her to apply improvement exam, so that she can score good marks, as well good rank in JEE also. Now, the problem, we do not information on timely. Kindly let me know, the exam date and late date for fee etc.

I normally do not use internet most of the time. Kindly help me. My contact number: Sir, I have passed my 12th boards in Can I apply for improvement exam , for one subject? Deeksha, your both marksheets will be valid.

It is totally on you which one will you consider. Give the higher marks priority! Sir when will be improvement exam forms released for 12th students batch and when will be the paper held because I am not able to get any information on the official site of CBSE regarding improvement exam.

Sir, i want to know that … When will improvement exam form released… I checked currently on official website of cbse but i did not get any information… So plz rply sir plz. Now i want to give CBSE improvement exam in Plz send me link for the improvement examination form.

Sir i got compartment again in compartment exam so i want to reappear in all 5 subject. Then what can i do for appearing in all 5 subject? In I have appeared 12 board exam and I am not satisfied with marks but in I have appeared for improvement exam I got fail in three subject so I can apply again for improvement exam Plzzzz help me …..??? In last year exams i was failed in mathematics and passed in all other subjects so can i apply for maths improvement Please help me out sir.

I appeared for cl xii in and got marks as Eng,phy,chem,bio compartmental ,maths As I am not satisfied with my marks, I want to give improvement in How many subjects shall I have to appear in improvement exam? Will PCB be enough?

Whats up are using WordPress for your blog platform? Do you need any coding knowledge to make your own blog? Any help would be really appreciated! Sir your portal seems very helpful and satisfactory.. Thank you for this site.. My question is that After filling the improvement examination forms in August , we are going to conduct the examination in February next year i.

February Please reply to my question as thi is very confusing after looking to the other sites. Pls give a satisfying answer.. Thank you. I m student of — batch. I failed in physics in theory I got only 8 marks.. I m able to give exam for phy.. But if have failed in the practicals then you have to appear in them again and the practicals center will be provided by the CBSE.

This is not possible. I want to fill the improvement exams form 12th class online. Please help me.

CBSE Past 10 Year Papers for Class 10

I was suggested this blog by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by him as nobody else know such detailed about my problem. Can i give improvement exam class 12 along with persuing diploma in computer application course?

I am failed student of 12th CBSE in three subjects. I have passed 12 in year — session. I have to give fee to school also like class 12th…. I gave the cbse exam in through pcm but I got only Then how many subject I have to fill in improvement form.

You will have to apply for all the five subjects and if you had phy edu as additional subject then apply for this also.

I passed class 12th regular cbse exam in …now since i have passed in the year and now got transfer certificate from the school i was in …do i have to fill the improvement exam form as a student of that school or am i supposed to fill it like an individual student plzz help me out fast….

Sir I got No JEE has published new rule that the students who wants to appear in improvement exam and want to appear in jee exam they must have to appear in all 5 subjects of improvement.

If you are not aiming for jee. Means if you are not preparing for jee exam then you can give improvement in english and maths but if you are preparing for jee exam then you have to fill improvement in all 5 subjects because it is compulsary.

My percentage is less I will be giving improvement in so Will I had to give improvement in all five subjects to give jee mains and advanced in ?

I gave the compartment exam in maths I passed in maths now but my percentage is very low …So can I do 12th all exam in year When improvement exam form will be out for this year students??? This year I appeared as a regular candidate and I passed, but I want to appear for improvement exam but my question is that , after filling up the improvement exam form how our admit card will come to us???? And after giving the improvement exam how our new marksheet will be sent to us??????

I suggest you to like our facebook page for the latest update you will not be able to miss! Can u tell me will I have to join school for the improvement exams preparations?? Can I give improvement exam in only 1 subject?? There is no need to join the school again.

I would like to give improvement in subjects from Bangalore. Can I give improvement examination in any centres in Bangalore without going back to Delhi. I have given improvement exam on feb , but my precent didnt come good so can i again give exam on feb ??

Please reply this …. NO, as there is only one chance given to the candidate in the succeeding year.

CBSE Improvement Exam Application Form Released, Fill Now!

But please visit the cbse officials for the confirmation. So can i give improvement exam in ? Plz reply. Aditi, Yes all arrangements and syllabus is according to the upcoming cbse exams If you have given practicals then your older marks will be considered for the practicals. So stay in touch and visit regularly this site.

Would suggest you to join facebook page for the regular updates https: Shaswat sudesh, here you have failed chemistry , so consider your old chemistry marks and new improved marks for english. Its will be upon you at the time of admission to college which marksheet you want to consider. No problem for new marksheet at all. Yes, You can choose in which subject you want to give improvement and its marks will be considered at all platforms.This is not possible.

Ritesh Kumar. Hey Aryan, Which every marks is higher will be mentioned in your marksheet. If after compartment, you still get less marks, you can apply for improvement. No, it is not mandatory to appear for practical exam, if the candidate is satisfied with his practical marks. If a student was unable to appear in one subject for improvement exam then?

I have given exam in Andhra Pradesh. Priyaansh Makhija One can go for improvement exams and side by side also for higher studies?