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Few Things Left Unsaid was your promise of love fulfilled? Sudeep Nagarkar few more. This list can go on. I apologize if I have missed a few. They have all. Sudeep Nagarkar is an engineer by education and writer by profession. The novel Few Things Left Unsaid was released in the year Aditya is a confused soul. He is unclear about his ambitions or goals in life. He hates engineering from the core of his heart, but destiny has other plans for him.

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Few Things Left Unsaid by Sudeep Nagarkar PDF Download. Few Things Left Unsaid some author, written in and engineer, Sudeep sppn.info the author . GMT Few Things Left Unsaid - Wikipedia Few Things Left Unsaid By. Sudeep Nagarkar Pdf Download by Ebook4in - Free Download. Few Things Left Unsaid by Sudeep Nagarkar - Goodreads download: few things left unsaid sudeep nagarkar pdf Best of all, they are entirely free to find, use.

Why does any one need muscles? If you are smart looking, intelligent and have power in your rod, Why should you need muscles. Moreover if you can understand what your girl wants from you why need muscles?

My heart shouted again. Hey all of you. Even I am here. Can you all see me? This is Aadi My everything. I love him beyond limits. I said an awkward hi to him. His reaction was no different. It was the same as mine. Maybe he was thinking why Riya loved me. I wanted to tell him because I was not gay like him wearing pink t-shirts all over. However, I did not speak. Preferred not to talk to gays. What was happening to me? Why I was getting so frustrated?

I told myself to calm down. Riya was mine. Maybe I felt insecure as she had appreciated someone in front of me. But somewhere I thought she said I am her jaan.

I felt better. We are going to have something in the restaurant. Do you want to join? I looked at Riya in anger. Why do you want the two of them? Let them go their way. We will go by our way. I want privacy. I do not want your stupid conversation with both of them. I was looking like a stranger to the three of them. All school friends reunited. I hated it the most. We will join you. Who is going to the pay bill. I will not pay a single penny.

Let Amit pay it. He wanted to join us. What the hell? Riya looked at me. She knew what I was thinking. She gave me sweet smile.

She also did not want them to come. However, fools will be fools. Who can change them? We ordered some snacks.

He is health conscious. Oh really, so what can we do. Keep your Amit in your showcase as a showpiece. I purposely called the waiter. I like oily food. Riya pinched my hand under the table.

I looked at her and gave a smile. She knew what I was trying to show. They were chatting about school days. I was quiet. What was I supposed to say.

I was irritated. I was losing control. Riya was stopping me all the time. She made me calm down. My Amit, my Amit and my Amit. I thought he was her pussycat or some pet. We left after some time. Why did they have to join us? She just had one answer always. A KISS. She kissed me on the road. Small kiss. But it was enough for me to calm down.

But I hate him. Riya and I had decided to spend the entire day to- gether. It was my 1st birthday with her. We had decided to go to Grant Lane.

We met each other by 11am at Aerol Depot. We went by bus. She had two surprises for me. I was excited, I wanted this day to be special. As the Bus left Aerol Depot, she gave me a white rose. Such a sweet moment it was. I was really touched by this moment.

Such a special way to express her love… As 15 minutes passed she was again taking out something from her bag. I watcher her carefully. She was looking at me and smiling.

How many gifts have you brought? She told me to open it and as I opened them, this time there was a dark pink rose. This was more touching. She was really making my day beautiful.

Thank you for whatever you did for me. Whatever you are doing for me and for being with me. Something, which was unbelievable. A dream. I kissed her on her cheeks. We reached Grant Lane. As we sat in the Auto, she again put her hands in the bag. Now what? Is this a dream? Now what is it? She removed it from bag. It was a lavender colour rose.

This was a dream for sure. Third rose, in the last 40 min. Why did she love me so much? When did you do all this planning? I will make it special.

I loved you from the day I first saw you. From the day, our eyes met when I entered the classroom. I started loving you from that day.

I wanted you to be mine from that moment itself. Love you. I would have cried now. I just could not believe my eyes. I just walked close to her. We hugged each other so tightly that every one passing by looked at us. This time I knew the meaning of the yellow rose. It means she cared for me. She did care for me. A lot. This was the best hug she gave me till now. We entered the garden. We sat on a bench. I was just looking into her eyes.

