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[b] Kotronias on the King's Indian Vol 1 to 4 - Vassilios Kotronias (4 books, MB OCR PDF WITH BOOKMARKS - NEW COVER. Kotronias on the King's Indian Saemisch and The Rest by Vassilios PDF excerpt The King's Indian Defence is one of Black's most combative responses to. Kotronias on the King's Indian Mar del Plata II by Vassilios Kotronias. PDF excerpt In this, the third volume of the Kotronias on the King's Indian series.

Kotronias On The Kings Indian Pdf

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Kotronias on King's Indian Vol. 5 Sämisch & The Rest. Файл формата pdf; размером 37,37 МБ. Добавлен пользователем kinolog Kotronias on the King's Indian. Volume 4. Classical Systems. Файл формата pdf; размером 20,71 МБ. Добавлен пользователем xxbereberia The King's Indian Defence is arguably the most ambitious and exciting way to play Kotronias on the King's Indian. Volume 4. Classical Systems. pdf. Раздел: .

Pavlovic, Milos. Gent: Thinkers Publishing, ISBN PB pp. They trust that their general knowledge of the KID will suffice as they fling their pawns and pieces forward, or that the Muse will grace them with the right move just when they need it. Eventually he gave up, deciding that the memory work required to play both the Najdorf and the KID was too much, and that the Najdorf was a better use of his time.

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It is absolutely critical to know your theory if you want to play the KID, particularly at the master level or in correspondence play. And chess publishers have come to the rescue, with a slew of recent titles that cover the main lines, the side lines, and everything in between.

Qb6, the famous Mar del Plata variation in the Classical v2 and v3 , and the super-topical 6.

While the vast majority of the lines discussed in the early volumes still stand up — current top-level correspondence games seem to support this — Kotronias has kindly included 46 pages of updates and revisions to previous analysis in the fifth book. It trends towards the main lines Panno against the Fianchetto, the Mar del Plata, 6.

His is the only book under current discussion that does so.

Our third and final book comes from Milos Pavlovic and Thinkers Publishing. Pavlovic analyzes the..

He eschews typical KID lines in the Fianchetto variations, instead arguing for the viability of an old pawn sac in the English Four Knights after 1.

Nf3 Bg7 4. Bg2 cxd4 6. Nxd4 7.

Kotronias Vassilios. Kotronias on the King's Indian. Volume 4. Classical Systems

Nc3 Nc6 8. There is, the table of contents notwithstanding, no bibliography in the book, and it can sometimes resemble a database dump a bit too much for my taste.

The layout is very clear and pages have plenty of white space, but once again a Thinkers Publishing book suffers from mangled English. It is fully readable, to be sure, but the editorial lapses range from the mild to the comical. Reformated page margins, OCR Clearscan dpi PGN having all the moves with complete variations Zippy Mirror http: The King's Indian Defense" by metropolitan chess publishing?

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Hi, is there also PGN for volume of Kotronias? I only found volume Best regards, chess4ver Guest Guest. Thank you very very much!!! Could you please help us with "Kotronias on the King's Indian: SaudiChess Posts: SaudiChess wrote: ChessCaissa Posts: ChessCaissa wrote: Could anyone please upload the Volume 5 again?

Thanks a lot! Feingeist Posts: Yatil Posts: Gmde Posts: Gmde wrote: Link https: Illogic Posts: Mar del Plata I Code: Mar del Plata II Code: Mauricio Flores Rios provides an in-depth study of the 28 most common structures in chess practice. By studying the games and fragments in this book, the reader will learn many of the most important plans, patterns and ideas in chess.

Mauricio combines his career as a chess player and trainer with his PhD studies in Mathematics at the University of Minnesota.

Kotronias on the King's Indian Volume 4: Classical Systems - Vassilios Kotronias

In particular, I loved Rios' exposition of White's plan of exerting queenside pressure against Hedgehog systems. The Fianchetto System: 1.

Nf3 O-O 5. Bg2 c6 7.

O-O Qa5 pp. Rather than playing the main lines covered in my bibliography , Bojkov chooses a different idea with 8…e5 to be followed by …exd4, …Nbd7-e5, and possibly an early …d5 push, which resembles his approach against the Classical. I especially appreciate the great tactical exercises, which are important for a repertoire build around tactical and positional themes.

Overall, this is a very exciting book. And while I might wish it had a more inspired introduction, maybe a better cover Why lettering in all caps and dark against a dark background? And what is the cover image supposed to represent?

Kotronias on the King's Indian Volume 2: Mar del Plata I - Vassilios Kotronias

Of course, playing three—minute blitz it is easy to miss a shot — but it is very much like others that Bojkov illustrates in his wonderful book. Bxd8 Nxc3 Kh1 Nxe2 Rad1 Qc2 Rxd8 Nordahl-Bojkov, Gothenburg 12…Nfxe4! Nxe4 Bf5 Re1 Bxe5!By studying the games and fragments in this book, the reader will learn many of the most important plans, patterns and ideas in chess.

These fianchetto systems are considered by many King's Indian players to be awkward to meet, as they aim to exert positional pressure while thwarting Black's traditional kingside attack.

ChessCaissa on Sat Aug 18, 1: Gmde Posts: In my own quest to bring the KID back into my repertoire, I have been exploring a wide range of flexible systems, so I guess I have been very well prepared psychologically -- sufficiently "modernized" you might say -- to understand and appreciate a repertoire that focuses exclusively on fighting for the center, always seeking to blast open lines with pawn advances or sharp sacrifices there.

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