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The Wallflowers, Book 2. Headstrong American heiress Lillian Bowman has come to England to find an aristocratic husband. Except, perhaps, the powerful and arrogant Earl of Westcliff—a man Lillian despises more than anyone she's ever met. It Happened One Autumn (The Wallflowers, Book 2) and millions of other books are available for instant access. It Happened One Autumn: The Wallflowers, Book 2 Mass Market Paperback – September 27, Headstrong American heiress Lillian Bowman has come to England to find an. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Though this historical romance kicks off on a corny It Happened One Autumn (The Wallflowers, Book 2) by [Kleypas, Lisa. Audible Sample. Audible Sample. Playing Playing Loading Loading.

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It Happened One Autumn book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Four young ladies enter London society with one necessary. Four young ladies enter London society with one necessary goal: they must use their feminine wit and wiles to find a husband. So they band together, and a. Author: Lisa Kleypas One Enchanted Autumn. Read more The Seduction of Sebastian Trantor: From It Happened One Season. Read more.

Vincent , Marcus Marsden, Earl of Westcliff. Hampshire, England , London, England , Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about It Happened One Autumn , please sign up. Romanza Lettore It has a brilliant vocabulary.

I had to look up a few unfamiliar terms but most you can understand by how it is used. Is there a book for Lord Westcliff? See all 11 questions about It Happened One Autumn…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order.

It Happened One Autumn stand-alone. One can scarcely conceive of a more ill-suited pair. Book 0. Again the Magic Book 1: Secrets of a Summer Night Book 2: It Happened One Autumn Book 3: Devil in Winter Book 4: Scandal in Spring Book 4.

She cannot stand to be around the stuffy Earl, though he makes her tingle in odd places. Marcus steers clear of the willful American pretty much ever since he caught her playing baseball in her knickers. She might do things to his libido, but that does not make her wife material. Trailblazer, charismatic, proper, loyal, hard-headed, graceful and noble. Seven words to describe Lillian Bowman, Lilly: Opinionated, snarky, strong, stubborn, innocent, independent and loyal.

It Happened One Autumn, told from dual POVs, is an opposite attracts hate-to-love romance with sexual tension overload, hilarious situations and bantering plus lots of obstacles along the way. Stellar character development in both the superb cast to be featured in many more books and the unforgettable Lord Westcliff and his Lillian.

View all 50 comments. I was really looking forward to Lillian's book. I loved her brash, foul mouthed, outspoken american ways. I couldn't wait for her to bring Westcliff to his knees. So I was a little disappointed that for half the book Westcliff fought his attraction to Lillian.

It Happened One Autumn : Lisa Kleypas PDF Book Download Online

I also didn't like that Lord St. Vincent was trying to court her or that they kissed. I wanted Westcliff to go after her like Simon from book one went after his wife! I did like Westcliff and loved Lillian. I enjoyed their relationship when they got around to having one. I even liked St. Vincent even though he acted like a villain towards the end. I am still looking forward to his book with Evie. Overall it was an enjoyable read!

Just not as good as I expected. View all 39 comments. May 10, Auntee rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Every fan of historicals. Why are the best books the hardest to review? I'm not sure I can come up with enough superlatives for this one, the second book in Lisa Kleypas's magical Wallflowers series.

Desert Isle Keeper

I think she hit the ball out of the park with this humorous, emotional, romantic read! I had my doubts coming into this, after reading Secrets of a Summer Night. In that book Marcus, Lord Westcliff most eligible bachelor in England , was such an uptight, humorless stick-in-the-mud--how was I going to fall for him in his own Why are the best books the hardest to review? In that book Marcus, Lord Westcliff most eligible bachelor in England , was such an uptight, humorless stick-in-the-mud--how was I going to fall for him in his own book?

Ahh, but LK did a with his character, giving us his whole backstory including brutal childhood , and I got to understand him, and fall in love with him right along with the heroine, American soap heiress Lillian Bowman.

Now, Lillian--I loved this girl despite or maybe because she was so opinionated, headstrong, irreverent, stubborn, sharp-tongued, funny,--and she took no guff from the button-downed, often arrogant Westcliff.

Oh how they battled! Their arguing and sniping masked a heap of sexual tension between the two. He wanted her but hated that he did; she wanted him but hated that she did! You knew something had to give--who would be the first to break down and do something about it? There were many, many scenes in this book that either made me laugh or made me sigh in satisfaction.

