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Sunday, August 18, 2019

width of available O-rings is so wide and so closely graded that almost any application is covered. O-rings are standardized in DIN ISO (former DIN ). DIN MEASUREMENTS IN MILLIMETERS. MEASUREMENTS IN INCHES. DIN SIZE. ID. ±. CS. ±. ID. ±. CS. ±. SIZE. 1,80 X 1, DIN. Part 1. Fluidtechnik; O-Ringe; Maße nach ISO - 1. In keeping with current practice in standards published by the International Organization for .

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ISO & DIN (METRIC). ID mm. TOL. ID mm. TOL. ID mm. TOL. ≤ ± ± ± ± ± ± ± The DIN o-ring standard is issued by The German Institute for Standards ( Duetsches Institut für Normung). This standard identifies O-Ring. DIN PDF - DIN Metric O-Rings Size Chart The DIN o-ring standard is issued by The German Institute for Standards (Duetsches Institut.

Butyl: IIR Very low gas permeability, high resistance to the actions of oxygen and the ozone, good electrical properties and above-average resistance to greases and animal and vegetable oils is what distinguishes manufactured joints from this material.

It is not suitable for the use of mineral oils. Ethylene propylene diene: The use of this rubber is indicated for places that require the use of a seal with a high resistance to steam and hot water. EPDM also has very good resistance to aging and ozone.

Its cold resistance can be rated as good compared to other types of synthetic rubber. Its behavior against oils, lubricating greases and solvents is similar to that of styrene-butadiene rubber.

Spare parts DS8/V/10A

Its resistance to chemicals and oxidizing agents is also very good. Ethylene propylene: The cross-linking of peroxide results in an excellent resistance to steam and hot water from EPM joints, a very good resistance to other atmospheric conditions, such as UV radiation, the action of ozone and humidity, as well as a good resistance to acids and alkalis.

Flouridated: Extraordinary resistance to the action of mineral oils, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons, concentrated and diluted acids, and weak alkalines. Fluorosilicone: Compared to the typical properties of normal silicone rubbers, fluorosilicone rubber has a greatly improved resistance to oils, fuels and solvents. Product group Shaft Seals.

Catalogue Shaft Seals. Technical information Shaft Seals. Data Sheet Shaft Seals.

Fluid systems; O-rings; materials, field of application

Product group Hydraulic. Catalogue Hydraulic Seals.


Technical informations Rod seals. Technical information Piston seals.

Product group Mechanical face seals. Dimension for Mechanical face seals. Technical Informations Mechanical Face Seals.

Product group End-Caps. Catalogue End-Caps and Usit-Rings.

Data Sheet End-Caps. Product group Usit-Rings.

Dimensions Usit-Rings. Data Sheet Usit-Rings.

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