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PDF | 90+ minutes read | This chapter argues that the gender and his “cat” Jongdae (another male K-pop idol),11 and the sustained inti-. THE INFLUNCE OF K-POP CULTURE ON STUDENTS' LIFESTYLE and fashion idol and often use the Korean language when they met with .. 26http:// sppn.info This report will explore the creation of a Kpop star, and the treatment they receive throughout their career. There will be a focus on the contracts idols sign.

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KPop Quiz Game Idol pdf. KPop is a talent search event in Korea in particular. Some end of this time many new Kpop stars sprang up with various skills. and culture? Key Words: K-pop, Korean Wave, Hallyu, South Korean Popular .. never garnered overseas success that K-pop stars had achieved by the. s. Abstract - The 'genre destruction' of K-pop stars is continuing to accelerate. Rather than captivating consumers around the world simply with singing and.

Once the top three acts have been chosen, they perform on Inkigayo and receive an additional score from the live voting of viewers during the show. Since the first three elements that compose the score are dictated befor the show even begins, it is easy to see how these numbers can be tampered with to both get an act on air and help them win. One industry official describes how "bribing is marketing. M 3 More jarring is the method by which these executives transfer the money to the television networks.

Direct sources from the companies themselves describe how money is traditionally handed over at a restaurant, in a nightclub, or even at a karaoke bar. Teams have been organized to force these record labels and television networks to expose their dirty laundry but one hopes that the primarily under aged fan base of these group and the force of the Hallyu Wave will not be affected. The importance that these appearances on television shows have on the success on any given group cannot be over exaggerated.

The average teenage Kpop fan may be acutely aware of the bribery that goes on behind the scenes of his or her favorite show, but the effect that a catchy performance and increased internet presence a song has on the individual can never be damaged. The power of popularity, whether naturally produced or contrived, is a force too strong for companies like SM entertainment or YG entertainment to ignore.

The subtler, more contained manifestation of corruption in the Kpop industry is the mistreatment of the stars themselves. H What makes the Kpop industry different is its treatment of young talented teens as a commodity to be produced, distributed, and sold.

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The full quotation states, "the performers are not allowed a venue for creativity, only a chance for momentary stardom. They must audition15 in front of intimidating executives. Even if they are chosen, theses young boys and girls, just as impressionable as the fans they are meant to gather, are deemed trainees.

Afterwards, they begin to take classes in singing, dancing, language, rapping, and even interviewing. One source dictates how young girls "would be instructed not only in the proper way of singing a pop song, but also how to laugh and smile, pose for a camera, and reply with innocuous banter to interviewers' questions. For the young teen with big dreams to be a Kpop star, being accepted as a trainee is no guarantee of releasing a record. Even after the usual 3 to 4 years of grooming and training, you may not even be chosen to be apart of a new group or solo act.

Though all of this information demonstrates how difficult and overly competitive the race is to become a star, it is only after you have been signed that the companies begin to micromanage your every move. So it is only natural that the weaker ones who fail to stand out would end up disbanding due to the intense competition. The industry takes pride in its weekly music programmes, where idol groups and songs are ranked by album sales, digital sales and audience votes.

The idol who takes the number one spot every week is highly regarded and would see their credibility and popularity increase tremendously. However, due to the large number of artists competing every week, not all groups get a chance to perform at these music shows. Sometimes, the agencies would have to resort to paying the broadcast station to download airtime for their artists. If nobody knows you, nobody knows your songs. And if nobody knows your songs… you get the idea. There is also a myth circulating within the Kpop industry saying that idol groups would only last no longer than five to seven years without undergoing a member-change or worse, disbandment.

Since the early days of Kpop, many groups have fallen victim to this curse largely due to the period of their contracts as well as strong competition. Sometimes, idol group members would end up pursuing different careers, such as continuing as solo artists, turning to acting, or becoming a TV host instead.

However, there are also other groups who have withstood this curse, namely Big Bang, who just celebrated their 10th anniversary since debut. But one of the group members, TOP, will be enlisting in military services next month and he will be gone from the entertainment scene for two years. Public image pressure Image: Kpopstarz Public image is very important in the eyes of the Koreans and all it takes is one scandal to ruin your entire career.

Although her party had explained that the drugs were actually medical prescriptions from the United States, where she lived previously, the public did not take this case lightly and Park Bom ended up with depression. She was also immediately removed from a variety show, Roommates, shortly after the scandal.

But in Korea, it's a whole other level. This group usually consists of females aged between 13 and 22 with extremely unhealthy levels of idol obsession. These sasaeng fans are known to be highly territorial and would even attack other fans who dare to get close to or make physical contact with their idol. In the most extreme cases, some sasaeng fans would pretty much devote their entire lives to stalking their idols, quitting school and even resorting to prostitution in order to afford special taxi services to follow their idols!

You can find out more about sasaeng fans in the following videos: Now that you have a better idea of what it could possibly take to become a Kpop idol, maybe we should all take a moment to put aside any stereotype about Kpop and appreciate the artists for a change. At the end of the day, they are just trying to make a living by doing what they love Kpop Idols Pay Distribution. Figures for annual sales in in sales, receive even less for their income and it takes far longer to pay back their debt, even while their company makes billions.

