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HIGH-TECH. HARASSMENT: UNDERSTANDING. AND PREVENTING. CYBERBULLYING. The Internet has given us immediate access to informa- tion and has. The Government Mafia has been given access to classified surveillance, harassment, and directed energy weapons technology. They also have unlimited . This bulletin discusses key findings from the Technology Harassment Victimization study that the .. from those youth who experience high numbers of harassment . the final report: sppn.info pdf.

High Tech Harassment Pdf

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Fill High Tech Harassment Pdf, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller ✓ Instantly ✓ No software. Stevens, L., “Today's Technology makes It Easier for case, four female employees sued Microsoft for sexual harassment alleging that. damaging evidence in a sexual harassment case that was eventually settled In addition to harassment cases, employers may need to be wary of the.

Encourage them to not be alone with the harasser, to only see them in the company of other people and keep a distance from them if possible, and to seek help from their teacher or another CIT staff member. If I have been sexually assaulted, what are my options? CIT takes reports of sexual assault seriously.

They can also help you to access other support services such as Canberra Rape Crisis Centre, if you wish to. After hours, call the Police on or Canberra Hospital on They can offer support and advice and help you to connect to support services. What do I do if someone tells me they have been sexually assaulted? Let them know the options and support their choices.

If they don't want to talk to a counsellor, see if they will agree to talk to the Canberra Rape Crisis Centre CRCC , as this is the specialist service in the ACT which supports people who have been sexually assaulted. Phone CRCC on 7am to pm, 7 days. After hours, there is the option of phoning ACT Police on 13 Encourage them to not be alone with the perpetrator, to keep a distance from them if possible, and to seek help from their teacher or another CIT staff member.

What can I do if I witness a student being sexually harassed or assaulted? Intervene and tell the offender to stop it.

Distract the offender by attracting attention. Encourage the student to move away from the situation then offer them help to access support, including reporting the incident if they want to. Write up what you saw and give it to the student who was harassed or assaulted, keeping your own copy in case it is needed later.

Get support for yourself if you feel upset about the incident, e. Some of the characteristics in a candidate the agents are looking for are physical appearance and possible history of mental illness.

Care must be taken to select the right candidate to ensure the next family or person coming forward on TV or in the news media with a haunted house story will be easily stereotyped as being mentally ill by the American people. The sonic harassment technology, in addition to tricking people into believing their home is haunted, can be used to trick a mother into believing that she is speaking directly to God.

The classified sonic harassment technology can project audible sound through walls at a single person in a house. No one other than the person targeted will hear the audible sound. This technology can be used to trick a mother into believing that God is commanding her to harm her children. Agents will secretly move into a house neighboring the targeted mother and conduct covert surveillance of her and her family.

She will be carefully screened during a surveillance period before being selected to have the sonic technology used against her.

Usually a mother who is highly religious and has a history of mental illness is selected. The mother will be completely convinced she is speaking to God but in reality she is being manipulated with classified sonic harassment technology.

The classified sonic harassment technology can be used to attack a single person in a house with more than one person in it.

The thru wall imaging technology has been incorporated into a targeting scope that can with great precision find and target a person behind walls of a house. The sonic weapon is fired from inside a neighboring house to the targeted person and no physical damage is done to either house.

The beam of sound will travel through the walls of both houses without causing any damage to either house. The targeted person can be singled out and attacked at any time. No one else in the house will feel a thing, only the targeted person. Since the sonic weapon is fired from inside a neighboring house, no one outside the house will see or hear a thing. Only the targeted person who is attack by the invisible sonic beam in the neighboring house will feel the attack.

This is a perfect method to attack a targeted person in his home because there is no way to prove such an attack actually occurred. Basically the Government Mafia is attempting to define the mentally ill in the minds of the American people.

By artificially creating tragedy and hoaxes over the decades, the Government Mafia has been carefully creating the perception in the minds of the American people that mentally ill people should be sought out and diagnosed before they become a danger to society.

