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cover image of I'm Not Scared. Read A Sample. I'm Not Scared. by Niccolò Ammaniti. ebook It is Ammaniti's ability to inhabit the mind and perspective of his young hero that makes I'm Not Scared Niccolo Ammaniti Jonathan Hunt ( ). Trove: Find and get Australian resources. Books, images, historic newspapers, maps, archives and more. I'm Not Scared is a powerful story that takes place in a fictional Italian countryside, Acqua Traverse, the summer of This paper will look into how the author manipulates and betrays the innocence of childhood through Michele’s character developement and his relationship.

Im Not Scared Niccolo Ammaniti Pdf

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in the Novel I'm Not Scared by Niccolo' Ammaniti. Kresimir Purgar. I. INTRODUCTION. In dealing with Ammaniti's "cinematic” narration, distinctive primar-. Niccolo Ammaniti's fictional novel, I'm Not Scared, is an emotional, sinister drama about the loss of childhood innocence. It is a coming-of-age story presented. Niccola Ammaniti's I'm Not Scared, narrated by the 31year old adult. Michele Amitrano, is which is devastating and life altering and his innocence gives way to.

The story is set during Italy's "Years of Lead", a time in the s riddled with terrorism and kidnapping. The protagonist, Michele is a courageous boy, he is nine-years old and lives with his loving mother, distant father and clingy little sister in a small community with only four other families. In the novel the most valuable and trusting relationship between a son and his father is shattered and put into question.

I'm Not Scared Model Essay by Niccolo Ammaniti

It forces the protagonist to grow and only trust in himself. Ammanti constantly puts Michele in situations where he has to make a tough decisions that could put him in serious danger.

The paper will also discuss traditional Italian family values and how it has changed over the years.

The novel opens with Michele running off with his sister and their four friends racing to an abandoned farmhouse on a nearby hill. Michele demonstrate this generosity and willingness to sacrifice himself from the begin to the end of the novel. He saves his friend Barbara, when he stumbles upon a hole in the ground.

At first Michele is horrified of what he saw in the hole, but soon discovers a young boy named Filippo, who is held captive beneath the ground. Michele keeps this a secret from his family and the community.

The adults in this isolated community are unusually preoccupied and tense, they barely pay any attention to the children. Due to the intense drought they stay inside most of the time..

Michele starts to develop a relationship with Filippo, and starts. His name was Sergio. It is not clear exactly why the stranger is staying with them, but Michele thought Sergio was sinister.

He soon learns that the man and his father are involved in keeping Filippo captive. He overhears a late night conversation and it turns out their reasoning is simply to get money out of his family.

The Amitranos are an extremely poor family who are only able to supply Michele with necessary items. The food he eats can barely sustain his growing body with the lowest-quality meat only able to be consumed once a week.

Due to the Amitranos financial position, they are incapable of providing their son with the toys he desires. Micheles best friend, Salvatore, comes from a wealthy family and has many of the popular Subbuteo table soccer teams.

The reader is told that Salvatore is stingy and wont let Michele have even one of his numerous teams. When Michele makes the discovery of Filippo down the hole, he betrays the innocent boys trust to trade him in for a Subbuteo team, asking Salvatore If I tell you a secret will you give me one?

This shows how envious and desperate for a team Michele is and how easy it was for him to throw away his loyalty to Filippo. Ammaniti has used the subbuteo team that Michele covets as a symbol of greed. Salvatores father, the Avvocato and local landowner can afford to download countless gifts for his son, whereas Pino cannot afford gifts for Michele.


Ammaniti has used the subbuteo game to represent material wealth, something Pino aspires to and apparently this is rubbing off on Michele. Michele feels empty and horrible once the deal is done and like he wasted his secret because Salvatore didnt even care about Filippos situation. Michele is then betrayed himself by his own best friend, telling the reader Salvatore Scardaccione had sold me for a driving lesson pg This time he suffers the hurt and betrayal, learning from these two experiences how easily objects can tempt you into breaking promises and losing peoples loyalty.

He also learns that without trust relationships cannot function properly and therefore how much more valuable this quality is, as compared to any possession he may or may not have. Michele realises that money and objects have no value when compared to his loyalty to Filippo.

I'm not scared

Making a promise to Filippo that he will return for him, Michele is soon after forced to take an oath in the presense of his father, saying that he will never revisit the hole again. Pino downloads his son a new bicycle to bribe him, aswell as try to win him over.

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Ammaniti has used the bike as a symbol for hush money and at first Michele loves his new toy, although soon enough he begins to see through the red paint and down to the evil scheming surface. The bike suddenly means nothing to Michele while his loyalty to Filippo still means everything to him.Scared c. The crew chose tofollow those orders.

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