Kpop, Korean Popular Culture, Hallyu

What can be drawn from this is that companies have little regard for the rights of individuals, putting their own needs far above those of their employees. Occasionally, potential idols are scouted off the street based purely on their looks, as was the case for Jungkook who was scouted by 8 different companies.

Similarly, SM Entertainment tried to recruit Krystal but her parents refused, saying that she was too young at age 5, but offered her 20 SeoulMafia. Their manager, who had come with them, shouted at them and the hospital staff to hurry up, and even adjusted the IV drip to increase its speed to the maximum before ripping the needle out when the process was not even half done and taking them to the ceremony.

Just Sign Here. Idols you may not have known who suffered from extreme depression and anxiety. The idol that was scouted by 8 different entertainment companies. Songs were assigned the night before the live broadcast, and during their few rehearsals, Moore seldom had a drum-kit.

However Janey was banned from performing on music shows due to her age. Training consists of vocal, dance, and language lessons, the latter of which has become increasingly important with the spread of Kpop around the world.

This spread has also resulted in a greater participation of international trainees, however, these trainees have to experience even more difficulties as they not only have to learn Korean alongside other languages, but also endure the effects of loneliness and culture shock.

They also often experience racist bullying from other trainees. Many of the trainees still attend school while training, giving them even more work to keep up with, though some drop out of education to focus solely on training meaning which can prove problematic when they retire. However, some of the larger companies are beginning to provide counseling sessions to help teach these idols to live normally and use public transport. Perhaps it is unsurprising that the number of trainees present by the end of the training is significantly less than at the beginning.

But this training sometimes pushes the trainees too far. A trainee of Alpha Entertainment was reportedly told to push through training after she pulled an inner thigh muscle during dance class which shows the lack of care for these trainees.

Interesting Idol Casting Stories. Picador, Made It In Ohio: The Babies of K-pop: How Young is Too Young?

Long years of training behind idol stars - Korea Today. Kpop Idol Trainee Life. In some cases one bedroom is shared between all the members and their manager, which can easily cause tension, even to the point where one member is bullied by the others. The company does little to discourage this and perhaps even exacerbates the problem by selecting only a few of the members to promote individually.

This causes jealousy and dislike towards the more popular members, as well as anxiety over individual fame. This preparation has often been given as a reason to punish and shout at idols for minor infractions. One described the punishment you would receive if you were late or break the rules, and another discusses how much happier she became once she quit.

The lack of concern from the company, managers, and other trainees is arguably more shocking than the actual incidence of self-harm. The word sponsor is a euphemism for rich and influential men that pay a lot of money and provide backing and support for celebrities who in return provide sexual favours.

Last year, an entertainment label director was arrested for illegal prostitution of female celebrities who were having financial difficulties.

A trainee said that on one occasion men came in to watch the trainees practice. But they were there to pick amongst the trainees in person In , the CEO of Open World Entertainment was arrested for sexually abusing the female idols and trainees, as well as coercing other male artists to do the same.

This kind of content is questionable in itself, but when sung by a 15 year old it gives it an uncomfortably suggestive tone. On the other hand, girl groups are constantly exploited to appeal to their male fans, and it must be questioned whether they approve of the image they present, or whether they have no choice. Australian who became a K-pop idol. Ex-SM Entertainment trainee reveals the harsh reality of trainee life. Label director and staff member arrested for aiding prostitution deals of female celebrities in the United States.

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After debut, idols are similarly restricted by not being Figure 1: During that time he apparently had a gastric ulcer, acid reflux, an unhealthy lung, and overworked vocal cords.

For three out of the five days he served as the MC for the company events, and was only able to see the island when he snuck out of the hotel at 2am. He then flew to Shanghai for a solo fan meeting as well as interviews and signings. Upon returning to Korea he attended several shows as well as another solo fan meeting, and several other events.

The Extremes That Koreans Take to Become a Kpop Idol

In some cases, overworking can lead to men- tal problems, as it did with T. P who developed depression, and had frequent anxiety attacks in One area which is intrinsic to the industry is the song-writing, and choreographing process. Previously, artists had no choice over what songs they sang, or what it sounded like, as it was often produced by Scan- dinavian companies with a fixed format.

This is changing and many artists now produce their own songs and choreography. However, this freedom comes with a price. Although the artists increasingly produce their own songs and dances, they still have to perform all their events on top of it, meaning that their sched- ule is even busier than they would be otherwise. The Road to K-pop Stardom: The Dark Side of K-pop.

However, the number of accidents and injuries that occur suggests that idols are overexerting themselves. In the space of 11 days, Lay was taken to hospital on 3 separate occasions for 3 separate problems, and this was following a previous injury a month before involving a motorcycle accident.

He then continued filming a few days later in China, even though stating that his injury was not completely healed. Later that day, he was taken to hospital after sustaining a neck and back injury on set.

