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Exciting news: as of the 2nd of December Martha Long's titles will be available to download to your e-reader and enjoy everywhere you go!. In the third instalment of Martha Long's real-life account of abuse, depravation and cruelty at the hands of her parents and the establishment, Martha is now. Editorial Reviews. Review. "Blunt, moving and laugh-out-loud funny" Irish World " Stands head Ma, Jackser's Dyin Alone - Kindle edition by Martha Long.

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MARTHA LONG was born in Dublin, Ireland, in the s and still lives there today. She is the author of seven Ma books recounting her life from decade to. "Not for the faint of heart, Long's story is a gritty, grueling, and heartbreaking testament Ma, He Sold Me for a Few Cigarettes by Martha Long download the Ebook. Results 1 - 12 of 12 Search results for "martha long" at Rakuten Kobo. Read free previews and reviews from booklovers. Shop eBooks and audiobooks at.

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And what became of poor Charlie. And how many more babbies did ya Ma have. What a strong person Martha, i would have never survived. So pleased about the next book coming out. It has made me appreciate my life even more, just the little things like fresh bread, and having clean sheets. How is Charlie? Mum and Dad are drunk and there is no food. Good on you Martha for being so strong and having the courage to write this book. Reply eieen gjyrevci August 9, at pm Just finished ur book, i couldnt leave it down,I even read it sitting on the loo!

Fair play to little Martha, what a charachter, you made me laugh out loud.

I only hope that big Martha has found the love she craved. I cant wait to read ur next book….

Reply Kay Smyth November 23, at am I have just finished the 3rd book, fantastic cant wait for the next, your a wonderful lady, what a sad life, i know you will come out brilliant in the end, good luck for the futher, keep up this amazing story. A truly amazing, brutal, horrific story. Martha I take my hat off to you. You made me cry, but I also have complete admiration for you.

Well done for coming through it all. I hope your abusers, especially your mother, are paying for what they put you though Reply Kathryn Murphy August 13, at am Thank you for sharing your life with us.

For a person who got nothing you are still giving. I hate to say that I would have been one of those who would have looked the other way if I saw somone like you walking towards me. You are such a courageous fighter and an inspiration to us all. I hope Charlie and yourself find some happiness and nothing gave me more hope than to see you dedicated your book to your children.

Reply Helen August 25, at pm What a book! Yer a wonderful person Martha. Reply Majella Murray August 26, at pm what a truly brave little girl martha was, how she lived to tell the tale i will never know!!

Martha Long: ‘you need discipline to rein in the imagination’

Allison Patrick August 30, at am Dear Martha One half of me wants to thank you for writing this book. I am having a bit of an unsettled time in my life at present but, you are a true inspiration to carry on with steely determination and not give up. Your book shall remain in my thought for a long time and I will be honoured to read your future books.

Thank you Martha!


I hope your life has been good to since those bad times. Like many of the other readers I could not put your book down and have now passed it on to my friend. I look forward to the sequel and I hope that you will continue to write until we know just what happened to you throughout your life.

Please let us know what happened to Charlie and I do hope you were reunited with him. As a mummy of a little girl 7 and boy 5 my most beautiful pleasure is creating a great dinner doing homework with the knowing they love their school and grand and loving hugs and kisses. I look at my little girl and think of your dreadful plight and I simply wonderhow and why. I pray to God that you have the strenght to be alive and perhaps okay.

Take strength in knowing mummys like I love you and would have cared for you. Thank you so much,and I hope and pray that your siblings are in good health just as you are,because I know in my heart you came out in the right side of the tunnel,publishing this book is evidence to that! Reply laurel brown September 25, at pm Hi, I borrowed this book off a friend, and need some closure on what happened to her brother and the other children, poor little buggars.

Are the sequels available in Australia? Good on you for having the courage to write this stuff down and share it.


It left me wanting more as you knew once you got to the end there had to be more. I truely cant wait to read your next book. Reply Sue Schesser October 6, at am Thank you for sharing your life experience with us, its priceless, have just finished reading your second book, it was awesome….

Reply Kimberly muesing October 7, at am Your life has affected me so much and made me realize that my glass is full in life. You have also made me want to help others, especially our innocent children who are not as fortunate, not only with food, but with love. Their souls need to be fed.

A Memoir of Dublin in the s

There was a reason for your story to be available to the public, you have touched me in such a way. I want to do what ever I can to prevent child abuse and neglect. Your story is for sure a mind opener for alot of people.

May god be with you and your wonderful family. Reply pam October 8, at pm just finished reading Ma he sold……what a fantastic read,unbelievable andI love Martha what a strong little girl and even in her suffering manages to keep on going.

Looking forward to the sequel pam x Reply michelle October 10, at pm I read the book last year when it first came out and like other people couldnt put the book down — absolutely brilliant but what a terrible life for poor Martha.

Ma Series

Reply Dianne Gumb October 12, at am Just finished your second book, dived on to the computer and am excited that there is a third book yet to come. The first two books were a harrowing read but well worth it. I look at scruffy,unkept children with a different view now and will never turn a blind eye.

Reply Debbie Joh October 28, at pm I have read the first 2 books, never have I read something so shocking. What you Martha endured in your childhood is incomprehensible. Your mother obviously needed some kind of help, as we are all aware in those days there was none.There was a reason for your story to be available to the public, you have touched me in such a way.

I will certainly download the missing books. Dearest Martha, You poor sweet little girl. Noah Bly.

I have since read the 2nd book and it too was remarkable. Martha is now in her thirties. The Lightkeeper's Wife. Terrie Duckett. Your right, her book somehow connects with us all.