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Read “The Devil Wears Prada”, by Lauren Weisberger online on Bookmate – A sharp, witty and To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate. The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger. Read online, or download in secure EPUB format. Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns by Lauren Weisberger. Read online, or download in secure EPUB format.

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Lauren Weisberger — The Devil Wears Prada A delightfully dishy novel about the all-time most impossible boss in the history of impossible. sppn.info Review It's a killer title: The Devil Wears Prada. And it's killer For the most part, The Devil Wears Prada focuses on the outrageous Miranda Priestly , and she's an irresistible spectacle. Share? PDF/EPUB PDF DOWNLOAD2. File Name: Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns Total Downloads: Formats: djvu | pdf | epub | kindle. Rated: /10 (04 votes). Check out the World.

Andrea manages to find an apartment of her own in the city before she begins working.

Miranda is on vacation in Europe when Andrea begins. Miranda is impossible to please and also treats Andrea cruelly berated at every mistake she makes. In fact, Andrea begins to prioritize work over everything else, including her boyfriend Alex, her friend Lily and even her family.

Andrea begins to drift apart from everyone as her job has become her only true priority. One night during her trip to Paris with Miranda, Andrea checks her phone to discover two missed calls, one from her now ex-boyfriend Alex and another from her mother. They had both called to share the same news of her friend Lily getting into a car accident and is now in a coma.

Andrea is scared that Miranda will fire her if she returns to home to see Lily and chooses to stay in Paris.

She looked around their apartment, a south-facing, three-thousand-square-foot split two-bedroom with home office on the fourteenth floor, with a terrace off the master and a newly renovated kitchen that opened up into a sprawling living and dining room space. To be honest, I don't have a whole lot of sympathy for the newly poor-little-rich-girl that Andy has become. She is utterly vile and juvenile.

Her fear of Miranda is laughable. I understand that working under a bad boss can be traumatic, believe me, we've all fucking been there.

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To have such an overwhelming fear, to break into a cold sweat at the thought of her. To avoid her at all cost is just stupid. You're a fucking adult, act like it.

Her husband is awesome, he gives Andy his practical opinion that she completely fucking ignores. Your standard-fare, run-of-the-mill schoolyard bully. He is the ideal gentleman, and I am on Team Max until the very end.

The Psychology of Self-Esteem

What I hate is this book's abrupt attempt to villify Max when all along, he has been built up to be an incredible husband and father. Max had long ago announced he was certain they would only ever have girl babies.

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Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns ebook online

Add to cart. Loot Review Description Details Customer Reviews A junior assistantship to the editor of the world's top fashion magazine "The job a million girls would die for" provides endless fodder for a one-note but on-the-money kiss-and-tell debut.

Andy, or, as her boss from hell calls her: A few weeks of dealing with the insensitive, sadistic and imperious Miranda leave our heroine on the verge of abdicating, but before long she's joining her colleagues in "the classic Runway Paranoid Turnaround. It's only a hour day! Ultimately, of course, everything explodes, and in the end, of course, righteousness prevails.

Weisberger writes with humor and authority, but her plot circles like a whirlpool-and by the time Andrea's ready to face some hard choices, it's difficult to care. Her exhaustion is contagious. Weisberger, this season's buzz of the town, was an assistant to Vogue editrix Anna Wintour-read: Miranda Priestly-giving this putative roman-a-clef an added splash of juice.

Kirkus Reviews. Welcome to the dollouse, baby! When Andrea first sets foot in the plush Manhattan offices of Runway she knows nothing.Andy is immature, she is self-indulgent, she is insufferably righteous, she is a drama queen; if she were a British citizen, she would have received the Order of the British Empire for her brilliant fucking ability to turn a molehill into a mountain.

Andrea submits her resume to different businesses, hoping to hear back from them.

A sharp, witty and hugely entertaining novel, The Devil Wears Prada has become a generation-defining bestselling classic. Lauren Weisberger Dimensions: When Andrea first sets foot in the plush Manhattan offices of Runway she knows nothing.

Andy and Emily, her former nemesis and co-assistant, have since joined forces to start a high end bridal magazine, The Plunge , which has quickly become required reading for the young and stylish.