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Você está revisando: Amante Eterno - Col. Amante Eterno (série Irmandade da Adaga Negra) J. R. Ward. Tradução: Irmandade da Adaga Negra 2 - Amante. Popular, Sort by Newest. J.R. Ward the Black Dagger Brotherhood Novels PDF 06 Aug · Amante Revelado - Irmandade da Adaga Negra 04 PDF. O Amante Sombrio. J. R. Ward sppn.info Titulo Original: Dark Lover ( Irmandade da Adaga Negra 01). Resumo: Nas ruas do Cadwell em Nova.

Irmandade Da Adaga Negra Amante Eterno Pdf

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Amante Desperto/Amante Eterno/Amante Sombrio. Irmandade da Adaga Negra. Download do Livro Amante Eterno série Irmandade da Adaga Negra Volume 2 por J. R Baixar Livro A Sereia - Kiera Cass em PDF, ePub e Mobi ou ler online. Amante Eterno vol. 2 - J. R. Ward Série Amante Libertada Irmandade da Adaga Negra 9 J. R. Ward Black Dagger Brotherhood, Cinema, Book Download Amante Meu - Irmandade da Adaga Negra - Vol 8 - J. R. Ward em ePUB mobi e pdf.

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Preview — Amante Sombrio by J. Ward Goodreads Author. Get A Copy. Mass Market Paperback , pages. Published February 1st by Universo dos Livros first published February 19th More Details Original Title. Black Dagger Brotherhood 1 , Black Dagger 1. Vampires, Werewolves, and the Supernatural Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

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Any other series like BDB with a hot bunch of warriors ;? Anyone else have a really hard time getting Into this book? I want the good book that everyone has bragged about. Does it all come together as I read or? Should I just quit? Tina If its the type of books you like, then finish it, you will fall in love with the Brothers. If you don't like the whole warrior thing then you won't …more If its the type of books you like, then finish it, you will fall in love with the Brothers.

If you don't like the whole warrior thing then you won't like the series.

The first book is a little different from the rest, but they are all basically the same, alpha male falls for female See all 35 questions about Amante Sombrio…. Lists with This Book.

The Black Dagger Brotherhood Novels

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Showing Rating details. Sort order. Amelia and Stav. I'm pleasantly surprised 3,5 stars. An interesting and unpredictable plot? Not really.

J. R. Ward

Romance and sex? At times the romance was almost sappy and the sex was good but I actually had expected it to be hotter it's quality people, not quantity! But despite all of the above: I understand the attraction of the books! I liked this book. I might even be on the verge of loving this book. And I really liked Wrath. And I liked the rest of the boys. And I'm fascinated by Zsadist. And I want to read his book 3. So I'm downloading book 2 about Rhage while I'm at it.

And I heard book 4 is about Butch. And I want to read that too. Did I get addicted? But I think I might know why. Cause doesn't every girl grow up fantasizing about a guy who is tough and cool but has a soft spot for you?

Everybody's scared of him, except for you. Because he loves you. A lot. And no one else. Snapping somebody's neck while he's downloading you flowers. View all 95 comments. It was incredibly mediocre. The world building wasn't anything great, the characters were meh, it was basically just porn which I guess I should have expected but dang. This was fraught with instalove, overprotectiveness, and sacrificing a real storyline for the sake of a romantic interest.

I can't say I didn't enjoy it because I read it all in one day, and this is the first vampire book I'v 2. I can't say I didn't enjoy it because I read it all in one day, and this is the first vampire book I've read in years, but yeah. Just let down after thinking it would be something that would totally capture my attention instead of being Twilight was better than this. I'm still in shock that all of the characters' names were literally Wrath, Torment, Sadist, Rage, etc.

I guess one thing that I liked about this was that any time the main guy would try and be all like "you need to do this" or "i demand you don't do that" she's like "lol swerve ur not the boss of me" which was refreshing. View all 6 comments. So I read this book after seeing it on many recommended lists. I liked it, I didn't love it. Things I liked. The world which these novels inhabit. You can tell a lot of thought and energy went into the world building here. The actual Brotherhood and the easy banter of the Brothers.

They felt like comrades, brother-in-arms. For once I liked the female character more than the male protanginist.

She was smart, capable and although she fell madly in love with no reason at all apart from a So I read this book after seeing it on many recommended lists. She was smart, capable and although she fell madly in love with no reason at all apart from all the fabulous orgasms!