Any of the many conversations between Lillian and the other Wallflowers Annabelle, Evie, Daisy--they had such fun together , but especially between Lillian and younger sister Daisy and the experiments with the perfume that Lillian insisted worked as an aphrodesiac. I also got a chuckle out of Westcliff and his friends Hunt, St. Vincent, Shaw discussing the frequency of their sexual liasons, and the time Hunt caught Westcliff and Lillian in a compromising position and teased him about his "once a week" beliefs.

The sighing? When Westcliff decides to give Lillian a few pointers about how to bat; their first kiss while hiding behind the hedgerow; the scene in the Butterfly Court smokin' hot ; the scene with the pear brandy funny and scorching hot ; when Westcliff professes his feelings and tells Lillian that she can be whoever she wants to be as long as she's with him; the poached pear scene yowza!

Yay, Marcus! As usual, Kleypas's story is superbly written, with vivid descriptions of the characters, the food the calf's head! Kleypas leaves no stone unturned in her storytelling--the characters backstories and every emotion are all layed out for the reader to enjoy--I felt that I was right there in the s English countryside, witnessing it all.

Now LK threw a bit of a curveball that I didn't see coming, regarding St. Vincent who I was liking just fine , that made me dislike him. Now how is she going to redeem him in his book Devil in Winter?

I can't wait to find out! I don't know if she can top this one, which earns 5 big stars! Westcliff as I see him View all 86 comments. I think this book is my favorite in the series so far yes, I have read Devil in Winter already. I liked the chemistry between the main characters in this one the most so far, that hate to love you tension. This book is the story of Lillian and Westcliff, a brash and outspoken American and a formal, follow the rules 4.

This book is the story of Lillian and Westcliff, a brash and outspoken American and a formal, follow the rules Englishmen.

Right off the bat they cannot stand each other, but as time goes by they realize their hatred for each other might be something more. It's throbbing. It's truly stuck. I need something to make it slippery. Do you have some sort of lubricant nearby?

It's never cheesy to me and I loathe cheesy historical , and never do I roll my eyes at the language or the diction. It's an amazing escape from reality, a foray into the lives and loves of the past. You wanna read it now, don't you? View all 9 comments. Oct 29, Katerina rated it liked it Shelves: There are guilty pleasures, and there are Guilty Pleasures.

It Happened One Autumn follows the second Wallflower, the bold and shockingly opinionated Lillian Bowman , whose crude manners, American origins and nouveau riche status complicate her attempts to find a There are guilty pleasures, and there are Guilty Pleasures. It Happened One Autumn follows the second Wallflower, the bold and shockingly opinionated Lillian Bowman , whose crude manners, American origins and nouveau riche status complicate her attempts to find a noble husband in English society.

Her improper comments and attitude are met with contempt, but no one is more annoyed at her stubborness and inability to act like a delicate young woman than Lord Westcliff , an overbearing and controlling nobleman who happens to be the most eligible bachelor.

Their fights are legendary, their pigheadedness equal. But aside from their mutual annoyance, there is something else brewing; something that shimmers and burns, passion and attraction and a deeper connection that entangle them in a web of stolen kisses, unyielding egotism and a love that may endanger Marcus' heritage and everything he's struggled to achieve.

The question is, what will he choose? His legacy, or the only woman that challenges him and makes him feel alive? I'm afraid I'm going to do something dreadfully silly today. Burst into song or something. For God's sake, don't let me. It's not a work of art that inspires poems and frenzied reviews glorifying the prose or the concept; you won't find deep meanings conveyed in its pages.

It will not rattle you to the core, or make you a better person after you finish it. However, I don't give a single darn. Because in all honesty, I devoured it in less than 24 hours and I had the time of my life.

It was delicious, sensual, funny, with a dash of suspense and a flock of butterflies upsetting my stomach. Lisa Kleypas used autumn hues, and painted lavish balls, picturesque gardens, a rainbow of dresses and delicacies that transported me to another time, another society that was beautiful and cruel, that sucked me in its ways and expectations and left me dazed.

Marcus and Lillian give the definition to enemies-to-lovers. He wanted to tame her; she wantet to prove him that she is a capable woman, proud of her choices, a woman who shall not be controlled. Their fights were like fireworks. But their other scenes, well, Their chemistry was insane. They collided with the force of two meteorites, but they also connected in an emotional level that made me all warm and fuzzy. And even though I found Lillian's behavior over the top hello 3.