They looked special today. I wanted to forget each small fight I had with her. I wanted to forget all those times I had doubted her. I kissed her. For the first time while kissing her, I closed my eyes. This time she did not close her eyes.

As I opened my eyes, I saw a red rose on my bag, which was kept beside me. She said I love you a lot.

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I love you more than anyone can. There may be many girls who will love you in future. However, trust me you will never get a girl who can do all these things for you.

And I am not doing these to show you that I am the best but I am doing this because you are the best. You are the best possible thing that happened in my life. My love is increasing day by day. However, I want to be with you for 24hours. From the time you wake up until the time you sleep. I grabbed her. I squeezed her. She shouted. She loved it. It was wild. But she made it wild.. She was mine. She was just mine. No one could have her in their life now. We were both lost in our world.

I went to order some food. I ordered veg chilly and told him to bring it to the garden. I walked towards the bench. As I reached the bench, I saw she had kept a cake on the bench with a candle on it. She stood up and came close to me.

She gave me the warmest hug. Each moment was special. We sat and I cut my birthday cake.

I forcingly put the 1st piece into her mouth. She was not able to speak. She did the same with me. It was a small cake.

We shared it. After eating the cake and veg chilly I slept with my head on her lap. I was looking into her eyes and she was weeping. I could not stop my tears. I saw the time. It was 4pm. We had slept for almost 2 hours. I checked my belongings. They were all right. Her head was on my chest.

Sudeep Nagarkar

I did not get up. I wanted to see her sleeping. On the previous occa- sion she had not woken me up. This was my turn. After 15 min, she woke up. She gave me a morning smile that we usually give when we wake up in the morning. We slept for 2 hours. Thank god our belongings are safe. What are you saying? Let it be.

We have the entire day. Let me show you something. I would have fall down on the grass. So many gifts. So many surprises. I am already full of gifts. Why do you love me so much?

It was t-shirt. Green t-shirt from Pepe Jeans. It would be costly. From where did she get so much money? However, it was special. This time I hade no words to explain what I felt. Now it was my turn. It was my turn to give her something. She had done so much for me. Now I would. Even I had a few things in mind for evening. We left Grant Lane at about 5 pm and went to a restaurant.

I had searched for that restaurant earlier on internet. I had informed the manager about all the arrangements. We reached the destination. Neel Resturant. I told her to wait. I went inside and confirmed the arrange- ments with the manager. I called Riya inside. It was dark. It had a long passage. There were two tables in it that gave complete privacy to couples. It was surrounded by ply from three sides and it had a round table inside with two chairs with white covers.

It had a fancy candle on it and rose petals beside it. There were few people in restaurants. However, we had privacy. It was a candle light dinner. This time tears were transferred to her eyes.

She pinched my hand so tight that it hurt me. I came to know that she wanted to kiss me hard but could not due to people around us. We sat at the table. She kissed me. I know this is nothing compared to what you did today for me. If I combine all the gifts that I gave you they were nothing in front of what you did right now. I smiled I did not tell her what that was.

We left the restaurant after having food and reached Grant Lane station. This was something, which could go against me.

However, I wanted to take risk. I Wanted to ask something from someone. As train reached Aerol, Riya was about to get down. I stopped her and said nothing to her. She told me she was getting late. Still I told her to come with me. We reached my area and then to my apartment and then to my house.

Mom opened the door. She was surprised to see Riya and me together. Mom was alone at home. We sat in the hall. Mom brought us a glass of water. I said… Mom I love Riya. I love her very much.

We love each other very much. My Mom was shocked. Riya was almost dead. This was the last surprise of the day. I was sit- ting on a sofa. Mom and Riya were sitting on another couch. Mom looked at me sometimes and some- times at Riya.

She did not allow me to do so. I broke the silence. I really love her. We shared a relationship, which was not less than friendship.

I wanted her to support me. I wanted her to accept Riya as my girlfriend. Do you even know what love is? Bunking colleges and roaming around, watching movies, hands in hand… do you think this is love?

However, I like her. I want her to be with me. What can I say? Riya pointed at me to go inside. Without saying anything, I went. Maybe Mom would talk frankly about me with Riya or it can be other way too.

I had a firm belief in Riya. What exactly happened? And how far have you gone in your relationship?

