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With Citrix, one can access the customized application and can also Top 20 Citrix Interview Questions & Answers . Download PDF. Top 20 Citrix Interview Questions & Answers. 1) Explain what is Citrix? It is an application deployment system. With Citrix, one can access the customized. Also visit Citrix Xenapp jobs interview questions and answers page to get more . a platform-independent “electronic paper” similar to Adobe's PDF format.

Citrix Interview Questions And Answers Pdf

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Citrix XenApp and Desktop (Studio) Questions & Answers. What is FMA? In addition, mention the major differences between IMA and FMA Architecture. From . Citrix Interview Questions Answers Guide - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. citrix. Citrix-xen-Desktop Interview Questions and Answers - Download as Word Doc . doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. queriesss.

Streamed VHD: Uses the local processing power of rich clients, while providing centralized single-image management of the desktops. Hosted VDI: Offers a personalized Windows desktop experience, typically needed by office workers, which can be securely delivered over any network to any device. Hosted Shared: Provide a locked-down, streamlined and standardized desktop with a core set of applications, which is suited for end user groups in which personalization is neither needed nor allowed.

Does Citrix Xen Desktop work if its offline? Citrix Xen Desktop works very well online as well as offline. Suppose the Xen Desktop streamed a desktop application on a client machine and suddenly the network is disconnected that does not allow further access to network. In this case the application streamed as a virtual desktop will run very well as if it has never been disconnected.

Citrix Xen Desktop need not run on a desktop but a client applet for desktop is required to be installed at client-side.

The whole functionality is orchestrated through a centralized Server. The technology is simple and follows modern and virtualized client-server architecture.

Thus it is a model of cloud computing architecture.

Citrix XenApp Related Interview Questions

This technology provides flexible compatibilities to multimedia devices and software as Flash, Audio, Video, USB, 3D graphics applications. This compliance ensures a fast and reliable experience through Citrix Xen Desktop throughout the usage.

Please explain some security features in Citrix Xen Desktop? Citrix Xen Desktop comes with an integrated hardened SSL VPN with advanced, policy-based access control lets you give users encrypted access to desktops, applications, and valuable intellectual property from anywhere while eliminating the risk of data theft or loss.

Centralized data control provides high security compliance. XenServer 6. No support is provided for vSphere vCenter Linked Mode operation. VMware vSphere 5. The On-demand Apps feature in FlexCast delivery is a feature provided by Citrix Xen Desktop to deliver software applications on a client request for usage.

20 citrix interview questions and answers

These applications are packaged as images which are isolated and independent to the compatible hardware. On-demand applications could be like a Microsoft office application running on Linux machine. The Netscaler technology resolves issues of low speed internet and low bandwidth that needs to stream a desktop from a centralized server.

This provides slow streaming compliance on the virtualization solution to provide optimum support and feature on the client machine. How can you assign the desktops to Users? What are the editions are available in Citrix Xen desktop addition?

Citrix Xen Desktop virtualization comes in different editions 1. Express edition- this is the edition which is a trial version and user can use it for 10 days. It has limitation as well on the usage. VDI virtual desktop interface provides scalability and also virtual desktops using the client-server model.

Enterprise edition- it has all the tools available for customization and it is a cost-effective platform that provides flexibility, scalability and delivery of applications without any hassles. Platinum edition- it is a complete package to deliver full performance monitor, Qos capabilities and services for end-to-end delivery. It has support for virtual desktop support. How you can differentiate Desktop Virtualization different from Application Virtualization?


The dynamic store is information stored in memory. What is LHC? Each Presentation Server is smart enough to only download information from the data store that is relevant to it, meaning that the local host cache is unique for every server.

Citrix created the local host cache for two reasons: 1. Permits a server to function in the absence of datastore connectivity.

Improves performance by caching information used by ICA Clients for enumeration and application resolution.

All servers in the farm, and their basic information. All applications published within the farm and their properties.

What do you understand from the Web Interface in the Citrix? It is also known as NFuse and is useful in offering the Web access to the Unix, Java, Linux, as well as to Windows-based applications which are hosted through the server software meant for the Citrix environment. The Citrix simply let the users to have the server-side control of all the applications that come with a tag of Citrix.

Also, the applications can directly be accessed through the web browser interface. Can you tell something about the components in Citrix and how they are different from one another?

There are 5 prime components in the Citrix and they are very useful for the users.

In addition to this, it enables users to directly access the files through the remote approach. However, it is necessary that the machine should run on the same server. The XenServer and the Provisioning Server are the other components. XenServer is useful when it comes to combing the multiple servers that are Xen enabled using the clustering technology whereas the latter is useful in impost a limit on the overall number of nodes that can be managed through the system.

Is there any boundation on the refresh time for the Local Host Cache? What exactly do you know about the Data Store in Citrix? What kind of information can it store? The Citric farm needs a lot of information about the configuration and the same is present in the Data Store.

It is possible to modify the Meta Farm Server whenever the need of same is felt.

What exactly do you know about the connection leasing process? It is basically a built-in ability of the XenDesktop. The users can connect themselves to the recently used desktops and the applications. This can be done even when the database remains unavailable from the users.

Citrix XenDesktop Interview Questions and Answers

However, in case the user is trying to connect the desktop or the application first time, this situation is not valid.

All the default connections can be cached easily. Is it possible in the Citrix to clear the XenServer cache? Yes, this is possible and the users can perform this task through the command prompt. Well, it is actually considered as an intermediary among the farm and the Web interface of the concerned applications. From the interface, it directly gets all the important credentials of the users.

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All the applications that the users can access have valid permission which it simply makes sure to implement in the Citrix environment. There is a management architecture which is independent and makes sure of Web interface functionality. It generally performs functions between the web interface and the IMA. Abbreviate LHC in the Citrix? It stands for Local Host Cache. It is basically a local database in the Citrix Environment.

Is there any Default test available in the recovery tool?Read This Tips for writing resume in slowdown What do employers look for in a resume?

Desktop virtualization provides optimizations techniques to deliver the applications, data and desktop environment to the users. Select a. What Is Proximity Printing?

If not. Adobe Acrobat has also been streamed to the XenApp servers.