And surprise! I fell in love with Marcus, with his uptight and his protective and his wicked side. I don't know if the next book will be my cup of tea. After the things St. Vincent did in this one, I find it hard to impossible to even like him, let alone consider him a love interest.

You can find this review and more on BookNest! View 2 comments. Kristin KC - Traveling Sister. In London a pact is made between 4 wallflowers. They will help each other find husbands starting with the oldest and working down to the youngest. Married - first book. Lillian is the next one in line to find a husband. She's unlike anything the English men are use to. She's a rich American who comes off a little more wild and free than her English counterparts.

His attraction to the brazen American girl is hidden from everyone. Being mixed up with someone of her standard wouldn't look good for his family lineage. In comes the play of a special perfume that holds a secret ingredient that turns men hot and heavy for you. Any time Marcus gets within a close distance to Lillian his animal magnetism goes wild for her.

Towards the end of the book there's a little plot twist that I didn't see coming which made for a fun adventure. I read part of this and listened to the audio for the other half. If you haven't read a Lisa Kleypas book you should give them a try. They're well written with interesting plot lines. Can be read as standalones but it's recommended reading the series in order. View all 35 comments. Mar 20, Shawna rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Wealthy American heiress Lillian Bowman is fiercely independent, strong-willed, feisty, daring, obstinate, brash, honest, outspoken, free-spirited, opinionated Boy oh boy did I love these two willful hardheads together!

Talk about powerful, electric zing-chemistry Marcus and Lillian had it in spades! I enjoyed their sarcastic, witty banter and spirited arguments, and their smoldering hot passion scorched the pages. But most of all, I loved the tender, romantic moments like the scene below that demonstrated how perfect Marcus and Lillian are together.

Marcus, Lord Westcliff: I realized today that I could never live without you, stubborn little hellion that you are.

Tell me, Lillian, dearest love It Happened One Autumn is a remarkable, intensely romantic, and enchanting read that will hold a top place on my keeper shelf for years to come!

Verrry big 5 stars! Lillian, do you remember the ball at Winterbourne House? Does he have a foul temper? Did he throw it? That scene just flat-out cracked me up! View all 24 comments. Another fun installment of The Wallflowers series. I love the way Lisa Kleypas developes her characters. Subtly, without pages and pages of narrative descriptives. We learn about them by seeing them in action, or through the eyes of others. It was such a joy to watch Marcus, Lord Westcliff, put aside the bitterness of his childhood, the will of his mother and the demands of his title and just allow himself to experience the emotions which, despite his best efforts, were awakened by Lillian Bo Wow!

It was such a joy to watch Marcus, Lord Westcliff, put aside the bitterness of his childhood, the will of his mother and the demands of his title and just allow himself to experience the emotions which, despite his best efforts, were awakened by Lillian Bowman. And it was also a joy to watch Lillian put aside her own preconceived notions of Marcus, the man, and allow herself to accept her feelings of love for him, and accept his love for her as well.

Marcus and Lillian are fabulous together. When they get together they bring out the worst in each other, but they also bring out the best in one another. OK, I just want to say that there are 2 scenes that stand out in my mind and both made me laugh. I won't go into detail so as not to ruin it for anyone who hasn't read this Don't deny it, if you've read this book, you laughed.

And the other scene was where Annabelle, having come down to breakfast with dark circles under her eyes and looking as though she hadn't slept at all during the night because she hadn't was trying to delicately explain to Lillian, Evie and Daisy the effect that a certain perfume had had on Simon, her husband, who needed no potion to influence or increase his sexual And it would be shameful if I didn't mention that there are some very steamy sexual encounters that were I may never look at pears the same way again.

View all 64 comments. Mar 06, Phrynne rated it really liked it Shelves: Another entertaining entry in the Wallflower series, all of which have been thoroughly enjoyable even if I did read them out of order! This time it is Lillian's turn to find herself a rich husband and she does it in style. As in all the other books the dialogue is the thing- smart and funny and always entertaining. The characters are well defined and as I am sure I have said before, probably many times, the overall atmosphere of the book is a la Georgette Heyer but with sex.

And this is not a bad Another entertaining entry in the Wallflower series, all of which have been thoroughly enjoyable even if I did read them out of order! And this is not a bad thing. Sad that this series is finished but luckily Lisa Kleypas has written others!