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My Mom asked Riya. I was behind the door itself. I could hear everything. You have seen more life than we have. Nevertheless, we seriously like each other. He helped me in my studies; he also helped me in each possible way. He is very nice towards me. I do not know if this is love or not. I had asked Aditya when that autorickshaw driver had come. I knew from that day only. I never told Aditya what the driver said about you both. He told me everything what you were doing in rickshaw.

I did not tell this to Aditya, as I wanted him to con- centrate on his exams. What are you both up to? First learn to earn money then you can do all these things. Now if you try to separate both of us it would affect our semester. Aunty do not worry, I will take care of him.

Seriously, I will not let him sidetrack from studies. Please trust me. I wanted to hug her. She is the first one who wakes me up everyday, with a lovely heart and a friendly soul I love my Mom.

I love Riya too… I went outside and could not hide my happiness. I am your Mom. She still told me that education was the first priority and rest everything should be left aside while studying. I accepted whatever she said.

After all, she accepted my Riya. Riya was very happy. We chatted for sometime and then Riya left for home. I went near the gate to leave her. This time seeing her going home was something different.

Something, which brought a sense of security in me. No sooner than we had seen each other, we liked each other. No sooner, we liked each other we knew each other.

No sooner we respec- ted we appreciated each other. Then we loved each other. No sooner we loved each other deeply we were in front of my Mom. And took our relationship one more step ahead. I dreamt of getting engaged to her. A hall filled with family and friends. When she will ask me what kind of wedding I wished for…I would answer nothing special. However, the one which would make me your husband.

I think she is the only girl who can improve you. However, as I said studies are the first priority.

Anyways she is beautiful. I got the gift from my parents. The next day. Riya had messaged me in morning that she would be late due to some household work. The second lecture began. Riya was still at home. She messaged me to leave the college and come to her home. I was surprised.

I knew there was no one at her house this morning. As the lecture got over, I left the college and reached her gate. I called her. Come inside. I went in. She opened the door. I entered her house to see Amit and Neha. Not again. I said to myself. They were eating chips. Fools will be fool. I went straight into the kitchen and Riya joined me. What are these two doing here? I had called Neha in the morning and told her what had happened yesterday.

So she said even we both want to celebrate his birthday. It was my birthday. Why do these two want to celebrate it? Who is forced to do this bullshit. I really felt at that time that engineering is like a marriage. Bachelors are eager to do it.

In addition, married persons have declared themselves dead a few years back itself. After writing assignments and having lunch on the platform itself we started walking towards col- lege.

I was unaware that Anup smoked. I loved his answer. The feeling of trying a smoke was increasing in me. I had never tried smoking. Sameer had. Even he was smoking. Anup and Sameer were forcing me to try. Moreover, cigarettes keep your mind active. You think better than you can. So have it. Finally, I stopped resisting and asked him to download a cigarette for me. He handed it to Anup. He gave it to me.

I took a cigarette in my hand for the first time. It was something different. Something I never felt before. There I was, smoking a cigarette with my best friend…. And five minutes later, I was expertly blowing out rings. A cigarette is the only consumer product which when used as directed kills its consumer. And I was ready to be killed. Slow poison so why to worry. Enjoy the feel. And I did the same. I started smoking another cigarette. The rain had increased.

When we heard that the college would be closed due to heavy rains, we started making plans what to do. Sameer said lets go to the waterfall nearby.

And we accepted. Going by train would be risky. Therefore, we started walking. All four of us were enjoying the rains. Sameer bought three bottles of beer and we went close to waterfall. It was an awesome view. I did not drink. I had never tried it. Not even on that day. I had taken three cigarettes with me. I was enjoying the moment. Cigarette in one hand while feeling the rains. Feeling the waterfall. Everyone was drunk.

It became difficult for me to control them. However, I really enjoyed their silly jokes. All new friends coming first time to a new place and having an awesome time was really a nice feeling. Sameer- He had a few bad habits but its ok. He was sincere. Friends like him are rare to find. He can help me whenever needed. He has helped me many times. I loved him. Swapnil - It was a beginning of our friendship. He was frank. He had an x factor which made him showstopper every time he did something.

He can bring girls close to me, a true friend. Anup- I really could not understand him. He was transparent with us, but still something was missing. He never came with us outside the college. World of fun. World of enjoyment. I never thought an engineering college would be so much fun. Moreover such wonderful friends. Still I thought something was missing. The girls. We started observing girls in our class.