After the mentally ill are diagnosed they should be supervised, monitored, and medicated. Laws requiring forced medication of the mentally ill are being passed in states affected by tragic events involving mentally ill people committing serious crimes. Some of the most famous cases pointed to as reasons for enacting the stronger laws may have been cases where the Government Mafia targeted the individuals involved in the violent acts and drove them out of control with sonic harassment technology.

Mothers claiming to have killed their children because God commanded them to do it and mentally ill people attacking or harming innocent people on the street claiming that God has commanded them to commit the crimes may be the result of these covert actions by the Government Mafia.

The big secret is that military classified sonic harassment technology is being used against the mentally ill to drive them out of control so they become violent and commit crimes. These stronger laws against the mentally ill can also be used to neutralize or eliminate domestic enemies of the Government Mafia.

The Government Mafia can use this tactic to avoid the rise of a person who could influence the masses of American people and become a threat. A politician who opposes the secret agenda can even be attacked by sonic weapons to send him a clear message. A politician complaining of hearing voices or strange sounds that no one else hears or complains of being attacked by invisible technology will immediately be suspected as being mentally ill and be discredited.

Agents of the Government Mafia operate small businesses which are fronts for surveillance against targeted people.

These small businesses appear to be typical small business operations but their employees are agents trained to conduct surveillance. Once a targeted person is identified, he will be placed under covert surveillance at his home residence and possibly at his workplace or office.

The targeted person will never know he is under surveillance at home and at work.

In This Section

The agents will conduct complete surveillance with the classified surveillance technology that can electronically see and hear through walls. An agent in a single room of the business suite will monitor and record all activities and conversations the targeted person has at his workplace.

The Government Mafia has used the news media, TV programs, and movies to spread its propaganda. Movie writers and producers have knowingly and unknowingly been spreading the propaganda. There movies were based on true stories but the events the stories are based on are hoaxes and tragedies manufactured by the Government Mafia for the purpose of social engineering.

No, the American people have been taken for a ride down Propaganda Lane and Disinformation Street by the Government Mafia for the last several decades.

They distract and entertain the masses of American citizens. They spark the imagination of millions of American citizens who want to believe in conspiracies, UFOs, Aliens from another planet, ghosts, and haunted houses. Americans love these movies and want it all to be true. The Government Mafia wants to distract the American people with these orchestrated hoaxes so they can work behind the scenes implementing their secret domestic agenda.

Will they accept it or decide to remain on Fantasy Island? In addition to creating hoaxes, the Government Mafia creates tragedy by carrying out murders that leave the public fascinated in how the murders took place. The Government Mafia would move near a person targeted and place the person under complete covert electronic surveillance. The person targeted could be a famous person, celebrity, social misfit, or someone the Government Mafia wishes eliminated.

After a period of surveillance, a plan would be developed to murder the person in such a manner that would leave investigators scratching their heads wondering how the murder took place. The Government Mafia has classified technology that can incapacitate people through walls without creating physical evidence.

The targeted person can basically be prevented from escaping from his home with this technology. After the targeted person is incapacitated through the walls of his home, the agents would then enter the home and murder the targeted person. The crime scene would be arranged to lead investigators in all the wrong directions to solve the murder. This is how the Government Mafia manufactures tragedy for the purpose of social engineering.

The public loves great murder mysteries. Agents of the Government Mafia have been equipped with classified surveillance technology so they can go after ordinary citizens, politicians, groups, real estate companies, or any group or individual that is putting up roadblocks to minorities living in neighborhood communities.

These Government Mafia agents basically give minorities a seat at the table in housing and other areas in society. They are the powerbroker for the minority.

They guarantee that communities will be desegregated and people who block such desegregation actions will be dealt with accordingly. The United States government has desegregated the military, workplace, schools, and has been covertly working behind the scene to desegregate American communities by means of covert domestic operations.

Agents of the Government Mafia infiltrate white communities to begin the desegregation process.

Hm Are You a Human?

This process could take years or even over a decade depending on how entrenched the community is. Agents with the classified surveillance technology secretly move into a white community posing as ordinary community members.

These agents are equipped with classified surveillance technology that is operated from inside the houses they obtain.