View all 6 comments. Westcliff, the hero, has much more patience for ill-mannered houseguests than I do. The houseguest in question being the heroine, Miss Lillian Bowman.

The brash American heiress and the starchy English earl, so much potential especially in the hand of such a skilled author, and in fact, for the greater part the book delivered on all accounts and I enjoyed most of their scenes together immensely.

If only Lillian had been a little less confrontational. I understand 3,5 Stars One thing's for sure: I understand, and appreciate, feisty , but she bordered on rude several times and showed an animosity towards the hero that really had no solid ground, so the "opposites attracts" trope often felt overplayed to me.

The closed confines of Stony Cross, Westcliff's country estate, where the whole story takes place, didn't allow for much action or plot twists and all the slightly over-the-top drama was concentrated in the very last section, though the lively dialogues, the sparkly banters between the leads and their off the charts chemistry, the humour and the flowing writing more than made up for it.

And Westcliff, now he was a dear and sexy one. It also was nice to meet once again the Wallflowers and the other cast of characters and follow their further interactions which, as I've already found in book 1 Secrets of a Summer Night , were some of the best fun.

View all 36 comments. Sep 14, Beth rated it really liked it Shelves: View all 10 comments. Dec 29, Susanne rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is one of the funniest historical romances I have read and I laughed out loud so many times.

The Wallflower series is one of the most wonderful historical romance series out there!

But I really recommend that you read this series in order. The first time, I read Devil in Winter before this one, and that was clearly a mistake since I knew pretty much the whole twist. Lillian is a wonderful strong, brazen, independent, American heroine and I really liked the hate-love relationship between her and Marcus. There are so many wonderful moments in this book. It makes you grin, cheer and swoon!

On my previous reads I have missed a well-developed emotional bond between Westcliff and Lillian; however, that was not the case this time around. Maybe third time really is a charm. I have seldom meet a hero and heroine that are better suited for each other than them. And I absolutely adored their journey. Maybe Westcliff is not my type of guy but he is definitely perfect for Lillian.

And I adore that we get to meet them in so many upcoming books! I also love the Wallflowers, however, it is a complete mystery how these girls can be wallflowers to begin with. Let yourself be swept off by this charming gem! You make me want to do shocking things.

Maybe it's because you're so proper. Your necktie is never crooked, and your shoes are always shiny. And your shirts are so starchy. Sometimes when I look at you, I want to tear off all your buttons. Or set your trousers on fire. I've so often wondered-are you ticklish, my lord? View all 37 comments. This was a great second entry into the Wallflower series. I really enjoyed this story and I firmly believe that Lillian and Westcliff are soulmates. They are both strong, vital people who are not afraid to say what they think and do what they want to do.

Westcliff is a very arrogant man and very opinionated. He came off as being a little bit snobby in some ways. Not in the sense that he was too good to associate with self-made men of working class origins. He was very forward-thinking in that ma This was a great second entry into the Wallflower series.

He was very forward-thinking in that manner. But he was snobby in how he viewed Lillian and her sister, because they were brash Americans. Lillian is very forward thinking, and would never fit into the mold of a well-bred, quiet, English lady. Westcliff thinks that's exactly what he wants if he marries. But he's not in a hurry to marry anyway, although he knows he must. I think he was waiting for that spark that exploded when Lillian came into the picture.

Perhaps his snooty attitude toward Lillian was just his way of keeping a barrier up against her. Westcliff fought his feelings for Lillian for as long as he could. But I have to give it to him, when he fell, he fell hard. I enjoyed the way Lillian needled him. Westcliff had a tendency to take himself way too seriously.

He needed to loosen up. Lillian starts out finding him too high in the instep and too stuffy and far too bossy, but at the same time, she's fiercely attracted to his muscular vitality and virlity. Westcliff is a keen sportsman and athlete. I like that he believes in working hard and isn't a rake this was a nice change for a character who was very much of the aristocracy.

I think this aura also won over Lillian. There is no question about the strong attraction between Lillian and Westcliff, and it drives this book towards its inevitable conclusion.

In this story, my favorite hero, St. Vincent, is more of a villain. What he does was very ill-advised, and he pays for it the hard way.