That the Vampires were modern. I'm not a big fan of the vampire myth, I've never been fascinated with them. I like that that have chosen to live in the present instead of wallowing in the past. They speak in a modern way except when in ceremony they listen to modern music and wear modern clothes although the biker leathers and tight muscle shirts are a tad stereotypical and not my thing baby!

I'm so glad they aren't all wearing white shirts with lace at the throat and trying to de-flower virgins. It's sooo Bram Stoker!

I love Butch. Nuff said. The butler.

He was sweet and funny What I didn't like. First and foremost, the names. Man this author needs to do something about naming her characters. It took me out of the narrative every time a name appeared. Awful, awful names. He did absolutely nothing for me.

Biker leathers and long hair. So the romance part was a bust. For me. The baddie never felt like a threat at all. Not once. And he had a crap name. The sex was beyond weak.

But maybe that was because I wasn't into Wrath. But for all it's sins, it was an entrertaining read which I enjoyed and it was enough to keep me going onto the second book, but more to see how the plot unfolds and hoping to bump into other characters again. View all 8 comments. The first book in the series was wildly entertaining, parts of it unintentional I am sure.

I kept chuckling about the names Wrath, Zsadist, Rhage, and so forth — like seriously? But, I did kind of dig the main couple. I thought Wrath was a believable male love interest that did not make me want to claw my eyes out which is my usual reaction a lot of the The first book in the series was wildly entertaining, parts of it unintentional I am sure. I thought Wrath was a believable male love interest that did not make me want to claw my eyes out which is my usual reaction a lot of the time and his back story did make him sympathetic without being over the top.

And Beth was wonderfully brave and funny and just really nice.

View 1 comment. I gotta confess my sins first: Once upon a time I read this book in a very illegal pdf Spanish translation copy, so I didn't count it in my GR. I am in a mood for paranormal romance and I just want re-read this and see if I still enjoy it or not. View 2 comments. I liked the concept and the characters very much, but it didn't thrill me!!!

The story was very interesting and all this paranormal activity was very enjoyable, but something bothered me!!! Maybe it was the translation because i read it in my own language and i found it very poor on words What can i say??? I feel bad because all my friends gave stars to this book The members of the "Black Dagger Brotherhood" were very interesting personalities Every single one of them is unique and crazy, and a true warrior But for now, we have to stick to Wrath Wrath was a very interesting character First of all, he was almost blind and he was a king that he refused his title He is a lonely person and he feels very angry with everything The name "Wrath" was so apropriate for him And he had an ugly past who made him to be so antisocialized He is the greatest warrior of them all A lethal and dangerous leader One day, another member of the Brotherhood, Darius ask him for a favor To help his half human daughter goni' through her transition as a vampire because his blood is pure and ancient and he is the only one who can help her to survive Wrath refused to do this favor, but everything are changing when Darius unexpectadly gets murdered Now, Wrath feels obligated to honor his friend last wish Beth grew up as an orphan and she didn't have any clue about her legacy as the daughter of a mighty warrior vampire She is living a simple life, with nothing special to rock her world until everything are changing with the form of a huge, beautiful man with leather black cloths and dark glasses who appears one night in her doorsteps Beth always knew that something was wrong with her, but Wrath's appearance made everything to feel different and so intense She falls hard for him even though when it comes the time for the truth, she just can't believe all the crazy staff that he is saying to her But from that moment, Beth got in a strange unknown world full of vampires, warriors and evil persons that are chasing them down She and Wrath comes really close, but could they ever be together with no other worries???

Or the things that they are keeping them apart are too big to be ignored??? I was intrigue for all this storyline, but everything were moving a little bit too fast in my opinion I think that all the book covered just a week, a week and a half and it was a really small time frame for all those things that happened..

Wrath's and Beth's love was very beautiful but too rushed X was a really ugly and evil person Who's Butch??? Don't ask!!! Butch is a long story, you have to find out all about him by yourselves!!!

No, i won't stop reading their adventures and i think that it was a little difficult for me this book because it was the first of the series and it worked as an introduction to this unknown world I can not wait to find out more about them and i'm really wondering about Zsadist!!! He is so complicated!!! Also, i really liked that this kind of vampires weren't killing another human being without a reason Every one of them had his own woman, his Shellan, and they were feeding themselves from her Their laws and rules were really nice and intriguing!!!

I want to learn more about them!!! After the writing of my review, i was searching for quotes to post in here, and i really think that the Greek translation of this book was awful!!!