The agents will conduct covert surveillance of the community members looking for the people who are the power structure or influential members of the community. The first agents moving into the neighborhood will typically be of the same race as the community so no suspicion is generated or cause for the community members to think anything other than they have new friendly community members.

The community members will never know that the Government Mafia has infiltrated their community to begin a covert desegregation process.

The agents will make friends with the community members and seek out members of the community who are keeping the community segregated. What these community members may never know is that one of their best friends could be a Government Mafia agent covertly working to bring them down.

This is a very powerful tool used by the Government Mafia. This can be thought of as domestic espionage, where the United States government covertly goes after its domestic enemies in an attempt to bring them down. The members of the community who are keeping the community segregated will be targeted by agents of the Government Mafia covertly living in the community. Over the years, these targeted community members may be setup and brought down by the covert operations.

The agents will typically conduct complete surveillance of these community members seeking anything that can be used against them.

Months or years after the start of covert surveillance operation of the white community, a minority family consisting of Government Mafia agents will be moved into the segregated community as a means of forcing desegregation.

The minority family will not be equipped with surveillance technology but other agents in the community will conduct surveillance of community members who might act against the newly arriving members of the community.

If members of the community somehow act against the minority residents, the agents will have advance warning that a plot is being developed to somehow intimidate the family. The constant covert electronic surveillance of the white community will typically uncover any plot or conspiracy in the planning stage. Typically the agents will use a Candid Camera Method of catching a hostile act towards minority members of a community.

An ordinary video camera will be setup in a place to catch the hostile act against the minority family. The agents will have advanced information about the plot, including the actual residence that hostile act will occur at, and have the video camera setup in advance. This video can further be used in the social engineering operation. News media showing this video across America is a huge deterrent to other white community members considering such actions in the future.

Social engineering over the decades has made it a career ending and life destroying stigma for a white person to be labeled a racist so a video such as this can be used to its fullest extent. The minority agents living in the white community may even provoke the white community members into reacting against them. The agents know all the stereotypes white people have against minority people.

The minority agent community members will have loud backyard parties with non-English music playing and lots of people speaking non-English languages. One other tactic used by the minority agents is to deliberately not maintain their property. By not cutting the grass and allowing trash to pile up will anger white community members and inflame racial hatred. The objective is to get the white community members to act out in rage and trick them into committing a hate crime that can be captured on video by a standard video recorder.

The white government agent community members will use the classified surveillance technology and their intelligence obtained from their close relationships with the white community members to learn of any developing plot against the minority community members. The white government agents will sit back and wait to use the Candid Camera Method against the white community.

The agents can modify their strategy at any time based on the surveillance intelligence obtained. These agents need no warrant to conduct operations in a community. The government has covertly given them the power to operate above the law. They are truly untouchable because local, state, and federal law enforcement will not interfere with them.

The technology is portable so it can be easily moved into and out of a house without generating any suspicion from the neighbors. The Government Mafia agents act as social police. Areas that have high level of racial tension can have Government Mafia agents covertly move into the neighborhood to look for solutions to solving the racial tension.

UN System Model Policy on Sexual Harassment

The community will never know that the secret agents are in the community electronically eavesdropping on community members who are fanning the flames of hatred. If the United States government were to have used the military decades ago to forcibly desegregate American white communities, it could have torn the country apart and sparked a civil war. Instead, a secret element of the government concluded that the problem of racial division in America could only be solved with social engineering.

This social engineering would take decades to achieve its objectives. The old policies of the government segregating and confining minorities in project like conditions was slowly phased out and covert operations were secretly authorized to go after people who were resisting efforts to move minorities out of confined project type living conditions and into suburban communities.

Public officials, politicians, law enforcement officials, real estate companies, and any citizen who stood in the way of the desegregation process would be placed under covert surveillance and eventually brought down by covert actions.

The Government Mafia covertly went to war with the white population of America beginning in the late s. Haunted house and possession movies created based on true stories beginning in the s would change the way Americans viewed people of faith.

The Government Mafia created haunted house and possession hoaxes with classified sonic harassment technology and then Hollywood later produced blockbuster movies based on these hoaxes that convinced the average American citizen that these supernatural and paranormal events actually occurred and are real.