Luckily it helps to show Marcus, Lord Westcliff, what he is about to allow to slip through his fingers. Maybe that's why Westcliff can't stay mad at him. I can't say this is one of my favorites by LK. I think it's because Westcliff and Lillian are very abrasive characters who I love in small doses, but can overwhelm me in large doses.

But, LK has never written a bad book and she never will, in my opinion. And this book fits so seemlessly into the Wallflower series with crossover with Again the Magic since Marcus is Aline's older brother that it's going to be a keeper by default. Actors I would cast as Westcliff and Lillian: Jamie Bamber and Natalie Portman.

View all 14 comments. When love makes you lose control. This is my favourite in the series. Nothing gets my heart pumping in my reads like a hero who listens to his heart instead of his head.

When the hero is dumbfounded, discombobulated and bamboozled by his feelings, I can't help but want to sigh. They try to ignore it. They try to fight it. They run screaming from it. But IT is too much. Those bl When love makes you lose control. Those blasted feelings won't leave. Marcus fought a valiant battle but love One of the most unlikely couples to ever fall in love, in the end, they were a perfect match for each other.

His stiff upper lip will remind Lillian to be a lady every so often. Her adventurous spirit will help Marcus to have fun once in awhile. I love it when opposites attract. This series is one of my all-time favourites in historical romance. Lisa Kleypas writes lovable characters and the Wallflowers are some of the best. If you haven't read this series and thinking of trying out historical romance, I definitely recommend.

Her voice is easy to listen to, the accents spot-on and she does very well with the male characters too. I never struggle with telling the characters apart. I will definitely be going on in the series and with that ending, I think it will be sooner rather than later. View all 11 comments.

Se sabe el final desde el principio, pero da igual View all 8 comments. Jan 26, Elizabeth rated it really liked it Shelves: Relatively new to Historical Romance, I have discovered Lisa Kleypas to be one of my new favorite go-to authors.

The Wallflowers features four young ladies living in London as they try to secure happiness and love. In this second book, we are introduced to the spunky American Lillian Bowman and the noble aristocrat Lord Marcus Westcliff.

Lillian and her family are guests at Lord Westcliff's Manor. Lillian and Marcus are complete opposites and yet, together they are a perfect match. Marcus is quite wealthy and wants for nothing and Lillian is an unpolished, outspoken, American Girl just trying to find acceptance in society.

At first, Marcus finds Ms. Bowman to be a reckless savage and yet, as they spend more time together a fiery attraction develops between the two. Lillian is not an ideal candidate for a bride for Lord Westcliff but they manage to fall head over heels in love with each other. Can Marcus truly set aside his family obligations and overlook the rules of society in order to wed an unruly American woman?

So why the A-? I also for some weird reason really like buttoned-up and starchy men, and I enjoy the tension when this type of figure is paired with a free spirit, as Lillian is in this book. There are two scenes in this book that really stand out to me and make me want to reread this book periodically.

They both show in quiet ways the decency and heroic nature of Marcus. The first is when Lillian is manhandled and forced to apologize to Marcus in front of her parents.

Kiemelt értékelések

Love that scene!! The second highlight is when Marcus notices Lillian struggling with the cultural shock of being asked to eat items on the menu that certainly sound revolting to me as an American. He finds a way to get her out of the dining room with her dignity intact. I also thought the scene where Lillian is tipsy and Marcus is struggling with aggravated sexual frustration to be hilarious.

I definitely liked this book. I still like Secrets of a Summer Night more and really liked Annabelle as a more complex and unusual heroine in a romance, but this was a fine addition to the Wallflower series. I liked this book well enough but I found Lilian problematic. Some of her antics were downright immature, especially given her age.

I liked Marcus a lot more than Lilian. It was out of character for him and it seemed convenient to drum up that conflict just to end the book. I mean, come on. I thought that was too convenient. I like Marcus.. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Book Details Reviewer: Cheryl Sneed Review Date: September 22, Publication Date: A- Sensuality Hot Book Type: European Historical Romance Review Tags:Lillian was overcome with a consuming passion for a man she didn't even like.

Many other romance writers aren't so honest about that. Maybe it's because you're so proper. I also thought the scene where Lillian is tipsy and Marcus is struggling with aggravated sexual frustration to be hilarious.

Towards the end of the book there's a little plot twist that I didn't see coming which made for a fun adventure. See all reviews. It Happened at the Ball My American Duchess. Every time Westcliff glanced at her, touched her, smiled at her, it provoked a feeling that she had never known before.