We used to sit on the last bench. Therefore, we could observe the entire class very clearly. It was the first lecture of the day. Swapnil whispered in my ears.

She is looking hot. We can play Carom coins easily. How is she? Let it be. You carry on. Suddenly five minutes later a girl shouted from the back door. My heart skipped a beat. Was it a dream? I do not say she was more beautiful than Angelina jolie. But something hit my heart. She sat in the third row. She looked behind her. Our eyes met and it was as if our souls joined. We couldn't stop looking at each other. I knew deep down inside that she was the one for me. After a while, I got the giggles and she gave me the most incredible smile.

It astounded me. I felt something I have never felt in my life before-- what I believe to be true love. However, I have heard love is when they call you on the phone; you get that tingly feeling inside, every time you get a message from them, you smile and your heart beats a thousand times a minute! Love is, when you hold his or her hand, and knowing that there is nothing better in the world, than being with him or her.

Nothing like this happened. I think I loved her looks. Her dress. Her eyes. Her lips. This was lust. I just wanted her. However, it was a bit more than lust. I felt so. A week passed and I still remembered the way our eyes met and the incredible smile she gave me.

My attitude in class had changed. I wanted more of her attention. My dressing style changed. I became more conscious. I just wanted to talk to her. But was afraid. It was not that tough to talk to her but after what happened on first day, It was not normal also. I knew she kept an eye on me. I knew that in her heart of hearts she also liked me.

But I was afraid. This was happening for the first time. I had many girlfriends earlier. But this was different. This was like the rains in summer. This was like the shining sun in the clouds. It was computer practicals. We entered the lab. I sat on the computer in the corner.

Swapnil was sitting besides me. She entered the lab. Looking awesome. Red top and low waist dark blue jeans. Her top was somewhat transparent and her sexy shape attracted me. This made me nervous. She sat beside Swapnil. We were asked to write the experiment from the manual.

Swapnil was looking at my nervous face. I was looking at her on the sly. And I knew she was doing the same. There was something between us. I watched her lips closely. They were soft. I just loved them. Was I falling for her? Swapnil exchanged a few words with her. Then they chatted and I was getting jealous.

Swapnil was fast in these things. I still did not know the name of the girl and he was talking to her as if he had known her for the last few years. She was responding to him. Even I wanted to join the conversation.

But something stopped me. I never got to know what that something was? Was it love? Madam started calling names for attendance. I got a chance to know her name. Swapnil would have told me later. I was watching her carefully and the teacher. DIV E. I missed out her name though. I cursed myself. She responded quickly to her name. Her voice made me go crazy.

And in the process I missed her name. We left the lab and I asked Swapnil what her name was. He said… Riya… Riya and Aditya…made for each other? Swapnil started talking to her regularly or through sms. Still, I never talked to her. Even Anup started talking to her. The mechanics assignment was given to us.

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When we were leaving for home after college, I asked Swapnil to give me a Xerox of the assignment. He did not have,neither did Anup. Swapnil asked Riya who was with us always. She had it. Finally, she broke the long silence between us.

The rest is complete. I was blank. I was not able to reply also. I was just watching her lips move. She was staring at me. I lost the control over my heart when I saw that beautiful smile, that spread across her face. The depth in her eyes. I have not written the last question.

Give me your number, if I have any doubts I will call you. This is silly. I said to myself. What doubts will I have? However, my heart said it. And I was staring at her. Take it. I had really started loving her. I was continuously thinking of her. The feeling of love. The feel- ing of romance. The feeling of being together. It was what overwhelmed my mind. I loved her. I really did. I was sure it was love. I tried to ask myself why I loved her. Was it the sway in her hips? Or the port in her lips, maybe the love in her eyes.

Or it could be the softness of her skin, the silk in her hair. It could also be the sway in her walk; the sweetness in her talk that made me love her. The day I met her I fell into her trap, I had lost. I finished writing the assignment. I was staring at her name on the assignment. I was madly in love. I searched a sweet sms in my cell to forward her. I got one sms Two difficult things to say in life: 1.

HELLO to a person who is unknown 2. Good night. After 15 minutes I got a sms. I opened my inbox. It was her sms Sms just said good night. Sweet dreams. I was excited. I did not want to show her that I was desperate for her. Even she did not reply. I wanted her to text me.

