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1 Kanz-ul-Ummaal-Urdu-Volume · 2 Kanz-ul-Ummaal-Urdu-Volume . download 8 files · PDF WITH TEXT. Uplevel BACK. Ali al-Muttaqi 's major work is Kanz al-'Ummāl regarding which his teacher Abu al -Hasan al-Bakrī al-Ṣiddiqī says: “ Al-Suyūṭī has done a. Kanz ul Ummaal – URDU – FULL Shuab -ul- Iman By Imam Bayhaqi (r.a) Urdu Translation By Shaykh Qazi Malik Muhammad IsmailIn "HADITH BOOKS" Bhai, is na chij ko pdf banane ki hikmat na hone ke baais mazrat h.

Kanz Ul Amal Pdf

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Kanz Ul Ummaal Vol 03 04 - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for Kanz al-Ummal Vol 05 06 . Fazail-e-Amaal (Urdu: فضائلِ اعمال ). Kanz Ul Ummaal Vol 11 12 - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for Kanz al-Ummal Vol 05 06 . Fazail-e-Amaal (Urdu: فضائلِ اعمال ). Jamal ul Quran Quran Pdf, Free Pdf Books, Reading Online, I Love Books Amal e Qurani, Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi, اعمال قرآنی, مولانا اشرف علی تهانوی.

Duaas to Get Rid of Tiredness Duaa to Read While in Troubl Duaa for Financially Distressed Duaa for Debt and Distress Duaa for Strong Memory Duaa for Strong Eyesight Duaa for Cure of Kidney Stones Duaas for a Sick Person Duaas for a Happy Journey Duaas for Marriage Proposal Duaa-e-Istikhara for Marriage Amal for a Woman in Menstruation Duaa to Have a Child Duaa to Save Foetus in Womb Duaa for Painless Delivery www.

Duaa to Get a Pious Boy Duaa to Save a Newborn Baby Duaa for Relatives to be Religious Duaa for Progress in Business Duaa for Searching a Missing Thing Duaa for Prosperity and Affluence Duaa After Juma Prayer Duaa While Going to Bed Istikhra to Perform an Important Task Forty Hadith www. In this regard, the Glorious Quran and Ahadith have an excellent set of Duaas, which guide us how to approach to the Creator of the Universe and how to beseech for his blessings.

Apart from these two, there are many Duaas which are narrated from pious Muslim scholars and they are also very effective. So, many Duaas in this little collection may not be found in the Glorious Quran and Hadith but they are based on Quranic verses or texts that are within the circle of Shariah.

Muhammadullah Khalili Qasmi www. He said: Those men and women who remember Allah much. He asked me whether I had continued in that position right from the time he left in the morning. I www. He is one, absolute; He neither begets any one nor is He begotten from any one nor is any one equal to Him. I have grown very old and weak, tell me something that I may be able to do while sitting.

There is no other commendable action that can surpass it. It is better if one recites Durood that is read in Salah. Special Durood on Friday Hazrat Abu Hurairah RA narrates that the person who recites this Durood 80 times after Asr on Friday, will get virtues equivalent to doing 80 years of worship and his sins of 80 years will be forgiven. Bestow your special mercy and shower peace upon Muhammad, the unlettered, and upon his descendants. I beseech You as You are Allah.

His is the Kingdom and for Him is all praise. And He has power over all things. There is no god but Allah. I seek refuge with You from incapacity and laziness, cowardice, geriatric old age. Duaas for Virtues It is narrated in a Hadith that whosoever recites these words times he is rewarded with 1,24, virtues. If a person reads the same Istighfaar at night and dies before dawn, In-sha- Allah, he will enter paradise. You are my Cherisher. There is no deity except You.

You have created me and I am Your servant and as far as possible, I abide by my solemn promise and covenant, which I made to You, I seek Your protection against the consequences of my wrongdoings. I fully acknowledge the grace You have bestowed upon me, and I confess my faults.

So pardon me as none besides You can pardon sins. Allah Almighty will forgive all sins of the reader.

Allah will grant him a place in Paradise. Allah will look at him mercifully 70 times. Allah will fulfill 70 of his needs 5. Allah will overpower his enemies and envies www.

You do we worship, and Your aid we seek. No slumber can seize Him nor sleep. His are all things in the heavens and on earth. Who is there can intercede in His presence except as He permits? He knows what appears to His creatures as before or after or behind them. Nor shall they compass aught of His knowledge except as He wills. The religion before Allah is Islam submission to His will. Nor did the people of book dissent therefrom except through envy of each other, after the knowledge has come to them.

But if any deny the Signs of Allah, Allah is swift in calling to account. So if they dispute with you, say: I have submitted my whole self to Allah and so have those who follow me.

Kanz Ul Ummaal Vol 03 04

And say to the people of the book and to those who are unlearned; Do you also submit yourselves? Therefore, follow my advice on giving fair treatment to women" Sahih Bukhari, Kitab An-Nikah This Hadith alludes to the fact that women are innately more delicate and sensitive than men and so being harsh and imposing upon them will only serve to break and not change them.

Women do think differently to men, have different ideas and views and thus should not be forced to change or adopt anything with force or harshness. This is where Islam differs from current thinking in the West. Over the last fifty years or so there has been a shift towards a uni-sex society where emphasis is placed on the idea that not only are men and women equal but they are also the same.