I hope the next one to be better!!! View all 14 comments. I will have to say that even though there is a lot of cheese first sex scene has a man ripping off his shirt and all the buttons flying everywhere and the author seriously used the word shit-kickers multiple times, it was a lot of fun.

But, I can totally see why this series is a love or hate thing.

Vale da Adaga Editado.pdf

First there are Uber Alpha Males, the brotherhood is full of extra testosterone and men that think of women as good 3. First there are Uber Alpha Males, the brotherhood is full of extra testosterone and men that think of women as good for two things food and sex. For the price of admission, you get a splitting headache, a nearly irresistible urge to commit murder, and an inferiority complex.

Little did he know she is everything he never knew he wanted or needed. We are introduced to the rest of the cast of brothers and each seems to have their own cross or curse to bear. Each one has a name that indicates they are in the brotherhood like Wrath, Phury, Visschious, Wrage and Zsadist. It looks like there are even some fun bromance things happening and I do love a good bromance.

Take three, turn your ringer off, and sleep. View all 19 comments. I'm going to keep this short and to the point. I cannot wait to learn more about these complex Vampires and their back stories. I am literally kicking myself in the bum for not starting these sooner. Wrath and Beth were absolutely wonderful.

I loved that Beth was a smart, fierce, and take no crap type of heroine. It was definitely a breath of fresh air to not have to just ignore the heroine and focus on the man candy. I cannot wait to start th I'm going to keep this short and to the point. I cannot wait to start the next book which I believe is about Rhage whom I am in love with just from this book.

It should be great. To sum it up: View all 50 comments. X y los restrictors, todo se me ha quedado un poco cojo. View all 5 comments. Apart from the beginning that was cliche filled, I adore the rest of the book. To be honest I expected more from this book, I've heard so much about this author, and am disappointed with what I found. The writing is actually great, I adore it, multiple POVs, same goes for the world building. I love all the characters in this book, can't wait for more of them, especially Butch's story, he better get one.

The plot is great 3. The plot is great but not original, I've read something like it before, but still I love the way the author portrayed this story. The romance is major instant love, cliche filled but still fun to read. Different standard than for other books.

Paranormal Romance is my choice of guilty pleasure when I feel the need for something ultra-light although the last tries were more of a punishment than pleasure.

This one was entertaining, sexy The love story is pathetic, another instalove between a mortal female and a sex god vampire. At least he had an interesting background story. What I liked was the brotherhood. I could feel the chemistry between the mem 2.

I could feel the chemistry between the members and I enjoyed their exchange of lines. I found some of the characters to be interesting and I am willing to read more about them. There are many POVs, too many I would say. Still, something different as all the other books I read from this genre were 1st person narrative.

I think that sometimes reading a decent book right after reading something that you really liked can dampen your feelings about the current read a bit. Since I just read Halfway to the Grave and Some Girls Bite and enjoyed both of those books, this one fell a little flat for me. Obviously, only having a story with Beth and Wr 2. Obviously, only having a story with Beth and Wrath would have been silly, but I just didn't find myself caring about the rest of the story outside of the actual mating.

I enjoyed the book enough to want to continue on with the series and really look forward to book 3, since Zsadist fascinates me.

He seems like a hardass needing to be turned. Overall, the series is better than the first book lets on. If you're unsure how to feel after reading book 1, I'd at least give book 2 a shot. If you like that one, chances are you'll end up enjoying the series like I did.

If you don't like that one, this would be the place to quit out then. View all 4 comments. I may read this again some time in the future. This here is just a couple things I remember about this book and part of my plan to write at least something for each book I read.

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For some reason I stopped reading this series before the ninth book. I don't remember the reason, though. Romantic Girl: J. Ward - Adaga Negra 03 - Amante Desperto ; 6 fev. Meu livro favorito Amante Desperto, assim como meu personagem favorito na Agora, Bella deve ajudar seu amante a superar as feridas de seu atormentado passado e Livro de Sonetos ; nove anos, sucedeu o livro dos 22, "Forma e Exegese", Certo poeta russo de nome arrevesado.

Livro que E por isso que este livro. Baixar livro pdf terror; baixar livros em pdf de terror; terror livros online para ler. Tttus Mons Roseus. Edit Video Services, located in North Vancouver, specializes in providing high-quality transfer services.

Livro de papel na site com um super desconto!To her credit, yes. She begs him for sex and then they have a hot steamy night. How to Recharge and Prevent Caregiver Burnout. Scaricare Le uve della Tuscia.

Richtig schreiben: Alas, it appears it was just not meant to be.