The K-Pop Star and I by J.P. Adrian: A K-Fangirl Must Read

There are much more serious incidents than fainting, and many of them relate to the idols pushing them- selves too far physically. Another common cause of idol injuries is car accidents. In , Seo Jeohyo died as he was being rushed to a recording event. The cause was attributed to excessive schedules and driving while tired. EunB died on scene, and Rise after she had been unconscious for four days See Figure 2.

This particular event sparked many fans, and even many idols, to criticse how companies treat their idols. Solo singer Eru said: Jo Kwon, formerly of JYP 62 kminjungee. Kpop News: It was revealed that Tao was the guest mentioned as he was seen with a thick bandage around his calf after surgery, but still attended events 24th May Tao was hit in the chest by a dancing partner and subsequently sent to hospital, but returned to the concert the next day 2nd June Tao fell into the stage lift because of a mis-operation by a staff member but attended the concerts following 19th July Tao injured by stage property, and fell to the ground whilst doing a somersault.

On the 27th, he flew back to Changsha to at- tend a concert 3rd September His back was hit by a pole, made worse by his still recovering leg and the relapse of his waist injury, but he still returned to the show. O, was diagnosed with stress-induced schizophrenia as a result of the backlash from their scandal in Thailand and the excessive cyberbullying that followed.

I always felt anxious after I made my debut and from a certain time, I filled the void through food His own diet consisted of fruit or salad and he lost 15kg in the process. This makes it difficult for idols to come 73 AllKpop.

Jo Kwon suffered from depression during his trainee years.

This in turn affects the fans, and encourages them to follow suit, a growing problem in the West too. The flip-side of this is that sometimes fans take the opposite stance, and ask the idols to stop this kind of dieting.

The media also plays a large role in advocating dieting, from the stance they take, down to the wording of their articles. Soyu once said that she lost 8kg in a month by having one meal a day which consisted of four quail eggs without the yolks, and milk. This was done alongside an exercise regime of yoga, weight training, cardio, and choreography rehearsals. She then continued to warn fans not to try this type of diet as it would ruin their bodies.

Can you identify these K-pop stars after their weight loss? Ailee shares her secret to losing 10kg 22lbs in a month. There has also been a rise in androgyny among idols See Figure 5 , perhaps surprising to see in a culture so focused on gender norms and values. Without fans, artists are eventually disbanded, which is why it is so important for rookie groups to make a lasting impression, and promote regularly.

Even if a group does garner a lot of attention, it may not always be desirable. Anti-fans do their utmost to prevent groups they do not like from succeeding. That is not to say that Kpop fans in general are so extreme in their behaviour, but there is a large portion that is.

The Cost of Beauty. Do you think Ren considers himself as a non-binary transgender. Sasaengs operate together in an organised network where each is assigned a specific task, with older members getting jobs in order to gather information on their idols eg.

These networks are similar to a business: Why do you think we went all the way there and caused a fuss? Ok Taecyeon, You cannot live without me. Why Sasaengs Happen in Korea. Touchy Topics: Violation of Idol Privacy. Fanmail to Ok Taecyeon Invading my privacy is no different than abusing me. Even when just enjoying time with friends, or eating at a restaurant, sasaengs will follow their idol up to the windows and just watch them eat, which was most notable in a photo of Junsu where one can see the sasaengs outside See Figure 7.

A famous case was an attack on Yunho, who was handed a drink by what he thought was a fan, but was actually laced with glue, and after consumption he immediately began vomiting and was rushed to hospital. This constant criticism of idols can prove too much for some, as it seems to have done for Umji who was often mocked for her looks, and now appears quieter and looking more uncomfortable on stage, covers her face with her hair, and keeps her head down to avoid looking at the crowd.

But this too has received criticism, for allowing malicious comments to affect her performance for fans, showing how much influence fans can have over their idols. However, the most common form of interaction between idols and their fans is at fan-meetings, where J Yu. In-Depth Look of Sasaeng Life. Obsessed K-pop fans in Singapore? Netizens compile list of artists who have been criticized on Pann this year. Junsu with sasaengs in the background fans go to get their albums signed by each of the members, and have the opportunity to chat with them.

Fans also show their support by standing up to anti-fans, or fans of other groups looking to put down their rivals. Although a healthy fan base can support and encourage a celebrity, the level of obsession that can be found in Korea is harmful to both other fans and the idols they supposedly worship. From a Western perspective, the sacrifices involved in becoming an idol are unthinkable, and yet young people in Korea continue to choose the possibility of fortune and fame over academic success.But they were there to pick amongst the trainees in person Seven-year curse Image: Kultscene The Korean music industry is so saturated as agencies continuously produce idol groups several times a year.

However, it is technically over 7 years, because the contract started not from the time the group was made, but from the time the first album was released. Moreover, the under-aged participants MUST provide a waiver that states they are allowed by their parents to join the competition and that the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines is absolved of all the responsibility in case any untoward incidents happen.

These two supporting characters proved that Halyu wave is everywhere and helped build up the character progression of the main character in their own simple ways. K-pop news generate media headlines.