I checked my mobile after every 10 or 15minutes. But it did not show anything. Every coming sms or call seemed to be her call or sms. Is this love? I thought so. I kept the cell under my pillow to feel the vibration if her sms came. Still she did not reply. I felt like I should have replied earlier. Now it was too late to reply. I cursed myself and went to sleep.

Suddenly lectures seemed interesting. I preferred sitting for lectures. Not because I started loving en- gineering, but because I loved her. The way she used to look at me during lectures. The way she used to give me naughty smiles indicating she liked me.

Canteen became a regular hang out. She used to sit beside me in canteen. We started chatting regularly through sms. We started calling each other daily. We started sharing our food daily. It was a changed world all together. I loved each moment of it. Suddenly I started liking college. We bonded with each other quickly as she also hated engineering. This brought us closer. Assignments increased.

I was at the station writing assignment along with Swapnil. Riya called me. I told her to join us. She reached the station within 15 minutes. She lived in Aerol itself. So the station was near her apartment. Swapnil had an inkling that I liked her. I wanted to discuss all these things with Sameer. But he was always busy in his lectures. He hardly bunked any lectures. As we were about to finish our assignments Swapnil noticed the naughtiness in our body language and in our talks. He knew we had became more than friends.

However, we never told each other. I looked at him with anger. I am single. I did not react. We started walking towards the college. Swapnil got a call from his dad. His dad wanted him to come to his office. He left midway. It made me a bit nervous. As I never talked to her when we were alone. Infact, we did not get any time for ourselves. We were always accompanied by Anup or Swapnil. Sameer hardly came with us. This was the first time we were spending time alone. We decided to bunk the lectures.

We decided to go to a restaurant near our college. I wanted to tell her few things. We ordered some snacks. Sweet kachori was her favourite. She ordered the same. But I never loved anyone. Maybe I never found anyone who could be perfect for me. Actually, it was during my junior college days. I do not know what it was. Was it love or something else? But when we had a break up it did hurt me for a few days. Or still…. My friends were supportive. They helped me a lot. Did she love me?

Did she really say it or I imagined she had? I got con- fused. I wanted to ask her what she meant. However, what would she think? Would she be ok with it? These thoughts were running through my mind.

Finally, I asked her. What did you mean? You are with me means what? What did you think? Are you sure you meant that? Am sure. I just gave a chance to myself. I tried to break the boundaries. If you want to support me then you will have to take care of me like a small kid.

What say? Am not your wife. You can take care of me. And wow, that is a good word. From now onwards I will call you my wife.

I was sure she liked me. I continued flirting with her.

In addition, you have to take care of me. Like a small kid. Like your sweet bachha. Is it fine? We left for our respective homes and had the best time till date. She even messaged me that it was the best time she ever had. That satisfied me. That made me love her more.

Before sleeping I sent her a long sms… Hey dear, oooopss sory, my dear wife, This was the best day I have ever had in my life.

Talking to you makes me complete. Being with you makes me comfortable. Looking into your eyes makes me ener- getic. I do not know how you are feeling. However, I am still missing my sweet kachori. My dearest friend. Thanks a lot. Miss you, my wife. Take care. See you tomorrow. There was an immediate reply. My husband. It really gave me the feeling that someone really cared for me. Someone loved me a lot. Showed me much affection and love.

Few Things Left Unsaid - Sudeep Nagarkar

I was overjoyed. But why the hell did she have to write the next part. Girls will be girls. They will never show what is going on in their mind. However, they do not know we boys are much smarter than they are.

I knew she loved me. We were getting closer to each other. Now the negatives Very very poorly written and edited book. There are innumerable grammatical and spelling mistakes. The story, itself, offers nothing new. The same love-breakup-heartache college story, with repetitive scenes and cheesy dialogues my Bachcha, my Bachchu, my Jaan The descriptions are poor as well.

Just by saying over and over again, that she was looking beautiful, will not make the character beautiful. The ragging scene in which Aditya French-kisses his class-mate Nikita , is indigestible and totally unnecessary. First of all, Nikita raises no objection, in French-kissing a stranger Aditya , and secondly, such kind of ragging does not happen in college campuses anything can happen in hostels, but in campuses???!!!I thought they would ask her name or something else.

What can I say? We were both staring at each other. Maybe I thought it because the first impression was bad. I wanted someone to pinch me. Its tough.