The Government Mafia needed to smear people of faith and alter the perception of it in the eyes of the average American citizen. The Government Mafia needed to go to war with people of faith to defeat the white population. As minorities were discriminated against by past segregationist policies that favored the majority white population, the Government Mafia is now discriminating against the white population with desegregationist policies that favor the minority population.

The Government Mafia is currently persecuting people of faith by turning their religion into a joke, destroying their faith, and breaking up the family structure. When the public sees a priest with a crucifix battling demons in a house or a priest performing an exorcism of a girl who levitates 4 feet off a bed and can spin her head around degrees, it tends to make people of faith look like fools.

The result is that people lose their faith as religion is turned into a joke by movies like the Exorcist. The public is totally unaware that the supernatural events depicted in these movies were manufactured by the Government Mafia with classified technology. The Government Mafia views religion as something best eliminated so the objective is to make people of faith appear to be crazy so current and future generations will abandon religion.

If only the public knew that these movies have nothing to do with religion but are just government propaganda designed to make people of faith look like fools.

Moriarity, In support of confidentially, and interventions such as such a strategy, Bond et al. Lalonde , in this h Maintaining safety in a positive work forum, discussed the application of a crisis environment should be a top priority; and management perspective within the framework of i Threat assessment, as a component of an OD model. In this context, crisis planning is company policy, must focus on prevention and supplemented with definitive organizational stay abreast of technological developments in contingencies.

Thus, based on these interventional communication devices that can harbor factors, the following OD coping strategies to deal potential avenues for cyberabuse.

These policies ever-emerging cyber world. Changes in self-assessed work romantic relationships need to be explicit, with performance over time as a result of avenues for professional counseling when workplace bullying. Dissertation Abstracts interpersonal conflicts arise; International, 72 9-A , Industrial and Commercial d Company policy, including privacy issues, Training, 44 4 , Tourism Management, 33, Einarsen, S.

Psychosocial safety climate, workplace Bullying and emotional abuse in the bullying, and symptoms of posttraumatic workplace: International perspectives in research stress. Organization Development Journal, and practice.

Gallagher, V. Borstorff, P. E- Understanding the use of intimidation as a Harassment: Employee perceptions of response to job tension. Career Development E-Technology as a source of harassment.

International, 13 7 , Journal of Applied Management and Garfield, E. Citation indexing: Its theory and Entrepreneurship, 12 2 , Stalking in cyberspace. New York: Wiley. Workplace and the Law, 27, Violence Denzin, N. Collecting and interpreting qualitative Grossenbacher-Fabsits, D. Male middle materials. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Why do they bully? Bullying Internet use.

Dissertation Abstracts behavior and its implication on the bullied. International, 72 6-A , Workplace Dillon, T. Knowledge of Management Decision, 44 9 , Stress in the workplace. Information Technology, Kraft, E. An exploratory Learning, and Performance Journal, 24 2 , study of the cyberbullying and The physical and psychological public liberal arts college. International effects of workplace bullying and their Journal of Technoethics, 1 4 , Krippendorff, K.

Content analysis: An International Journal of Organization Theory introduction to its methodology 2nd ed. Earnshaw, J. Stress and Lalonde, C. Crisis management and employer liability. Bullying and harassment in the management. Organization Development workplace. Developments in theory, research, Journal, 25 1 , Social media usage and work Press. Social Behavior and Personality, 40 2 , Volume 30 s Number 4 s Winter 51 Lucks, B. Cyberstalking: Identifying and Reyns, B.The government can covertly prevent the next Hitler from rising to power with a preemptive strike.

In order to achieve the goal of a utopian society, the Government Mafia has been engaged in social engineering since the late s. All movements and conversations the targeted person has in his home can be seen and heard by this technology. The growing influence of organized crime in America during the s raised alarm in the United States government.

The sonic weapon can direct a focused beam of sound in one direction to attack a single person in a room of a house. Perhaps, for this company anti-harassment policies, many workers reason, any form of E-harassment would best be feel vulnerable to cyberabuse from fellow viewed through the lens of a threat assessment, b employees.

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