Equality is equated with similarity and thus it is argued women and men should have the same rights, obligations and duties as each other.

This may sound very acceptable in principle but the problem arises in the case of women. In the West, equality is linked to achieving goals and standards set by men thus emphasis is usually placed on women, who are encouraged to adopt male attitudes and thinking as opposed to men adopting more feminine roles. So women are encouraged more and more to enter the work force, work side by side with men, adopt their attitudes and desires, and embrace their ideals and goals. Roles that have been traditionally aligned to men are considered more worthy and respected thus women are encouraged to pursue them.

However this leaves a vacuum regarding the home. Who should be responsible for the domestic affairs of life and all that it entails?

This question is rarely discussed. If equality is similarity then surely Western society should put pressure on men to give equal time to cooking and cleaning as well as working outside the home. On the contrary, the essence of womanhood, being a mother or wife is being undermined and under valued.

Woman also lose out in real and practical terms. Thus by pursuing and adopting male roles, women have given themselves a double shift — one outside the home and one inside it. This is not to say that Islam does not encourage women to work or frowns upon working woman. This is not the case at all. Islam acknowledges the need for women to enter all areas of life and society.

However Islam appreciates the role of the mother, valuing it above all other roles in society. A mother is bestowed with high status, privileges and children and adults alike are asked to respect and value what she does.

Once the Holy Prophet saw was asked by a Companion who is entitled to be treated the best by him. The Holy Prophet replied "your mother". The Companion asked and after that? The Companion again asked and after that?

He replied "your mother". Only after being questioned the fourth time did the Holy Prophet reply "your father". Sahih Bukhari — kitab-al-adab. This appreciation is something that is non-existent in Western society. No matter how much is said to the contrary, women who are housewives or look after children are not valued and are portrayed as being stuck in a derogatory and unfulfilling role.

Women are under tremendous social pressure to enter the work force and imitate men.

Those women who are unable to participate often suffer from frustration and psychological disturbances, feeling undervalued, unappreciated performing a duty in the home which is more important than any other profession, requiring skills, patience and aptitude that very few men can boast of but, are still deemed to be inferior according to the standards of society.

So in order to ensure the healthy functioning of society Islam creates a division in responsibility and sets out specific roles for women. Al-Baqarah, "Men are the protectors and maintainers of women" Al-Nisa, This does not mean that these roles cannot be changed, adapted or exchanged for practical needs and desires but what it does insure is that a woman is valued for her natural role as a mother but if she has to enter the work place or engage in responsibilities not traditionally assigned to her, that work is highly valued for she is considered as performing a great favor for her husband and family.

Contrast this situation with a woman living in the UK for example. She will bear the children, cook and clean for them, make breakfast for her husband and children and then have to go to work, maybe part or full time. She will then normally pick up her children from school or college, and then have to wait on her husband too.

Although more and more men are helping in domestic affairs, very few of them take more that a superficial interest and never consider themselves fully responsible, even if both husband and wife work full time. Thus Islam creates a division in roles so that both men and women can live in harmony together. Since men have been given a greater burden in being duty bound to support their wives they are therefore allotted a greater share in inheritance.

In real terms very few people inherit a great deal these days. The woman on the other hand, in exchange for looking after the house and family, is given the right to be fully maintained by her husband or male member of the household, alleviating any financial responsibility from her. If she chooses to work she can keep her income for herself she and if she chooses to spend it on her family she will be doing that family a favor, as opposed to the husband who is duty bound to do the same.

You are from one another". An-Nisa, "The Creator of heavens and earth.

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He has made for you pairs from among yourselves" As-Shura, Islam also recognizes the indispensable nature of men and woman. They compliment each other, working for the ultimate goal of seeking the pleasure of Almighty Allah and His Prophet saw in life and so cannot do with out each other.

Just like a bicycle, in order for it to work, it needs two wheels. A bicycle has been created so that it functions best with two wheels. If one is missing one cannot travel far. If one of the wheels is smaller or larger than the other, this will create an imbalance. However if the wheels are equal and fitted in their respected sides the bicycle will run smoothly.

Chaadar Shawl b.

Tasbeeh, notebook and pen 5 Embark upon the Tazkiyyah Course. Spending time with parents, etc.

Khidma tul Khalq Service to the Creation. Refrain from all that displeases ones parents. Bayaans by Allamah Pir Saqib Shaami. Watch Now. Quick View. Delivered in Holland, this event was attended by a large audience of followers, fans, scholars, students and mureeds from across the globe.

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Providing proofs from Quran, sunnah […]. Data Darbar Khitaab — Paigham e Awliyah. With specific focus on […]. Kamyabi aur Taraqi ka Raaz This lecture was conducted in Karachi University, to a wide array of audience, which included members of the Government, professionals from various walks of life, Senior ulama Scholars of Islam , senior professors of the university, historians, business men and students.The Holy Prophet stated: "No believing man should hate a believing woman, since if there is any habit of hers that displease him, there will be some other habit that will please him" Sahih Muslim, Kita bar-Rada Thus to respect and honor women and treat them with equality is linked to a Muslims faith since he will be rewarded in the Hereafter for his dealings.

Duaa for Prosperity and Affluence You know all and I know not. However the Holy Prophet saw chose to return to his wife and seek her advice.

There is no other commendable action that can surpass it.