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download CA CPT Mercantile Laws book by Dr. VK Jain online here at Taxmann bookstore. This book covers CPT Mercantile law questions with answers, more than. This book discusses various concepts of mercantile laws, keeping in view the requirements of CA-CPT examination. It covers the laws of contract, partnership. sppn.info - download Mercantile Laws (CA CPT) book online at best prices in India on sppn.info Read Mercantile Laws (CA CPT) book reviews & author details.

Mercantile Law Book For Cpt

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Mercantile Law For Ca Cpt Preview this book» very nice book i saw many popular teachers like sudhir suchdeva use these book. Download ICAI CA CPT Study Material in PDF format from here. CPT admit card for June attempts of June and are provided in PDF. Download now. So the sppn.info's Mercantile Law for CPT is strongly recommended. sppn.info is purely self explanatory book with basic examples on every.

Meaning and Essentials of Contract 2. Offer and Acceptance 3. Capacity of Parties 4. Consideration 5. Free Consent 6.

Nature & Importance of CPT Mercantile Law

Void Agreements and Contingent Contracts 8. Performance of a Contract 9. Discharge of a Contract Remedies for Breach of Contract Quasi-Contract The Sale of Goods Act The Indian Partnership Act Revision of Concepts Through Matching questions.

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Commerce Books. Tulsian Tulsian. English Binding: Paperback Publisher: Law ISBN: About P. Tulsian P. Right to retire with the consent of all partners, if partnership is at will, by notice of retirement to other partners.

Right not to be expelled by any majority of partners. Right of outgoing partners to carry on competing business. Right to dissolve the firm with the consent of all partners.

In case of Partnership at Will, by giving notice in writing to other partners of his intention to do so. Partnership at will No duration and no particular venture is fixed.

Particular partnership For particular adventure or particular time period Duration Duties of partners Duty to carry on business to the greatest common advantage. Duty to accounts for profits earned from any transaction or business connection of the firm or from use of firms property or firms name.

Duty not to carry on competing business as to that of partnership firm. If carries on, must account for and pay all the profits to the firm but firm will not be liable for any loss under competing business.

Duty to render true accounts. Duty to indemnify the firm for loss or damage due to his fraud or willful neglect. Duty to attend his duties diligently Duty not to claim remuneration. Duty to contribute equally to the loss of firm, unless otherwise agreed.

Fundamentals of Accounting & Mercantile Laws - Ca Cpt

Acts beyond Implied authority of partner Submission of dispute for arbitration Compromise or relinquish of any claim Withdraw a suit filled on behalf of firm. Admit any liability in a suit against the firm.

Acquire an immovable property on behalf of the firm. Transfer immovable property belonging to the firm.

Opening a bank account on behalf of firm in his own name. Enter into partnership on behalf of the firm. If any money received on behalf of the firm is misapplied by any partner, then all the partners as well as firm are liable to third parties. A partner can be expelled from the firm provided:a Power of expulsion existed is a contract between part.

Expulsion must be in the interest of partnership.

Notice is served to the partner. Opportunity of being heard is given.

A Complete CA-CPT Guide

If a firm is not registered, it would attract following disabilities: a No suit against third party by firm b No set off of more than Rs. Non registration of firm does not affect the right of third parties against the firm or its partners.

Dissolution by Agreement a Insolvency of all partners. Subject to agreement between partners, on happing of following :a Efflux of time b Completion of venture c Death of a partner d Insolvency of a partner Dissolution by court Partner becoming of unsound mind.

Permanent incapacity of a partner Misconduct of a partner affecting business. Willful or persistent breaches of agreement by a partner Transfer or sale of whole interest by a partner Improbability of business being carried on save at loss On other equitable ground as court satisfies Consequences of Dissolution Partners continue to liable until public notice is given. A partner can find the firm for acts done after dissolution of firm which are related to winding up or to complete unfinished transactions.

Partners are liable to repay to new partner reasonable amount of premium. downloader means a person who downloads or agrees to download goods. Seller means a person who sells or agrees to sell goods.

Existing goods Goods existing at the time of contract of sale i. Future goods Goods to be manufactured or produced or acquired after making the contract of sale Agreement to sell.

Specific goods - Goods identified and agreed upon at the time of contract of sale. Ascertained goods Goods identified as per agreement after contract of sale is made.

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Goods in deliverable state When they are in such a condition that downloader is bound to take delivery of them under the contract. Delivery Voluntary transfer of possession by one person to another.

Actual Delivery Physical delivery of goods from seller to downloader. Symbolic Delivery Delivery is taken e. Key of a warehouse. Constructive Delivery Without change in custody of thing.

Mercantile Agent Who is having in customary course of business an authority a To sell the goods or b To consign the goods for purpose of sale or c To download goods or d To raise money on security of the goods. Property Means general property, not special property.Goods in deliverable state When they are in such a condition that downloader is bound to take delivery of them under the contract.

Issue of Debentures. Reserve Bank of India. Chapter 4 — Inventories. Basic Concepts of Permutations and Combinations. Leave A Reply. For CA Foundation Preparation. Subject to agreement between partners, on happing of following :a Efflux of time b Completion of venture c Death of a partner d Insolvency of a partner Dissolution by court Partner becoming of unsound mind.