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High Trust Selling: Make More Money in Less Time with Less Stress [Todd Duncan] on sppn.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Do you feel like your. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Todd Duncan, CEO and founder of The Duncan Group in Atlanta, Georgia, is one of the leading experts in the area of sales. High-trust salespeople understand selling isn't simply about closing a sale; High Trust Selling author Todd M. Duncan lays the foundation for building a.

High Trust Selling Todd Duncan Pdf

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“If you're serious about sell- ing, you must read this book. It's a breakthrough!' - Ken Blanchard, Coauthor. The One Minute Manager. “With High Trust Selling. High Trust Selling: Make More Money in Less Time with Less Stress. Other editions. Enlarge Todd Duncan (Goodreads Author). · Rating details · . HIGH TRUST SELLING WITH. A GAME When you're selling, you don't have time to “think about it”. You need to know Todd Duncan has crafted powerful.

The Law of the Summit Your direction is a result of your perception Take a new perspective on failure. You will never achieve your peak if you are afraid of taking a risk. Think of failure as a temporary setback, not a dead-end. J ust like going on a lot of blind dates before you meet the right person, you need to see your prospecting in sales the same way.

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Understand that failure is ok. It is perfectly normal. Failure is your greatest teacher. Failure is the force that compels you to climb higher. If youve lost the trust of a client, have you tried to win him back? Sales leadership application: As a leader, be big enough to admit your own mistakes. Help others on the team perceive failure differently. Have debriefings and post-mortems to learn from failures and give them the freedom to try again.

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The Law of the Shareholder Successful salespeople download stock in themselves If you think like you own the business, you will start to make more money quickly. Theres nothing like responsibility and accountability to get your butt moving. Employees only do what is expected of them and nothing more, but business owners will go out on a limb to please a client, and try to make the best use of their time.

A business owner will invest money in order to make more money. Shell call on the right prospects instead of just any prospect.

A CEO puts people before profits, reputation before revenue, schedules priorities, and thinks about long-term strategies. Success is never accidental. It has to happen by design. Top ten investments you can make in your future: 1. Invest in your relationships with those you love. Invest in a long-term personal development program. Get enough training. Find yourself a mentor. Read and keep learning. Invest in a sales coach. Invest in a competent right-hand assistant.

This will free up time for you to do relationship building with the right clients. Your assistant should take care of all the things that take up too much of your valuable time. Invest in your personal image. Invest in a personal financial plan. Invest in a regular exercise program. Invest in a client-retention program.

This means having creative marketing tools, innovative follow-up, value-added gifts, and making use of client feedback. Invest in a library Invest in technology 4.

Todd Duncan (author)

The Law of the Ladder The success you achieve is directly related to the steps you conceive. High Trust Selling Page 5 www.

When it comes to selling, hope is not a strategy. Once you begin to develop clarity in your future, you become more productive in your present.

You need to take time to think and write down your Core Four. These are your core plans namely, your Life plan, your Business plan, your Time plan, and your Client plan. Life planning must include your purpose, values, vision, short-term and long-term goals, plus the daily activities you need to accomplish to move step by step towards success. Your client plan should concentrate more on serving the low maintenance-high return clients, and the low maintenance-repeat-business clients. With all these plans written down, you can then gear yourself up for implementation using the idea of the day burn.

Focus on your goals and nothing else for the next days, before your actual sales launch. The Law of Leverage Youre less likely to fail when youve told others you will succeed. Let the cat out of the bag, so to speak. Announce your goal to others who will be able to check on your progress. This means putting a deadline on your step-by- step action plan.

You will follow through when there are colleagues and people around you who can engage in friendly competition with you. Look for professionals in your field who will hold you accountable to every date you set for yourself. The Law of the Hourglass You must make your moves before your time runs out.

By Todd Duncan

Treat time as a resource, as important as money. Mike Vance of Disney had to think out of the box and devise ways to make Disneyland more profitable by the hour.

The park began a tradition of holding high school graduation nights to High Trust Selling Page 6 www. A Magic Kingdom Club organized club nights at a discount and special programs. This move generated enough popularity to open the park every day. This is one example of how you can exploit the time you have and thereby increase revenue. You need to value each working hour as much as a doctor, lawyer, or graphic designer does. If you dont put a value on your hour, you will waste time on many unprofitable tasks.

Eighty per cent of your major earnings may come from twenty percent of your clients. You need to work smarter and determine the right 20 percent and concentrate on those who are truly worth your time. The more time you spend working means less time for your loved ones.

Your life doesnt have to be all about selling. If you determined which 20 percent clients, tasks, meetings really matter, and concentrate your efforts on the right client relationships, then you can easily cut down your work hours from 70 to 35 in one week, and still make the same amount of money, perhaps even more. The Law of the Broom To build your business up, you must first clean it up. Stop spending your time reacting to situations that arise throughout your day.

If you spend everyday putting out fires, you wont have time for the important, long- term work of building a good relationship of trust with your more profitable clients.

Be more proactive and practice time-blocking. Plot out your entire week and chart your exercise, family time, meetings, lunches, rest, lead calling, emailing, and team building. Use time to plan, prospect, follow-up, sell, resell, and add value to your key clients and partners. Spend more time improving your product knowledge, generating leads, identifying prospects, improving presentations, creating marketing material, follow-up materials, and managing customer objections.

High Trust Selling Page 7 www. The Law of the Dress Rehearsal Practicing your lines elevates the level of your performance. The Approach Your opening lines are the most important ones. You need to build up your passion for your product, and immediately give what value it will add to your clients business. The aim is to get an appointment and get them curious enough to want to meet up with you and find out more.

That was our idea of the perfect Saturday. And, we figured that if we went to the gym first and worked out, we were allowed to indulge and split the cheeseburger. It sounded decadent, but I had already worked out and had my heart set on the cheeseburger. My wife loves to have a fried egg on top of her burger, so in an attempt to be nominated as husband of the year, I asked if they could add an egg.

Being Scottish, I also asked how much it would cost. They are too busy. I waited a few minutes and ordered the same thing with another server who knows us well. He grimaced. I smiled and asked if I could speak to the manager, Natalie. The minute she arrived, you could tell she was ready for a battle.

The Authority on Trust

No smile. No positive gestures. It was clear to me at that point that the manager—and perhaps the whole restaurant— had no clue about the value of a customer. But she could still save the situation, if she wanted. That might cost you a couple of bucks.

For fun, we went next door to Whole Foods Market, the natural and organic grocery store, to check the price of eggs. We found them for thirty-three cents.I recently interviewed Harvey McKay who without doubt is one of the best business writers of our time.

Sales leadership application: As a leader, be big enough to admit your own mistakes. A truly great book for anyone who sells anything including themselves! The Law of the Bulls Eye If you dont aim for the best prospects, youre likely to do business with any prospect. Answer any questions.

Trivia About High Trust Sellin Even if you are not nor have desire to be a salesperson this is still a great book.